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About 'Lunar Sabbath'

By Mila Thompson, Midnight In America

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Scripture references are from the New King James Version.

This article was initially written as a letter of reply to one Adventist believer

in Kiev (Ukraine) who had translated and sent me a book by Troy Miller

When The Day Begins. Troy Miller  promotes a so-called

'lunar Sabbath' concept. According to this theory, God's Sabbath should be kept

 not on the seventh day of each week, but by the phases of the moon.


I have recently received a letter from Troy Miller, in which he pointed out a couple of valid mistakes I had made in the previous version. For instance, I had assumed him to be an Adventist. I am thankful, and I have corrected these mistakes. At the same time, he sent me a few tracts (his own and another's) which I have read and tested with the Scripture. They added some new arguments which I had to address in this article as well. Therefore, this is a revised version.


Dear A!

I have finally found the time to read one of the books you sent me, written by Troy Miller, where he lays out his theory about when God's day begins. Besides, I browsed his website and read the materials posted there about how and why he celebrates God's Sabbath.

Before I began reading and testing his theory I asked Jesus to guide me into His truth, as I always do when I face controversial issues or opinions that disagree with a doctrine I have accepted earlier. Because it is not so important for me on which day to celebrate the Sabbath or when to count the beginning of a new day, as long as it is in accordance with His will.  I opened my mind and spirit to His guidance and put all my formerly accepted beliefs in this regard to a serious test. 

So I began to study chapter 1 of Genesis together with Troy Miller. I am not saying that everything Troy writes is wrong. That would be too simple and naÏve. When the devil wants to deceive a person, he uses the biblical truth, mixing in just a little lie. But this 'a little' changes and distorts the whole meaning of God's word and can mislead the person who believes it. (As the proverbial spoonful of tar makes a barrel of honey inedible, so 'a drop' of lie mixed with God's word can lead to a serious spiritual poisoning.) It is the tactics Satan used with Eve in Eden, to sow doubt in what God had said and why. And this same tactics brings him a rich harvest of deceived souls today.


I could simply tell you that I do not accept this theory, without any further deliberations, couldn't I? Many do just that. But my goal is to help you and others (who are willing to heed) to see the falsity of this theory. That is why I am going to expose errors in the 'facts' Troy Miller offers as proofs from the Bible.


First of all, Troy's statement that the first day of Creation was the day of the moon conjunction (the invisible phase of the new moon) is wrong, because the luminaries were not made (at least not made luminous) until day 4! Consequently, the moon could not be in its invisible phase.

Troy Miller explains in his tract The Moon Regulates the Weekly Sabbath that God created all celestial bodies in the beginning, when He created the heavens and the earth (Gen.1:1), but didn't start the thermonuclear processes within, which made them luminous. Troy Miller believes God made them luminous on the first day of creation and thus created light and separated it from darkness. But only on day 4 God 'appointed' them for their jobs "to divide the day from the night and be for signs and seasons, and for days and years" (Gen.1:14). He believes the fact that there were three days, with three evenings and mornings before Genesis 1:14, proves the existence of the luminaries in the sky at that time. However, the above verse from Genesis 1:14 clearly shows that there could be no natural means of separation between day and night till day 4, since God had not yet 'appointed' these jobs to those great lights in the sky. God's Word must take preference.

To us, who believe in the Almighty Creator of the infinite Universe and everything that exists, it should not seem impossible that He could not only literally become the light of the world (Jn.1:4) for three days, but also - turn the switch 'on' for the day, and 'off' for the night. Why would God do that?  To teach us one of His eternal lessons, that there is a greater Light than the created luminaries. By this, He only did what He has been doing all the time - teaching us His spiritual truths through the physical parallels in this world.

Troy Miller finds it impossible for God to show and then hide His light in this physical world at will, because God is the Being of light. But I say: Is anything too difficult for God? Cannot God manifest Himself as He finds needed?

Troy Miller also bases his proposition that the celestial bodies were not made, but 'appointed for the jobs' on day 4 on the meaning of two Hebrew words, used in the book of Genesis. He says that the word 'created' in the first chapter of Genesis meant being created from scratch, while the word 'made' in Genesis 1:16, which was translated from a different Hebrew word, should be more appropriately translated as 'appointed for'. It is true that two different words are used. The first one has a narrower meaning, while the second one has a wider range of meanings, including the one mentioned by Troy.

Well, I asked Jesus to guide me and show me His truth, and He was faithful, as always. He prompted me to compare other instances of the usage of these two words in Genesis 1. Specifically, He prompted me to look into the account of the creation of man. And I did. I present to you what I have found:

Gen 1:26 And God430 said,559 Let us make6213 man120 in our image,6754 after our likeness.

Gen 1:27 So God430 created1254 (853) man120 in his own image,6754 in the image6754 of God430 created1254 he him; male2145 and female5347 created1254 he them.


Whatever Troy Miller may say or think about the difference in the meanings of these two words, this example clearly proves that they are used in Genesis 1 interchangeably, as synonyms, because they both are used to describe the same event of creating mankind! So much for his 'proof' of the luminaries being created (or lit up) on day 1.


So, God did not make the moon, the sun and the stars on the first, the second or the third day, but on the fourth day of Creation! Just this one fact shows that this theory about the 'lunar Sabbath' is erroneous. If God indeed wanted us to keep His Sabbath by the moon phases, He would have done just that - make (or light up and appoint) the sun, the moon, and the stars all at once, right on the first day. But for some reason, He chose a different scenario. Have you ever considered why He did that? Perhaps, for us to have the evidence proving His plan, that we should not fall for such demonic theories.

When God wants us to know His will, He makes it absolutely clear. Because He wanted us to keep the seventh day holy, He didn't just say that He had sanctified it from creation. He Himself gave us an example of what to do (Gen.2:2-3). I hope you do not think that God had to rest after His works. And don't you think He could have made everything in one moment? He who says the word, and it is done, - did not need six days to create all that exists. Nevertheless, He deliberately and purposefully did it, each day giving us the signs of His will, so that we would not be ensnared by the devil.

Moreover, if God wanted the seventh day to coincide with the moon phases, He would have made the moon cycle to last exactly 28 days. But He did not! It lasts about 29.5 days.  Therefore, those who keep a 'lunar Sabbath' break the fourth commandment every month, because they ignore the 29th and the 30th days of each month. Thus the first 'lunar Sabbath' of any month is not the seventh, but the 8th or 9th consecutive day! This fact also confirms that a so-called 'lunar Sabbath' has never been God's will and plan.

Troy Miller declares in his tract that there is no proof in the Scripture that the seventh day Sabbath has to be consecutive. He says that days 29 and 30 of each moon cycle are the New Moons, which are not to be counted into any week. They are special occasions, not week days.

Well, he is dead wrong on the first statement! First of all, there is God's clear commandment to God's people to keep each consecutive seventh day holy. It is the Fourth Commandment, which clearly says:

Exo 20:8  Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy; Exo 20:9  six days you shall labor and do all your work; Exo 20:10  and the seventh day is a Sabbath to Jehovah your God; you shall not do any work, you, and your son, and your daughter, your male slave and your slave-girl, and your livestock, and your stranger who is in your gates. Exo 20:11  For in six days Jehovah made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all which is in them, and He rested on the seventh day; on account of this Jehovah blessed the Sabbath day and sanctified it. (LITV)


If Troy Miller thinks this does not mean every consecutive seventh day, then I have a surprise for him. The Lord prompted me the second undeniable proof, which He has given in His Word. It has been there all the time. We all have seen it many times. It is Pentecost! Remember how the day of Pentecost is counted?

Lev 23:15  And you shall number to you from the next day after the Sabbath, from the day you bring in the sheaf of the wave offering; they shall be seven complete Sabbaths; Lev 23:16  the next day after the seventh Sabbath, you shall number fifty days(LITV).

There have to be 49 days in the complete 7 Sabbaths to meet this requirement! But there cannot be 50 days between the first Sabbath on the week of Unleavened Bread and the day after the seventh Sabbath, unless they are consecutive! If the 29th and 30th days of the month (the days Troy calls the New Moon days, which are the days of the invisible moon) are not counted into the next week, then there will be 51 or 52 days in the 7 Sabbaths to the day of Pentecost.  

Apparently, Troy Miller does not see any big sin in breaking the obvious command of God. He knows that the annual holy convocations are sacred to the LORD. But he ignores it in order to prove that the 'lunar Sabbath' (not the seventh day) has been God's will from the beginning. He doesn't make this conclusion based on any serious biblical evidence. Instead, he proposes to consider as such some little mysteries of the Bible (for instance, a riddle: which of the seven days was the Sabbath during the siege of Jericho).  Well, no matter which day was the Sabbath on that week (we cannot know it) it cannot change one of God's Ten Commandments that He considered so important that He burned them out on the stone tablets with His own fiery finger! Neither can it change God's command about how to count time to the Feast of Weeks (known also as Pentecost).

Troy Miller is not the first, nor the only one who has fallen for this satanic lie. He quotes some historians, who wrote that Jesus supposedly belonged to a sect of Judaism who kept the lunar Sabbath, a sect of Nazarenes.

Well, Jesus testified about Himself. When asked by the Jews (the religious leaders) how He got such learning without having studied, He said that His teaching was not from any man, but came from the Father who had sent Him (Jn.7:14-16). Jesus could not belong to or follow any of the Jewish religious sects, because in that case He would be promoting a human teaching, not the Father's. All sects everywhere have always followed their own human leadership. But Jesus criticized religious leaders of Judea rather harshly. He came to teach them the true way - God's way, instead of their dead religion! This is a satanic insinuation, and Troy Miller falls for it only because he so much wants to prove his theory that he has become blinded!

One more important point regarding the issue of God's Sabbath. You admitted it yourself that the Jews were keeping the true Sabbath in times of Jesus. The Acts of the Apostles confirms that this knowledge was not lost in the 1st century AD. The apostles taught new believers from gentile nations to keep the true Sabbath. This can be easily verified by a diligent and unbiased study of the New Testament texts.[1] In chapter 7 of the book Our Sabbath Rest  (by MM) you will also find recorded the results of an in-depth study of historical documents, which prove that this knowledge has never been lost in Christianity. Even during times of terrible persecution this knowledge was passed on to others and preserved by groups of true believers in different countries who kept the true Sabbath. Thus the knowledge got preserved till the time of Reformation, when God began a gradual restoration of Christ's true teaching (which has reached its final phase in our times).

As for the changes of the Jewish calendar, made by a Jewish patriarch Hillel II in the 4th century, they did not concern the Sabbath. You can read about it in the book by MM God's Calendar Revealed to Man. If you would like to read this book, I can send you a copy in English, for it is not translated into Russian. The only problem is that you will not want to read it, just as you have not read any of the MM translations I gave you per your request. And all because of your religious sectarian pride! (Why read, since neither Malcolm, nor we are Adventists!!!)

Moses spoke by God's inspiration (and wrote it down for our sake) that the mysteries of God belong to Him, but what He has revealed to us belongs to us and to our children. Is it right to pervert the obvious command, given to us in His Word for the sake of some false 'revelations' that contradict it?

Let us also remember that in the book of Revelation Jesus advises us against seeking the 'deep secrets' (Rev.2:24, NIV), warning us about their satanic origin. Alas, the spirit of Jezebel - the spirit of false prophecy, confuses those who study the Bible with the major goal to penetrate the secrets of purely intellectual knowledge.

Now a few words on when the day begins according to God's plan. I will not go into discussion of how to translate the Hebrew word 'ereb' and other words in different places in the Bible. We all know it. I will simply draw your attention to what God has shown in His Word. 

How many times do we read this repeated phrase "the evening and the morning, day..." in chapter 1 of the book of Genesis? Six times, isn't it?  Do you really think that God inspired Moses to write down these words six times in one chapter without an important purpose? If the evidence of Genesis 1 does not seem clear enough to you, do consider the proof of Leviticus 23:32, where God's command when to keep the Day of Atonement is recorded.

Also, two parallel texts in Mark 1:21-34 (especially verse 32) and Luke 4:31-41 show that in the times of Jesus Jews knew perfectly well when one day ended (in this case, the weekly Sabbath) and a new one began. It was the time of sunset! It does not change from day to day, and has not changed since then! And no speculations about how he understands the meaning of the word 'tomorrow' can persuade me that the Holy Scripture is wrong, but Troy Miller is right!

I could go on analyzing many other texts, which Troy Miller tears out of their context, claiming that they prove his position on the beginning of God's day. But, as I have said earlier, it would take too much time and space. The facts I have already discussed expose enough the errors of his 'evidence' and 'logic'.

There is, however, a very important issue, which I need to bring up: Why is it happening? And I have a 'word' (a message) from the Lord for you personally (and for other Adventists) in this regard. When I prayed about what to write in my answer for your benefit, the Lord gave me a text: John 5:39! Please, read and ponder on it before you continue to read my letter:

You diligently study the Scriptures because you think that by them you possess eternal life. These are the Scriptures that testify about Me.


This text expresses the core of your problem. You have been searching the Scriptures so diligently, trying to discover some hidden important knowledge, that you have lost sight of Jesus, though it is by His sacrifice that we all can receive salvation!  And yet, the major goal of the Scriptures is to testify about Him!


Intellectual knowledge of all the secrets of the Bible cannot bring you salvation. You need to seek a close walk with the living Savior for that! He and He alone must be our main goal and the focus of our spiritual endeavors. May I remind you again the words of Paul, which I was moved to quote to you during your visit last winter: "Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up" (1Cor.8:1). Think about it!

The reason why Troy Miller and others swallow the bait of such satanic false theories is their intellectual pride, which makes them seek after 'deep secrets'. They want to be among the 'initiated' ones, among those who have grasped something that remains a mystery to all outside their 'circle'.

Another problem of most Adventists (though I must say, they are not alone in this) is their religious pride and sectarian elitism. Because, truly, you do not search for good things you could learn from believers in other denominations. If you make contacts with others, it is with the sole purpose to recruit new followers for your church organization. You do not think you could learn anything spiritually good from non-Adventists! Admitting that, theoretically, you could be mistaken, you do not seek revelation-knowledge outside of your own circle of authors and leaders. Thus you prove that you do not consider other believers equal to yourselves in a spiritual sense. By this you demonstrate your sectarian arrogance.

This is much more serious than you can think. First of all, with such an attitude you all remain outside the major stream of work of the Holy Spirit. For, wherever arrogance and exlusivism gain ground, from there the Holy Spirit is driven away. Secondly, by this you show lack of God's love toward your brothers and sisters in Christ. I am speaking about those of you who truly seek Christ. Unfortunately, the majority are the followers of Adventism, not of Christ!

So how then, are you different from the Orthodox or Catholic believers, who worship images, dead people's bones and their prelates? You too, worship your own dead (Helen White has become an idol you worship) and living Adventist leaders! And you follow them instead of Christ. The fact that you have believed such obvious instances of juggling and perversion of the Word to be true proves that you are blinded yourself. When a blind man leads the blind they are all doomed to fall into the pit! (Mt.15:14.)

Forgive me for mentioning this, but it is for your own good: When you visited me last winter, you several times repeated that it was obvious to you that my (our) ministry is led by God's Spirit. But have you ever given a thought to the fact that the Lord showed me to translate the publications of MM, not any of the Adventist or other Christian writers? I have read many other Christian writers, and I have learned a lot from their books in a practical way. However, the Lord called me to translate MM publications, and He has been continuously guiding me in this work, showing me which books and in what order to translate. And the book Our Sabbath Rest was among the first ones I was prompted to translate. And this (as the Holy Spirit's guidance) is for me a most important confirmation of the fact that the books of MM contain the true knowledge about God's Sabbath.

By the way, I had a dream in 2005. In that dream I was shown as a young teacher standing in front of a small group of young girls. I did not know what I should teach them. Then I heard a voice saying: "Teach them about My Sabbath and to keep My Sabbath". At that, the dream ended. The implication of the dream is that I already have the knowledge of God's true Sabbath and can help others who don't have it. I doubt very much that Troy Miller has any divine confirmation of his theory of the Lunar Sabbath, or he would have provided such a weighty confirmation, given by the Spirit of Truth.

As for the Adventist church, all the dreams God has given me about it indicate worthless 'works of flesh', lack of spirituality, spiritual nakedness and the betrayal of Jesus for the sake of following their human idols.

The churches of the Sabbatarian sector do not need a new revelation about God's true Sabbath or the beginning of God's day. They have this knowledge, which other churches (including so-called Spirit-led ones) do not have. The churches of the Sabbatarian sector today need to reject their sectarian arrogance and elitism, to embrace their brothers and sisters in Christ from the other sector with love and without prejudice, to accept from them what their brethren have learned best (to follow the guidance of God through the gifts of the Spirit) and to teach them about keeping God's true Sabbath. (In this regard, you can find very useful another book of MM: Understanding the Mind of God - A Message to Sabbatarians.)

But most of all, all churches and all Christians need to seek a personal close relationship with Jesus. We all have much we need to change, showing Him love not only in words, but in everyday living, trying to be faithful to Him, seeking to do His will, not that of the human leaders of church organizations.

The Lord knows the way to bring to salvation everyone who is deceived, as long as they are ready to humble their pride, to love sincerely and to learn from God. But those who are not willing to be humbled and learn from God will reject Him and His salvation. This is a disaster I pray we will all escape, including you and other Adventist believers.

Therefore, submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee! (James 4:7.)

Best regards,

Mila T.

Answer to a letter received from Troy Miller


January 20, 2013

This is for Troy Miller.

Greetings to you too,

My name is Mila Thompson. I recently received your e-mail with criticism of my article on the subject of your theory of Lunar Sabbath, and the attached tracts. Thank you.

I have carefully weighed your critical comments. Some of them are just. I admit I made a mistake in assuming you to be an Adventist. I apologize for that. No offence was meant. I also realize that a deeper examination of your arguments was useful. So, I have revised my article, changing and adding a great deal to the original variant. I am attaching it to this e-mail, in case you are interested in the results of my examination and testing of your theory.

Also, having read all of the materials you sent me, especially the principles of verifying the truth (we subscribe to every point therein), I have taken back my original statement in the article that you are either deceived, or deliberately deceiving. I now believe that you are not deliberately deceiving.

However, some of your comments were wrong assumptions about us. Well, it seems that we have exchanged this sort of mistake, and I hope you will accept that you can be mistaken equally willingly. Whatever gave you an idea that we completely trust any given English translation for understanding of Scripture? We do not. We are not scholars, nor do we claim to be. But we quite often compare different versions of Bible translations, (at times - in two or three languages). And, whenever there is any shadow of a doubt, different opinions, controversy, or any sign of possibly a deeper meaning, we use the dictionaries to check the original words in the original languages of the scriptures.

In fact, we use KJV (with Strong's numbers) only when we need to verify the meaning of the words used in the original texts. Otherwise, it is not our 'favorite' translation.

Although I prefer BDB (Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions) dictionary for Hebrew and Thayer's for Greek, I do compare the meanings with the Strong's dictionary. And if we had more dictionaries available, we would use them all.

Another point you made in your letter can be explained only by a state of utter irritation or anger at the time of reading my article. For there was no valid reason to accuse me of calling 'light darkness and darkness light', etc. You know yourself that the meaning of the word 'day' in English is wide, ambiguous, and includes the notion of the 24 hour period between two sunsets. It is both in the BDB and the Strong's dictionaries. But I will quote here the Strong's, since you seem to be in favor of this dictionary:





From an unused root meaning to be hot; a day (as the warm hours), whether literally (from sunrise to sunset, or from one sunset to the next), or figuratively."

So, why such a venomous attack for no valid reason?

Moving along:

I have most attentively read, pondered on, examined and tested with the Scripture your reasoning, laid out in your tracts as well as the writings of other authors which you sent to me.

The results of examination of the most important of your arguments are included in the revised version of the article. Feel free to read it, if you care to know what Jesus has shown me this time. Some of my findings may surprise you. They surprised me! Other counter-arguments, not important for the purposes of my article, I will present in this letter.

First of all, I would like to address the issue of the pagan identifying name of Saturday in the Gregorian calendar. You have spent much time and effort to study the subject. However, I am not sure it was needed. Behind any idol or false god stands Satan, whatever the name. And he receives the worship and homage, because all false gods are but imaginations of men or the works of their hands. But the spirit, who inspires such imaginations and worship, is the enemy of God.

In fact, believers in English speaking (and some other) countries have no choice in this matter. All the names identifying the days of the week in English (and some other languages) are in honor of Roman pagan gods. So, whatever day they celebrate as the Sabbath, its name still honors Satan!

However, you yourself stated that it does not bother you when one of the Lunar Sabbaths you keep falls on the day indentified by the name of Satyr = Saturn (or any other pagan name, I am sure). And I completely agree with you here. Why should it? You do not keep the day in honor of that idol! You do it because you believe it to be God's true Sabbath. Likewise, why should it bother those who truly believe they keep the true 7th day Sabbath commanded by God on Saturdays? In fact, I do not even call it Saturday when I speak of the Sabbath. With my brothers and sisters I simply refer to it as the Sabbath.

But does it really mean that this day, identified as Saturday in English, is not the true Sabbath? Well, it does not. I will give you my reasons for such confidence.

The first reason I bring to your attention is evidenced in the linguistics. The fact is, while in English the days of the week are identified by pagan gods' names, many European languages do not have the same tradition, including the countries of predominant Catholicism. In those languages the name of the day we call Saturday has clearly originated from the Hebrew word 'shabbâth'. This name, even today, silently testifies to the peoples of these nations that they originally had the knowledge of God's true Sabbath, which they later divorced in favor of Sunday. I am going to list below the identifying names of Saturday in different European languages, which I could check in the available dictionaries (in some of these countries the day is listed as the sixth day of the week now, but the name bears testimony to the truth):

Russian - суббота      [pronounced as 'soobotta']

Ukrainian - субота     [pronounced the same way]

Belorussian - субота  [pronounced the same way]

Polish - sobota                         

Czech - sobota

Spanish - sabado

Italian - sabato

Portuguese - sabado

Romanian - sâmbata [pronounced 'symbatta']

Greek - Σάββατο. It is the same word that is used in the Greek NT texts!

If you care to verify these facts, you can go to http://www.wordreference.com/ and check for yourself.

These national names of the original seventh day of the week are true testimonies of the very languages of the peoples and nations who received the Gospel in the early centuries. They testify to us that the true Sabbath was known to the believers in many countries in the New Testament era, and the knowledge of it has never been completely stamped out!

And why should it have been? Is Satan more powerful than Almighty God? Is the LORD's hand not strong enough to keep the knowledge of the day which is His sign between Him and His people?

My second remark concerns the verse from Lamentations 2:6. You think it to mean that all knowledge of the Sabbaths was forgotten and lost for all Israel. But this is NOT what it says! It states that YHVH has caused all His solemn convocations, including Sabbaths, to be forgotten in Zion! And that's exactly what happened for two generations. For about 70 years the city lay in ruins, uninhabited, burned down and destroyed by the Babylonians. The Temple of His Name did not exist! So how could they be remembered (observed) in the uninhabited ruins? Where there are no people, there is no memory of anything. But Israel was not annihilated! And God marked for Himself faithful individuals in the remnant who would keep His laws, commandments and precepts and teach others to do the same. Besides, had they completely forgotten His Sabbaths, they should have completely and forever forgotten all the other solemn feasts as well, according to this scripture. But we know from Scripture that this is not the case. In Jesus' time they went to Jerusalem to celebrate the feasts three times a year, as God had told them.

Finally, why don't you tell the full facts of the Bible? In your tract The Moon Regulates the Weekly Sabbath you write: "Every weekly Sabbath that can be date identified in Scripture is either on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, or 29th days of the month".

The only times I found in Scripture where Sabbaths are date identified, are the occasions of the annual Sabbaths. Such can be the First Day of FUB (which is the 15th day of the first month of God's year), the First Day of FOT (the 15th day of the seventh month), and the Last Great Day (the 22nd day of the seventh month). They can coincide with a weekly Sabbath. That's the only time when a weekly Sabbath would be date identified! By not saying so straightforwardly you are not being completely honest.

The counter-arguments I included in the revised article together with the ones presented above prove that this theory is a very subtle deception of Satan. And I am truly sorry that you or any other believer should fall for it.

I ask you to read the revised article with the same careful attention which I have paid to your letter and the tracts you sent me. The last part of the article, though addressed mostly to the Adventists, is also meant for other Sabbatarian believers, as well as many others. So please, do not disregard it.

To finish, it is very sad that you feel restricted to a formal way of praying, 'Our Father in heaven', and cannot directly talk to our Savior Jesus Christ (the Messiah). Jesus called us His friends. One cannot become a friend of another without direct and candid communication between the two. You cannot have a close relationship with Jesus if you do not feel at ease speaking and asking Him directly about your needs. It is appropriate to praise and thank the Father, and to pray to Him. But it is also right and biblical to address Jesus directly. He is God, and He deserves to be praised and worshiped. This is in the Bible! Check these verses for yourself:

1.      Isaiah 9:6

2.      Jeremiah 23:5-6

3.      Jeremiah 33:15-16

4.      Mark 2:5-7

5.      John 1:1-4, 14

6.      John 10:30

7.      John 20:28

8.      Acts 3:15

9.      Acts 20:28

10.   Romans 9:5

11.   Titus 2:13

12.   Heb 1:8-14

13.   1John 5:20

14.   Rev. 1: 8 -11, 12-18

15.   Rev. 5:6-14

16.   Rev. 19:11-16

17.   Rev. 22:1, 3-5, 12-13, 616

18.   Eph. 4:10

I was astonished to read such a disdaining remark about Jesus in your letter:
'Fourth, when you "asked Jesus to guide you", you prayed to the wrong fellow'.

I am very sorry for you, if you do not consider Jesus as your Savior and Lord. According to the Scripture, he who doesn't have the Son doesn't have the Father. And, there is no other name under heavens by which we all should be saved. And, there is no other way to the Father, but by (or through) the Son.

So, if you despise Jesus as 'the wrong fellow', it is no wonder that you are so blinded and deceived! He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. And you cannot see the truth without Him! It applies to you then, what Jesus said: "I praise You, Father, Lord of Heaven and of earth, because You hid these things from the sophisticated and cunning and revealed them to babes" (Mt.11:25, LITV).

May the Lord open your eyes that you may see, and change your heart that you may understand the loving heart of your Creator and Savior Jesus Christ.

Mila Thompson

[1] See the book Our Sabbath Rest for more details on the history of the Sabbath in this period.

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