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Don't ABUSE It,


Can you imaging 'Christians' hating God? People who are intransigent in evil?

So arrogant that they dismiss what He says? Who reject true prophets?

People who do not question whether they will receive eternal life?

Who are so adamant that they could neve be wrong!?

Like Paul told Timothy, they are here 'in the church'!

What follows contains a sample of such evil.

In the last days, perilous times will come.

For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers...

unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God, having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away! (2 Tim 3:1-3).

By Malcolm B Heap, Midnight Ministries

Copyright © Midnight Ministries 2007

Copyright of Midnight Ministries may be waived and this publication duplicated without asking

permission, if full credit is given to the source (with the address) and if the contents are not altered.

Likewise, publications of Midnight Ministries may be translated into any other language

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meaning of the original text, and full credit is given to the source (with the address).

The distribution of God's truth should not be restricted by copyright.


► God strikes a man dead!

► This is the Midnight Hour; a time of judgement.

► End-time prophecies are being fulfilled.

► These are the days of Elijah.

Can you imagine ‘Christians’ hating God? People who are intransigent in evil? 

So arrogant that they dismiss what He says? Who reject true prophets? 

People who complacently think they will receive eternal life? Who are so adamant that they are right!? Like Paul told Timothy (opposite), they are here ‘in the Church’! 

What follows contains a sample of such evil. It is the story of a man whom God struck dead.

The purpose of human life is to begin to become like God.[1] God is holy and He wants His people to be holy. Holiness starts with humility – a word that means little to most people. Humility is the starting point for righteous character. You think little of yourself and your abilities. By contrast you think the world of God and His abilities, and you treat others as equals. That is the basis of you beginning to develop the mind and character of God – being refashioned in the image of God.

Tragically, in ‘the Church’ at large, you see very few who are truly humble. Arrogance reigns. As church organisations grow, so does the arrogance that accompanies them. It was prophesied:

So now we call the proud blessed, for those who do wickedness are raised up [esteemed]; they even tempt God and go free (Mal 3:15).

That is a prophecy about what is so dreadfully wrong in churches. There is pride, arrogance, and compromise with wickedness. In this frame of mind, such people despise the Truth, reject the prophet who calls for repentance and a return to righteousness, and vilify what is good, honest, just, and holy.

God is greatly hurt and angered!

It’s hard for the righteous to believe that such wickedness sits in the seat that is meant to uphold holiness! But it does. Here is an illustration.

SDA = Satan’s Demonic Association

An SDA ‘evangelist’ recently sent this e-mail to Alex in Kenya [all spelling mistakes and other errors not corrected]:

From: Moses Ojwang <ojwangmoses@yahoo.com>

Date: 03 June 2007 07:45

To: Alex Odhiambo

Subject: The Unpalatable Way

Dear Alex,

I would like to pass my greetings to you this morning. On friday i was annoyed with the way you acted. It is not the way a true christian should behave at all.

I understand that you met one of your MM LIT being sold at my shop. Did you ask first to know who gave me those books? 2] Is it right for you to come and consficate all the lit which i was having and giving out to people on the street? 3] Are you the author of those books, and if you are,don't you know that what you did is contrary to the behavour of a christian?

You said that the author is struggling to give us the books freely of charge and the same time he make sure the book reach us without any charge. Okey that is good but are you aware that Hellen G. White's books of different volumes are being sold worldwide?

Your stupid action will not help at all. To both of you who came to my shop and took away all those Lit, may God curse you indeed. For sure what pain are you feeling when i sell those books together with the better books of H.G.White?

If you gave me the lit to read is it your work to see weather i kep them or not? And more that guy called Omondi he is deceaving you and all of you will find it very rough. Just go with those books and give them to those whom you think is good. Furthermore they just contain dreams and vision which are quite demonic to achristian like me.

Now this is another case. Please make sure you bring back to me my mobile phone handset which i borough you six months ago. Our friend ship has ended i don't need you anymore in my life. I thought you both are christian kumbe ni Mungiki sect.

If you attempt to take three days before i get my handset, then you will find yourself in jail. Stupid stupid don't reply this letter. Moses.

The reason Alex took the MM publications from this man is because Moses had demanded them from Polycarp, and Polycarp had given them to him freely, thinking Moses genuinely wanted to learn from them. When, however, Alex found that they were being torn up and used for wrapping kebabs and roasted maize, naturally he was enraged!

God let this situation develop to expose falsity and hypocrisy.

I wrote to Alex, suggesting that he took the books back to Moses, offering them back to him with the proviso that he could have them IF he treated them with the respect they deserved, and that they were used for their rightful purpose. I asked him to encourage Moses to write to me.

Meanwhile, I sent this e-mail to Moses:

03 June 2007 14:47

Moses ojwang <ojwangmoses@yahoo.com>

Subject: Dear Moses

Dear Moses,

The literature produced by Midnight Ministries, which you were selling in your shop, how did you come by it? Who gave it to you?

And if you disagree with dreams and visions, as received from God by myself and my wife in the course of our ministry, why were you offering it for sale in your shop?

If you disagree with receiving dreams and visions, please explain to me why it is prophesied in Joel 2:28-29 and Acts 2:17-18 that the End-Time outpouring of the Holy Spirit would include dreams and visions? And do you not know that when God speaks to His prophets, one main way is through dreams and visions (Num 12:6)?

Why do you disagree with holy Scripture? Why do you put Ellen G White, a dead person, above the revelation of the Living God?

Answer me or answer to God.

If you curse another, and are out of the will of God, you will find that curse returning upon your own head. I don't want to see that happen, so I am giving you the chance to repent before Him.

May God bless you.

Malcolm B Heap

The reply I received was hostile and vituperative:

From: Moses ojwang

To: Malcolm Heap

Sent: Sunday, June 03, 2007 3:46 PM

Subject: Re: Dear Moses

Yes Sir,

Surely are you mad? Did i write to you?

I was talking to Alex but not you please. Don't reply me i am S.D.A FOLLOWER.

Exactly! That’s the problem!

The SDA church is no longer a church of Seventh Day Adventists, but is an association of demons doing Satan’s work! How can you tell? Easy! By “the fruits” – the results, attitudes, works, and ‘outflow’ that indicate what spirit resides within.

As in Paul’s prophecy, these people who profess to be God’s, deny the power of God, reject dreams and visions from God, slander or reject prophets, and are bound by fear under demonic influence. SDAs are repressed. Members fear to associate with any ‘outside’ their group. And SDA leaders mount attacks of vilification against light-bringers who threaten their control, merely by bringing more of God’s light of truth.

Such control is of the devil.[2]

Demons Are Bellicose Beasts

The next day Polycarp went to Moses to return the MM books. He apologised to Moses (even though it was Moses who really needed to apologise to Polycarp and Alex and me for his abusive behaviour). But the gentle and peacemaking spirit in which Polycarp approached Moses was returned with a barrage of nasty invective and abuse. It was so loud and bellicose that passers-by stood and stared in amazement or horror!

As Polycarp replaced the MM literature in the display rack, Moses shouted abuse. Demons incite rage against what is good. And Moses was demonstrating that fact very forcibly! He picked up the literature and threw it down onto the ground, even though it was raining. It got wet and soiled, and some was torn.

I replied to Moses’s earlier insults:

No, sir, I am not mad. I am a believer in Jesus whom you are treating with utter contempt! Either you repent, or you will face the judgement of God.

Did you not read what Jesus did, as related in When God's Judgement Falls? He took someone’s life.

Being an SDA means nothing to God! It's what is in your heart that matters.

I am a prophet of the Almighty, whom you are impugning. Carry on impugning Him, then, if that is what you want.

Continue to DEMONstrate how evil you are.

You are choosing the way to perdition, from which no church, let alone the SDA church, can save you. Only Jesus can save you, but you are insulting Him at the moment.

Sincerely, MBH

Moses’ reply was characteristically abusive and insolent [his spelling errors, and other errors not corrected]:

04 June 2007 12:30

Heh who told you you are a prophet of the Lord? even E.G. White never calls herself the prophetess. You are wasting your time with unsound corespondance. I told you even to those your primitive servant that i don't need any more litrature from you ministries.

Our ministries has abetter books than that one of yours where people see vision at midnight while people are sleeping.Is it aministries of the Witch?

Don't waste time in replying.

Yours evangelist Ojwang.

For those who might have questions about Ellen White, she was not a prophetess. She may not have called herself one, but SDA folks who learned from her, began to put her on a pedestal and she became regarded as not just a prophetess, but as THE only prophet to whom anyone should pay spiritual heed. Thus, the SDA movement elevated her to Jesus’ position. The psychology is idolatrous and a blasphemy.

Remember Paul’s prophecy about blasphemers! (2 Tim 3:2.)

Kassahun, in Ethiopia, was given a dream about Ellen White:

June 27/06. K. Ellen White worshipped. I was invited to a Christian congregation. The hall was full of females and I was the only male [hinting that it is a cult or club]. They were awaiting the appearance of their lady prophetess. After a few minutes, she arrived. [Ellen White, whom the SDAs revere.] She looked like an Arab female [i.e. she was a ritualist like Muslims]. She told the congregation that she wanted to share her authority with some of them. When the women in the congregation heard this they bowed down to the ground and worshipped her.

Comment: Unknown to Kassahun at this time, I had warned some SDA ministers that they were worshipping Ellen White, and highly regarding her as a prophetess when she was not. Of course, they disagreed. They couldn’t see their idolatry. In the dream she is portrayed wanting to pass on her authority to others. Not God’s – hers! That says it all! She was not a prophetess of God. She was merely like all the others who have gone with some understanding of the Word of God. She had some things right, but other things wrong.

The above dream is only one of MANY that Kassahun – a former SDA member – has been given about the SDA church and its spiritual abuses. The dream was given a year before contact with Moses Ojwang.

I thanked Moses for his abuse:

4th June 2007 13:22

Thank you. Reproach accepted and appreciated.


[The true Moses] esteemed the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures of Egypt... (Heb 11:26).

If you are reproached for the name of Christ, blessed are you, for the Spirit of glory and of God rests upon you. On their part He is blasphemed, but on your part He is glorified (1 Pet 4:14).

That Monday, 4th June, when Polycarp went to see Moses, he also accepted reproach for Jesus, but the Spirit of God rested upon him.

Blessed Are The Peacemakers

Alex and Polycarp sought reconciliation, not recrimination. They wanted peace not war. On the evening of the 5th June, they went again to Moses, to see if he was in a more conciliatory mood. They took with them also another witness this time – the witness of the Spirit. They handed to him an article: Revelations From God For SDAs.

Moses was still implacable. They went home.

Frankly, I was surprised that he was still alive! Knowing how God had dealt with others (see When God’s Judgement Falls), I thought they would be going to see a dead body! But God was moving them to go first, before He showed His power.

The following morning, I received this e-mail from Moses:

06 June 2007 09:41


Dear Sir,

Sir, Malcolm i am going to be dead, yesterday your two evangelist came to me for aspecial reconciliation but i refused for no reason. I only took some of the books they brought to me. Sir, last night all my children are having arunning stomack and it happpen that all of my body is trembling wherever i am. I cannot do any thing as i use to do.

Sir i read the book entitled JGF [GJF – When God’s Judgement Falls] AND i am now afraid that i might find myself in that similar fate. Today i went to look for the two men but they are nowhere to be seen. I have tried to write to them but i have not received any report.

I was replying in aroud [rude] manner. I just don't know what was happening. Sir i am sorry for all the correspondance that i have given you. Please even if i bad-mouthed you, forgive and forget but pray for me. Please pray for me. I don't know where to go to.

May God forgive if i went against Him. I beg your forgiveness sir, i am just a human being who can be tempted by the satan.

I wish you the best and apositive reply.

Thanks in advance,

Ojwang Moses.

It’s curious how the wicked want to be forgiven, but they don’t care too much about others. They also seem to know what is right, but just won’t do it. I replied:

06 June 2007 10:22

Dear Moses,

Thank you for your reply. God forgives all who are sincerely repentant according to His immense loving grace.

I am only His servant and can only try to do all that He does so perfectly. So, of course, you have my forgiveness. And I will pray for you, and have prayed for you. I prayed for you yesterday that God would help you to see, and He sent Polycarp and Alex to you, to initiate that repentance.

However, for it to take full effect, so that the curses demons have put upon you are lifted, there are various things you need to do. God has sent us with a message, and that message is to be heard.

For you, as an SDA member, part of that message is in Revelations From God For SDAs. Polycarp and Alex may have given you a copy of that. Jesus is very displeased with the teachings and leadership of the SDA churches. There is much that needs changing. You can see what that is if you do a diligent and thorough research of MM literature. I cannot give it all to you here in this one e-mail. You will have to read the various publications to find out, such as:

God's Church – Whose Authority?

An Introduction To The Spiritual Gifts

Listening To God

The Missing Dimension In Christian Living

and various other publications.

We provide them from here, but we are not a church organisation. We are prophets appointed by Him in His service. So, we do not have the fiscal support that churches have. Therefore our means are limited and we have to be very careful with what little we have, to be able to accomplish God's task.

Because you came against a prophet of the Almighty, that is why God dealt with you so harshly, because you were coming against Jesus, the Saviour of the world! (See Luke 10:16).

After you have studied these publications, you should share the truths they contain with SDA members, so that they can be released from the spiritual captivity in which they have been held by partial truth and by false ministers who have usurped Jesus' authority over God's people.

Any fiscal support you want to donate should be donated to Polycarp Omondi Ogalo or Alex Odhiambo. I will send Alex a copy of this e-mail, so if you want to contact them you can.

May God forgive you and bless you.


Moses did not reply. SDA members are cultic. They are loyal to their church, which is placed on a psychological pedestal above all else. So their church actually replaces the position of God; their loyalties are first to their church, to its leadership, and only secondly to God. Hence, they do not willingly accept spiritual input from outside, nor will they promote truth that comes from elsewhere. God and truth are secondary to them, so they are still unconverted in this idolatrous state.

God Offers Forgiveness, With Conditions

We want to see people repent, but that choice rests with them.

There are certain people who just won't be reconciled to God nor to those who are in God’s will, because their ways are too devious, proud, self-centred and evil. They want 'reconciliation' for their own sake, but they don't want it genuinely, which means they have to esteem themselves less than other people (Phil 2:3) and be humble enough to be willing to do anything God says.

God offers forgiveness, yes. But He offers it only on His terms, not yours. You can’t have your own way as a Christian. Christ bought you by His death. When you accept Jesus, you agree to His terms or conditions. You are His bondslave. Your obligation is to serve Him until death. Then He will reward you by sharing everything with you. Why? Because you have shown your desire for what He desires, not for what YOU desire.

That is the basis of true conversion. Many folk in the SDA church and in other churches do not have this conviction and conversion. They still live for themselves, and for their church, which is an extension of self.

It’s not good enough. Jesus will spit them out of His mouth (Rev 3:16).

Now if the righteous one is scarcely saved, where will the ungodly and the sinner appear? (1 Pet 4:18.)

Not where they think!  MANY are deceived, and held in prisons – ecclesiastical prisons! (Is 42:7.) They need RELEASE!

The prophetic cry goes out (Matt 25:6):

Loose yourself from the bonds of your neck, O captive daughter of Zion! (Is 52:2.)

Church folks just don’t see how trapped they are!

This is a people robbed and plundered; all of them are snared in holes, and they are hidden in prison houses; they are for prey, and no one delivers; for plunder, and no one says “Restore!” (Is 42:22).

You can read in the words following that verse above from Isaiah why they are trapped and imprisoned. It is through disobedience (v 24).

More about the specific disobedience of SDA folks later.

God Takes The Life Of Moses’ Firstborn

Moses did not reply to what God had me write to him on 6-6-07. Nine days later, he wrote because he was being tormented:

Friday, June 15, 2007 9:53 AM

Dear sir,

Greetings to you while hoping you are fine. As far as you know i have beeen some days back, I was almost facing the wrath of God, but through His grace the wrath was uplifted. Besides that thank you for forgiving me the utterance words i use.

Sir there is another thing which disturbs me most. You know by the time i was looking for Alex and Polycarp for a reconciliation, they came, prayed for me and also they prayed for my deaf case until now I am okey. But what worries me is that they said to me TO REPENT FULLY OR DIE. What does that one mean? I have been looking for them for more talks but i found that they went to Kisii for a Bible study with some workers of Coca-Cola company... That is the report i got from the wife of Alex. So my request is, since the two are very busy and to get them is a problem, just recently they went to Sori and a day later they are now at Kisii, may you please pray for me. I don't know what has happen but i have aproblem. All my body has been affected with chickenpox disease.

Nobody to handle my case. Please if it means i have not repented fully, inform your evangelist to attend me for more talks. I am not feeling well by now and i am afraid it might attack the whole family.

Pray for me sir, I beg you.

Yours sincerely, Moses.

I replied:

15th June 2007, 11.03am

Dear Moses,

For you to receive complete restoration, you need to do the various things I mentioned in my previous e-mail to you of 6th June.

In case you don't have that to hand, these are the salient points in that...

Moses still refused to DO what was asked of him. God holds people accountable! Where He tells them something, if they resist or ignore it, they come under His judgement. That ranges in severity, depending upon the urgency and importance of what God is asking of them. It doesn’t make any difference whether God’s request comes to them through a prophet or another mortal, it is just as important, and will reap a penalty if not obeyed. God is not mocked (Gal 6:7).

God spared Moses’ life, awaiting his repentance, but to show him that God meant business, He took the life of his firstborn on 28th June.

I wrote again to exhort him:

29th June 2007,  9.33

Dear Moses,

Your firstborn has now died. May I remind you of what Polycarp and Alex warned you, that you need to fully repent or face death.

May I also remind you that God took the lives of the firstborn in Egypt when they refused to do what God asked through His prophet, Moses. God told them to let His people go. The Egyptians refused, so the Almighty struck their firstborn dead.

I am a prophet of the Almighty, and He wants you to do what He has asked of you earlier. That is below, in case you have forgotten. [Deleted.] Central to what God is doing in delivering His people from modern 'Egypts' is MM literature. (And one such modern 'Egypt' is the SDA church.) What have you done in that regard since I wrote to you two weeks ago? Have you begun to do as asked of you?

God was willing to forgive you your insults and slander against His truth, and I was willing to forgive you also. But forgiveness is conditional. If you don't fulfil the conditions, you are not forgiven. It's as simple as that.

I wish you well.

Sincerely in His love,

Malcolm B Heap

God Finally Takes Moses’ Life

Unfortunately, Moses was still obdurate, and refused to believe or do what God asked him. God warns twice, then He strikes, if there is no repentance. Judgement falls.

Moses replied to me:

Saturday, June 30, 2007  8:30 PM

Dear Sir,

Well it is okay that my first born is dead. [He didn’t care enough about his firstborn; all he cared about was himself.] It seems that those two people [referring to Alex and Polycarp] has a ill fated spirit towards my family [a totally false accusation; Satan is the accuser of the brethren; see Rev 12:10]. I do agree that Alex told me such words but when i gave him money to pray for my children, I was disgusted to see Alex throwing back the money to me. [Alex did the right thing. We don’t take money for healing. God’s healing is a grace – freely given (Matt 10:8).] He again insulted me that I behave like Judas. Surely am I Judas?

I have seen many evangelist praying for people and they get money but what is wrong if I gave Alex money for the healing of my child?

What I can say to you sir, please advise your servant on how to behave. If Alex can tell me that they are not selling the power of God then what is that to me?

I am not happy with the way they behave with the work of God. I am still loyal to you but I don't prefer the words from those two people. It is better you can advise me but not of the two please.

Thanks for the email but who informed you about the death of my child?

Yours faithfully, Moses.

My reply:

30th June 2007,  20:59

Dear Moses,

It seems to be ever more obvious that you have no desire to DO what God is asking of you. If you merely want to find fault with men who are servants of God, then go ahead. I won't stop you, nor will God. It's your choice and your life. You can do with it what you like.

But don't expect Alex to pray for the healing of anyone for payment. Jesus gave healing free, not for money, and His command is straightforward on that (Matt 10:8).

Healing is received by those who are genuinely seeking God for His righteousness and to be holy like Him. I cannot, nor can Alex or anyone, dispense healing by the power of God to anyone who is outside the will of God. So, it is to yourself you must look for fault, not to Alex or Polycarp.

If you want him to accept your donation towards the work of God, that is fine. I'm sure he would accept it on that ground, but not as payment for anything that is a gift of God. Gifts from God must not be bought. Indeed they cannot be bought.

Are you a Judas? Only you can answer that question by whether you choose to do what God says, or something else. At the moment you certainly appear to be doing the latter.

I wish you well.


Malcolm B Heap

On 6th July, I received a note from Polycarp, who had found out that Moses Ojwang had been admitted to hospital in Homa Bay the day before. Moses was shaking uncontrollably. Five days later, he died at 12.00 hours!

SDA Sins

In the SDA church, the church leaders have preached sin without realising it. They have promoted idolatry (the subtle elevation of Ellen G White, their founder, and the veneration of their church).

They have preached legalism (reliance upon human obedience to save you) and ritualism (reliance upon empty ritual in worship).

They have elevated the human keeping of the Sabbath day (which can be done ‘in the flesh’), and by this adherence they have become proud and lifted up. But keeping the Sabbath, while it is correct, will not save you if by so doing you close the door on the Spirit.

SDAs have shut out the Holy Spirit, and deny the power of God.  They do not accept the gifts of the Spirit (which Pentecostals have championed), nor the supernatural workings of God in believers.

While they cling to Sabbath observance, which separates them from other Christians, they allow the pride that it engenders to make them feel exclusive, and that the Kingdom of God belongs to them, and to them alone. Thus, a bigoted wall of prejudice is erected that shuts out others who do not subscribe to their philosophy, and lifts them up to a position of arrogance above all other believers. They claim spiritual supremacy, just as Lucifer claimed it for himself, and fell.

In general, the SDA movement has these gross failings:

  1. It is a cult – because they follow and obey men. By so doing they deny the Spirit, and shut the door on Jesus’ Spirit.
  2. It is exclusive – it doesn’t accept other Christians.
  3. SDAs look back – to their perceived legacy – not forward.
  4. They look to a human, not to God.
  5. They don’t accept the prophetic, prophets, and spiritual gifts.
  6. They don’t accept the power of God for their own lives.
  7. They are not preparing the Bride of Christ for Jesus’ return.

1)       A cult is a group that follows people instead of God. Most churches are cultic. Christians tend to follow their human leaders instead of following the Spirit of God. The Spirit is meant to be our companion and guide. And you, as a Christian, are meant to listen to the Spirit. But most churches subtly dissuade members from being led independently. They want you under their ‘umbrella’. The SDA church is a chief offender in this regard.

2)   The SDA church doesn’t accept other Christians. This was illustrated by Moses’ response related earlier. Like the cultic Pharisees, SDAs accept and welcome ‘their own’, but not other believers.

If you greet your brethren only, what do you do more than others?  Do not even the tax collectors do so? (Matt 5:47.)

Further Reading: God’s Church – Whose Authority? which explains

where the true Church is, how to recognise it, and how Jesus works.

3)      SDAs look back, not forward.

                   Most SDAs regard Ellen White as their chief mentor. The Bible is filtered through the prism of Ellen White’s writings. If it’s not sanctioned by Ellen White, then it’s not truth, is their reasoning.

                   What this approach fails to do is to hear from God at the present moment. Jesus said His sheep hear His voice (Jn 10:3,16). But SDAs do not recognise His voice, are not taught to listen to Him, and so they can

Further Reading: Listening To God.

4)      They look to a human, not to God.

                   SDA members listen to and follow their leaders. But this approach protects false ministers in the set-up. How can you discern charlatans? You can’t while you trust your church leaders without question. God’s Word says “Trust no man”, but SDA folk do just that, blindly.

                   The result is a dead church, devoid of the working of God.

Further Reading: Apostasy In God’s Church! which gives pointers

for identifying false ministers, as does Testing The Spirits.

5)      They don’t accept the prophetic.

                   By extolling Ellen White as the only prophet, modern prophets are shut outside the SDA door (Rev 3:20) where Jesus is left knocking. The ones Jesus has appointed as prophets are rejected, together with God’s revelations to them.

                   Daniel is a sterling example of a dedicated person, fully open to the Spirit. His humility endeared him to God, so God spoke to him.

Further Reading: Prophets and Prophesying,

Daniel’s Prophecies For Our Time! and Revelations From God For SDAs.

6)      They don’t accept the power of God for their own lives.

                   Jesus poured out the Spirit on Pentecost, not just for that time, but for the whole Church Age, which lasts until Jesus returns. His words are quite clear that those who are open to the prophetic, open to His Spirit, receive spiritual gifts. Paul stated that they are here for this time (1 Cor

Further Reading: An Introduction To The Spiritual Gifts and HOLY FIRE!

7)      They are not preparing the Bride of Christ for Jesus’ return.

                   How can a church which shuts Jesus outside their door, which repudiates the gifts of the Spirit, which slanders God’s prophets, which refuses to hear the testimony of Jesus through the Spirit of prophecy (Rev 19:10), be used by Him to prepare His Chosen as His Bride? It can’t be!

Further Reading: The Ten Virgins. The Bible Speaks (Vols 1-5). Articles of Faith (Vols 1-5). The Missing Dimension in Christian Living. Who Is The End-Time Elijah? Faith: Raising Our Level of Expectation.  Faith and Healing.  The Woman Question. A Message To Sabbatarians.   Meetings With Jesus.   Witnessing For Christ. Casting Out Demons.  Giving and Receiving.  And many other titles.


                   The above failings are not exclusively SDA problems. Most church bodies have similar weaknesses – if not all of them, certainly some. The centre of these spiritual difficulties is invariably the wrong understanding about church authority. It leads to spiritual derailment or spiritual death.

                   An example of this downfall can be seen in the Worldwide Church of God’s (WCG) monumental demise, explained in the following.

Further Reading:  God Speaks To The WCG.   God’s Church – Whose Authority?

God Performs Wonders For The Faithful

                   All that I have said above is because God has spoken in dreams, illustrating the demonic strongholds that are present in SDA churches.  We publish these revelations in our regular Newsletters and in pertinent articles such as Revelations From God For SDAs. They are there for any who want to be corrected by what God has shown. But few want it! It is a rare person who has humility to be willing to receive correction.

                   In contrast, those who listen to His Spirit become the sons of God (Rom 8:14) because they let God correct and lead them. They welcome input and revelation from true prophets, and learn from it.

                   And so God guides them, blesses them, and works wonders for them, true to Jesus’ promise. Read the promise in John 15:7; 16:23,24.

                   As just one example, a recipient of MM literature in Kenya wrote to me on 3rd June:

                   Thank you for the reply. How was the Sabbath? On our side we experienced the power of God at mid-day when we went to preach beside an oak tree. Yesterday the wind was calm in the morning but by noon the weather had changed. It was starting to rain heavily. We prayed to God to hold the rain so that it would not interrupt our fellowship which attracted some of the passers-by.

                   After we prayed, God held the rain and His message was preached on His chosen day of rest. And to the surprise of those who stayed to listen to the word of God, the rain started after we finished the fellowship. It rained heavily. We give thanks to God because He is the one manifesting His great action towards us.

                   So, while those in Kenya who accepted us were being vilified and insulted by SDA folk, God showed His hand of care to them for their faithfulness.

             Blessed is that man who makes the Lord his trust, and does not respect the proud, nor such as turn aside to lies. Many, O Lord my God, are Your wonderful works which You have done... (Ps 40:4,5)

                   In a dream, in Kenya, God showed Nicholas Ochieng Odero this:

On the 6th [Oct 2004] I dreamed that I was somewhere like a supermarket. [Represents how preachers are merchandising God's gospel truth – people choose what they want – and preachers appeal to them with similar selfish interests!] It seems like I was working there.

Suddenly I saw you with Helena. [We will be revealed to the world suddenly, through publicity as God raises the long dead.] Then I heard a voice telling me, “This is the man I have chosen to restore all things to the Church.” [These are the days of Elijah – the prophesied restoration at the End!]

                   It’s high time for the Church to AWAKE! (Is 52:1); to put on her robes of righteousness; to rise up, shake off the dirt of error; and to free herself from the shackles of false ministers who rule over her (Is 52).

                   Don’t ABUSE the truth! Accept it; USE It! And God will be with you.

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[1]Explained in the booklet Why Human Life?

[2]The matter of governance and leadership in churches is expounded in the book God’s Church – Whose Authority? Most Christians are blind to the fact that they support a demonic arrangement, not what God wants!

  1. Also, it is important to discern and recognise false believers and false ministers. This subject is covered in Apostasy In God’s Church! and Testing The Spirits.
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