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Online Literature


Most of the literature shown on the subsequent pages can be ordered in printed form. 

Please go to our "How To Order" page for printed copies. 

We have many other informative publications available in printed form. 

Please review our literature list for information on these materials.


Mighty Miracles Of God 

Some of the amazing things God is doing in our time.


Quick List 

A list of online literature in a quick list format. Titles only are provided with no description





Selections below are grouped by publication size and sorted alphabetically


Selected Leaflets

A selection of leaflets (A5 size) published by Midnight Ministries covering a variety of revealing topics.


Full Size Booklets

A selection of full sized booklets published by Midnight Ministries.


Selected Articles by Midnight Ministries

A selection of articles (A4 size) published by Midnight Ministries. 

A variety of topics are presented including much needed information on false ministers,

false ministries, and how God looks at the "churches" of the world.


Midnight In America Selected Articles

A compilation of select articles published by Midnight In America.


Selected Tracts

A selection of short and small leaflet (A6 size) publications by Midnight Ministries.

 Churches of God

Articles and leaflets pertaining to the World Wide Church of God

and its many "splinters", herein referred to as "The Churches of God".


Ministry Watch

Informative articles about specific ministries, church groups, and/or leaders.


Dreams From God

A selection of dreams from God pertinent to the Church today.


Midnight Ministries Revealed

Questions, answers, revelations, and facts about Midnight Ministries, UK. 

Read these articles to learn about Midnight Ministries, and their commission

to help inform and prepare the world for the coming of Jesus Christ.


Raising The Dead

"Why should any of you consider it incredible that God raises the dead? (Acts 26:8 NIV)" 

Indeed, why do people have a hard time believing the Creator of the universe raises the dead? 

Read these accounts of God's raising the dead today, in our time!


Midnight Ministries Newsletter Articles

A compilation of select articles from newsletters published by Midnight Ministries.

Dream Diaries

A selection of dreams from God that are pertinent to the Church today.


Miscellaneous Articles

Additional reading from various sources.


Literature In Russian

View a list of literature that has been translated

into the Russian language through our Ukrainian outreach.

Each piece of Russian literature is available both in printed form and online.


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