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Selected Articles




The End of Capitalism

Every ideology and governmental system that excludes God, and is not founded on the Word of God, is destined to fall. The prophets declared that maxim in various different contexts.


How Long...  Revival?

Many sincere believers eagerly anticipate revival in Britain. A number of contemporary prophecies indicate it will come.

But will it fulfil expectations? When will it come and how long will it last?


Why Do Christians Die of Coronavirus?

The Article speaks about the reasons and what we as Christians should do.


What The Bible Doesn't Say

Misconceptions abound - not only in the world, but also in the Church - about what the Bible really says.


Benny Hinn's Dream of Jezebel & The Last Outpouring

The dream was reported by Benny Hinn in his January 2002 partner newsletter. 

Read his dream, what it means, and more.



Combating The Strongholds of Satan

An example of spiritual confrontation in the Church.  God uses prophets to confront believers

over error and evil, to combat Satan's strongholds.



Committing The Unpardonable Sin

Many Christians are treading a very dangerous line. It’s as risky as walking on a tightrope over the Niagara Falls,

without assistance. They are balancing precariously between life and death!



The Dreadful Damage Demons Did To One Family

Many family problems are rooted in the spiritual, and are brought on by demons.  Yes, demons!

Read how one family was damaged by demons, and how this is common in many families.

This can happen to your family too, but there is hope and a cure!



A FALSE Pentecost

The 'Pentecost' event in London, 9th-11th May, 2008



A Few Words About The Perfect Prayer

It's usually known as 'the Lord's Prayer', but it was not His prayer!

It was meant as an outline model for us, to illustrate how we can find God in prayer.



Matthew 24:14 Must Be Fulfilled

 On 7th August 2014, the seven angels appeared in shining glory to Mark Odhiambo Bakari. He was blinded by the intense light radiating from their bodies. Only 12 hours later did he regain his sight.


Pondering The Matter Of Prayer

Do you feel like your prayers are inadequate? Or that your prayer life lacks vitality and lustre?

Do you wish for a closer relationship with God, but find that your desire never seems to be fulfilled?

Here are just a few things to consider in your quest for a fuller prayer life.



The Seven Angels Said: "“MM is God’s weapon of wiping out Satan and his agents on earth.”

God has sent the MM van and two evangelists to various nations as part of His fulfilment of biblical prophecy. Seven angels lead the way in white mist. God is striking dead those who oppose the MM van. This is God’s judgement.


The Subtlety of Pride  

Church hierarchy, ministry leaders, missionaries, church workers and ministers of the Gospel

are all  prone to a disease. It is no respecter of persons.



You Don't Need To Fear CORONAVIRUS

Fear is a spiritual killer. So is the devil.



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