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The Dreadful Damage

Demons Did

To One Family

By Helena Heap, Midnight Ministries

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Recently I was talking with a friend, Ellen, about her family and things that have happened to her. She recalled how she had been hurt in the past by her sister Mary, who played the young leader, ganging up against others because of her dominating personality. Mary hurt many, but she probably does not even realise the damage or pain she inflicts by her responses. Such behaviour is learned, and over time becomes habitual and taken for granted.


The spiritual cause is usually overlooked – evil sprits! Demons know how to get ‘on board’, and how to stay there, without the host realising their presence. Familiar spirits know how to manipulate people and use them. They know you and how you will respond.


This is the source of Mary’s trouble. And it all goes back to her upbringing.

The remedy is difficult for Mary to accept, just as it is for all who have familiar spirits riding on them. Demons are protected by self, by our pride, by our desire to stay ‘independent’, by our stubbornness and self-will, and our desire to be the masters of our lives and not have anyone else intruding into our privacy.


The Origin Of Generational Curses


This is the story of Mary’s mother’s family and how the devil caused such trouble for the whole family. [For convenience we call the mother ‘Stella’.]


Stella was the first member of the WCG in her native country in the sixties. Her husband had come across The Plain Truth magazine which the WCG published. In it, he learned the biblical truth about the Sabbath, which many still do not properly understand. To him this was a precious find. It made him feel special to know something that most others did not.


To Stella it was even more special, because it was to her the key to her new-found relationship with God. Stella faithfully kept the Sabbath year after year, despite the opposition and difficulties it brought.


Her husband, however, did not. He stepped back. To him, business commitments came first. He put what he wanted before what God wanted. He feared to live by this truth. He feared losing business, or money, and feared what others would think of him.


Various wrong fears likewise hold many back!


But something else occurs, unseen, when you shut the door on truth. By refusing to obey God, you silently say "Come on in" to other guests. And so it was with Stella’s husband.


His disobedience opened the door for the inevitable demonic visitors. In they came, welcomed by his rebellion to that one aspect of God’s revelation.


It made things harder for Stella. She didn’t get the moral support she needed from her husband. He did his own thing, while she persevered in the faith as best as she understood it then.


She faced rejection and persecution from her family and former church. It made it hard for her to teach her children God’s truths. But on top of that she had the internal division that her husband caused, AND the demons he had welcomed inside the family!


While Ellen was eager to learn God’s Word from her mother, Mary was not. Mary was ‘Daddy’s girl’. Mary tended to be independent, self-willed and a ‘tom boy’. She would play with her brothers and seek her father’s attention. Gradually Mary distanced herself from her mother, until she later became hostile to her.


This division was an end result of the father’s disobedience, just as God predicted:

The Lord is longsuffering and abundant in mercy, forgiving iniquity and transgression; but He by no means clears the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generation (Num 14:18).


Children will carry generational curses, if they hold loyalty in their hearts for wicked forebears, or harbour some other wrong spiritual attitude. The curse is carried by demons who are made welcome by the attitude or approach of their victim. It all takes place unseen in the spirit of the person.


None of us is exempt. Generational curses can only be broken by your acceptance of the blood of Christ and submission to His indwelling Spirit. But the second part – submission to His indwelling Spirit – is not easy for most to effect. Familiar spirits prevent it taking place unless you vigorously counter their seduction. They seduce you by appealing to your desires and preferences. Since those are habit, they are the hardest responses for you to change.


So, for most Christians, the cycle continues.


Mary’s loyalty to her father is still with her today even though the father died many years ago. And it has left her with resentment towards her mother. That unforgiving heart allows demons to stay with her, surfacing from time to time in insults, rudeness, lack of respect for others, belligerency, arrogance, and disregard for others’ feelings. Mary places herself in the position of pre-eminence that should be reserved for God alone. All who disagree with her, she belittles or ignores. And anyone who would dare to correct her she treats with disdain and contempt.


All this is the demonic legacy of the father’s disobedience, which Mary chose to inherit. How did she choose it? By submitting to – preferring – her dad’s rebellion, instead of her mother’s love for God.


Mary has taken a step into the kingdom of God, by keeping the Sabbath and being baptised, but it’s hard for her to change her habitual responses. Demons won’t let her change, as long as she is unwilling to completely humble herself before God.


Family Idolatry


Mary may have doted on her father. Certainly she gave him preference above her mother. She loved him but resented her, contrary to divine precept not to show favouritism (Jas 2:1-4).


As long as she maintains such preferences in her mind, she will be under demonic influence. These tormentors hold people in spiritual prisons from which they can’t escape. Jesus described this in parable in Matthew 5:25. Mary’s sin is that mentioned in verse 22 – she is angry against her mother.


Compounding that sin, she holds her father in an idolatrous position in her mind, even though he did not obey God, and I believe his sin was wilful when he knew better, so he will not be saved.


With such a ‘battery’ of sins in her psyche, it is no wonder that Mary carries many invisible ‘guests’.


Jesus told us in no uncertain terms that our loyalties to family, friends or anything other than God, will disqualify us from entry to His kingdom:


He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me... (Matt 10:37).


But many Christians do. They somehow think they can slip into the kingdom by the back door. Because, in their own minds, they are more important than God, they justify their wrong approach.


Such is the case with all who are not humble. True humility is very rare!


In a dream, God depicted the ghost of her father in Mary’s head. You know who produces the apparitions of ghosts, don’t you? It’s not God. It’s Satan and his equally evil cohorts. The vision is God’s way of confirming that Mary is influenced by the demon(s) of her father. And that is because of the favour she gives him – an idolatrous ‘love’.


Spiritualism’s Demons


In her past, Mary became influenced by her brother who promoted spiritualism or necromancy – talking to the dead. This led her into depression, and she tried to commit suicide by drinking bleach! Thankfully, God spared her. She didn’t die, although she was close to death! She recovered in hospital and Ellen nurtured her spiritually which helped her get better and drew her to God. She was baptised not long afterwards, and some change began to take place in her.


But the demons were soon back again, trying to regain their host. In another dream God showed her face covered with demons. Mary wiped her face (as she repented and humbled herself before God) and for a short while she was free of them, but immediately they came back, and her face was again covered! As fast as she wiped them away, they were back on her!


The battle against demons is constant. You can’t be active against them one hour, and not the next. Spiritually, there is no time for relaxation. (I do not mean physical relaxation; I mean spiritually.)


Another of Mary’s sisters, Josie, also befriended the demons of her spiritualist brother by spending time with him. Bad company corrupts good character (1 Cor 15:33).


Prior to this, Josie had been helped by Helena and was being led to God. But she soon turned hostile to Helena, and all the good that Helena tried to accomplish with her was lost – simply because she chose to show friendship to her brother and his demons rather than friendship to Helena and God’s Spirit. She lost her healing and died.


Family loyalties are strong ties! They can string you up and tie you down, and drag you all the way to hell.


Mary also allowed herself to again go down the familiar demonic path, instead of turning the other way. It’s much harder to go God’s way than the route we have become accustomed to in our disobedience.


After she was baptised, she allowed a friend to influence her with wrong teaching, and she became demonised again and hostile to us. After counselling she returned, as the dream predicted. But her change is superficial and short-lived.


She still has deep-seated issues to deal with in her life – pride is a major root; her family; affection for her father, and the other aspects mentioned earlier. All these are antennae for demons. If you send out those radio signals, ‘aliens’ are sure to pick them up and home in on you!


Sure enough, they did, and Mary began to hear from demons. She developed a keen ‘spiritual ear’. But the trouble was, the prophetic things she received were not from Jesus. Masquerading spirits were giving her a false prophetic gift to puff her up more with pride.


There is only one cure for such spiritual illness. Most don’t want it. The price is too great!


It’s humbling.


True humility does not come cheaply!


Self Has To Die!


There is more trouble ahead for Mary because she won’t root out her idols. She prefers to hold onto them through pride. God has no choice but to allow demons to overwhelm her, as she is not humble to receive spiritual direction for her life. We cannot force change on others; nor can God. Each person has to choose to change, through repentance, humbling, being broken of pride, allowing your spirit to be crushed by Jesus, until you are of no worth in your estimation.


You know, a lot of Christians think they are humble when they are not. Job thought he was pretty good. He liked himself. He thought much of himself. But that attitude stunk! It was obnoxious to God!


What Job thought much of, God detested!


Jesus says to you self-righteous:


You are those who justify yourselves before men, but God knows your hearts. For what is highly esteemed among men is an abomination in the sight of God (Lk 16:15).


Pride in self, family, job, career, achievements, intellect, etc., all of this has to be ‘killed’.


And it’s the hardest thing for people to do. The chances are that you hold onto your pride longer than anything else. For most people, it’s the last thing you are willing to let go of.


It’s unseen to you. It’s part of YOU. And you don’t want to die! Be honest, you don’t want to die, do you? So you resist and rebel.


The evidence is easily seen when God sends someone with input for the person who needs it. It may be correction, the strongest form; or admonition or exhortation. They may accept the latter, but their pride recoils at the former. They resent being told.


If you are a rebel, the big ‘I’ rears up in your spirit and silently rebuffs the prophet, "Who do you think you are?!" Or "What are you doing?!" "You’ve got it wrong." And the input is rejected and ignored.


But not wanting to appear bad, generally the response is one of going quiet or giving a superficial ‘nice’ reply that does not really acknowledge and accept the correction. It’s filthy hypocrisy!


If you have read Apostasy In God’s Church! you will have seen that one fundamental trait of false believers is simply that – unwillingness to receive correction. They just won’t be told. Not even God can tell them! They refuse to listen and heed.


In a recent dream to Kassahun (18-11-2008), God portrayed this type of person as ‘touchy’, easily offended. They don’t submit to the Spirit. When God gives a corrective dream, explaining about something they should change, they do not get on their knees before God in the attitude David did in Psalm 51, contrite and remorseful. Instead, they block the Spirit, thinking they are OK – "God has forgiven me" – and that the prophet has no right to be telling them something they don’t like to hear about themselves. They only want to hear good things. Like rebellious Israel, who defied the Spirit, they say in their self-will: "Preach unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits."


They often withdraw into their own little world again, with a measure of self-pity injected by demons who keep them company. For a while they may brood on what was presented to them, but not in a right way – instead they think the ‘critic’ (prophet) is being unfairly critical of them, unreasonable, and even ‘attacking’ them! So they hide, unless they dare to come out and attack the one God has sent with His loving correction.


I remember one man who did the latter: Jim Rector, an independent ex-WCG minister. God had Malcolm write to him about his need to accept the Spirit and start to acknowledge spiritual gifts. For a while he moved ahead (intellectually) because this new-found information was pioneering for the small segment of the church which he was addressing. But when he found that covering this subject lost him some of his following (probably most of it!) he stepped back from preaching it candidly and began to compromise the purity of the Word for his own ends.


Then he attacked Malcolm in a letter, accusing him falsely of taking "pot shots" at him, and also slagged Malcolm off (on a recorded tape) to his entire audience. Yet Malcolm had sent him gratis a number of books on the spiritual areas which God showed were lacking in his ministry. Jim Rector never sent anything monetary as a token of his gratitude (which he did express at first), though he had much more financial support than Malcolm. Instead, everything had to bolster HIM (Jim), lift him up, elevate him, point to his cleverness, wisdom and knowledge.


For Jim Rector, self never died. Instead, for defying God, a few years later God took Jim’s life.


Either you die to self, or you die with self and take your self to hell. It’s that simple. Those who refuse to change go after death into a sphere "where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth!" (Matt 25:30).


You don’t want to go there, so do what God asks: humble yourself voluntarily. Let your inner self, your spirit, be broken by the realisation of your inner rebellion against His love and correction. Every son whom God loves He corrects (Heb 12:6). Don’t despise Him for it!


Ironically, this type of person, like Job, resorts to doing what they think is right in order to ‘accept the correction’. But it is without being humbled. They do things ‘in the flesh’ by their own efforts. They shut out the Spirit because they refuse to be humbled.


They delude themselves that they are doing what God asks, while their spirit is actually resisting Him! Deception runs very deep!


God Is In Charge


A few years ago, Mary had a job in a caring profession. This dominated her life. God was not pleased with this, but Mary was not ‘correctible’ enough to be told. So God allowed the devil into her daughter’s life. An African man, who may have had a criminal record, began to stalk her. Eventually he was jailed, but before that occurred, Mary and her daughter had to move out of their home and live elsewhere for a while.


God used the incident to cause Mary to give up her job, which was actually an idol.

God is supremely in charge, even when you refuse to submit! But He wants you to live with Him (when you are humble) not live with demons who will harm you and get you destroyed. He’s waiting for you to humble yourself without reservation like a little child, so that He can take you to be with Him.


Mary’s brother’s interest in spiritualism led him to become proud and argumentative. He caused much trouble for the family. But God is not mocked, what a man sows he reaps (Gal 6:7). John reaped!


In time, John became severely depressed and suicidal. One day the demons had him throw himself off a balcony high up. But God didn’t let him die. He suffered fractures, a broken back and severe injuries. The distress he caused his family was equally great!


While recovering in hospital, Ellen visited him and helped him. Her intercession pushed away some of the demons so he could be more rational, and God helped him recover speedily, although he has yet to acknowledge God’s involvement, and the full extent of the demonic pit he had put himself in.


People don’t generally see the cause of the trouble they bring upon themselves. God’s judgement for evildoing takes effect in this life as well as the next. When Stella’s husband turned his back on obedience to God, two serious accidents befell him as a builder. I believe he fell off a roof, and fell off scaffolding. He didn’t die a natural death, but ‘accidental’. Yet, it was no accident!


He had let demons rule in his life, and he paid the price for it!


When Ellen was baptised over 15 years ago her mother Stella experienced something cold on her chest which prevented her from rejoicing. Stella allowed her family and others to influence her. Fear of man can be subtle and often goes unopposed.


When she had severe arthritis in a hip, she listened to a doctor’s advice to have a hip operation instead of trusting in God to heal her. Complications set in, and the outcome was far from ideal. She was crippled. Sadly, she ended up in a care home, and her mental state steadily deteriorated until her death. God showed in dreams to Helena that Helena’s prayers were keeping Stella from falling off a cliff – a spiritual cliff from which there is no return!


Demons can cause you to lose salvation – if you let them! You have to confront them!


CONFRONT Your Enemies!


Too many believers are spiritually passive. They don’t want to offend others, because they want to be liked, not loathed. So, when demons use others to dominate and control you, you submit to the devil rather than to God. You fear man, so you don’t confront the spiritual enemy. You put up with it. That’s how the satanic enemy stays in your life.


It is a great struggle to fight the powers of darkness! As you give up your self-willed ways and fear of man, and stop compromising, then God will give you the victory. You have to give Jesus a dwelling place in your heart otherwise you are a hypocrite. Hypocrites are detestable to God! Notice, in Matthew 23, how Jesus scythed them down!


He didn’t placate man for human expedience. Nor should you.


Demons exercise great control over you when you allow deep emotions of rejection, fear of man or timidity to stay locked up, deceiving you that you are safe. Instead of admitting to God you need help, and releasing those emotions to Him, by locking them up you are allowing demons to hold you in their prison, preventing the flow and power of the Holy Spirit. When you sacrifice the self and allow Jesus to live in you, that’s when you give Him the glory, not the devil.


Every person has to face the enemy. Every branch of the vine is pruned (Jn 15). Every grain of precious metal is purified in the crucible through fire.


Through this testing we become cleansed. But you allow demons to dominate and control you until you decide to fight them and not submit to them.


Submit to God, RESIST evil spirits, and demons will flee from you (Jas 4:7). That’s when you become useful to God.


There’s no other way. Until you are willing to do that in your spiritual interior, you will only find that God resists you! (Jas 4:6.) Why? Because you are a home for His spiritual enemies through your passivity and tolerance.


Release What Is Wrong To God


Exhortation for a friend: When you joined the WCG, your parents rejected you. This hostile attack would have caused you internal pain. If this is still there, then demons can exploit it to make you their home. Locking it up and the emotions associated with it may make you feel safe, but it is a deception.


In the WCG, people were all taught to fear man rather than God – as an outcome of their horrendous teaching that elevated church leadership and induced fear to contravene what they said. This fostered timidity in the timid and more subservience in the subservient. It blocked faith from God and His Spirit.


Have courage to look at it now, with the benefit of the revealed truths that no man should cause us to fear, and that we are not subservient to men; we should only be subservient to the Spirit. So all these wrong influences of the past must be laid at Jesus’ feet, given to God, relinquished, renounced and released. But that can only occur for those who are willing to humble themselves, first by admitting to Him their failure to submit before, and secondly by being willing to be emotionally broken, seeing how wrong they have been to have resisted God in this way.


This self sacrifice gives new freedom in Jesus.


Pride in one’s family or job substitutes Jesus. Complacency says "I am doing okay without You" but we are only really hiding in a box of demons (our comfort zone) that has become a spiritual prison. We are too proud to come out of it and admit our folly.


Admitting the truth about ourselves and accepting the truth about God sets us free.


Don’t underestimate the spiritual war going on. God is preparing us for the next phase of His Work. I spend a few hours each day interceding for people. God wants us to be ready! So, don’t delay any longer.


Helena Heap, Dec 2008, Midnight Ministries, PO Box 29, Aylesbury, HP17 8TL, UK


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