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Selected Leaflets







All That God Has Said We Will Do (All)

They say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Israel's history was written for our caution and benefit.


An Unusual Burden (Bur)

God has often called prophets to perform unusual things, to depict the sinfulness of the people to whom they are to witness.

Here is what God had me endure for the sake of one person who needed to heed His words.


The Answer To Defeat (ATD)

Jesus came that we might have life and have it to the full (Jn 10:10). If you are not experiencing that fulness of life, there is a reason.

This article will set forth that reason. You need never suffer defeat or lack in Christ Jesus!


Answering Objections About The Imminent Fall of America (Imm)

A correspondent who clearly doesn't accept modern-day prophets, found fault with the book The Imminent Fall of America. 

Nothing new in his approach! But perhaps there will be something new for you in this reply.


Are You Listening To God? (Are)

Are you listening to God? Or are His words to you like blanks? Meaningless?  Hard to comprehend?  Or too much effort to decipher?

If you draw a blank when He speaks, you're in for a Proverb 1 treatment.


Are You Moving Ahead? (Mov)

Men who hold positions of power invariably want to control others. This is true in the Church too! Whoever wants to control you spiritually or what you believe, is under demonic influence! They prevent the People of God from moving ahead. Is this happening to you?


Are You Resistant to Change? (Cha)

When Jesus moves His prophets to instruct and correct, how do you respond? Do you listen? Do you even recognize when He does so?

Half the Church does not, and half will pay dearly for their resistance to change!


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Be Ready My Beloved! (BeR)

Prophetic Words from Olivia Long (USA)

To Be Reviled!

A lot of Christians don’t know what it really costs to be a true Christian. The price is very high in human terms.

Believe It Or Not, God Hates Easter!

The Christian Church should not be keeping Easter. It is not biblically commanded as a holy convocation.

Its observance comes from paganism.

'Binding' Demons (Bnd)

Is this possible?  More importantly, is it scriptural?


"Bless The Lord O My Soul" (BLT)

You want God to bless you.  But what about you blessing God?


Blessed Are Those Who Mourn (Mou)

A blessing to those who mourn sounds strange.  But Jesus meant what he said!


"Blessed Is He Who Is Not Offended Because Of Me" (Off)

What you are used to, take for granted as truth, or the way things are always done, are challenged,

that’s what’s upsetting. But there can be no blessing without challenging the strongholds of error.

That’s why Jesus declared: Blessed is he who is not offended because of Me (Matt 11:6).


Blessing Or Curse? (Ble)

If we choose to go our own way, we reap the harvest of that way we have sown - in one word, cursing!

But, if we determine to choose God's way, there is a harvest of good awaiting us - blessing!


The Blood Of Jesus (Bld)

Jesus' blood under the cross site scientifically analyzed

Britain: A Final Warning

Britain is now a godless country. It has thrown out God’s standards, disregarded His revelations in the Bible, changed His laws,
and accommodated all manner of sin as acceptable. As a result, an awful time of woe is now coming to Britain.

The Bricks of MM Literature For Building The Walls (Bri)

Renovating and fixing the Church is achieved by restoring truth, for it is God’s truth that delivers, when it is accepted and practiced in life (Jn 8:32). And God is restoring the faith once delivered to His Church. This restored truth is contained in Midnight Ministries publications.


A Brief Look At Health And Nutrition (HN)

Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.  Here are some tips to help you take care of it better.


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Called, Chosen, and Faithful (CCF)

Jesus said that those who will be with Him: ...are called, chosen, and faithful (Rev 17:14).

Do you understand these three categories, and how God works?


Carried Along By The Spirit (Car)

Have you ever been carried along by the Holy Spirit?  It can be quite an experience!


The Charismatic Church Shrine (Shr)

Money and power are perhaps the two most ubiquitous corrupting influences. Of course, it is not them by themselves which are the corrupters, but the way they are sought, used, or desired. Both are widely to be seen in churches. The 'charismatic church' is no exception.

"Christ is the End of The Law For Righteousness for all who believe" (Law)

This is from Romans 10:4.  What did Paul mean? Countless believers have been deceived about it!


"A Christian exists to impact society" (Imp)

The above statement is one of those innocuous sounding half-truths that can be easily misconstrued so that people are misled.


Church Leaders Shut the Door On Jesus! (Shu)

The problem with many church leaders is that their pride and self-will cause them to be prejudiced against 'new' truth which God sends via His prophets to wake up the Church. They resent that because they want to be in charge.


Cleaning Up The Nations

Nations could be reached and cleaned up if there were more willing hearts...

God has opened a door to go anywhere and everywhere in Tunisia with the Gospel, and not face government clampdown

for preaching Christ in a mainly Muslim country, and Christian preachers are not interested in supporting such a venture!

The Coming Great Miracle Explosion! (MiE)

What is about to hit this world is going to rock it to its foundations! What is that?  The power of the gospel of the living Christ!


Consider the Significance of God's Appointed Times (GAT)

Jesus told the first disciples that it was not for them, then, to know the times and seasons which God has placed under His own authority.  He has a time allocated for Jesus' return. Prior to that will be the Great Tribulation. Leading up to, and following, these events,

there are to be "times of restoration of all things".  We are in one of those times of restoration now.


Contending Earnestly... (Cnt)

Here are three areas in which Jesus expects you to contend earnestly.


Cursed Is He... (Cur)

Jeremiah's words are as inspired and relevant to the Church today, as they were to the people whom he addresses back then.

One of the greatest abuses in the Church is hierarchy.  It is human government, not God's!


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The Danger Zone (Zon)

Prophecy is powerful. When a person utters a prophecy, and people believe it is from God

rather than from the devil, naturally the God-fearing will heed the words as if it was God Himself speaking.

Days For Awe! (Awe)

These are days for awe.  God is at Work!

Day of Vengence

The Commission To Exact God’s Judgment Upon False Pastors, Megachurches and Radio & TV Stations

Days Of Vengeance

It’s judgement time in God’s house. Restored truths are being presented. Those who reject them will themselves be rejected by God.

Diana Flowers in Every City (Dia)

In May 1997 God spoke to a lady in Sheffield, England about a day of mourning when the whole nation would put flowers in the cities.

That 'word' was fulfilled by the events surrounding the funeral of Diana.


Diana Queen of Hearts (DQH)

A Woman loved by her nation and the world.  She will yet be used by God.


Dismantling Churches (Dis)

Church leaders have made people dependent upon THEM, instead of dependent upon Christ. Such dependency is idolatrous. To put a man in place of Christ is blasphemous, but the transition occurs subtly, all in the name of Christ! Radical change is coming!

Do You Confront Evil Or Do You Tolerate It? (Cnf)

Many Christians (yes, Christians!) do not confront evil and simply tolerate it. Confrontation is not pleasant, easy, nor convenient.

Yet confrontation and resistance is the only way to escape the snare of the devil.


Don't ABUSE It, USE It! (Use)

We are fast approaching the Midnight Hour.

What was prophesied is coming to pass.

These are the days of Elijah.


Don't Be Deceived (Dec)

Deception is the poison of the Church! Jesus explicitly warned the disciples, and all others, by extension - NOT to be deceived (Mat 24:4, 11:24)

Yet many Christians are!

Don't Let Satan Steal What Is Yours (Ste) & Do You Maintain Your Own Integrity? (Included)

There are many NY warnings to us not to let the enemy steal what is ours.

They are recorded for vital reasons!  Yet, it's all to easy to ignore or forget.


The Dreadful Influences of Religious Spirits (RS)

A religious spirit is an evil spirit. It encourages people to put on a religious air or manner.

Pretence is its cover. It makes you feel good about yourself. It makes you feel better than others, special, superior.

But it can give you a false humility.


Dreams From God About The Charismatic Church (DrC)

Documented dreams that reveal problems with the Charismatic Church.


Dreams From God About the Judgement of Britain (Jud)

Also includes some revelations abut God's judgement upon America.


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The Early Church Kept Israel' Commanded Assemblies (Ass)

A brief survey of the Sabbath's (God's Holy Festivals) in the Book of Acts.


Earnestness (Ear) and the article: Living On Borrowed Time

Many Christians are simply unaware of their spiritual state. Just as Jesus prophesied, the

Church ‘slumbers’ (Matt 25:5). You need to stir up what He has given you before it is too late to change.


The End Of The World (End)

Sound like an old cliché?  The fact is, this is more of a reality today than ever before.  Read this leaflet for details!


Entering A Time of Revival (Rvl)

What is true revival?  Who will benefit, and what are the signs? The answers may surprise you.


Entering The Holy of Holies (Ent)

A letter from Terry Law, World Compassion (Terry Law Ministries) to his mailing list.

Exceptional Events

She had been murdered 22 months earlier, but God restored her to physical life again, after being in the spirit realm

and being shown various things by God. Why did God do it?

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Feeding The Multitudes

In 1998 God promised an unprecedented outpouring of power. The purpose is to present God’s spiritual food to the multitudes: that they may 1) know Him, 2) know His presence, 3) His power, 4) His love, 5) His truth and 6) His holiness – 7) to prepare a people for God. 

The Festivals of God (Fes)

The Festivals God has bequeathed to humanity reveal God's plan. This understanding has escaped the majority. The Church at this juncture must seriously consider and adopt this heritage. It is not Jewish or Israelite. These are God's Festivals which He wants you to keep.


Fierce Persecution (Per)

 We are soon entering the time described in Scripture as the worst in human history! Millions will die! Millions will suffer. These are the death throes of this age and the birth pangs of the new age to come. You need to be prepared!


Funerals and Honouring The Dead (Fun)

It is fitting that in the dead churches of our society, they hold memorial services to honour or pray for the dead.

However, Jesus never instructed you to pray for the dead, but to intercede for the living.


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Get Ready For The Time Of Trouble (Tro)

Most of the Church is unprepared for what is coming. It sleeps. And despite this pronouncement, few will wake up before it is too late.

Such is Jesus' prediction in symbol in Matthew 25:5-6.

God Has Done Great Things! (Gre)

What 'great things' has God done for you? Have you considered them? Most people haven't. You need to take a look and see.


God Hates Divorce (GHD)

Therefore what God has joined together let no man separate (Mat 19:6)

God's Chosen Few

From now on, God won’t accept worship based on human tradition. You must use HIS tradition.

God's Commendation of MM's outreach

God spoke through seven angels with various encouragements and commendations. He has approved MM as a preserver of His Restored Truths.

God's Irrevocable Gifts (GIG)

The gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable (Rom 11:29, NKJV).

However, people can veer away from the will and purposes of God. Evangelists get puffed up and carried away by their own ideas and schemes.

But their transgression and diversion does not negate the call of God upon their lives.


God's Omniscience, Omnipotence, and Omnipresence (OOO)

The wonder of God is something to behold! In our time frame and dimension, we can’t – except superficially.

We can only see glimpses of Him, and understand Him partially.


God Wants To Heal, But Will You Let Him? (Let)

Many Christians don’t understand the principles that underlie God’s goodness to us. They look to a man, instead of to Jesus. Their faith is misplaced, so they don’t receive. Although Jesus has paid the price for our healing, they don’t realise there is also a price they must pay.


God Will Stun The World

In 2013, a prophet in Kenya had a supernatural encounter. Samuel Tindi was taken up into the spirit realm.

In this visionary experience his spirit was either shown or taken into what he described as the corridor of the prophets.

God's Work Cancelled For Lack Of Interest! (Can)

Could God's work upon earth ever fail due to selfishness and lack of interest? If you think not, you are sadly naive. 

The apostle Paul suffered and went without because of Christians failing to respond.

Time has changed, but things have not changed much.  The work of God can suffer!


Gold, Silver, and Precious Stones (GSP)

Paul compiled a very meaningful, but abstruse, analogy about the produce of our spiritual life

that included gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, and straw. What is the lesson?


Guidelines For Evangelists (Gui)

Here are some guidelines for TRUE ministry.


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The Habit Of Prayer (Hab)

Many Christians lack a vital dimension in their spiritual lives. Prayer helps provide it.


Haggai's Prophecy For Our Day!

I have written about the amazing prophecy of Haggai 2:6-7 previously in Inspired By The Spirit Vol 24, under “I Will Fill This House With Glory!”

This short piece adds to that former article. Some new light has been shone on those ancient words.

"He Must Increase, But I Must Decrease" (Inc)

These famous words of John the Baptist set the tone of true New Testament ministry.

Yet how few ministers live by them!


He Saw The Great Tribulation (Saw)

Ken Peters is a North American prophet. God gave him a dramatic dream about what is to befall the USA and Christians there.

While much of the dream's imagery is symbolic, it has very literal implications.


Ho, Everyone Who Thirsts (Thi)

Does that include you? If you are thirsty and poor in a spiritual sense, Jesus is here to quench your thirst and give you what truly satisfies!

Holiness And The Day Of Atonement (Hol)

The Day of Atonement is all about holiness. Yet, both the keeping of the day and holiness

are strange to most people. God wants us all to understand.


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If I Am A Man Of God Let Fire Come Down From Heaven

These were the famous words spoken by Elijah, as you know, found in 2 Kings 1:10 and 12.

Imbibing The Truth (Imb)

A guide to reading MM literature that is helpful to new readers, as well as those who have read the literature and are ministering to others.


I am a Heretic!

That’s what most pastors, evangelists, and dyed-in-the-wool Christians think of me.

The Church is not as open as it assumes. Prophets with Truth are not accepted!

In weakness, in fear, and in much trembling (InW)

Does Paul's admission amaze you? He was very human like you and me.


Iraq: Evangelism And the Future Facing Christians (Irq)

The most conspicuous evangelists have gross misunderstandings about God’s objectives at the End of this Age.

They have no idea what is coming, and what biblical era we are about to enter.  This is one illustration.


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"Jesus Has Delayed His Coming" (Del)

Whether He actually delays, or whether it is merely an apparent delay to us as humans, one day we will know. But the fact remains that, because believers sleep and don’t want to wake up, He cannot appear in the sky — not yet.


The 'Job Factor' (Job)

The patriarch Job was a most unusual man. The book about him seems to be the oldest in the Old Testament.

But its message today is as timely for Christians as Revelation’s prophecies. His life was a paradigm for true believers.

John's Story (Joh)

Human nature is carnal, and human response to the truth is disappointing. This real life story contains several lessons.


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Keeping The Sabbath Holy

In our Sunday dominated society, the art of Sabbath-keeping has been lost. Most Christians who go to church on Sunday assume that such a custom fulfils the fourth commandment. But it doesn’t! Read about this misconception, and how to truly keep God's Sabbath Holy.

 Kassahun's Experience In Heaven When He Was Dead!

Kassahun Ayele is a prophet of God in Ethiopia. He died on 21st June 2019 and his spirit was taken into the spirit realm.

Keeping Your Word Even When It Hurts You (KYW)

Here is something that separates true Christians from false.

Do you keep your promises?


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Laodicea Is Here Today

Jesus had allowed the Church to be taken captive by hollow philosophy and Babylonian tradition.

Through your response to truth you demonstrate your loyalty to Christ. All Christians are tested as they struggle to emerge from this sea of error.

The Last Call To Sinners

God is now warning all sinners that if you do not repent of your sins, you will face death.

The Last Outpouring Of The Spirit (Las)

The final revival in our Age.  Why it comes and what it will achieve.


The Law of Moses (Mos)

Most Christians misunderstand this pivotal topic.  The Law of Moses was not Moses' invention. It was what God gave him as a guide to righteousness!


The Law Of The Spirit Of Life (Lif)

What did Paul mean by "the law of the Spirit of life", and "the law of sin and death"?

"...Lest You Even Be Found To Fight Against God"

During 2015 I wrote to scores of tele-evangelists and preachers who promote themselves on TBN and GOD TV.

I sent each of them one or more of the Mighty Miracles of God volumes, together with other selected MM publications and a personal letter.

As “men or women of God” I expected some sort of response.

 Let My People Go!

The Church is held in captivity! Very few realise, but it was prophesied (Is 52:2).

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Matters Of The Heart (MiM)

Not all people experience the outpouring Spirit of God as foretold by Joel.

There are a number of reasons, but every one has its root in one place - the heart.

 Meet Me At Midnight

Midnight is a symbol of judgement – God’s judgement! It was at midnight that God killed the Egyptians’ firstborn as punishment for refusing to submit to God’s will (Exodus 12:29). The Egyptian ruler was drunk on his power. He thought he was a god. His arrogance was abruptly crushed!

The Middle East Is About To Explode! (Exp)

The title may sound like it is stating the obvious.  However, many have become complacent

with the constant turmoil in the Middle East.  What has God revealed about this turbulent region?


More About The Gifts Of The Spirit (Gif)

In many quarters of the Church, the issue of supernatural spiritual gifts  has long since passed its sell-by date. Pentecostals will wonder why all the fuss. There is simply no argument any more. Supernatural gifts are fact!


More Than A Prophet (MTP)

There are many statements in the Bible which we read right over, without realising their full significance. This is one of them.


The Mystery of Lawlessness (Mys)

The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan,

with all power, signs and lying wonders (2 Thes 2:9)


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No Man Has Ascended To Heaven (Asc)

The above words were spoken by Jesus.  Yet the Bible states that Enoch and Elijah went to heaven. So, what did Jesus mean?  Does His statement conflict with the accounts of Enoch and Elijah? Included with this article is the article 'No One Has Seen God At Any Time'


No More Time (NoM)

Preachers have been preaching grace, grace, grace, for decades. But God's day of grace for America and Britain is over. 

There is no more time for grace.  It's God's time for judgment!


No-One Listens! (NoO)

John the Baptist lamented that no one receives Jesus' testimony (John 3:32).  Those words were not just

for his time, but they were prophetic too.  The same is true today!

No Pay!

 Jesus said that a prophet is not without honour except in his own country and in his own house (Matt 13:57).

That was in His day. But times have changed. Are things now so much worse than in Jesus’ day...

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"O You Of Little Faith!" (OYO)

Many 'believers' have so little faith because they have not committed themselves to let Jesus live in them as He wants.


Oh, How Hard It Is! (OHH)

Jesus lamented on how hard it is for the rich to enter the kingdom, by saying "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle...".

But it is not just the rich who have a hard time!


On Halloween (Hal)

This letter was written to a pastor in the USA about the commonly accepted tradition of Halloween.


One In Two (1i2)

Jesus' words about those who will not be saved are very sobering. However, comparatively few Christians really take them seriously. Most people are so engrossed in the physical that spiritual realities just elude them. Includes the article Complacency - A Spiritual Killer!


"On This One Will I Look"

One Friday night I turned to the book of Isaiah and read... and read... and read.

It was a singularly peculiar experience; a very special one. It was as if I was transfixed by it.

Opposition Against The Power Of God (Opp)

Spiritual gifts always seem to be a contentious issue! You would think that, with the amount of information in the New Testament, the panoply of contemporary testimonies, and the witness of the Holy Spirit, the argument would be all over. But, no, not at all!


Our Life In Christ (InC)

The Pauline concept of life "in Christ" (here "with Him") is an essential aspect his theology of the Church.


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The Perennial Problem of False Believers (Fal)

The amazing scale of deception or falsehood foisted upon Christians by false teachers masquerading as true (2 Cor 11:13-15), is matched by the equally astonishing number of believers who – when you really know the truth – are also false!


A Place Of Refuge In The Storm (Ref)

Spoken By The Spirit.  Some words from God given to Olivia Long and Malcolm Heap.


Praying For The Nations?  Who Are You Kidding? (Pra)

Evangelicals and Charismatic's have gained a large following by giving people what they want to hear – an appealing message which only highlights the pleasant side of God’s love.  God hates this! He is sorely displeased! He is going to punish, if these deceitful leaders don't repent!


Preparing A Flock For Slaughter (Sla)

God holds the 'shepherds' or leaders of His flock accountable. But, because of self-will, pride, convenience, and expediency, 'shepherds are actually preparing the flock for SLAUGHTER, as the following account relates.

Preparing The Way For Worldwide Peace

On 13th January 2016, the seven angels delivered a message to Rhoda in Kenya about reaching out to the Muslim countries of north Africa.

Principles of True Worship (Wor)

Jesus Initiated true worship, but too many Christians are still bound up in the traditions of the past.


Prophecy Being Fulfilled (PBF)

Read how prophecy is being fulfilled in Great

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Short, Sharp & Shocking

Should We Have Churches?

Jesus declared emphatically: “I will build My Church...” (Matthew 16:18). But you won’t find any command in the Bible for man to establish organisations misleadingly termed ‘churches’.

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Wealth And Position

On the Christian TV network TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network)...

Why Keep Sunday?

Observing Sunday is nowhere commanded in scripture.

Why do so many Christians keep it?

The Wrath Of God

You don’t hear much preached today about the wrath of God. It’s out of vogue with most modern preachers. The popular gospel is one of grace, with little mention of its opposite. Yet that was not what the first apostles preached. Theirs was a much more hard-hitting message, which was far from sugary like today’s trend.