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God Speaks to the WCG

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9 Articles for the WCG

 These articles (A4 size) were written in early 1995, at a time when

the WCG was rapidly assimilating doctrinal error.

Their contents will still enlighten those from a WCG background, despite the passage of time.


1. Worldwide Church of God: O, How Are The Mighty Fallen!                  

The major part of this article has been reproduced in chapter 10 of this publication.


2a. Worldwide Church of God: Proof That It Is Not, Nor Ever Has Been, The Only True Church.

6 page article, showing that this early dogma upon which the WCG was founded was unbiblical and unreal.

2b. Worldwide Church of God: Exposing the Rot!

Pernicious dilution of truth is only one aspect of church apostasy that is swiftly consuming the church from within. In this instalment, we describe other failings which are dragging it deeper into Satan’s embrace. (10 page article).          


3. Worldwide Church of God: Where Do We Go From Here?          

Spiritually, the WCG is in a mess. It is floundering in a sea of confusion. This confusion has been caused by Satan’s control of the church through corrupt leadership – false ministers. This article outlines the major flaws in church structure and teaching which are contributing to its rapid downfall. (12 page article)


4. The Corrupt Leaders of The Worldwide Church of God

WCG members are mostly unaware of the gross corruption perpetrated by those who lead them. If they were, they would not want to be associated with such men! The sins of the leadership have been covered up or camouflaged and members kept in ignorance. Those who have led the WCG for decades are devious! (16 page article).                                             


5. Should You Leave The Church?

Members don’t know which way to turn. Should they stay within the church and sit as spectators, watching foundational concepts demolished around them? Or should they get up and run? If God has placed you within this church, would He want you to leave? (4 page article).                                      


6. Worldwide Church of God Versus Midnight Ministries

Confrontation is unpleasant, but unavoidable where the forces ofl light and darkness meet. A confrontation exists between the leaders who control the WCG and myself. Who is light and who is darkness? You need to discern, but how can you tell? (8 page article).                                  

7. Should You Judge In The Church?

Traditionally, WCG members have been taught not to exercise their spiritual discernment. They have been misled to think that is judging in a wrong sense. You need to judge in the church, otherwise you will be led astray by deceivers! You must test the spirits (1 John 4:1). (4 page article).                      


8. Did Jesus Fulfil The Law For Us?

One of the latest doctrines of demons to be swallowed by the WCG is that we don’t really have to keep the law. Jesus effectively did it for us, they claim. That is a lie! While keeping the law does not earn us salvation, NOT keeping CAN earn us spiritual death. What do you want? (4 page article).                   


9. Are You Among The Foolish Virgins?

Before He went to heaven, Jesus warned the Church about falling asleep shortly before His coming. That is occurring now! ALL the virgins fall asleep (Matt 25:5). What did He mean? Have you been lulled to sleep by those who lead the WCG ever deeper into spiritual apostasy?               

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Apostasy in God’s Church!

Despite what many think, it is possible for God’s children to be beguiled by the devil and fall away! Satan CAN deceive the elect! You need to beware and be alert to his tactics. This booklet explains major areas of deception, and how to recognise false ministers.                             


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