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Literature Translated

Into The Russian Language


We have translated a number of books, booklets, and articles by Midnight Ministries into the Russian language.  Each of these translations are listed below and are available in both printed format and online.  Please visit our Russian site to view these works.

We are constantly working on translating additional materials into Russian.  If there is a particular piece of Midnight Ministries literature that you would like to see translated, please contact us with your request.

All translations have been done by Mila Thompson.

Law and Grace

God’s Church – Whose Authority?

Apostasy in God’s Church!

Understanding the Mind of God:  A Message to ‘The Charismatic Church’

The Imminent Fall of America

Our Sabbath Rest

Testing the Spirits

Meetings with Jesus

The Answer To All Your Problems                    (Selected Articles vol.1)

The Secrets Underlying Happiness                   (Selected Articles vol.1)

What Every Christian Should Consider             (Selected Articles vol.1)

The Mark of a True Christian                            (Selected Articles vol.1)

How Soon Will Jesus Come?                             (Selected Articles vol.1)

Why Believe in God?                                         (Selected Articles vol.2)

Why Human Life?                                             (Selected Articles vol.2)

Why Be Baptised?                                             (Selected Articles vol.2)

Why Did Jesus Die?                                          (Selected Articles vol.2)

Why Repent?                                                    (Selected Articles vol.2)

The Time Of Jesus’ Death of Resurrection       (Selected Articles vol.3)

Why Keep Christmas?                                       (Selected Articles vol.3)

The Faith Once Delivered to the Saints            (Selected Articles vol.4)

The Festivals of God                                         (Selected Articles vol.4)

The Truth About Easter                                     (Selected Articles vol.4)

Listening to God

God Raises the Dead! Testimonies of Our Times:

  • Raised From the Dead At Midnight, Part 1
  • Raised From the Dead At Midnight, Part 2
  • Raised From the Dead At Midnight, Part 3
  • Raised From the Dead At Midnight, Part 4
  • Waking the Dead                                        (Selected Articles vol.5)

Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

An Introduction to the Spiritual Gifts

Faith and Healing

The Missing Dimension in Christian Living

Prophets and Prophesying

Understanding the Mind of God: A Message to  Sabbatarians

Called, Chosen and Faithful (article)

Wielding The Divine Axe!


23 Minutes in Hell


Casting Out Demons


Are You Driving Out Your Demons?

The Woman Question

Submitting to God

The Subtle Deception of Conspiracy Theories

Principles of True Worship

Healing Inner Wounds

More About the Gifts of the Spirit

Carried Along by the Spirit

When God Speaks

The Subtlety of PRIDE

Pondering the Matter of Prayer

Holy Fire

Help in Trials

Fierce Persecution!

How To Become More Like God: Develop His Courage

Who Is the End-Time Elijah?

Will Elijah Come Again?

Witnessing For Christ

Guidelines For Evangelists

Faith - Raising our Level of Expectation

Giving  And Receiving

Repentance and Weeping                                   (SA vol.6)

Committing Unpardonable Sin                            (SA vol.6)

The Danger Zone                                                 (SA vol.6)

Why Keep Sunday?                                              (SA vol.6)

Church Leaders Shut the Door on Jesus!             (SA vol.7)

There Ought To Be A RIGHTEOUS REVOLT!         (SA vol.7)

Dismantling Churches                                         (SA vol.7)

Are You Resistant to Change?                             (SA vol.7)

What God Said about Midnight Ministries. Revelations from God about MM

Dreams and Visions From God

God’s Great Genius

Is God There?                                                      (SA vol.8)

End of the World                                                  (SA vol.8)

The Coming of Christ                                           (SA vol.8)

Will Jesus Come Soon?                                        (SA vol.8)

The Tithe of God

When God’s Judgment Falls. Use It, Don’t Abuse It!

Why Hell?

Spirit, Soul? And Body

What The Bible Says about the Holy Spirit

The Law of Moses

It’s Later Than You Think!

A Brief Look at Health & Nutrition

Was Jesus YHWH? (+ Genealogies of Christ)

What Happens When You Die

The Ten Virgins

Blood of Jesus

Why Do Christians Suffer?

Unusual Burden

Should We Have Churches?

Mighty Miracles of God, Vol.1

Back From The Dead

Emily Raised From The Dead!

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