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No-One Listens!

By Malcolm B Heap, Midnight Ministries

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John the Baptist lamented:


What He [Jesus] has seen and heard, that He testifies, and no one receives His testimony (John 3:32).


Those words of John were not just for the time when Jesus walked the earth. They were prophetic. The same is true today! The Church shuts Him outside their door, fulfilling Jesus’ words to John the apostle (Rev 3:20).


So there it is from two witnesses! This shameful charade, this pretence of piety – that Jesus is welcomed when He is not, really – is diabolical! It shows how much those who ought to be listening, just aren’t! They hear what they want to hear, but what they don’t want to hear, or don’t care about, they shut their ears to. And Jesus is pushed away!


We have seen it repeatedly in our work. We send Christians further truth, and they don’t reply. It is a rare person indeed who replies, and of those few who do, most of them are doing so merely for appearance’ sake, to look good, or to appease their conscience. 99% of them don’t move on with further truth. They stay put with what they’ve got.


The trouble is, that’s backsliding.


I remember Ray McCauley (a well-known and prominent charismatic evangelist and church leader in South Africa) once giving a sermon at one of Colin Urquhart’s Faith Camps in the nineties. I think it was about 1993. He made the inspired comment that when we walk with Jesus, we have to keep up with Him. If Jesus moves ahead a few steps and we slow down or just stand still, He is moving away from us.


You don’t have to walk backwards to step back. You just have to stand still or fail to keep up with Him to see Him moving away from you. The trouble is, you won’t see Him moving ahead and leaving you behind. You won’t even notice the rift that is developing. It all happens invisibly, imperceptibly.


And both Ray McCauley and Colin Urquhart did the very thing the Spirit was warning them about in that meeting! I wrote to Ray McCauley in South Africa about his need to accept further truth and he never even acknowledged my letter and enclosures. The same with Colin Urquhart. He answered one of my missives, but conveniently shelved others I sent.


Their response is a representative example of what it’s like across the board, throughout the Church. I have lost count of the number of ministries, church leaders or churches to which we have written. But I have not lost track of the percentage of response. It’s just as John said "No one receives His testimony."


"But, hang on a minute," you may object. "John was talking about unconverted folks back then; he wasn’t meaning the Church today." Wasn’t he? If that were so, why then did Jesus make the points He made to Laodicea? Are you not aware that such comments were prophetic and meant to be illustrative of a prevalent weakness in believers throughout time?


And are you not aware that when Jesus gives revelation to a prophet or apostle today, if that input is rejected or carelessly neglected, you are not merely rejecting the human messenger, but the heavenly One also?!

He who hears you hears Me, he who rejects you rejects Me, and he who rejects Me rejects him who sent Me (Luke 10:16).


This is serious, deadly serious!




Helena was recently given a dream portraying the Church’s slumber:


20th April 2007. H. Laid back!

I saw an older woman resting next to Malcolm on a bed.

Comment: Today a local councillor called, canvassing for election support. He was a nice man, friendly, and admitted to having some MM literature in a drawer. This fulfilled the dream.

The woman resting, being lazy and spiritually inactive, portrays the state of the Church. I gave him more literature to stir him into action and spiritual awareness, so he can be prepared to face the future and help others also to face the crisis ahead of us all.


But, did he read it? As God revealed – no! Otherwise we would have heard back from him. Even though he is a Christian (of sorts – who occasionally attends the Church of England) and meant to be in God’s family, he had a disinterest towards truth.


What’s his problem? Jesus’ words explain:


He came to His own, and His own did not receive Him (Jn 1:11). Most assuredly, I say to you, We speak what We know and testify what We have seen and you do not receive Our witness (Jn 3:11). This is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather light, because their deeds were evil (Jn 3:19).

"But you said he was a nice man, so how can his deeds be evil?"


We don’t see evil like God does. What we consider acceptable, God does not. And paying too much attention to physical things, and too little attention to God’s things (His truth, His Word, His Spirit, His gifts, His prophets, His revelations, His love and forgiveness) is completely unacceptable to Him, and a gross insult! It is evil!


That’s why there is a condemnation against all such physically- minded people in Matthew 24:37-39. So, you are commanded:


Watch, therefore, for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming (Matt 24:42).


Jesus came to that man when Helena gave him some MM publications. But he shoved Jesus inside the drawer and left Him there. That’s what he thought of Him – not worth another look!


How do you think Jesus will respond to him when He comes in all His glory? The same way.


It’s sad. You want to wake people up, but you can’t. They just don’t care.




God foresees everything long before it occurs. He prophesied through Isaiah:


This is a people robbed and plundered; all of them are snared in holes, and they are hidden in prison houses [churches]; they are for prey, and no one delivers; for plunder and no one says "Restore!" Who among you will give ear to this? Who will listen and hear for the time to come? (Is 42:22,23.)


Yes, who will listen?!!


Jesus has already given the answer. He said:


While the Bridegroom was delayed, they all slumbered and slept (Matt 25:5).


"All" is pretty extensive! It may be a generalisation, but the few who listen are pitifully few! So few that, for the description’s sake, they can be ignored.


For all seek their own, not the things which are of Christ Jesus (Phil 2:21).


We have been calling "Restore!" for many years, offering people the restored truths of God that were stolen away over the early centuries of the Christian era, but no one wants them. People just aren’t bothered! It’s shameful.


They’d rather sit in their dingy prison houses, misnamed ‘churches’, and go along with the crowd, than come out (Rev 18:4) and rise up from their spiritual captivity as God commands them (Is 52).


Ye deaf, hear: and ye blind, look to see. Who is blind but My servant]; and deaf as My messenger I send? [ministers in churches are meant to be God’s servants, but they are blind and deaf]; Who is blind as he who is at peace [believers get what they want from God, and once they are content, that’s where they stay], yea, blind, as the servant of Jehovah? Seeing many things, and thou observest not, opening ears, and he heareth not (Is 42:18-20, Young’s Literal Trans.)


Then in the next verse, we read of how God takes great pleasure in His righteousness – when that is transmitted to His human creation. So, you can imagine how highly He prizes the Work of restoration which continues today. Jesus exalted the law and made it honourable (Is 42:21). And we continue His Work today.


But this is a people robbed and plundered... (Is 42:22).


1The irony is that they CHOOSE to stay in that state. It doesn’t make sense from God’s perspective! It’s stupid! It’s rebellion. It’s wilful neglect. It’s pride. It’s stubbornness. It’s complacency. It’s all these things in people that prevent God’s Restoration fully restoring them. They only want half a job. They don’t want the whole thing.


But what’s the good of accepting part and rejecting the rest? He who dismisses one part of what is required is guilty of rejecting the whole. The principle is outlined in James (2:10).


Can God accept such a people? No. So they face the frightening prospect of being spat out of His mouth! (Rev 3:16.)




People wonder why would God allow the awful horrors of the Great Tribulation to engulf His Church? If that is you, you need wonder no longer.


If you reject a prophet who brings the truth, you reject the One who commissioned him. You forfeit the prophet’s reward, which is understanding and believing his message, after which you can receive more of God’s guidance, help and protection.


The Rapture is not coming like most believers stupidly assume. Jesus is not coming to steal away His Bride and ensconce her away to heaven, safe from all the troubles. Jesus is coming for a Bride who wants all of Him, all of His truth, all of His purity. But, because most of the Church does not want it all, He has to purify them of this double-mindedness, and sadly, the only way is through hardship, austerity and even death. That’s what it means to be spat out of His mouth (Rev 3:16).


No one is listening now. But, thankfully, many will be listening then! A great number will be harvested through that time (Rev 7:9-14).

Bible quotations are from the New King James Version (NKJV) unless otherwise stated


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Some Dreams From God


Mila Thompson currently resides in Ukraine, where she is translating MM literature into Russian. The publications are uploaded onto the web at: www.midnightinamerica.net for free access.


She also faithfully records the revelations which God gives her in dreams, for believers there and elsewhere around the world. Here are some that are relevant in this context.


People Resist Restoration!


10th February 2007. Mila. People don’t want more spiritual freedom!

In this dream I was back to the University for another semester, moving in a hostel. The room was spacious and light [depicts the spiritual freedom to those who accept more truth], and had three beds in it. So I was to share it with 3 other students from my group [relatively small number who accept this final (3) restoration].

I went into a neighboring room to say hello to others from our course. That room surprised me by the number of beds crowded in it. I tried to count them and lost the count, but there were about 10 beds, taking all the space. The beds were very small, about 2ft long. They were baby beds. I was wondering how on earth those grown-up young women were going to sleep in such tiny beds. One of them was just lying in her bed. She didn’t look upset or uncomfortable.

I felt for the girls in that room and said to them that at least two more normal beds could be placed in our room, and there would still be plenty of space in it, while they seemed to have no place left for anything. I offered it to any two of them who would be willing to move in with us, but they did not care. They wanted to stay together as one group. They cherished their friendship so much they would rather suffer being crowded in that one room and having to sleep in those baby beds.

Then I noticed that there was very little light in their room. The curtains were drawn only half way back, and the window glass was dirty, not letting much daylight in. Also, there was a huge painting in red and white all over the visible part of the window glass. It was a painting of Father Frost (Santa’s Slavic cousin), and a writing in Russian above his red cap, saying: "Happy New Year!" I began to rub and scrub the window glass, trying to clean it from the dirt and the outdated painting. But the painting wouldn’t come off.


The hostel represents the Church. One room with a lot of space and light portrays the situation for the few who move out of church organizations to accept the truths MM promotes. They have Jesus’ personal guidance, more spiritual light and freedom to follow His Spirit and grow in faith. There is much Light of His truth when we follow Him directly.

The other room represents those who set their priority on human relationships and staying with ‘the group’. They have neither space to grow spiritually, nor enough of the light of Jesus pure truth. The tiny baby beds represent the limitations set to their spiritual development. They will stay babes for as long as they remain in that place. But they are deceived to value their human friendships higher than what God wants to give them. They do not care to keep the Light coming in, hence the window is half obscured by curtains and dirty (limited, erroneous teachings, polluted by falsity and syncretism – truth mixed with pagan customs). Paganism has been so strongly ‘engraved’ in their teachings that it cannot be removed! Hence the painting would not come off.


Believers Need Spirit Baptism


9th February 2007. Mila. Newborn baby with a healed deformity.

I gave birth to a baby boy. He looked healthy and joyful, with an intelligent look in his eyes. Somehow I knew that although yet unborn, the baby had had some sort of deformity or defect which had been miraculously healed at his birth. The baby had a large pink mark on the face where the defect had been. The mark had the form of a semi-oval with its base above the upper lip, and covered the entire area between the lips and the nose. The mark itself was making his face look rather peculiar, diminishing his otherwise handsome features. However I did not worry, because I knew that it would gradually disappear.

I went outside to the backyard of our house. There I saw a large container (like a barrel) filled to the brim with fresh and pure rainwater. I washed myself with this water. Then the baby was brought out to me, and I washed him in that water as well.

The next episode I remember was about my going back into the house with the baby in my arms. As I was turning around the corner, there was another container with pure fresh rainwater standing under a drainpipe. I looked at my bare feet and saw that they were dirty with mud. So I washed my feet. Then I saw a few spots of mud on the baby’s feet, and washed them as well.

Meaning: The woman shown in the dream is the True God’s Church, and the baby is any truly converted believer in an early stage of spiritual development. When people get involved in Christianity (which has descended into ‘churchianity’), they are not truly born of the Spirit yet. They need true conversion. And they need error eradicating.

In this dream God compares such church-goers with the prenatal stage of a fetus, which has a deformity. When we are finally converted and sincerely give ourselves to the Lord, that defect is miraculously healed by the power of His Spirit, and we are born of the Spirit then.

The deformity symbolises wrong teachings, wrong emphases, and hence unacceptable ways of worship. Defects (like hair lip) can develop in a fetus from a nutritional deficiency. Deficient teaching leads to spiritual blemishes.

When we seek the Lord with a pure heart He delivers us from such ugliness. So, ‘the pink mark’ will gradually disappear, as long as we are willing to ‘live by faith, accept His correction, and change accordingly.

The pure fresh rainwater symbolizes what has come from God’s ‘downpour of the Spirit’, the current Spiritual Revival, and hence His restored biblical teaching which has been given to wash us and help us grow. 0

Interestingly, just as the Lord told His disciples, the dream depicts that even when we are washed and clean (spiritually), since we still live in this evil world, we get its mud on us, and need to ‘wash our feet’ – our ‘walk’, or ways – in order to appropriately enter His holy House.


Tribulation Is Coming: Hurry,

Get Cleaned Up!


April 4, 2007. Mila. 1) Dirt in the Churches.

I saw an apartment house in the centre of our little town – a two-storey building. [A few years ago I was shown the same building, and all the ‘Jews’ were called to gather there for protection. A friend met us at the entrance and silently led us through some rooms down underground.]

The house seemed to have been turned into a hostel of some kind, and I was taking a delegation there. We were coming in a taxi. I don’t know how it was possible, for there were 100 people in that delegation.

I had to arrange their accommodations and later take them to the next-door sauna to wash themselves. I was concerned that it would take a whole day for all of them to wash in that sauna, which was rather small. I wondered if it could hold 10 persons at a time, and whether it had two separate departments for male and female customers.

I thought each person would need at least an hour to get washed.

As the taxi driver was taking us to the ‘hostel’ he didn’t stop on the road in front of it, but passed it, and turned left to go around the building. The territory in front of the building and on either side was cleaned up and swept neat. Yet as we got behind the house, we found all the trash heaped up and left there. The pile was so high, it was higher than the building itself. And it was so huge that it took up all the backyard area, leaving us no space to go by.

The driver tried to go up the heap, but it was so steep that he only got half way up and then the car took a nose dive. Amazingly, we didn’t crash. I was not hurt at all, but I am not sure about the passengers in the back of the car.

Meaning: The house definitely depicts the Church in Ukraine. It contains many different confessions and denominations, just as a hostel houses many different people. To outsiders it looks good, but hidden round the back there’s a lot of dirt and trash hidden. It has been piled up there, not thrown away or dealt with. So now it reaches higher than the building of the organized Church itself.

I am not sure why I was taking this delegation there. If it has any relevance to the dream given a few years ago, it may mean that they are those whom God wants to give a chance to be protected during the Tribulation, if they manage to get washed on time by the waters of God’s truth and by His Holy Spirit. [Yes!!]

All Christian believers need to get washed spiritually, but churches don’t provide such a possibility. A sauna is a luxury thing, built for spending leisure time, enjoying oneself. It’s not good for providing masses of people with an opportunity to get washed quickly. So is the Church today. It helps people enjoy themselves, but doesn’t help them get spiritually cleansed. My concern in the dream was that they would not have enough time for it, because it would take the entire day for all the 100 to get washed in that sauna. I was not allowed to know what the occasion was for them all gathering together, but I believe the sense of urgency I had signifies the events of the Tribulation closing in on us.

Also, there were 100 people in that delegation. It can be regarded as 50 x 2, or 25 x 4.

50 x 2 means the certainty (2) of release (50) from Death and Sin through God’s plan of Salvation that is coming to its completion in this Age.

25 x 4 (5 x 5 x 4) would have the meaning of the whole world (4) being offered God’s grace (5) through the preparation (5) by humbling in the Tribulation.


The Church is Unfaithful

9th May 2007. Mila. Jesus is sad.

I met my Beloved in town. I was happy to see Him, yet at the same time broken in my heart, because I had not been faithful to my Beloved, and He knew it. His eyes were sad, even though He still loved me. I was filled with remorse, and I knew that I was not fit to be His Bride. [Mila was put in the place of the Church.] So, I thought He would not consider marrying me now. Even still, I hoped that I could be given another chance in our relationship. I was hoping to have another meeting with my beloved.

In the next scene which I remember from that dream, I was at work (an office in a large building). I seemed to be a secretary in that office. Then my friend came. She told me that I could take a coffee break and she would stay and fill in for me while I am out. So I went out.

As I was leaving, a telephone rang. I heard my friend answering it, talking cheerfully to someone. Then she called me through an open window and handed me the receiver. I was hopeful that it was a call from my Beloved. However, when I answered, I heard someone I did not know, saying things that made no sense to me. I think it was a solicitor trying to sell us something we did not need. I felt very disappointed. Yet I hoped to meet my Beloved again.

Meaning: I was put in place of any true believer (or ministry) who had been misled by false teachings and the established practices into spiritual adultery – following church leaders and giving allegiance to religious organizations instead of to Jesus. Any true believer, who accepts the lost truths the Lord is restoring today, will see their unfaithfulness to the Lord and will be humbled (just as Peter was humbled when he realized how he had denied his Lord). They will want to be cleansed from their spiritual adultery and be restored to Jesus. Christ is saddened by the unfaithfulness of His Church, bought by His own blood, yet He is faithful in His love, which endures forever. Even though we are not deserving, He has love and mercy to forgive and the power of His Spirit to purify all who humble themselves and turn back to following Him wholly in everything.

The part in the office seems to have two levels. On a more general level it shows that many Christians serve in human edifices, called ‘churches’ where they hope to hear from the Lord, but instead, some ‘strangers’ (false ministers, false apostles and false prophets) call. His true followers do not recognize their voices, nor do those messages make sense to Jesus’ true followers (Jn.10:5).

On a personal level, this part may show our ministry of helps (helping others is the main work of a secretary), and how we eagerly await to meet with our Lord. It may also mean that I (or Steve) will have contact with someone new, whose message will not make a whole lot of spiritual sense, him (her) being a false minister, and bringing it from selfish motivation. It may also indicate that some time soon I will have a short break from my work.


Weeping For Sin


April 7, 2007. Wailing and weeping.

In this dream I was wailing and weeping in great anguish. The sweat was rolling off my body, as if every pore of my skin was shedding tears.

Meaning: One fulfillment of the dream came on the following day, Sunday, April 8th. It was Easter Sunday, and I felt an unusual sadness in my spirit. Every time I tried to pray I had no words, but instead I would begin to weep and wail. There was no obvious reason for it.

At first, because I could find no other explanation, I thought that I was just missing my husband. I do miss my husband, but it was not the reason for such acute anguish. I soon realized that it was coming from God’s Spirit, expressing His grief about His people fooled into believing that by celebrating a pagan festival (Ishtar, or Easter, the goddess of fertility) they honour the resurrection of our Lord Jesus.

Comment: Bearing the burden (emotional) of the sins of the churches. It mentions groaning in the Spirit in Romans 8:26, where the Spirit makes intercession for us with groanings that cannot be uttered. Some can be uttered!


Further Reading: The Truth About Easter (Eas)


Prepare! Prepare!


Kassahun in Ethiopia has been given hundreds of dreams by God. Some of these exhort believers to be more urgent and earnest. There is Great Tribulation about to flood the world, and it will also engulf the Church. Why must God allow it? Because of her somnolence and apathy.


Here are some of the things God has been saying to him:


Sept 30, 2004. Kassahun. Prepare! Prepare!

0I heard a voice saying, "Prepare, prepare, for what is coming on earth. Let your faith correspond to the truths I have given you." The voice was like an echo reaching far and near.

Meaning: Now is the time to walk by faith. It prepares us for difficult times ahead. Repetition is for emphasis!


Sustained With A Holy Zeal


A dream given to Kassahun Ayele on 28th Feb 2002:

I found myself in a church on the Sabbath. At first it seemed that the church was a big house, but afterwards I saw that it is a wide hall! I entered and sat on a pew. I saw you and your family, including Richard with others, sit down on pews here and there. There were only a few of us [few are chosen, Matt 22:14]. There was no one on the platform.

Then I saw a tall man wearing a cloth suit [this is either Jesus or an angel representing Him]. He approached the pulpit but didn’t go up to it. I was astonished. He began to speak and said, "I notice that the pews are empty." His gaze focused on those of us who were present. He said to us, "You are faithful witnesses. I congratulate you on your courage, faith and steadfastness. Stay faithful to God."

Light was radiating from our faces.

The man added, "Be of good courage, soon you will receive a power which will give you strength and vigour. You will be sustained with a holy zeal as never before. Be faithful. The night is approaching quickly. Your task and mission in the world are still not completed. Soon you will receive the power that God promises to His children and very soon the work will be finished."


Terrible Dream of Tribulation!


16 Jan. 2001. Kassahun. I dreamt this dream! It was terrible!

It was evening and I went out of my home. It was very dark. I raised my eyes to the dark heaven and I saw a meteor shower filled all heaven. I was surprised to see such a vast meteor shower in one night because it was unusual.

When I looked to the east of where I was standing, I saw fire coming down from heaven like rain. When the fire touched the earth it exploded like dynamite and spread all over the place. I was terrified. My body shook. I was the only one who saw this terrible scene.

While I was standing there, the fire began to move to the place where I was standing, destroying houses and buildings. The coming of the fire looked like a flood rolling and riding with great speed to destroy all things. I began to run to escape from the fire. I ran and ran preaching that the fire of God is coming and people must repent and turn to God in order to escape this consuming fire. But the fire was coming behind me while I was running to escape the fire.

Suddenly I saw a great deep [chasm] coming between me and the fire. I jumped the deep and rested on a green and beautiful pasture. But the fire moved with much speed destroying and burning all the houses and buildings, all the electric poles and other things. But I am saved from the fire.

Immediately the night passed and light came. People gathered to see all the ruins, the burning ground and the dark soil. I began to preach to them about the cause of the destruction and I awoke.

What is it? What do you think? I eagerly await your reply.



Reply: About your dream. I believe it depicts in symbol the coming time of tribulation to engulf the region where you live. It is probably part of the Great Tribulation that Jesus mentioned in Matthew 24, and which I have explained in Understanding the Book of Revelation.

The meteor shower from heaven reminds me of the description in Revelation 6:13 about the stars falling from the sky in John's vision. God has given you a similar vision, showing how it is relevant to your own region, and how it will affect you.

This meteor shower in your vision may be a symbol of the demonic hordes that God is allowing to be released for this last time, to cause an upsurge in violence, war and unrest. John saw something similar when God showed him Satan being cast out of heaven to the earth (Rev 12:9,12).

In Revelation 12:16, John also describes the earth opening up to help the woman (the true believers who preserve God's truths), just as you saw the earth opening up to help you, by forming a buffer between you and the coming onslaught.

The imagery of fire, which burns and destroys buildings and land, almost certainly depicts war and violent conflict. It is to come from the east. Immediately to your east is Somalia, and Eritrea to the north-east... or over the Red Sea, Arabia (but I don't think it means Arabia). Perhaps the cause of the conflict will be something that erupts in either (or both) of those two neighbouring countries, and causing terrible destruction in Ethiopia. We cannot be sure of the details until after the event, but God is forewarning you, so that it doesn't take you too much by surprise.

I think God has given you this dream at this time [this was in 2001], because you are teaching about similar revelations which God gave to the apostle John in about AD 96. It is very timely, and He is showing that He is the same today as He was in AD 96. He reveals His secrets to His servants the prophets (Amos 3:7).

The dream conveyed that only you saw all this, which probably means that God has given this vision about coming destruction in Ethiopia to you, but not to anyone else. He has shown you what is to come in your region, just like He only revealed the Apocalypse to John, which was a visionary sequence for the whole (particularly the Christian) western world, leading up to Jesus' coming.

We are now so close to His return, a mere handful of years away! Time is short. Prophecy is marching on!

Only those who are totally dedicated to God will be shown the way out through this time of trouble, as He has promised to you.

All others, half-hearted believers, compromisers and rebellious ones will find themselves caught up in the fires of trouble "which come upon the whole world to try them that dwell on the earth." (Rev 3:10.)

You wrote: "Immediately the night passed and light came. Peoples gathered to see all the ruins, the burning ground and the dark soil. I began to preach to them about the cause of the destruction and I awoke."

The night is this time of spiritual darkness we are now living in, when war and horrible events take place in the world. The light is the coming of Jesus (both physical and spiritual). Physical coming = when the whole world will learn His truth and obey it. Spiritual coming now = those whom He has called now are seeing the light and learning to live by it.

The people gathering to look at the ruins depicts how they will learn from the mistakes. God uses these experiences of horror to teach people that it's all the result of disregarding what He says in His Word. It's the consequence of sin. And your preaching to them the cause of this destruction shows that God is using you to teach them (both now and in the future), explaining to them about God's truth and why it is important for everyone to live by it.

You also wrote: "I run and run preaching that the fire of God is coming and people must repent and turn to God in order to escape this consuming fire."

This depicts the calling upon your life. God has called to you ‘run’ (see Habakkuk 2:2) with the prophecies and teaching God has given you. The major function of the prophet in warning others is to exhort them to repent and turn away from their own ways and to live by God’s ways.

Malcolm B Heap

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