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Preparing The Way

For Worldwide Peace



By Malcolm B Heap, Midnight Ministries

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 On 13th January 2016, the seven angels delivered a message to Rhoda in Kenya about reaching out to the Muslim countries of north Africa. In that message the angels said that it will be remembered from generation to generation how God used MM literature to bring peace to the whole world.

At first glance that statement sounds not just radical but unreal. How could MM publications possibly bring world peace? For peace to come worldwide, the truth in the publications would have to be accepted by everyone. And for that to happen, the lit must go to just about everyone – a huge undertaking, more than we could manage – and God would have to open up all minds to comprehend it, be brought to repentance and into obedience to God. All that, in this present evil world under the influence of Satan and billions of demons, is inconceivable. We know it’s not God’s plan to convert everyone in this age. So, how can we reconcile those angelic words with God’s plan?

Well, Jesus is the one who will bring world peace. But before He can come, a work must occur to cover the whole globe with the final message of the Gospel (Matt 24:14). And if you have studied the details in the Elijah booklet, Who Is The End-Time Elijah?, you know that restoration is pivotal in this final message. The truth of God, the Gospel of God, must be restored in all its facets to complete the Great Commission and to fulfill the prophecies. Such is necessary to prepare the Way (Matt 17:11) before Jesus can return. If this restoration of Truth was not to occur, then Jesus could not return. Jesus’ coming is predicated upon this Final Restoration happening.

Moreover, the precepts MM lit contains will be lived out by the whole population of the world after Jesus establishes His government on earth. Biblical morality, as expounded in MM lit, will establish universal harmony through the obedient submission of humanity to the Holy Spirit.

Hence the angels’ words. What MM brings in the lit, and what MM does in spreading the Word of Life, achieves God’s object of preparing the way so that Jesus can return, and world peace can then be realized.

MB Heap June 2016

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