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The love of money is a root of all kinds of

evil, for which some have strayed from the

faith in their greediness, and pierced

themselves through with many sorrows
(1 Tim 6:10).

I will vomit you out of My mouth. Because

 you say "I am rich, have become wealthy,

and have need of nothing", and do not

know that you are wretched, miserable,

poor, blind and naked (Rev 3:16,17)


By Malcolm B Heap, Midnight Ministries

Copyright © Midnight Ministries

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Money and power are perhaps the two most ubiquitous corrupting influences. Of course, it is not them by themselves which are the corrupters, but the way they are sought, used, or desired.

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil (1 Tim 6:10).


The lust for power is equally ruinous. Where men (and sometimes women) love to hold power over others, they are spiritually corrupt.


Both are widely to be seen in churches. The 'charismatic church' is no exception.


On 24th August 2002, God portrayed this problem to Helena in a dream. So vast and deep is it, that individuals will now have to come out of organised charismatic churches if they are to be purified from the wrong spiritual influences – demonic influences – that this system has now spawned. Here is that dream:


        24th August 2002. H.  Money making venture in factory.

        I saw a big factory disappear into a huge water spring which sprang up underneath the factory. After the factory had gone, the managers built a new factory on top of the water springs, and opened up its doors to people to show them inside.

        They charged money for the spectacle. The directors were like shrewd businessmen. They saw this wonder as an opportunity to make money.

        One of the directors befriended me. I came to see him but he turned up late and left quickly, as if he wasn't bothered about me. He didn't care for me or what I had to do. He left me stranded far away from home.


Idolatrous Structure


What this dream depicts is the wrong motive behind the modern structure that has developed as an outgrowth of what is dubbed conveniently as the 'charismatic church'.


Pursuit of money is not a valid motive behind ministry. True godly ministry is to bring God into the lives of others; to reveal and expound His truth that sets people free when accepted and practiced (Jn 8:32); and to promote the love of Christ.


Any physical pursuits that replace these divine purposes are idolatrous substitutes. They are usurpers, as are the men who promote them.


Yet, we see church structures, programmes, ministers, teachings, worship services and way of doing things all lifted up on an idolatrous platform. They have taken the place of the pure and simple purpose of the gospel and the faith once delivered.


The Holy Spirit was poured out to bring people into an individual freedom with Christ, so they can hear from Him directly and be led by Him into all truth (Jn 16:13). But many men who call themselves 'ministers' have usurped those divine prerogatives and enslaved people to a system that has made a shrine out of what God has given.


Here is the meaning of the various parts of the dream:


A big factory: This represents the Church under human direction. It has lost its true identity and has become distorted or perverted into an edifice for human production. 'Saving souls' has become like a business with high pressure salesmen trying to bring many into churches.


Huge water spring: The outpouring of the Holy Spirit which has generated massive spiritual changes and renewal throughout the Church.


After the factory had gone: The former outpouring of the Spirit has had its heyday, and now the part of the Church which benefited from that has also waned.


The managers built a new factory: The contemporary state of the 'charismatic church' which is developing all the while to accommodate people and use what it can exploit to appeal to them and bring them through its doors.


...and opened up its doors to people to show them inside: Today, various sectors of the Church make merchandise out of the gifts of the Spirit and other spiritual manifestations – many of which are actually demonic counterfeits of the true – these are easily seen at places like the Toronto Airport (formerly Vineyard) church. This is a fleshly attempt to capitalise on spiritual manifestations – a totally wrong motivation. It is experience-based, not centred on truth and a repentance which is based on the acceptance of more of God's truth.


They charged money for the spectacle: This reveals the motive behind the behaviour. It is unseen until God reveals it. Hence this dream! 


When ministers have cleverly appealed to converts to lure them into their churches, it is commonplace to find strong emphasis on giving financially to their church to support its structure.


Besides that, the 'charismatic church' also markets its publications, tapes and videos for profit – invariably with slick and attractive presentation for maximum human appeal, as in any worldly marketing approach.


Thus, this dream portrays how this part of the Church has turned the outpouring of the Spirit into a money-making enterprise. They have used spiritual manifestations to bring in money to them.


They are more concerned about money than people!


This sad fact was amply demonstrated when someone I know wrote to one of these charismatic ministries and requested some tapes they were offering on prayer. He was hard up at the time and could not afford the amount they were asking for the two audio tapes. So he sent them £5 [approx $9]. It was all he could afford. He received a letter saying that he had not sent enough money, and that the £5 would be considered a donation unless he sent in the full price – which was high for just two tapes! (I think it was about £10 [approx $18].)


Our friend replied, explaining his difficult financial circumstances, but the ministry policy was apparently more important to them than the person writing! He asked if he could have just one tape, but was not granted his request. The ministry didn't return his £5. Not only did they keep his money, they denied him any tape! They added insult to his injury!


That's not feeding the poor. It's abusing them! In Jesus' day the gospel was preached to the poor (Matt 11:5). It's just as well Jesus didn't charge for it, or we would not be able to afford to be saved!


Those who are in control (ministers and church leaders) have merchandised – for selfish reasons – what came from God. It has created a system to fleece people and provide entertainment for them, while the leaders make an excellent living from it. How disgraceful and vile! God hates it!!


The word of the Lord came to me saying: Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds ... prophesy and say to them 'Thus says the Lord God to the shepherds: Woe to the shepherds... who feed themselves. Should not the shepherds feed the flocks...?' (Ezek 34:1,2).


This prophecy, which is highly appropriate in this context, goes on to lament on the poor spiritual state of the people whom the shepherds are meant to nourish. Because of leaders' wrong motivation and approach, God's people languish in spiritual impoverishment.


Spiritual Impoverishment


God's contemporary witness through dreams which He has given to us, confirms this tragic state:


        5th December 2002. H. Preparing the apartment.

        I was trying to get the apartment ready for the next job. Tonya tried to wash the carpets and they needed to dry. I was aware of a big building next door which looked like a hospital, full of sick people.

        Meaning: The sick people in the 'hospital' represent people in churches. We have teaching materials to help people receive healing, both physical and spiritual.


        26th March 2003. H. The boastful woman.

        A woman was boasting continually about how happy she was and how pleased she was with herself. She was proud of herself and everything was going well for her. I said to her, "All this happiness means nothing if we won't allow the Holy Spirit to work with us. When the Holy Spirit works with us we have to be sensitive and obedient. We have to make changes to be in the will of God. We should accept those that God is using to bring fresh revelation for the Church."

I went into a big building to take something in [to take further truth to them]. The ground floor hall was cold and icy.

        Meaning: This represents the Church which is cold towards us because of the truth God has commissioned us to bring. The boasting is symptomatic of the pride which is endemic within the 'charismatic church' and of its spiritual complacency.


Of course, if you are in one of these popular and successful churches you won't see what is wrong with them, or with you. The worship seems fine; it is invigorating, uplifting and emotional. The preaching generally seems fine; the preacher preaches about Jesus, welcomes the Spirit, and feeds the people with some truth from the Word.


But, you know, it's not what is seen that is the main subject of criticism, but what is unseen. It's not so much what is there, as what is not there, that is the problem.


And if I or any other prophet were to present to you or to your highly respected pastor(s) further truth, and be critical of your lack of it, it is highly doubtful whether you would welcome my input. Most times I am labelled with some derogatory epithet, and the input summarily dismissed.


So be it.


That's the way it goes. Just as Jesus predicted:


        I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot [it wouldn't appear that way; the worship seems hot]. I could wish you were cold or hot. [He's not talking about your emotions, but your love for Truth.]

        So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth.

        Because you say "I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing", and do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked (Rev 3:15-17).


The reason most fail to heed the message of the prophets (by prophets I don't mean the folks who merely prophesy – I mean the guys who have a commission from the Almighty to challenge the churches) is because people can't see what is wrong with themselves or their churches.


Do you see what Jesus wants most? Notice it:


I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined in the fire [that's character which is produced in suffering and trial] that you may be rich; and white garments [symbol of righteous conduct; obedience to God's commands] that you may be clothed, that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed; and anoint your eyes with eye salve, that you may see (Rev 3:18).


Too many don't want to see! They don't want further truth.


They don't want to listen to prophets who tell them that they need radical reform. They want only what their church dispenses, nothing more.


It's Impossible To Change The Structure


Notice what God said to Helena here in this dream:


        29th April 2003. H. 2 dreams:

       1) God was showing me how it is impossible to change the structure of the churches, how they are based on human leadership.

        The churches have to be shaken up to release people who belong to God.


In this small leaflet I don't have enough space to detail all that God says about what is wrong with church structure. But it is extensive! He has revealed that hierarchy is a human system of rule derived from Babylon (Rev 17:5), through which Satan can exert his influence to keep God's people bound in various ways.


This truth is explained in God's Church – Whose Authority? so I encourage you to read that book to understand more.

The only way you can free yourself from the chains on your neck (see prophecy below from Isaiah 52) is to COME OUT. Hence this command:


"Come out of her, My people, lest you share in her sins..." (Rev 18:4).


To give loyalty to a humanly dominated system is idolatrous. That's why you must come out. Those who don't come out, give their loyalties to man instead of to God. A very subtle transition has taken place – one which church members don't see – and which leads to spiritual mediocrity at best, or outright apostasy at worst.


So, the prophetic call to you at this Midnight hour is:


Awake, awake! Put on your strength, O Zion; put on your beautiful garments, O Jerusalem, the holy city! [Zion is a figure of the Church.] ... Shake yourself from the dust, arise; sit down, O Jerusalem! Loose yourself from the bonds of your neck, O captive daughter of Zion! (Isaiah 52:1,2).

  • What is your strength? It is through the Spirit.

  • What are your beautiful garments? They are your righteousness.

  • What is the dust which you must shake yourself free from? The contamination of doctrines of men that undermine the commands of God.

  • How can you arise? By moving ahead spiritually into a higher plane of spiritual appreciation and union with Jesus.

  • What are the bonds of your neck? Your subservience to church leaders when you become a member of their church.

You will not perceive how you have become – from God's perspective – "wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked".

There is much to come out of! Jesus reminds you:


As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Therefore, be zealous and repent (Rev 3:19).


Revelation Channel, UK


        29th April 2003. H.

        2) God portrayed the Revelation Channel (a UK TV channel) like a spreading grey plant. It was lying across the ground and nothing could be done with it.

        Meaning: Grey is neither white nor black. It is neither one nor the other. It is a blend of good and evil. It is not something that God is pleased with, because the agenda this TV station has adopted is not the agenda which is God's.

        People are not being properly fed spiritually and God is unable to use such people for much. They don't want "the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth." They have a compromised mixture of truth and error.

        God is doing a new thing elsewhere, but these people running the TV station are not interested in that. They don't respond to unadulterated truth. They prefer what tickles people's ears; what people fancy; what will bolster their ratings by appealing to a broad cross-section.

        We wrote to this TV station, sending them some of our literature, but there wasn't even an acknowledgement! They are all so tied up in what they are doing, that they are blind to the Work God is doing outside their door. They shut the door on true prophets! This is typical of response across the board!

God is doing a work outside the churches and the existing evangelistic set-ups. He cannot use the established church any more. He is at work outside it, so you must come out to be 'in' with Him.


Popular And Wealthy


It's hard to accept that the whole Church, in all its established sectors, is out of the will of God. So much of it appears to be good. But the devil is an astute deceiver and knows how to distort God's truth just enough to make it the forbidden fruit while it still looks the genuine article.


Here is a dream about another church, which you would never think was doing much wrong. It is very popular and wealthy:


        7th April 2004. M. A Charismatic Church.

        I was walking along a roadway with many other people on it, going towards a building at the end. It reminded me of Psalm 55:14 which relates about going with many others to the house of God to worship. A bit further along this road, on the left [the left depicts a liberal slant in belief] we passed a lovely weeping willow tree outside a bungalow. The tree was lit up at night and looked very attractive.

        We went a bit further and had to go on the grass verge for a while [depicts how we will be prevented from continuing the same way by secular powers shortly]. I stooped down under some overhanging branches at this point, and in the darkness I could see a peacock very close in front and slightly to my right [coming physical restitution of what we have forfeited to do this work]. After passing him, I was able to go back onto the road and up the few steps to this building. My mother was standing right in the middle of the doorway, as if wanting to be noticed by everyone that went inside [portraying her wrong spiritual approach]. That's where the dream ended.

        Meaning: We happened to see on BBC1 last night, a programme by Rick Wakeman entitled Jesus Who? about some aspects of Christianity in Britain. On this programme there was coverage of a large church in Bradford, pastored by Paul Scanlon at Abundant Life Church.

        This church is a modern, popular charismatic church which 'boasted' a weekly offering in their Sunday services of £600,000! It is popular, because he has portrayed Jesus to others in a very appealing manner.

        Thousands attend because of the uplift and enjoyment they derive from the worship, as well as the spiritual food he provides to them in an environment that is pretty much a spiritual desert outside in the secular world.

        This is the weeping willow tree depicted in the dream.

        But this church is not without some massive drawbacks.

        1) Firstly, the pastor has become centre-stage. HE takes Jesus' place, although he would think he doesn't because he lifts Jesus up verbally and gives Him glory with his lips. The transfer has taken place because of the format of worship, which is another variant of the 'us-and-them', 'clergy-and-laity', situation.

        2) On stage is a group or band with electric guitars and modern musical equipment, with polished professional musical presentation and singers ('worship leaders'). The congregation expressively joins in. It's nothing unusual for most modern charismatic and evangelical churches, and not necessarily to be decried. Some true worship takes place, depending upon individual hearts.

        But, it is slick marketing and most people don't see this. It's not much different from Nicky Gumbel's Alpha Course which has found wide appeal and acceptance. But God showed me what HE thinks of it in a dream. It is despicable because it appeals to the self. (Related in the leaflet, The Alpha Course.) Just because people like it doesn't mean God doesn't want something better – not better physically, but more spiritual.

        3) The result of this looking to the pastor and elevating him is a church congregation with only a partial appreciation of God's Word and of Christian practice. It is limited by what the pastor understands and accepts. His teaching and practice is too liberal. Hence the dream portrayed this lovely willow tree being on the left along the way.

        4) The people are not being prepared for the Great Tribulation that is looming on the horizon, and which will probably be upon us before this warning has reached all ears to which it needs to go! These people are being prepared as a flock for the slaughter! (See the leaflet, Preparing A Flock For Slaughter.) Like Judah of old was taken captive by the Babylonians, and sat disconsolate under the weeping willows of Babylon's gardens (Ps 137), so these people will suffer a similar fate under Britain's modern captors.

        Paul Scanlon needs to give his flock a different emphasis, one which prepares them for hard times ahead, in which they will be prepared to suffer for Christ, not merely enjoy Him in the physical.

And would he accept the pure biblical truths about God's Sabbaths, holy days and other truths which we bring? I very much doubt it! They would smash his church!


God has given us many other dreams revealing the sorry spiritual state of the Church. There is a desperate need for radical reform!


Finally here is a dream which God gave several years ago to indicate what He considers of prime importance in this end-time restoration.


The Stage Is Set For Revival


        7th Sept 1998. M. Dream of Waiting for the Revival

        We went to see what was going on elsewhere. There was a 'show' being staged nearby so we went there for some entertainment (this portrays 'the charismatic church' with which we have felt some affinity because of our full acceptance of the power and gifts of God). Many people were gathered waiting for the show to begin.

        They were engrossed in conversation with each other. A man in the row in front of us said this was the best show on earth. We wouldn't be disappointed.

        What was strange was that all the seats in the audience were not facing the stage. The stage was on the right hand side, and all the seats were looking forward. They were facing the wrong direction.

        I was curious to see what was going on behind stage [God gives us glimpses of this in dreams]. I could see that a good-looking middle-aged woman with black hair [the 'charismatic church'] was in charge. There were a number of pretty girls behind stage, waiting for the start of the performance, practising their dance movements.

        We waited and waited. Some two hours passed and nothing happened, but the audience didn't sense that something was wrong. They simply carried on talking, fellowshipping amongst themselves.

        Meaning: The charismatics think that they are going to be the focus of the next wave of the Holy Spirit. They're not. They're looking in the wrong direction. It's going to come from the right. The right (politically) is the more conservative wing. In this context it's to do with publicising the relevance of the law of God, which the charismatic church rejects through ignorance and wrong teaching. (Hence she is portrayed with black hair – sinful concepts.)

God has re-revealed the truth which believers need to accept to come into the fulness of His will. It is summarised in our small booklet The Faith Once Delivered To The Saints. But how few want it!

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