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Our beginnings, and our relationship with Midnight Ministries

(From Newsletter 01, Sep 2004  (Pg 01))

The Orthodox Pride - An open letter to Orthodox Christians.

The article studies the most important distinguishing characteristics of the saving,

living faith in Christ as opposed to the respective features of a dead religion.

The goal: to move Orthodox (and other) Christians to stop being proud of their denominational affiliation,

but instead to test themselves - whether they are 'in faith'.

You Shall Not Covet

Most people do not think much of the tenth commandment.  To many it seems the 'least' of all of the ten.

It is also listed last, and that, to the human mind implies that it is not as significant as the other nine.

However, a closer look at this commandment will reveal that the sin involved with coveting

can be the most subtle and one of the most dangerous of all.

Shining Light or Hypocrite?

Hypocrisy is rampant in the churches today, and it is one of the things that Jesus hates most!

We, as Christians, are called upon to be shining lights unto the world.  However, many fall short of this

and are actually hypocrites.  Which are you?  Shining light or hypocrite?  This article will reveal it to you.

About 'Lunar Sabbath'

An article that was initially a letter written in reply to an Adventist believer who sent us a book

by Troy Miller, an Adventist who promotes a so-called 'lunar Sabbath' concept. According to this theory,

God's Sabbath should be kept not on the seventh day of each week, but by the phases of the moon.

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