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God Speaks to the WCG


By Malcolm B Heap, Midnight Ministries

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Take heed that no one deceives you,

for many will come in My name...

and will deceive many

(Matt 24:4,5).

God has spoken to the WCG!

The Worldwide Church of God (WCG) was once a tool in God's hands. It vigorously promoted the truths it knew to the outside world via radio, TV, and many vital publications. But in the nineties, it fell into rapid demise.

Now it is a mere shell of its former 'glory'.

Why did the church fall?  Where did it go wrong?

What did God say to her that led to the current debacle?

And what does He say to the WCG even now?

This book reveals all that, and more.

The WCG is an example to all other churches not to take lightly

the words of God's prophets, nor compromise the Word of God.



The chapters below can be accessed by simply clicking on the little book to the left of the description.  The chapters are linked together and may be read sequentially by simply clicking "Next" to proceed forward or "Previous" to view the previous chapter.  Clicking the "Content" button will return you to this page.

The WCG Heritage

WCG Freemasons
A Prophet's Warning Mind Control
The Open Letter to the Church The Makings of a Cult
"I Will Cut Short Your Strength" O, How Are The Mighty Fallen!
Further Warnings Go Unheeded Finishing Off the WCG

Vindictive Rhetoric


     - Articles For the WCG

    - Understanding The Mind of God Series



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