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Answering Objections About

The Imminent Fall of America

A correspondent, who clearly doesn't accept modern-day prophets,

found fault with the book The Imminent Fall of America.

Nothing new in his approach!

But perhaps there will be something new for you in my reply, which I include here.

By Malcolm B Heap, Midnight Ministries

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Relatively few believers really accept true prophets. And church leaders are the

worst offenders in that regard! Their pride and prejudice top the list of their offences.


The response that follows was in answer to objections that a church leader

raised about The Imminent Fall of America which we publish.

Although I did not receive any of the prophecies in that book,

God showed me that I should make them available for people to read and learn from.


Unfortunately, church leaders like him don't have the humility to learn any more.

So they find fault and criticise, thinkingtheir 'superior judgement' elevates them.

However, all it does is show them up for what they are –

faultfinders, nit-pickers, and spiritually lacking.

They have not yet received the Spirit of prophecy!


Nor do they want it.


The words in << italics >> are the church leader's remarks.

My response follows after each section.

14th November 2003

I can understand your caution. There seem to be far more false prophets around than true!

Thanks for wanting to know. I'll do my best to explain.

Firstly, The Imminent Fall of America contains prophetic words that originated from various sources, none of which are from me. My prophetic ministry is not to America, but to Britain and the Church over here. Only by extension is it to the USA. God sent a number of other prophets to warn America, one notable one you may already know of – Dumitru Duduman from Romania, who died a few years ago now.

Most of the chapters in that book are the words which a prophet wrote down as God was moving powerfully in his life, in a unique way (to him). He had never expected anything like this to happen to him. He had not sought it. He didn't seek to be a prophet, and he didn't seek prophetic words. He was seeking God at that time. He was a relatively young believer after having been rescued out of the world.

At that point in his life, he had some secondary contact with us through our materials which he received from another person. I have never met him or spoken to him, only written to him briefly on a couple of occasions. After receiving our materials, reading them, being convicted and receiving the Spirit, God moved upon him and he began to receive a host of 'prophetic words' day after day, which he wrote down in his own words as best as he could to express what he was receiving in the spirit.

After the moving of the Spirit had caused him to write down those things, it ceased, and as far as I know he has not published anything similar since. In fact, he has even moved away from wanting to be considered a prophet – perhaps because of the stigma and opposition it brings, or perhaps because he still has his own life to try to get on with and live. He asked to remain anonymous.

So, with that preamble, I want to emphasise that what is written in that book, while I agree with the overall thread of what it warns of, contains small items with which I, too, do not fully agree. But, even though I do not consider them as accurate as perhaps they might be, do not detract sufficiently from the overall message to warrant its dismissal. After all, I do not have anything from God directly on what is to befall America, other than a selection of dreams which give some details, but nothing as comprehensive as what that book contains. Hence I feel that, despite its small errors or misconceptions (which, as I shall explain, are attributable to the prophet's inadequacy), it is a worthwhile work to be promoted for the sake of the Church, so that she is warned of what is to come.

Actually, this prophet who wrote most of The Imminent Fall of America did not have funds to publish it. The prophecies sat on a shelf for some time, and he wondered what would become of them. He was concerned, because he knew they were for the benefit of citizens of this great country, yet he did not have the means to reach the country with them. It bothered him greatly. God spoke to him on that and said that He would 'send' someone to publish them in due course.

Some while later, God spoke to me to publish them. I didn't have the money, but I did as He said. I got prices from various printers, and went ahead with a print run of 5,000 copies, despite the fact that I had no means to pay. To cut a long story short, God sent the money through from an unexpected source when the bill was 'ripe' to be paid. That is the way we have managed to print all the stuff we have produced. We are only a small family with one daughter in full time paid employment outside. She gives about 80%+ of her wages to keep us afloat. Our other daughter works at home with us, unpaid, to mail out the publications [that was in 2003 when this was written]. We have no church backing, just a small home fellowship with a mere handful of supporters. They are not rich, but they are willing, and with the moving of the Spirit at desperate times, God has delivered us from fiscal failure and enabled this work to go ahead despite huge debts to accomplish the task. We have had several miraculous financial deliverances! If God were not with us, we would have faded into oblivion long ago!

Now to the individual points you raised. They are valid points, but there are also equally valid explanations.

<< There seems to be an error on page 39. We generally think "Arab" when we hear about Islam. However, most Muslims are not Arabs. Indonesia is the most populous Islamic nation in the world, and I doubt that you will find many Arabs there. >>

True. But God talks to us according to our perceptions (He doesn't always change or correct them for us – we have that responsibility as part of our learning process), in order to convey the SPIRITUAL message or emphasis He wants us to glean from His words. He's not as concerned about precision and accuracy in intellectual physical concept as in precision and accuracy in trueness of spirit. I don't know if you understand me.

To put it another way, what God is most concerned about are His spiritual attributes, virtues and qualities. Since these are paramount, He will allow accuracy in intellectual detail to be sacrificed occasionally for the sake of higher spiritual ideals. Where a prophet is unversed in the specifics of factual information, He will come to Him with words that express what the prophet already believes, even if it may be error, in order to get across the greater spiritual ideal which He wants to convey, or the spiritual virtue which He wants to emphasise.

While many Muslims are not Arabs, I think Mohammed was an Arab (correct me if I'm wrong). And certainly, the Koran is written in Arabic, and Islam developed in the Arab world. Hence, the person's concept that Islam is basically an Arab religion, even if not exclusively so.

<< Likewise, many African blacks are Muslims. And there are many converts to Islam in many nations, including England and the UK. >>

However, the proportion of the population in the UK who are Muslims is relatively small, despite the coverage this religion gets! It gets that coverage and attention because of its often radical nature and emphasis.

<< I can't deny that America is sinful. However, compared to most other countries, we begin to look pretty good. To say that America has surpassed the sinfulness of Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao, and Stalin (p.63) is quite an exaggeration. >>

That's the way Job thought about himself, until he was shown God's perspective. There were things in his approach which needed amplification for the sake of God's purpose in Job's life. God could see that He could perfect Job, so He gave him a hard time. Sure, there were hordes of people much worse than Job. Why didn't God deal with them and correct them? God's mind and purpose, and His 'fairness' is not like ours.

To whom much is given much is required. The more a nation has received of good, of virtue, of knowledge of God, of Bible truth, of awareness of spiritual realities, of gospel outreach, etc., the more God requires from it. America has had more in that respect than any other nation. Therefore, from God's perspective, the nation has been more despicable than all these other human monsters – not in actuality, but by comparison, for REJECTING all the good which God has allowed America to enjoy. It's a hyperbole; an exaggeration for effect, to try and get the attention by shock. A converted person should be shocked by such a comparison, but also realise just how despicable our failure to appreciate what God has given us is to God!

The severity of God's judgement and of the severity of His censure are proportional to the amount of truth He has given.

<< Another exaggeration is to call America the modern house of Israel (p. 91, 93). >>

I'm sure you know that the Bible also contains many exaggerations, or similes, or analogies that are deliberate – to help accentuate a point.

Of course, all America is not Israel. But Israelites founded the nation uniquely in the world as a bastion to protect Biblical truth and practice. You know more than I about your constitution and the founding fathers whose zeal for what they believed biblically correct brought about such a remarkable nation. As such, they were the apple of God's eye from a national point of view, just as Israel was. Because of the amount of Bible based truth, missionary zeal, gospel outreach etc. that America promoted, she is likened in our NT times to Israel under the Old Covenant who was meant to be a model nation. From that great and elevated position as a spiritual example to other nations, she has fallen further than Pol Pot, Hitler, Stalin or all the others. It's a comparison meant to shock, get the attention, cause some reflection and humbling.

The number one purpose of prophetic utterance or revelation is humbling. Prophets' words tend to chafe, to correct, to humble and even humiliate. God's nature cannot be born in a person without the former happening first.

There is also the matter of the prophet's own perceptions and 'interpretation' of what God is trying to convey in the spirit. If his ideas or concepts are faulty, then his 'interpretation' and expression of what God is conveying about such things will not be ideally accurate either. (Remember, God rarely speaks audibly, or by such strong impulses that each word is discerned. He speaks more often through thoughts and impulses to the spirit of the individual. This is explained in our book Listening To God.) So, because of the prophet's inadequacies and his misunderstandings, what he then conveys with his own words may distort the purity of what God conveyed in the spirit. Unfortunately, prophets are human. They also make mistakes. But God makes sure that whatever mistakes He allows (God allows true prophets to make some mistakes, oh yes!) they are not so serious as to undermine the main thrust of His message, or of vitally important points.

(One reason He allows smaller mistakes is to trip up and expose those with a wrong approach, who don't seek to learn and move on in the Spirit, but only find fault, resent or do worse.)

<< The prophecy about the invasion of China from the north also sounds a bit preposterous to me. >>

Yes, agreed, but it will happen. When you are more experienced in matters prophetic, you will see that God invariably does things that are totally unexpected. Where His Spirit is at work most, the unexpected is a regular feature of His working. [That's why he prophesies!]

<< It wouldn't take much to stop the hordes at the Bering Straits. >>

You might think so, but America will not be in a position to defend herself when this happens. If you read the visions which God gave Dumitru Duduman you will understand why.

I might also add this. It's not possible to fully understand all prophecy BEFORE it occurs. There can be aspects that are humanly incomprehensible. We receive dreams regularly from God. While we often think we know what many of them mean, after they are fulfilled, things often work out in a way we didn't expect! It's a testimony to the greatness of God, His perfect foreknowledge of everything, and of the fact that His mind is not like ours. It is vastly superior! So our human comprehension is always open to correction or improvement.

Also, He gives things that unbelievers, or those with a wrong heart, will just reject by using their own intellect. Prophecy is meant to be misunderstood, spurned and rejected by those without the Spirit. And it's the same in the Church, where 'believers' are not in tune with His Spirit because they are not humble enough (they think they ARE something for whatever reasons), people fail to believe His prophets or the revelations that God gives through them which seem 'way out'. Satan has attacked and brought reproach on the prophetic function possibly more than on any other aspect of the moving of God's Spirit today, and, as you rightly say, often because of the counterfeit (false prophets and false prophecies) undermining the credibility of true prophets and their missives.

<< The "prophet" is proven wrong by his own words on page 125, because the invasion should have begun in March 2001, and it hasn't happened. >>

This dream was not received by the prophet who was given most of what is in that volume. It was a dream given to my wife in March 1999. God merely said in the dream that there are to be two years to the Chinese Invasion. He speaks in ways that trip up the unspiritual and the rebellious. Many have found fault with us over this. Good luck to them! (They'll need it.) But with any prophecy that involves a time lapse, we have to know when the time is meant to be reckoned from, and God did not reveal this at that time. We puzzled over this dream for a long time! It is now becoming clearer. We speculated about what it was meant to mean and which event(s) would mark its beginning point.

But prophets only prophesy in part (1 Cor 13). One prophet is not given everything. Only a bit. God guards against pride everywhere He can. It's line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little. Other true prophets (they can be the most unlikely people) receive little bits to add to the revelation, so we can put the whole picture together.

When Olivia Long received this word from God (below) in August 2003, at the time when the monument to the Ten Commandments was removed from the Alabama courthouse (symbolising America's rejection of God and His righteous laws for the nation), God's prophetic clock started ticking. In other words, God’s judgment is definite and irreversible. Time is so short, there is no time for any more empty speculation and futile arguing. America is about to fall, and there is barely time for the Church to get ready for what is coming!!

Olivia prophesied:

There is an "appointed time", only the I AM holds back the destruction by your enemies, and that time is nigh, even at your doors, for My prophetic timetable has begun this day. (August 27, 2003) The prophetic clock has begun to tick for judgment (pp 23-24 of Newsletter 24).

<< The penalty in Torah for prophesying falsely (putting words in God's mouth that He didn't say) was quite severe. Let's just say that the "prophet" didn't continue prophesying. >>

I have not prophesied falsely (see also footnote below). And nor, I believe, have we included anything in that tome that undermines its overall purpose – which is to provide an authentic representation of what is on God's heart about America today, what will become of her because of her rejection of God and His ways, and how much He would love to heal her and comfort her.

If there is anything there that is factually incorrect, the reader must be 'big enough' spiritually to overlook the inadequacies that there will always be whenever God tries to convey something to humans through humans. Some human factors come into play, as I have briefly tried to explain. There is a lot more that can be said, but I don't have time. Some of this is explained in the book Prophets and Prophesying and in various articles on the subject in our literature.

There are three vital elements to any revelation from God:

1) the revelation itself

2) the interpretation, and

3) the application.

Once the revelation is received accurately, it can be distorted by an incorrect interpretation (that's not God's fault, but the prophet's, or those who add their own ideas to what God has given). And lastly, it is still subject to the vagaries of human errancy in our understanding of its application.

When asking these questions: Why did God give it? What is He trying to convey? What should we do about it? All these questions can either lead us astray or closer to Him, depending upon our attitude, our state of humility (or lack of it in most cases!), and our desire for His righteousness. Too many stumble over prophecy because of their own human inadequacies – which they fail to see as they point a prideful finger of accusation at the prophet (with three others pointing back at themselves, and giving God their thumb). God does not want that. His desire is for the prophetic to draw His people closer to Him.

God bless!


[He didn't accept the blessing, so it returned to us.]


Footnote 1


The verification of a prophet is not only in his own lifestyle and other good fruits of his work for God, but in what God gives other reliable witnesses about him. God has spoken to various evangelists in Africa – by way of several revelations in dreams, visions, prophetic utterances and angel visitations – about Midnight Ministries and my work for Him. (I did not choose to do this job. God called me to it. Hence He confirmed it to other independent witnesses. A few of these are written up in a small tract entitled What God Said About Midnight Ministries.)


There is plenty of other testimony, too, in dreams which God gives us regularly, and other miraculous manifestations, and the witness of others who are spiritually helped and delivered from demons by our work, that we do not speak for ourselves but for the One who has appointed us, and to whom we try to give all the glory. (If anyone wants to know the truth about this work for Him, they should take the time to read what we have written in 'our' various publications and let God's Spirit move upon them to convince them of the truth, and convict them of their own need to move ahead in the Spirit of prophecy – Rev 19:10.) & Malcolm B Heap


Footnote 2. Malcolm circles USA as Joshua did Jericho.


This dream was given to Kennedy Ochieng Opith in Kenya:


25th Nov 2008. I saw Malcolm receive an instruction to go round the USA, running barefoot. He started circling the USA. The person who instructed him (I don’t know who it was) [an angel] said Malcolm should make seven circles around it. As Malcolm did one circuit, the country started sinking down into the earth slowly. America kept on sinking as he continued circling it. On his last circle (the 7th), the entire nation was no more and all that remained was flat ground.


N.B. Some other revelations about America’s demise are included in Revelations From God About The Judgement Of Britain (£1).


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