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Queen of Hearts

By Malcolm B Heap, Midnight Ministries

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Around Midnight between August 30th and 31st, 1997, Princess Diana was fatally injured in a car crash in Paris. She died shortly afterwards. The calamity has stunned the whole nation.


I am writing this short note a day later, 1st September. Yesterday, Sunday 31st August, in an unprecedented move, the BBC cancelled all its regular programmes. Instead, it devoted the whole day's viewing to coverage of this traumatic event. Diana's death has plunged the nation into a state of deep shock.


Tributes are flowing in from all quarters. She has been hailed as the most popular public figure of our century, the greatest celebrity ever, and the greatest humanitarian Britain has had! The accolades are, to my mind, almost beyond belief!


Some even suggest erecting a memorial to her, alongside those of Queen Victoria, and Sir Winston Churchill.


There is no doubt that this young woman captured the hearts of the majority in this country and the hearts of many more around the world. Because of her good looks, position in society, and charitable heart she earned a very prominent place — which she didn't really want, because it caused her to be hounded by the paparazzi.


She lost her privacy and became the victim of so many people's scrutiny and fantasy. Yet she just wanted to be an ordinary person, and to be treated as such. Instead, she became a sacrificial lamb, slain on the nation's altar of desire because of its unfulfilled aspirations.


Indications From God


Over the past three or four years, God has given us certain prophetic revelations about Diana, which show that she figures prominently in His plans for this nation – and, by extension, the world. I will share those briefly with a few of you here. I am not sharing this with all, because most people would not understand. I hope you can grasp the scope of what God is about to do. It is almost mind-boggling!

  • The first 'word' about Diana was in 1994, when our son Richard received a prophetic word from God that she would one day meet with us in our cellar. He was standing in the cellar at the time when God spoke – while we were in the process of digging it out. (The cellar is to be used as a meeting hall to worship God.)

How could Diana meet with us in the cellar, unless Diana is raised from the dead?

  • The second 'bit' of revelation was given to our daughter Tonya on 7th January, 1996. She was given a dream of a little ship which depicted our ministry. Tonya was on the back of this boat. She saw Princess Diana sitting in a corner of the boat next to Helena. Many other people were sitting all around outside the boat.

What does that depict, if not the massive publicity which would come from Diana's return? It would give the gospel a great boost!


More than 8 years ago, my wife prophesied that the gospel would go to this land via publicity. The ordinary man will not listen to 'wafty' church leaders. He is not shaken by anything the Church says. But God has said that this nation will have a witness before it goes into captivity, and He knows how to shake it! He will shake it!!

  • On 9th March, 1996, Helena was given the following dream. Rather than type it out again, I am going to insert here the text as it was recorded at the time:

        In this dream, Diana visited our home and was talking with Helena, who wanted to give her a drink of water. Helena was looking for a nice glass to offer her the water in, but didn't think we had anything suitable. Eventually she did find a suitable glass and gave her a drink.

        Diana's hair was dishevelled and she was concerned to have it put right. She sat down in a little hairdressing room where there were people who could help her with her hair.

        Then the scene changed. Helena was shopping. She saw one large slab of cheese from Albania and took especial note of that and determined to buy some. But she had no money in her purse so went to Richard and got the money and went back to pick up the shopping.

        Then Richard was showing Helena a bright blue bottle. She said, "That's nice. Don't throw that away. We can put the pens in it."

        Interpretation: This is the third dream about Diana being aware of our ministry. (We have already sent some small publications to her at Kensington Palace which her secretary has acknowledged.) In the future she will have contact with us, particularly Helena, who will give her spiritual help. Water symbolises the Holy Spirit. We may not think we have the right way to present what people need spiritually. But seek and you will find. There is always a way when it is God's will to reach a person who is in need.

        Her consciousness about her hair is perhaps allegoric of her inner feelings of failure, and her desire to straighten out her spiritual appearance. She is all too aware of her own inadequacy and insufficiency as a wife and as an heir to the throne. She has blamed herself for her marital failure when she was not to blame. She has suffered feelings of grossly diminished self-worth, even self-hatred. She will need an understanding compassionate heart to help her receive the Holy Spirit and heal those inner wounds. Perhaps Helena is the only one who can help her initially drink in the Spirit of God. Then others can help her too (the little room with others present).

        What the cheese from Albania means we don't know.* Albania's people suffered horrific oppression, deprivation and injustice under an iron-fisted rule. It was the ultimate in despotic autocratic tyranny. Diana has suffered in that way too, in her recent personal life.

        It looks like Richard will handle our money. We don't have any of our own anyway! We have debts, but no money. So, perhaps the dream reflects the way Richard (and Tonya and others) are supplying our present financial needs.

The attractive blue bottle may represent a container for liquid. In spiritual terms, that could either represent a person or the written Word of truth. Possibly, it represents our publications, some of which we can tend to take for granted and could carelessly underestimate the value they contain. If we have grown accustomed to their contents, we must not underestimate their full value to others. Perhaps it means we should be careful about the little things around us, not to dismiss them lightly just because they are familiar to us.

  • In another short dream which I (MBH) received earlier this year, Diana appeared at our doorstep disguised as someone else (presumably so she could escape the paparazzi). Jokingly she said, "Do I look like my look-alike?" There were some other details in the dream, which I don't now remember. At the time I received it, I didn't think it was significant enough to record it. The dream conveys her sense of humour and her desire to meet with us.

You may make what you like of these dreams, but there is only one proper overall meaning from God. What I believe He is saying is that Diana will not remain just a celebrity to be remembered. She will return again – be restored to physical life!

If that blows your mind, then read of the exploits of Smith Wigglesworth who raised (some say) a dozen people from the dead. His faith did not stop when their hearts did. His faith was centred on God. He saw beyond the natural, into the spiritual dimension, and what he saw he grasped.


I believe God wants us to see certain things from what I have related to you here. He didn't give them for entertainment, but as part of His grand design. The gospel is going into all the world for a witness before Jesus returns. What better personality to use to convey a final 'blast' to the United Kingdom and to the world than via Princess Diana?!


If you can see it, grasp it too, and the faith of the mustard seed will grow as it lives in you. Don't let your vision of Jesus die! Allow Him to stay alive in your heart, and when the time comes for this greatest 'publicity stunt' of all time to occur, He can use you to fulfil your part in it.



  • All things are possible to him who believes.

  • God will shake all nations before the Desired of all nations comes.

  • The gospel will go to the ends of the earth before His return.

  • God always uses human instruments to reach others.

  • You are part of His team. He will use you, if you make yourself available and exercise what He gives you.

M B Heap


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