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God Speaks to the WCG

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Vindictive Rhetoric


Here is part of a letter I wrote in 1992 to the WCG, requesting them to retract hostile and untrue statements made about me from their pulpits. WCG leaders mounted a vindictive attack against me. Because they refused to be corrected, they accused me of resentment and bitterness and other negative traits. While they were misjudging the motive for my activities, they were busy fulfilling their own accusations! Their intent was to polarise WCG minds against any value in our ministry, and thereby maintain their influence and control.

What WCG leaders did was guided by demons. They infected the minds of their flocks with the same demonic traits by psychologically manipulative statements. Some of these comments were made casually in informal conversation, but some were deliberately voiced from the pulpit! They were intended to thwart the work of God’s prophets who are crying out for the spiritual release of God’s people. What I include in this chapter is merely one example of the demonic assault WCG has waged against me.


Slammed For Doing Good


In 1992 I wrote to a leading WCG minister, in whom I still had confidence at the time, hopeful that he would respond positively to my input. After more than 20 years in the WCG, I still felt a great warmth and affinity with him and with others there (although we were denied any personal contact). I was hopeful that he would ‘grasp the nettle’ and take necessary steps to reverse the spiritual attrition occurring as a result of false ministers guiding the ‘ship’.

Here is some of what I wrote:


....He [God] is engineering a situation where you will be in a position to give the church a moral lead at a time when it has never needed it more. You will have to take a strong stand to effect justice and to be uncompromising, regardless of human loyalties. [He later defaulted in his duty!] We must not look to the flesh, but to the Spirit.

...You will recall some statements which have been made against me from the pulpit by certain in the ministry. Xxxxxx Xxxxxx seems to have backed down now... [Xxxxxx Xxxxxx preached a vindictive sermon intended to polarise WCG members against me. It had its desired effect! He soured the minds of WCG members, who were already highly prejudiced against any spiritual input from outside the WCG!]

Also, one of my former friends in College, Xxxxxx Xxxxxx has, openly in church, made some unfortunate comments about me which, although I don’t think they were in his heart to make, have nevertheless deterred people from the spiritual latitude to which they should be entitled. I enclose a copy of the transcript of what was said... [and] what was specifically implied about me which was libelously incorrect. I repeat that here:

“...But do be aware that there are many ‘dissident’ groups. There’s one individual in this country at the moment, who left the church down [in], I think it was the Dunstable congregation that he left... uhm, or actually was I believe disfellowshipped from the church. But he has taken it upon himself to be basically a clearing house for many, many other church groups. Not all of them dissident church groups from the Worldwide Church of God, many of them simply other church organisations, Christian organisations and he will distribute it to members of the church if he can get hold of their names and addresses.

“So that is always and has been for years a constant problem to us is the way that many of these dissident groups get your names and addresses. Sometimes they are members of congregations who have naturally the names and addresses of many friends and they start with the friends. Then they ask the friends to send it to their friends and so the circle of names and addresses builds up. Sometimes they ask the friends to send them names and addresses of members. Sometimes they just out and out steal the addresses if they have been employees of the church, and one man in the United States stole a mailing list, a substantial sized mailing list of the United States membership and you know that’s how he’s distributed his literature.

“What you will find with the vast majority of these groups is that they prey on the Church of God. They very often do not have a work, to go out and preach and teach according to the biblical instruction, of their own. [That is a blatant lie!!] Their work is, as they see it, is to destroy and tear apart within the Church of God. [That is another lie. Jeremiah’s work was to tear down the evils that God’s people were carelessly constructing. Today’s prophets are sent to do the same.] That’s why you get the literature. You don’t see it on a stand down at New Street Station. You don’t see it on a nationally shown television programme or radio programme, or on Sky television, or in any other way in newspaper adverts advertising this wonderful truth and gospel from the word of God to the public. It’s a destructive, often resent-filled, revenge-filled, hate-filled, presentation [it wasn’t in my case — I pleaded with WCG administration to heed what I was warning them about, out of love, not hatred!] that is made to the members of the Church of God, because their bitterness runs so deep.” [My response to WCG abuse is not out of resentment, but in response to the Holy Spirit.]

I am not bitter, I am not revenge-filled, nor hate-filled, and the literature I have been distributing has never displayed any of the evil qualities which he has been wrongly informed it does. Our literature is designed to lead people closer to God, and wean them from the milk of the Word onto stronger meat, which the Worldwide ministry are preventing by their vindictive opposition towards us.

I have asked Xxxxxx as well as Xxxx Xxxxxxxxxx to re-dress the situation, but have received no reply.... Please encourage him to do what is right regardless of what higher human administration in the church says. If he does, everything will work out right in the end, even if he takes ‘flack’ for it initially. If he doesn’t, he will learn to his sorrow that disobedience to God can be extremely painful and humbling. I don’t wish him any ill. I only wish to see us reconciled and the membership set free spiritually.

I notice that Victor Kubik was the one who instigated those comments against ‘dissidents’. He may have had a point with regard to Gerald Flurry and William Dankenbring. Their works will be short-lived if they do not repent of their spiritual negativism. But to lump together all who are outside the confines of the WCG as ‘dissidents’, implying they are equally spiritually damaging is misleading and against the most recent WCG policy. It is wrong to imply that Truth is only available inside the Worldwide Church of God. [It certainly ISN’T now!]

It was Victor himself who, on his most recent message, has stated that, “your salvation does not depend upon whether your name is on a computer listing in Pasadena” or words to that effect. This supports the previous statement by Michael Snyder that God’s Church transcends denominational barriers. Good! I’m glad to hear it at last! Now let’s see the rest of the ministry begin to live and speak as though they really believe the same thing!

Let’s hear them retract the false vindictive statements they have made against others outside the WCG – statements of the same ilk for which they condemn others, but which they themselves are guilty of. Just who ARE the ones subtly making the vindictive, slanderous, accusing statements? When it is done under the auspices of ‘the Church’, it is OK, because that is the Church of God. Oh, yes? Don’t you believe it! But when it is done by others outside the church, even if there are legitimate grounds for such accusations, that is categorically wrong! This one-sided duplicity is vile, and God will put an end to it. If it finishes off the organisation of the WCG at the same time, as far as God is concerned, that is tough! If they don’t turn, they will be finished. Expediency will give way to righteousness in the end. God never stops at anything in His Work as the Master Potter. He will fire us twice over if He has to, to purify us. He doesn’t think as we do. God is God, we are mere men.

May I make a small request? Would you be so good as to send us a copy of the Worldwide News each issue? We would like to keep abreast of the important changes taking place in the church where our heart has been for the past 27 years. [It is no longer!] Thank you. The WWN is made available to all church members. If the church administration lives up to the statement Victor Kubik made, it will concede that we never ceased to be church members, for the Spirit of God knows no organisational limits.

[I was declined a copy of the WWN, even though I had donated several hundred pounds to the WCG after being disfellowshipped! Would I have done such a thing if I were “bitter” and “filled with resentment”? Of course not! I was ever hopeful that they would repent. But they didn’t. They only hardened their hearts and went deeper into sin. Their antagonism against us worsened.]

I would also like to ask what is going to be done about re-educating the minds of all members served from Elstree House with regard to the old cliché, “God’s Church", or “The Church of God", implying that the Worldwide Church of God is the one and only true Church? That is a falsehood which needs instant rectification. It is a prejudice still deeply embedded in the minds of most members.

Doubtless, the WCG contains many led by the Spirit of God [I seriously wonder about that, now!], who are true members of God’s Church (the spiritual Body), but it also contains the tares, as do all other church organisations, some more so than others. The synagogue of Satan is everywhere where God’s people are too.... [End of portion of letter.]


The WCG hierarchy did not respond positively at all! They did nothing God wanted of them.




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