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A Final Warning

Britain is now a godless country. It has thrown out God’s standards, disregarded His revelations in the Bible, changed His laws, and accommodated all manner of sin as acceptable.
As a result, an awful time of woe is now coming to Britain.
For rejecting God, Britain will now go through terrible times. Millions will die. Many will be taken captive to foreign lands.
Britain will be no more.
This is what God says.

In 1996, God said to me that Britain had three years left.

At the time I thought He meant that Britain would cease to be a nation after three years. But later He clarified the meaning. Britain had three years to decide whether to turn back to God in obedience or carry on its downhill path.

I responded to what He said by writing to the Prime Minister in 1996 and to the next Prime Minister in 1997 about this pressing issue, warning them that time is short for Britain’s reform.

I got no acknowledgement. Prophets never get acknowledged. They get ridiculed and rejected.

Like God, they and their words are disregarded.

For people, so out of touch with spiritual things, the mention of God speaking to someone evokes mockery. “The guy’s off his rocker! God speaking to him?!! Come on. Get real! This is 2019, not 219 when people believed ridiculous superstitious stuff.”

Well, when mockers led Jesus to His death in about AD 32, He prophesied of a terrible time of woe to befall Jerusalem for rejecting what He brought from God. In AD 70 that occurred, and Jerusalem suffered a massive slaughter and destruction by the cruel Romans. They paid a dreadful price for not heeding the words of that Prophet of God!

And there are other similar instances in history.

Babylon’s king Nebuchadnezzar learned by harsh experience that God rules in the kingdoms of men (Daniel 4:17) when Daniel prophesied that ‘Big Neb’ would lose his sanity and eat grass like an ox (Dan 4:25). That occurred. Nebuchadnezzar went about on all fours for a long time which God determined. At the end of it he acknowledged that God is indeed real, and is in ultimate control. He declared: “Those who walk in pride He is able to put down” (Dan 4:37). Experience is a real teacher!

The next ruler of Babylon, Belshazzar, glorified himself above God. You can read of this king’s demise in Daniel chapter 5. Handwriting supernaturally appeared on the wall, foretelling his doom. That very night he was slaughtered. His epitaph is that he did not humble himself, but lifted himself up against the God of heaven (Dan 5:23). He ignored God, and went his own self-willed way. His mistake was fatal!

Tragically, Britain has gone the same self-willed way.

The demise and destruction of Britain is now irreversible. Even if you were to tell everyone in Britain about WHY it is going to be destroyed, it wouldn’t make any difference to their behaviour. Only a small minority will heed. Most will simply dismiss these words as irrelevant ramblings of a crank, so deep is their unbelief. To the majority, anything to do with God is not worth a second look. And for many, it’s not given a first look.

Mockers are in the ascendancy. Mockers and scoffers abound. To them the Bible is an irrelevance. And to them its warnings of destruction will come to pass.

“It Is Written...”

It is written in God’s Word in the Bible that a nation reaps calamity for disregarding and disobeying God, but it is blessed for obedience to His laws. The lengthy catalogue of curses is in Deuteronomy 28:15-68, and in Leviticus 26:14-39. Prior to those curses are a few verses outlining the positive blessings God can bestow upon those who obey His laws which are revealed and expounded in the Bible.

But even the majority of churches, including the Church of England, have rejected many of God’s laws as irrelevant, and have substituted human traditions in their place.

The result of this will be disaster. God is not mocked. It is written in Why Britain Will Fall Soon and The Prophecies of Hosea Concerning Britain. Those two publications from MM tell you what will be and why.

A Covenant People

It is not widely known that the British name is derived from Israelite origin. Berit in Hebrew means ‘covenant’, and ish means ‘man’ or people. ‘British’ is etymological evidence for the origin of many of the inhabitants of these isles as descendants of the Covenant peoples, twelve tribes with whom God uniquely made His Covenants as promised to Abraham (Genesis 12:2-3; 13:16; 17:6-7, 19; 18:18-19; 26:4-5).

It is stated in Genesis 21:12, “in Isaac your seed shall be called.” Isaac was Abraham’s son of promise, who would begin the line through which God would bless the world (Gen 22:17,18). Christ came through that lineage, as did many indigenous ‘Brits’. Many of Isaac’s sons became known as ’Saac’s sons or Saxons.

Other democracies of NW Europe have Israelite descendants. And it is these people who carried the knowledge of the true God of the Bible and sent missionaries into all the world: Britain, the Netherlands, America, the Scandinavian countries, etc., fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah 45:25 and these words from Isaiah 59:21:-

“As for Me”, says the Lord [YHWH; the IAM that IAM; the Self-existent One], “this is My covenant with them; My Spirit which is upon you, and My words which I have put in your mouth, shall not depart from your mouth, nor from the mouth of your descendants, nor from the mouth of your descendants’ descendants... forevermore.”

And so it was that for generations God’s Word was preserved in these nations. But the Bible has now been thrown out as irrelevant. And the true God with His radical teachings are no longer accepted and taught in our secular antichrist Western societies.

Queen Victoria knew of the Israelite origins of the British peoples, as did quite a number of prominent influential leaders in society back then. It was that awareness which caused Parliament to promote laws which reflected much of biblical law and equity. Britain became renowned as perhaps the fairest country in the world, where the Englishman’s word was his bond. When biblical morals are upheld, “righteousness lifts up a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people” (Proverbs 14:34).

Britain Has Chucked God Out

Britain has thrown God out, dumped His morals outlined in the Ten Commandments in the rubbish bin, and substituted humanistic laws in their place. And the Church of England has done similarly.

The Wisdom of God’s Word in the Bible is personified as a woman in Proverbs 1, who warns against simple ones (immoral ones) who delight in scorning it (Prov 1:22). God appeals to you to turn from wickedness or going your own way (1:23) otherwise you will fall and terrors will overtake you (1:24-32). That is now Britain’s destiny in the short term. The longer term is outlined in The Prophecies of Hosea Concerning Britain.

Britain’s Former Greatness Had Divine Purpose

The greatness of Britain in the 19th century and early 20th century was not merely due to British ingenuity and invention. God is the Father of invention and He was behind much British enterprise. His purpose was to fulfil the promises made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the righteous forefathers whose righteous line culminated in the Christian heritage and biblical traditions. Taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world was the original raison d’etre of the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). But its antichrist undertones today completely deny that divine purpose.

0Salvation is only through Jesus Christ (Acts 4:12), to those who accept Him as their personal Saviour. Jesus paid the price of the sins of all humanity by dying in their place. (The price of sin is death.) Jesus was able to do this because He was God, and is God. He lived a perfect sinless life while on earth. He was the only one who could do this. By His death and resurrection from the dead, He offers you the forgiveness of sins if you accept Him and obey Him. His commands and the Father’s commandments are in the Bible, and expounded in MM literature.

I urge you to repent of your sins, and obey and love God. Read the Bible. Surrender to God. Accept Jesus as your Saviour and LIVE!

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Malcolm B Heap,

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