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                      Isaiah 6:8

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About Us

Midnight In America is an outreach of Midnight Ministries, UK, and is located in Warner Robins, Georgia, USA.  We distribute all Midnight Ministries publications in the United States, Canada, South and Central America, and the Far East.  We also minister to the Russian-speaking peoples of the world through our outreach in Ukraine.  If you speak Русский (Russian), please visit our Russian language Web site.

Both Midnight Ministries and Midnight In America are family-run ministries, and are not part of, or affiliated with, any church denomination or organization.  We have no axe to grind, nor do we seek 'membership'.  Our task is to alert the Church to the imminence of Jesus' coming and to spiritually prepare the Bride through the distribution of truth-loaded literature.  Jesus promised the coming of 'Elijah' the prophet before His return to restore all things.  Truth is being restored - now!  The virgins are being awoken (Mat 25:1-13).  Jesus is coming soon; very soon!  It's time for you to get ready.

Additional information about us can be found in our FAQ section and in the article Who We Are And What We Do written for our newsletter.


Questions, answers, revelations, and facts about Midnight Ministries can be found in a series of publications provided online on this website by clicking here.


DISCLAIMER: Midnight Ministries' in America


There is another ministry by the name Midnight Ministries, which is based in Reno, Nevada, USA. It is operated by Robert Harris. It is NOT associated in any way with this Midnight Ministries in the UK or with Midnight In America.

Please note also that Midnight Ministries in the UK does NOT subscribe to various doctrinal expositions that Robert Harris expresses on his web site. He is also very antagonistic towards some major doctrinal positions which we express here on our web site.

Just as in nature there are positive and negative forces; in essence, you could accurately say we are poles apart!




All quotations from the Bible are taken from the New American Standard Bible, unless otherwise stated.

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