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From God

About the

Judgement of Britain

By Malcolm B Heap, Midnight Ministries

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Nuclear Destruction

Of Some British Cities!


On November 1st 2000, God gave me the following dream:


        Nuclear Attack! It was as if I was in a tower block of flats in some large city in this country. As I looked out of the window, what I saw astonished me. A huge, tall, black pillar or column of smoke towered up into the sky and on the top was a massive mushroom head or cloud.

        For several moments I looked at this thing, not sure what to make of it. What was I seeing? Surely it could not be a nuclear explosion!?

        I could not believe my eyes. I was absolutely incredulous, but that is what it was!

        Then I saw another one, and another... There were about three or four of these atomic mushroom clouds on pillars of black smoke. Then a wave of fear hit me. I sensed in a small way the emotional reaction that someone in that position would sense. I realised that death was inevitable, and prayed to God to protect me. But as I prayed, I felt a sense of inadequacy and doubt. I wondered whether God would hear my prayer. I felt that I had not been close to Him and that I did not have the intimacy with Him which I should have now in this hour of desperation.

        Meaning: A warning to all to seek God while He may be found (Isaiah 55:6).


That was my description of the visual imagery God gave me on that day, and what it portends. The dream depicts a fragment of the horror to befall Britain. I don't know the specific cities which are to suffer this awful fate, but I thought they could be in the Midlands.


God put me in the position of any person who might happen to see this dreadful sight from a distance. It was as if I was looking out of the window, from a tower block of flats, as the mushroom clouds grew in the sky. The horror was of someone in that place, realising the inevitability of their death. It would only be a matter of time before the radiation would fall upon them and they would suffer a slow and gruesome death.


He made me feel what they would feel, emotionally and mentally. While they knew in their heart that they should have been close to God, they weren't. Instead of seeking Him, and 'walking' with Him, they had pursued their own selfish desires and let the cares of this life steal away what He tried to sow in their hearts. They could only face the consequences of their actions, and regret not having done what they should have done all along. Does this include you?

Their self-will, their vacillation, their neglect, will reap for them the ultimate curse in this life. When this tragedy strikes, there will be many in that position. Will that include you? It doesn't have to!


Remember, now is the time to seek Him. Now is the time to get your life straight with God. Now is the time to do what is right. Not tomorrow. It will be too late, then, because tomorrow never makes allowance for what you should do today.


If you don't do it now, what makes you think you will do it tomorrow? You're only kidding yourself if you think that.


Judgements on This Land

And on the Church


On 21st March 2001, God gave me a dream about Judgement on This Land and the Church. There were three categories in this dream. Each contained a relevant message concerning God's dealings with Britain, revolving around His righteousness and judgement.


        1) Environmental Upset.

        We felt that we were being affected by radioactive fallout from a nearby nuclear power station. Radioactivity was escaping from the nuclear power plant near Oxford and it was adversely affecting our health because we live about 20 miles downwind. (We were put in the position of being the ones directly involved, but it is meant to convey how others will be affected by similar environmental disasters.)

        Meaning: There is a judgement upon this land because of sins that it tolerates. Part of this judgement is increased environmental catast- rophes, bad weather, floods, disease outbreaks (at the time when the dream was given, the serious foot and mouth epidemic) and the failure of society's agricultural and industrial support systems.

        Some months earlier (on 22nd Dec 2000), Helena (my wife) was given a dream of more rain to come in Britain. This was after the land had already received so much rainfall that many rivers had broken their banks and flooded a number of towns! That came to pass. Between 2001 and 2003 Britain experienced some of the worst flooding for decades. It is not over yet!

        Some reports said that the rainfall from April 2000 to April 2001 was the worst on record for 250 years!


        2) Hardness of Heart in the Church. A woman went to a large church building to preach a message which God had given her. To begin with there were songs and praise, which everyone participated in and enjoyed.

        Then a man stood up to introduce this lady and to pray for God's blessing on her message. Even if he hadn't prayed, it would have been good anyway. (Prayer for her wasn't necessary, but it's a custom in most churches to pray for God's inspiration on the message.) Somehow I knew that it was going to be really 'anointed'. God had sent her there, so that was a foregone conclusion!

        The church was half full (or half empty might be a better way of stating it), but before she started to speak, half the people got up and left. They didn't even care to hear what she had to say! There were many empty seats after this exodus.

        Meaning: Many people have lost interest in what God has to say to them. And of those who seem to care and who take some part in Christian worship, half of them aren't open to what God must say to the Church at this time about His judgement that is befalling this land, and which will intensify.

        Through this dream, God is exposing the Laodicean malaise in the Church (Rev 3:15-18). Most don't care about what God is saying. And the last person they want to listen to in this somnolent condition is a prophet!

        God used a woman in this instance to depict what He wants to say, for several reasons. Firstly, the people whom God chooses as prophets are often the least likely in the eyes of men. They are downplayed, or are of little repute. Also, women are often not esteemed in society. Yet, women can be and often are more spiritual than men. But men often look down on women, or pay less attention to what they say. So it is with the prophets whom God sends to warn in the Church. People don't want to hear negative reports, even though they are for their ultimate good.


        3) The Writing Written in Bold Lettering. Like the bold type on this page, I saw a prophetic message written in bold. However, I wasn't shown anything specific. I wasn't allowed to see or know what was written there. But I knew that it contained judgements upon the people of this land. They were much more intense and severe than in category 1, which were merely forerunners of the destruction and disasters to come!


Nuclear Bomb Blasts Coming

In London and Other Cities


These revelations from God were given BEFORE the current wave of uncertainty and fear from terrorist threats, [edited now in March 2004], BEFORE Al Qaeda mounted its attacks against the West in the wake of the Iraq War. God gives prophets prior warning (Amos 3:7) for the sake of His people. He will also give occasional revelations to some others known to the prophet, to confirm the accuracy of God's input to him.


On 29th April 2001, Allan Iddon (a friend of Zenya's) was staying the night at our home. God gave him a dream depicting one of the terrible things that will happen to London as part of this increasing judgement.


In his dream, he was portrayed as if he were a member of a large powerful gang in London. Some sort of terrorist sect was warning of a bomb attack that would take place in the next 24 hours.


He saw a nuclear device, extremely advanced weaponry, explode in a large subway or train station. Allan managed to escape from the blast. The radius of the explosion was very wide, and he found out later that roughly one million people had been killed. At this point Allan woke up with a deep sense of sadness.


He said: "I kept thinking how concerned I was for my friends in London, because the dream was so vivid, I actually believed it had happened!


"I fell asleep again and dreamed that I was walking away from the wreckage. A boy younger than me, about 14 or 15 years old followed me through London to my car. He was smiling all the way, and I remember thinking how I believed he had a large part to play in the bombing. When I got into my car, he did also, and asked for a lift. I felt insulted at this boy's impudence."


Isaiah prophesied of this time when youths would be society's oppressors (Is 3:12) when God rises to judge His people (Is 3:13-14).


We are living in "the last days" of which Isaiah prophesied!


        The Nuclear Device.

        In another dream given on 7th September 2003, I saw a man who was teaching others how easy it is to prime and detonate a nuclear device. He was an amateur![1]

        The dream was given BEFORE Al Qaeda became an open threat to London, or anywhere else in Western Europe. God was warning of the coming terrorist threat to Western society from Muslim radicals.

        How can we know that the threat is from Muslim militants? Besides the press release below, God gave that revelation to Kassahun Ayele, a prophet in Ethiopia. Here are his accounts of a few of those revelations:


        June 5/03. Bin Laden was onboard a bus with his henchmen. The American secret agents were in that bus. Suddenly they began shooting to kill him but he escaped through the window with his henchmen. [Fulfilled by events that have transpired since Sept 11, 2001, and in Iraq.] (From MM Newsletter 23, p 24.)


        June 27/03.  More Bin Laden attacks coming.

        I saw Bin Laden in a little cottage used as a café. He was with two other men. They were conversing with each other. It seemed that they were preparing another attack. (From MM Newsletter 23, p 26.)


        July 5/03.  Saddam Hussein.

        Someone was asking about Saddam. The place where I stood was full of people who want to know the whereabouts of Saddam. Suddenly a flash of light [revelation from God] passed through my mind. I told them that he is still alive and preparing for an attack. [That has since occurred in Iraq.] (MM Newsletter 23, p 25.)


        Saddam influences Islamic Militants.

        Sept 20/03. I saw Saddam Hussein. He was guarded by armed mobs. They were many and looked like Arabs. Their heads were covered by green tassels [symbol of religious ritualism; misguidedness without the Spirit of God]. (From MM Newsletter 25, p 27.)

        The dream depicts the influence Saddam Hussein would have on mobilising Islamic militants against the West.

        Other dreams from God to Kassahun, such as the following, shed more light on the situation, which will expand into a global threat:


        Aug 15/03.  A few others and I were going by car to a place of worship. News came from the radio in the car that Ethiopia has fallen into the hands of Islamic militants. We were all afraid but continue to go to our place of worship. After we drive a little, a militant armed man gives us a sign to stop the car, but I tell the driver to continue driving faster and passed him. (From MM Newsletter 24, p 28.)


Aug 14/03. The sky seems to be on fire. Meteorites were falling on the ground and the world seems on the verge of destruction. (Ibid. p 28.)


        Destructive and oppressive rule of Islam.

        Oct 20/03. Heavily armed Islamic radicals were all over the place, killing anyone who stands in their way. They pointed their guns twice at me but didn't hurt me. They have missiles. Federal police cannot control the situation. All were running for their lives and Ethiopia is in chaos. (From MM Newsletter 25, p 28.)


        June 21/03.  'Stars' falling from the sky.

        I saw meteorites falling to the earth. They were many. When they touched the ground, whatever they touched was burned. Buildings collapsed. Trees were scorched. All things were out of control. Terror seized me and I thought that I would be hit next. The air was filled with much weeping and crying. (From MM Newsletter 23, p 25.)


        Islamic punishment? Oct 22/03. A man lay in the street. The corpse was naked and many people surrounded it. He was stoned until dead. (From MM Newsletter 25, p 29.)


        Islamic invasion and division amongst themselves

        Nov 7/03. I saw divisions in Islamic religion. Moslems were completely in disagreement with each other and killed each other. Some of them were burning the Koran. Others were burning mosques. The scene was terrible. (From MM Newsletter 25, p 29.)


        Moon turns blood red.

        Nov 5/03. Thick clouds covered the sky. [Spiritual darkness and terror reign.] It seems to me that heavy rain [revival] will come soon. Instead I saw a red moon coming from the south. [The red moon represents bloodshed in the Church. Many Christians will die in the horrors to come.] (MM Newsletter 25, p 29.)


Followers of Islam often do not distinguish between true Christianity and false, or between secular Western consumerism (which is idolatry) and the principles of freedom, fairness and equality which have underpinned Western civilisation. They regard all shades of Christianity or Judaism as Western evils to be blotted out by their jihad ('holy war').


God is allowing Western civilisation to be attacked by these vicious individuals whose evil acts are inspired by demons who know that they have but a short time left (Rev 12:12). Bit by bit, God is removing His hand of protection from these formerly Christian countries, because they have chosen ways of sin and vileness instead of righteousness and true justice. This judgement will intensify as long as people choose such ways.


On September 4th 2003, Kassahun received a dream in which he saw a British commercial aeroplane shot down by Russian missiles.


There have been known terrorist threats to British commercial aircraft, and to date [March 2004] none has been successful. But this dream warned that they will finally succeed in their wicked schemes.



What of the Night?"


On 26th March 2001 God spoke to me in a dream. Of the many features in this elaborate dream, one aspect took precedence.


        We were on a journey in a white vehicle [white symbolises righteousness] which seated many people [depicts our ministry outreach], something like a VW camper van.

        As we went along, it grew very dark, so dark that we couldn't see ahead [we go by faith]. It was virtually pitch black! [Darkness is a symbol of the dreadful lack of spiritual goodness and truth in society.]

        There was a lot of traffic on this road. [Many other preachers and prophets have brought the gospel, too.] We weren't the only ones by any means, so I was very conscious that I had to avoid a collision. [But it is easy to run into a collision course with others, because there is a lot of hostility and friction from various quarters, particularly church leaders.] For some reason, none of the other vehicles had lights, so the speed we were going was a snail's pace. [Depicts the slow progress at the moment, as we await the outpouring of power from God to shed light into the situation so that others in the world will see – after 'we' raise the dead through God's power.]

        We came upon a timber lorry [the early stages of a publishing venture we are engaged in] parked in the road. I could only just see it, so I started to pull out to go around it, and looked in my mirrors to check that I would not be colliding with another vehicle behind me or alongside.

That was where the dream ended. Then, as I awoke, God reminded me of these words: Watchman, what of the night? from Isaiah 21:11.

        Meaning: The watchman is the prophet, called to warn the people about the terrible time of darkness coming upon the earth. We are fulfilling that responsibility. Besides what is recorded here, we have produced a booklet, Why Britain Will Fall Soon, which explains that the moral vacuum in this nation – the result of a deliberate rejection of God and His values – is bringing catastrophe upon this country.


To return to the specifics of the dream:


The watchman of Ephraim [primarily Britain] is with my God; but the prophet is a fowler's snare in all his ways – enmity in the house of his God (Hosea 9:8).


Carnal people do not like us. They hate our message from God! I do not just mean those in the world, I mean, church folks hate it!!


And they will show their hatred by persecuting us.


To cite just one example, in a dream given to Helena in April 2001, God warned of the hostility and false accusations that will be levelled at us for daring to speak out so forthrightly about this moral lassitude.


The Night


Europe experienced terrible darkness during the late nineteen thirties and early forties. Dictatorship and loss of freedom brought world war and catastrophe. That darkness is going to return.[2]


Kassahun was shown this:


        Hitler. Jan 29/04. I saw Hitler. He was guarded by many and was seated on a chair with a table in front of him. On the table I saw two books. One was the Bible and the other was a book of divination. A light came from the Bible, but he ignored it and turned to the book of divination. He seemed to get some help from that.


The dream is a symbolic portrayal of what lies ahead in Europe, as an outgrowth of this terrorism. To deal with the terrorist threat, humanistic governments reject what God gives as a solution in the Bible, and turn to an occult (demonic, devilish) alternative.


The counter to terrorism is to accept the principles that lead to eternal life with God. They are there in the Bible, if anyone cares to know. When you make the true God and His moral principles the focus and purpose of your life, death is nothing to fear. It is merely the transition point between this physical life and the next – spiritual life.


Muslim extremists are taught to hate and kill those they consider their enemies. The Bible teaches Christians not to hate or kill, but to commit your trust to God who takes vengeance in His own good time. Radical Muslims are taught that if they lose their lives in the pursuit of their goal of eradicating 'infidels' (by which they mean non-Muslims, Jews and Christians), and if they blow themselves up in suicide bombings, that they will inherit the highest reward in Paradise.


It's a lie – a massive lie! They will find, only too late, that they have gone to hell – a fearsome terrible 'place' of suffering and torment, from which there is no escape, because they chose that by wanting to commit evil deeds in this life.


Despite its error, this Muslim ideology is a mortal threat to the West. It can only be beaten by an equal or greater ideology. That is what God emphasised to me in a dream one night. Western humanistic ideologies are no match for it. There is no effective counter to it without the truth of God.


But true Christians possess a greater ideology, one that surpasses the threat of death. I am not afraid to die. Rather, I look forward to it, and so should you, if you possess the truth of God. Because, for those who seek good in this life, the next life is a wonderful experience in which we can move on in learning and in the holiness of God – something which is totally inconceivable to the natural mind unimbued with the Spirit of God.


This threat from Islam to the West will create a backlash. But it won't be the solution that God offers us in the Bible. As Kassahun's dream showed, secular governments choose a satanic alternative, one inspired by demons. It may look good. It may give some reassurance and hope. But the core of it is evil and will repress people just as Hitler's policies did.


That is what lies ahead shortly for Europe. The awful repercussions of this loss of freedom will be repression, particularly against those who accept the true alternative which God outlines in the Bible.


We see the nucleus of such repression already in France. The government may have issued its edict for secularism against the wearing of Muslim headscarves by women. But such secularism targets any religious observance which the government considers a threat to what it defines as 'correct' or 'normal' conduct.


As Kassahun's dream portrayed, this new 'Hitlerism' will be supported and protected by many. It will form the basis of the legal machinery of the secular power in Europe. God will allow this power to oppress Britain. It will be part of her punishment because she refused to accept Him and His ways.


Before God punishes, He always gives warning through His prophets (Amos 3:7).


We have printed many of these warnings from God in our various publications. Here are two more which were given to Helena:


        21st June 2003. H. Dream.

        Hurry! Get on board before it's too late. Judgement is coming!

        A group of us were in a small ship [depicts our ministry]. Although we were grounded, we kept moving round a town square. Suddenly, there was a huge wave of water coming our way. I felt sorry for those who were not on the ship. I was scared for their safety. Tonya was away. I wondered if she would be safe. Later she turned up.

        Meaning: The ship represents the ministry work we are doing by God's guidance. Although we are not making great progress at the moment from a physical point of view (the allegory of moving round and round the same town square), we are waiting for the revival which God will instigate. Tonya will join us later when her work for her company will come to an end.

        The huge wave coming depicts the outpouring of God's power, which precedes the giving of His truth, and the ensuing judgement which follows in its wake to those who reject this truth from God. There is safety in accepting God's truth which we are promoting. (More on this safety later.)


        12th July 2003. H.  "Topping the mountains."

        Meaning: I was given that the mountains represent countries, churches and institutions. God is shaking them and will cut them down in His own time. His judgement has started and will intensify.


The Day Is Far Spent


        29th July 2003. H. The end of the age is very close!

        In this dream I read some literature to do with the end of the age. I was stirred up by it. I wanted to share it with others, but somehow no one cared!

        Meaning: The apathy in most people. They have become spiritually dull and don't care about what really matters. So they don't know where the world is in God's heavenly timetable! God has to get people's attention, through raising the dead!


We have circulated many thousands of copies of a booklet entitled How Soon Will Jesus Come? In it, we publish material that indicates Jesus will return before this decade is out. Those who can't see how close such an event is are blind! Sin blinds the majority.


Even of the Church, portrayed as ten virgins or bridesmaids in a parable, ALL – the majority – are asleep! (Matt 25:5.)

Kassahun was shown this:


        The world scene is now at 20 minutes to Midnight!

        Nov 25/03. Malcolm had sent me a Newsletter. The cover was not as usual (light green). It was red, and written in black and bold letters: "THE ANGEL SAID THE WORLD CLOCK IS AT 20 MINUTES BEFORE MIDNIGHT."


That dream depicted Newsletter 25, in which the account of that dream ended up. When God prompted me to start it, He gave me the title It's Later Than You Think!


It is a warning from God, hence the colour red, and the angel's words which warn of the nearness of the end of this age of man's misrule.


        25th January 2004. M. End of the world within 7 years.

        A person was capable of giving a prediction at any time. He (or she – that was not made clear in the dream) could receive predictive information whenever he wanted, almost like turning on the tap. I knew that this type of prophetic proclivity was occultic. He (or she) had 'a familiar spirit' with him, giving him the information he sought whenever he sought it. (There's a similar account of this in Acts 16:16-17 to do with the girl who had this ability.) He said that the world as we know it would end in less than 7 years.

        Meaning: As I mused on this later, I realised that God was pointing out that the demons know how short the time is that they have left before they are restrained in the Millennium when Jesus rules (Rev 20:1-4), so their determination to provoke evil at this time is more intense than ever.

        The illustration is also quite a contrast with the true gift of prophecy.

        When God gives prophetic statements (see, for example, 1 Cor 14:24, 25) they are for specific purposes, with the ultimate aim of turning people back to God and promoting righteousness. While psychic prediction seems impressive to the ill-informed, such a constant stream of information has no value in turning people to God. It is merely an exercise that impresses others, intrigues, generates curiosity, or elevates the one so 'gifted' with psychic abilities.

        Steer clear of it – it's demonic, despite the elements of truth that it may convey.

The day after this dream was given, on 26th January, a Russian girl with remarkable psychic abilities was interviewed on This Morning programme on ITV. The presenters were very impressed with her 'gift'. From the age of 8 she could diagnose the physiological and anatomical problems or ailments of hospital patients. Psychically, she is given the information about what is wrong with them, and is very knowledgeable about medical matters. The information, however, comes from demons. But none of the TV presenters realised this. They thought it was wonderful.

        Apart from leading people away from God, another purpose of demonic revelation of this sort is to cause pride in the recipient which can ruin their life. (1 Cor 8:1.) The evil spirits that are involved receive adulation and worship through what they do.[3]


America To Fall Very Soon!


Helena was shown in a dream that America has a very short time left – merely about two years before it falls.


A book we provide – The Imminent Fall of America[4] – contains many prophetic predictions about the downfall of this great country, especially why. My purpose here is not to repeat any of that, but to add some other dreams from God about this tragic demise and coming crushing.


These are what Kassahun received from God in dreams:


        San Francisco and New York destroyed!

        Sept 18/03. I saw on TV that San Francisco was hit by an earthquake and New York was destroyed by a tidal wave. The pictures were terrifying.


        Volcano to destroy a whole state of America!

        Nov 17/03. It seemed that I was in America. I didn't know the state which I was in. A lot of fire, like a volcano, came out of the ground. Buildings were burnt. The state seems totally desolate and without inhabitant.


Perhaps this is another eruption of Mount St Helens in Washington State which erupted previously about 20 years ago, devastating a huge area and killing a number of people.


Seattle is in the same state of Washington. About ten years ago, when he was in touch with us, Gary Cook received a dream that Seattle was destroyed by a nuclear device.


New York will be devastated by a tidal wave, as revealed above. Before that, or perhaps triggering that tidal wave, terrorism will reap its deadly toll:


        29th July 2003. H. Terrorists strike again in the USA.

        I saw the American continent. The scene was near a peninsula like in New York, and I saw a terrible explosion take place.  Meaning: Another terrorist strike!


Revelation's Prophecies

Being Confirmed Today


The book of Revelation, recorded by the apostle John, contains descriptions of the prophetic visions John was given which culminate in these end-time events upon us now. No wonder similar imagery is often received by contemporary prophets confirming that the end of the age is upon us! For example, Kassahun received these dreams:


  •         Sept 16/03. I saw several black horses. They have large horns between their eyes. Behind them there was a giant holding several reins in one hand and a scourge in the other hand. He was awaiting an order to release the horses. They were preparing to attack.
            Black horses depict famine to come to Ethiopia and other countries in Africa. See Rev 6:5-6. Britain will be affected by hunger, too.


  •         Aug 1/03. I saw war jets coming from the Middle East bombarding the cities of Europe. The fire and smoke from the cities blackened the sky!
            Compare this with Revelation 9 and 16. We don't know specifically what it depicts at the moment. It may not be a literal fulfilment by fighter jets. They may be a figure or symbol of Muslim terrorist attacks. Britain will be engulfed in this horror.


  •         March 25/03. Anti-Semitic persecution coming.
            My family and I were being sought to be killed because we were Jews. Armed men surrounded our home. I began to think how we could escape from these brutal people.
            This equates with Revelation 6:9-11. 'Jews' is an allegoric term for true believers – God's people (c.f. Romans 3:2; Rev 2:9; 3:9).


  •         March 26/03. Stars seem to fall from the sky.
            The sky was full of stars, but those stars were moving rapidly from north to south. They seem to fall on the ground, just as it says in Revelation 6:13.


  •         May 30/03. Sky rolls up.
            I saw the sky roll up like a scroll from the north to the south. I thought that the end has come. 
            See Rev 6:14. These events are VERY CLOSE! Only a few years away!


These and many other dreams which Kassahun Ayele has received from God are recorded in our regular Newsletters under Out Of Africa. We cannot reproduce them all there, because there are scores or hundreds of them. I hope I have included sufficient for you to believe and accept the words of God's prophets today, which are just as authentic as those of the biblical prophets.


God reveals things to modern prophets because the Bible, while it contains sufficient for any person to know the truth and receive salvation, cannot contain everything which God wants to say. So He also speaks through dreams, visions, and other prophetic revelations to add to or complement (not take away from) His word therein. This adding to does not mean to imply that the Bible is insufficient, as I have already stated. But God is always supplementing or filling out what He has said already.


Thus, there are additional details in contemporary prophets' dreams such as the following:


        May 28/03. Kassahun. Anarchy and riots.

        I saw global riots and every country was disturbed by these riots. Great buildings and thousands of cars were burned. The whole world seemed to be on the verge of destruction. Many heads of states were fleeing from the angry rioters. I saw Bush, Chirac and Schroeder in complete panic.


        June 2/03. Kassahun. MM holds the torch of God's truth!

        Malcolm was holding a huge torch. From that torch there came meteorites like fireworks (it seemed like that in the dream) which spread to various places. When the scene changed, I saw a multitude of people coming to Malcolm with their torch. The torch they hold doesn't have light and they kindle their torch from the burning torch of Malcolm. The more they kindle their torch; the more the huge torch on Malcolm's hand was brightening also. The light was very beautiful.

        Meaning: As we give the truths of God to others, we are blessed and God blesses us more. They can then take the torch of truth to others also. Thus the fire of God spreads.

        Kassahun wrote: "...God has a great purpose for us as shown in the above dream. The torch you hold is the truth of God. It seems to me that your work is not finished and God has a special work for you, which will reach to the whole world." (From Newsletter 22, page 27, July 2003.)


You are reading, here, part of the actual fulfilment of that dream. If you take this torch to others so that they can be warned, and so they can spiritually see and understand, it brings God glory and gratification, and you will also be helped, as you help others. Habakkuk wrote:


Write the vision and make it plain... that he may run who reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time... it will surely come (Habakkuk 2:2,3).


I have written the vision and made it plain, now it is your duty to run with it that others for whom you are responsible can be saved.


        April 12/03. God gives Kassahun a glimpse of heaven.

        An Aged Man [the 'Ancient of Days'] held my hand and took me to his home. When we arrived there, he gave an order and the Great Golden Door opened wide and we entered. I was full of wonder at the spectacular scene! It was very beautiful! When we came out of the house, I saw a very beautiful garden with various kinds of fragrant flowers. I was refreshed by the beautiful sight and longed to live there.


        April 18/03. Kassahun. Jesus, on His Throne.

        I went to an important place with other Christians. There were best men with light green suits. The Bridegroom was with them but I can't see Him. Virgins were walking before the Bridegroom with singing. Their song was very beautiful. Finally, we reached a beautiful big cathedral. We entered. The cathedral was supported by 7 big pillars. There was a high stage with a big throne-like chair.

        There the Bridegroom sat. He was Jesus.


Do Not Be Afraid


The revelations of judgement included here are not to scare you, but to prepare you. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.


Jesus provided similar reassurance in the gospels. For example:


Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul [your being, i.e. your right to live forever] (Matt 10:28).


Let not your heart be troubled... in My Father's house are many mansions... I go to prepare a place for you... that where I am, there you may be also (Jn 14:1-3).


Jesus warned that whoever seeks to save his life will lose it (Luke 17:33). But, whoever is prepared to lose his life will preserve it in one way or another. For all who are so prepared to selflessly lay down their lives they will receive eternal life, and God will protect and preserve some physically – because they have laid down their lives in service to Him.


These dreams convey this reassurance that God cares for you:


        May 2/03. Kassahun. Spiritual storms coming.

        I was standing in front of a window when, all of a sudden, a tempest sprang up. Furious winds were howling and heavy waters were streaming around the house. In spite of  the tempest raging outside, I felt confident and serene.


        May 10/03. Kassahun. Protected from bombs.

        I was among brothers and sisters. We were all united praising God on a Sabbath day when our prayers and sermon were interrupted by bombs, which I saw had been thrown at our meeting place, but we didn't get hurt.


        May 12/03. Kassahun. Enduring persecution and bombs.

        Delayed-action bombs had been placed in the brothers' and sisters' gardens as a threat to the lives of those who meet on the Sabbaths.

        Meaning: The coming threat of terrorists. Wickedness will be great, but we will protected by God as we do His will.


        May 13/03. Kassahun. God will protect from gunmen.

        Unknown men tried to attack and gun me down, but I escaped from their attacks.


A Dream Which Gives The Overview


        30th April 2003. Malcolm. Putting the black bulldog down – Britain.

        I had a reserve of a valuable substance. It was like a barbiturate, which can cause death (death of evil). Some people were helping themselves to this, without asking me, even though it belonged to me. A time came when I needed all of it. The black bulldog had to be put down and I would need all of this 'drug' for the one injection required. I used up all I had, but because it was not certain whether it was enough to properly and effectively do the job, another equal dose was called for and administered by someone else. I didn't see who this person was in the dream.

        Meaning: Black is a symbol for evil, sin and resultant death. The bulldog is a symbol for Britain. Our literature is likened to the powerful barbiturate, because it contains truth from God. The dream symbolises the prophetic witness which God is giving to Britain through our literature, and that of a second person, possibly Helena, who may well deal with spiritual issues through a public verbal witness via the media. Every matter is established by two witnesses (Deut 17:6; 2 Cor 13:1).

        The lethal injection which I administered to the black bulldog may well depict God's judgement on the nation after 'our' prophetic witness.  &  Malcolm B Heap


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