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No Pay!

By Malcolm B Heap, Midnight Ministries

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Between March and July 2015, we sent some MM literature to various ministries and churches (mostly in the USA) who have been promoting themselves on TBN. I was amazed at the response:


It fulfilled the revelation God gave me many years ago, that everyone’s busy with their own agenda (in the article by that title in IBS6). They don’t care about what God is doing in the Work of Elijah.

We sent these folks the Mighty Miracles of God volumes along with some other pertinent booklets.  Some selected ministries were sent a further packet containing other titles, inviting a response. We took the trouble to send them the Warning To All Opponents of MM, and a summary of what happened when the angels went to GOD TV in Jerusalem and blew out computers, struck a man dead, and told them to stop defiling God’s Word.

What’s wrong with these evangelists!? Are they so dull that they can’t see the significance of what God is doing?! Don’t they want to receive more Truth?

Clearly they don’t.

If you get no response to that from people who are called by God, who have an unction to preach, I ask you, what can God do to wake them up?! He sends them prophets, but they shut the door and ignore them. Laodicea isn’t interested (Rev 3:20). And prophecy repeats itself (Matt 23:34).

We Are Hard Pressed On Every Side

I have worked for 24 years in this ministry without pay. I have never received any wages. At the outset we used up all our savings to reach people with the truth. Over the years people have come and gone. Some gave minimal support; most didn’t bother. They came to get, not give. Most weren’t committed to God.

True to the prophetic word given to me in 1992,  our ‘boat’ sank, and we had to walk on water.

Today, the few faithful ones who have stood by us have also sacrificed all they had to help us stay afloat. Things have got so bad that God showed three to BORROW money on our behalf. They all obeyed.

Because I have no income, I can’t get a loan. Helena has managed to obtain a loan against her small pension. ALL this borrowed money is not for us, nor for our ministry in the UK. It has gone to fund the outreach in Africa and the Middle East where God is doing unprecedented and stupendous miracles to demonstrate what is His priority. But where are the people who are meant to be supporting His Work?!

They made light of it and went their ways... (Matt 22:5).

Paul also suffered because of this. He said:

I have no one like-minded... For all seek their own... (Phil 2:20-21).

This is the problem with most ministers. They are only concerned about their own ministries. They don’t truly care for God’s Work; they care for their own. Their agenda; their ambition; their ‘empire’ is what they are pursuing or building. It’s self-promotion. And it hurts God’s Work, as it did Paul and his (Phil 2:25-30).

The effect on Paul was almost devastating. It added to his burdens, which were already hefty because of huge external opposition. But to have lack of support internally – within the body of believers – was a kick in the teeth. Paul lamented:

We are hard-pressed on every side... we are perplexed... (2 Cor 4:8).

He implored the Corinthians:

Open your hearts to us... (2 Cor 7:2).

One aspect which identified Paul as a minister of God, besides his tribulations, was his “needs” (2 Cor 6:4). He constantly had financial needs (lacks). If they were an affirmation of trueness, does the opulence of those self-promoting ministers on TBN classify them as false? I know some of them are – the ones who reek with pride and cockiness. Funny, isn’t it, how the ministries at the forefront of God’s Work are neglected, but the charlatans are raking money in?

It is a travesty of what God intends. It’s the result of ignorance and unspiritual minds.

Elijah was very much alone in the vanguard of God’s Work in his day. He got no support either, except from a poor widow to whom God assigned that vital duty (1 Kings 17:9).

Jesus said that a prophet is not without honour except in his own country and in his own house (Matt 13:57). That was in His day. But times have changed. Are things now so much worse than in Jesus’ day, so that now there is no longer ANY honour for a true prophet in these awesome days of Elijah?   Sept 2015



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