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A prophetic word from Olivia Long (USA)


"My soul waits in silence for God only, for My hope is in Him." Ps 62:5

My faithful ones are waiting for ME – waiting in the wilderness for My promises to be fulfilled. Many of you suffering with daily pain and illness, going from one day to another, one week to another, even one year to another believing My promises to you will be brought to fruition. Many of you suffering because of financial pressures. Will you 'ever' have enough just to exist let alone anything else? These thoughts plague you daily. You see others emerging from this long season and still you are waiting, waiting on the promises. A waiting season that has gone way beyond the years that you ever imagined or anticipated. Waiting on ME, waiting on My promises, waiting on My Glory! Sometimes you wonder what the future holds for you, will there ever be relief? Weary of the solitude and with hearts feeling unsettled because of not knowing what is to come. Waiting, waiting on Me.

I have given you words during this time of waiting. I have given you words every day that it is time, that it is here – to give you hope, to keep your faith in high gear. Even now for some it is too hard to imagine to be true. I say unto you, "Let faith arise". For it is true, My beloved... Take heart to every promise that I have given you. Take heart to what I have given through my prophets for you. So many hearing what I am saying but not receiving it. Rise up in Faith and believe Me even though you still cannot see it for I WILL fulfil My promises.

So many of you are trying to cope well AND faithfully in the midst of your hard times and it's been a struggle in your mind to remain faithful. Even though I have repeated My promises to you – you have found yourselves not always waiting so patiently, even trying to take matters into your own hands to make something happen. You have found that at times your faith and ability to wait definitely has had its ups and downs. Others may have said, "Where is your faith?" or, "So be it according to your faith." Do not listen to man, listen only to ME! These do not know your heart for Me, but your Father definitely knows of your true faithfulness to Me. If it were not true you would have given up long ago, not remaining on this road less travelled. A road filled with briars, stingers, tribulations and even brethren and perhaps family members pitted against you. A road where you do not do things as others say for you to do, but only by My instruction. A road where I will bring you into contact with people who desperately need to know My Son. A road that has meant departing from man's traditions and doctrines. My Disciples followed this road, how many traditions and religious taboos do you think they broke? Winning many to their Lord was their ultimate reward for following HIM down the road less travelled. Two roads in which to choose and you have chosen the road less followed, and along the way you have had to examine your priorities. You have had to depart from any prejudices and you have had to adjust your attitudes to the unlovely and the lost. In following this road you have felt you have failed Me at times, but oh My beloved, you have held in there and through it all you still remain standing – waiting on Me. In choosing the road less travelled, you have chosen wisely, and that has made all the difference!

Feelings, you have been struggling with your feelings, but even My friend Abraham struggled with these same feelings. You, as Abraham, have been given great and mighty promises. You, as Abraham, have received the promises only to wait and wait and wait upon ME for their fulfilment. Sometimes you have felt, and even now feel frustrated thinking that 'maybe, just maybe' you hadn't heard Me quite right. You, as Abraham, have wondered, "Am I to initiate something myself, or should I be still and wait upon the Lord?" As Abraham, some of you have taken matters into your own hands only to find an even longer time of waiting ensued for the promises to be fulfilled 'on My Terms'.... As Abraham did not always overcome his doubts or fears, neither have you, but you, as Abraham, are overcomers and My promises to you will be fulfilled!!!

Faith in Me, trust in Me, waiting upon ME - you know this to be true. But at times you have felt your faith in Me bringing forth those promises hasn't remained on a consistent keel of faith. Beloved, it is not constant faith, it is your refusal to let go of Me... I say it again... IT IS BECAUSE YOU REFUSE TO LET GO OF ME... even when there are doubts! This, My Beloved, is true FAITH IN ME. So, as Abraham, I say to you, LOOK UP, let faith arise, praise ME for the victory and the greater works that I have set before you with signs, wonders and miracles following. You cannot see this now, but you will! You have seen that others are moving forth by My hand and you wonder why you are still here, but I say praise Me now even though you still see nothing. That is taking ME at MY word!! The rains are falling, the former and latter rains are falling, but as "a drizzle." It has to be this way, otherwise I would destroy My people with My Mighty and Glorious power, but soon, My Beloved, you will see the mighty downpours!!!!!

Beloved, there is ALWAYS victory on the other side for those who wait upon ME and who believe in My promises. People may fail you, and many have already but I will NEVER fail you! People can renege on their promises to you, and many have already, but I can NEVER renege [go back] on any of My promises to you. Have trust in Me, not in your own ability to figure it out because not all is as it appears to be. It is not in what you have done, or not done for Me. It is not in whether you measure up... It is not because you faint or grow weary. As you think back you can see that the promise doesn't come easily. You can see Glory but you can also see pain and suffering. You can see My promises but you can also see opposition mounted against them. You can see both hope AND the struggle.

Through it all you still choose to wait... In the natural you see opposition and uncertainty all around you. You see nations coming against nations and danger looming all around the world, dangers of every kind. You see darkness trying to overcome the light... but... still you wait on Me... for you know that even now "THE LIGHT STILL SHINES IN THE DARKNESS" and no matter what anyone says "THE DARKNESS CAN NEVER OVERCOME THE LIGHT." You are My overcomers, My people of Light, and you shall see My promises to you fulfilled!!!!!

I AM the I AM. I AM a God of justice and I AM a God of Righteousness. I have a covenant with you, MY Glorious Beloved, a covenant sealed with blood, and I am just and faithful to fulfil every promise that I have given you. They will never die out for they CANNOT, for I AM true to My Word!!!!

"As I have kept My promises to past generations, so I UNBARE MY ARM AGAIN TO YOU!!! I HAVE SWORN BY MYSELF, SURELY, I WILL BLESS YOU AND FULFIL MY PROMISES TO YOU." Although the storms may swirl around you, your hope and belief in My fulfilled promises are as safe as a ship tossed in an angry sea on the very darkest of nights – KNOWING that you are secured by My strong anchor that is attached to the ROCK.

I have said to EXPECT 'A SUDDENLY', are you ready? You believe you will be ready and expecting this suddenly, but I say unto you.... "YOU SHALL BE TAKEN BY SURPRISE." You who have waited for so long for the promises to be fulfilled – waiting, waiting... holding fast, I say to you – "YOU WILL BE SURPRISED." In an instant, 'a suddenly', it shall all come to pass...

Let your hope arise. Feel it – feel the hope arising. Feel the excitement arising – "a knowing" that YOUR time has come. Your time is nigh and I will use you in a mighty way. BE READY MY BELOVED!!!!!  

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