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Matthew 24:14 Must Be Fulfilled


By Malcolm B Heap, Midnight Ministries

Copyright © Midnight Ministries - 2020


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On 7th August 2014, the seven angels appeared in shining glory to Mark Odhiambo Bakari. He was blinded by the intense light radiating from their bodies. Only 12 hours later did he regain his sight.

The encounter was powerful, deliberately so, to emphasize the importance of their message. Each had a double-edged sword, also significant in relation to what they announced. They spoke in one voice loudly saying, "Prophet Mark! Wake up! Time has come to pass this info to all MM folks wherever they are. Matthew 24:14 must be fulfilled, the Lord has said. MM books must be distributed before the Feast of Tabernacles to areas that the Spirit of the Lord our God has identified, failure to which the Lord will not spare any MM folks wherever they are."

The gospel has gone to the world in a corrupted form up to now. Nor has it reached all the world yet. 

God highlighted MM books because they are part of His restoration of spiritual truth at the end of this age. He wants this Gospel to go out to all the world. So emphatic is His command that He says He will not spare anyone who resists His will. Judgement will fall on them.

Those who oppose God’s outreach are killed. That is the significance of the angels’ double-edged swords, and the shocking brightness of their appearing.

God’s Double-Edged Sword

On 17th March 2020, the angels announced: "I DESIGNED MM AND APPOINTED MY PROPHET MALCOLM AND HIS WIFE HELENA TO USE MM TO SHOW THE WORLD WHAT I APPROVE. I AM AND IAM... " God’s Truth expounded in MM lit is what He wants to go to the whole world. He said it is His plan to use it to heal the world. Rhoda wrote on 14th March, 18:48: GOD IS TRUSTING MM LITS TO HEAL THE WORLD. Of course, it won’t happen in this age, but will be completed in Jesus’ Millennium to follow.

That is why those who call us devil worshippers, or magicians, or witchmen, are incinerated by God’s awesome thunderbolts, and wiped off the earth. God considers it an unpardonable sin, as they are accusing the good that God is doing of being evil. That is blasphemy against His Holy Spirit.

On 19th April 2020, when John and Vuga were in Sudan, visiting hospitals in Khartoum, Port Sudan and Omdurman, offering God’s solution to Coronavirus, the angels proclaimed: GOD WILL KILL ANYONE WHO WILL TRY TO OPPOSE THE TEAM. And a group of imams were foolish enough to try. One punched John in the face. They accused us of being of the devil. God responded with thunderbolts, obliterating two imams. God let the rest survive to tell others what happened.

Doesn’t it underscore what is important to God?!

He is urgent to get this Gospel out to the world, so the end can come and Jesus can return.

We are seeing world events take ominous turns for the worse. Locust plagues wiping out crops in Africa bringing the spectre of widespread famine from next year; Coronavirus fears leading to an economic slump because of the way governments have reacted to it; and weather extremes causing acute hardship around the world: these are some of the precursors to the Great Tribulation which Jesus prophesied (Matt 24:7,8). Widespread persecution is to follow. We have to endure through these trials to receive the reward (Matt 24:13). And through all this turmoil, the Gospel finally reaches the whole world.

That’s why He will bring people back from the grave who have been gone for years (Is 26:19). People won’t listen to us otherwise. And even then, despite God sending back such folks as witnesses of divine glory, many hard nuts still won’t be cracked (Luke 16:31). But God gave them a chance to be spared the seven last plagues (Rev 16).

God’s double-edged sword will penetrate the hearts of the contrite to repentance, and will cut down the impenitent to their doom. For rejecting His Gospel:

Behold, the Lord comes out of His place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity. The earth also will disclose her bloodshed, and will no more cover her slain (Is 26:21).

The only refuge from this coming judgement is in the secret place of the Most High (Ps 91). So enter into your chamber, close the door behind you (Is 26:20), and yield yourself to God’s will. Otherwise “the Lord will not spare any MM folks wherever they are.”

Malclolm B. Heap, April, 2020



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