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God Will Stun The World


In 2013, a prophet in Kenya had a supernatural encounter. Samuel Tindi was taken up into the spirit realm. In this visionary experience his spirit was either shown or taken into what he described as the corridor of the prophets. There, he saw my name among several others. He knew that these were prophets whom God had called and chosen to perform various tasks on earth in God’s service.

What God told him about me was rather startling at the time. He said that between the ages of 64 and 67 I would “stun the world”. I never forgot those words.

Stun the world?! What could that mean?

I knew God had called me to function as a prophet. I first learned that in 1992, when I was 42, from a prophecy uttered over me by another prophet when he included the words of Isaiah 54:17 which proclaims:

No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue which rises up against you... you shall condemn...

He forcefully declared: “Not anyone else, YOU!” and other words asserting that I was meant to tear down all that opponents would raise up against me, and destroy their false arguments and untrue claims. Such ‘retaliation’ would be very corrective though necessary. It was a friend who was given insight from God at that time. He pointed out that the instruction meant God was appointing me as a prophet.

Three years later, God spoke to me in a quiet time of prayer. His Spirit came upon me and He told me that He had assigned me as a prophet to the nation. I wept. The presence of His Spirit was intense for those brief moments. It was a very personal experience. I was alone in a room. No one else knew, but I later told Helena about it.

I think that was in 1995. Subsequently I had the task of writing all that has had to be compiled for the Church, setting out the doctrinal exposition to correct all the areas of serious error in its teachings.

Prior to that experience I had compiled the 22 Why booklets and a number of A5s such as Law and Grace, Apostasy, God’s Church – Whose Authority? and several others which the Church is greatly in need of. Maybe those compilations were my induction or preparation – a test for me to prove that I could and would do the task. Much other material had to be written after those first works.

A correspondent in Nigeria was given a dream in the nineties in which God portrayed that what I was doing was compiling a reference for the Church. He called the works an encyclopedia of biblical truth.

I am well aware that I could not do this task alone. From early on, God reminded me in salient words which He spoke to others that what I was writing was not mine, but belonged to Jesus. HE was the one behind the volumes being written, though He had given me the physical task to do, guided by Him.

God Appoints An ‘Elijah’ In Africa

In 2013, God called John Ongoro in Kenya to come alongside MM to perform another unique task and take these truths to the nations of Africa. John related to me how God called him:

24th Nov 2013

…in 1995 I had a dream in which I was taken to a tall hill by a white man and a white woman. They gave me a Bible and a hymnal, trained me to sing for God and told me to go back to school. I then did all that they told me.

…then early this year on 3rd February 2013 the dream I was given in 1995 appeared to me again. The white man and woman took me to a tall hill, gave me two booklets, a Bible, a hymnal, and a keyboard. Then they pointed me down the valley where there were many people, some crying and others emaciated. They told me to go and share the Gospel of truth with them, sing praises to God with them, and strictly note all the references from the Bible and the two booklets. …in the month of June the same dream appeared to me 3 times. That’s when I went and explained to [2 others in his area who had received MM lit], who prayed to God with me, gave me a MM publication titled Meetings With Jesus. Man of God, a unique thing happened in my family when we started studying the book together. My wife, who has been shy, was no longer shy. She led us in family fellowship clearly quoting verses as they appear.

Last night a young baby appeared to me in a dream, gave me a white paper written: THE TRUTH, THE TRUTH, THE TRUTH – ALONE. [Three depicts finality. God has given MM the End-Time Restoration of His Truth in MM literature.]

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