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God Speaks to the WCG

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Further Warnings Go Unheeded


In December 1992 I sent several warnings to various influential people in the WCG about the moral crisis that would bring about the church’s downfall. But no one listened. I tried every way I could to get the point across. It made no difference what words one used or how things were phrased, WCG intransigence and pride were a mixture harder than concrete!


The Prophet Cares


To me at that time, nothing was more on my heart than seeing their church leadership repent and these people turn. How naïve I was! God had called me through that organisation, so that I would have an empathy for them and really care. The prophets God raises up to sound the alarm are not unfeeling, hardened individuals who are gripped by a desire to see destruction and woe befall those to whom they are sent to prophesy. No. They are ones who do care. That is why God uses them.


And in saying that I am a prophet – something that immediately raises the hackles on many necks – I do not mean to set myself up as anything special. In human terms, I am nothing. God is everything; and because He is, when He uses anyone as a prophetic voice, while that person is of no intrinsic worth, what they convey is supremely important.


Whenever God speaks, no matter who the vehicle of transmission is, we should all take careful note. Don’t look to the ‘packaging’. Look past him (or her). Take note of the ‘package’ they are commissioned to bring.


The Letter of 6th December 1992


On 6th December 1992, a letter was sent to 9 prominent ministers in the WCG and a member of the board of trustees in the UK. It warned of false ministers in the church, abusing the flock. It also exhorted to put up a real fight for the faith once delivered. At that time, Tkach’s worst attack against the faith had not begun! But like most prophetic warnings, it was ignored. Its words have since proved true – to those who can discern!


6th December 1992


...When Jude wrote his epistle to those “who are loved by God the Father and kept in the faith by Jesus Christ” (notice by JESUS CHRIST, not by those who claim to be His ministers), he wished that they may “ever experience more and more of mercy, peace and love!” (Jude 1-2 Phillips).

It is timely to repeat the message of Jude here, now that we have come full circle since those times. The crisis which the Worldwide Church of God now faces is directly attributable to the same problem of satanic inroads into the Church which Judas addressed back then.


Faith Once Delivered Under Threat


Just as Jude was compelled by the Spirit to alert the brethren then, so I feel “compelled to make my letter to you an earnest appeal to put up a real fight for the faith which has been once for all handed on to those who are committed to God. For there are certain men who have surreptitiously entered the Church but who have long ago been marked out for condemnation. They have no reverence for God, and they abuse His grace as an opportunity for immorality. They will not recognize the only Master, Jesus Christ our Lord.

“I want to remind you of something that you really know already: that although the Lord saved all the people from the land of Egypt, yet afterwards He brought to their downfall those who would not trust Him. And the very angels who failed in their high duties and abandoned their proper sphere have been deprived by God of both Light and Liberty until the judgment of the great day. Sodom and Gomorrah and the adjacent cities who, in the same way as these men today, gave themselves up to” [the same basic lusts] (Jude 3-7, Phillips.)

These included, not only sexual depravity, but included “...pride, fulness of bread, and abundance of idleness... neither did [they] strengthen the hand of the poor and needy. And they were haughty, and committed abomination before Me: therefore I took them away as I saw [fitting]...” (Ezek 16:49-50 KJV).

“...These fellows, however, are ready to mock at anything that is beyond their knowledge, while in the things that they know by instinct like unreasoning beasts they are utterly depraved. I say, Woe to them! For they have taken the road of Cain; for what they could get they have rushed into the same error as Balaam; they have destroyed themselves by rebelling against God as did Korah long ago.

“These men are blots on the good-fellowship of your feasts, for they eat in your company without reverence, looking after no one but themselves. They are like clouds driven up by the wind, but they bring no rain. They are like trees in the autumn without a single fruit – doubly dead for they have been pulled up by the roots. They are like raging waves of the sea producing only the spume of their own shameful deeds. They are like stars which follow no orbit, and their proper place is the everlasting blackness of the regions beyond the Light. It was of these men that Enoch prophesied when he said:

“ ‘Behold the Lord came with ten thousands of His holy ones, to execute judgment upon all, and to convict all the ungodly of all their works of ungodliness which they have ungodly wrought, and of all the hard things which ungodly sinners have spoken against Him.’

“These are the men who complain and curse their fate while trying all the time to mould life according to their own desires. They ‘talk big’ but will pay men great respect if it is to their own advantage.

“Now do remember, dear friends, the words that the messengers of Jesus Christ gave us beforehand when they said ‘there will come in the last days mockers who live according to their own godless desires’. These are the men who split communities, for they are led by human emotions and never by the Spirit of God.

“But you, dear friends of mine, build yourselves up on your most holy faith and by praying through the Holy Spirit keep yourselves within the love of God... There are some whom you must pity because of their doubts; some you must save by snatching them out of the fire. But there are others for whom your pity must be mixed with caution, hating the very clothes which their deeds have soiled.

“Now to Him who is able to keep you from falling and to present you before His glory without fault and with unspeakable joy, to the only God, our Saviour, be glory and majesty, power and authority...” (Jude 10-25, Phillips).

Come out from them, O My people, lest you become accomplices in their sins and must share in their punishment.

Sincerely, in Jesus’ name,

Malcolm B Heap


It Has Now Happened!


Although this letter was written more than two years before Little Joe’s big heretical onslaught, it predicted of a coming attack against the faith once delivered to the saints (see underlined text). It warned of men who would split the church – “split communities”.


It warned of a coming onslaught against the faith and of the need for vigilance in looking to Christ to “keep you from falling”.


How many have fallen since Tkach’s insidious introduction of heresies in early 1995? Quite a number!


The Anonymous Letter


It is not generally appreciated that God speaks through His prophets today just as He spoke through His prophets of old.[7] He ‘sends’ a prophet to exhort the ungodly to repentance. If the hearers repent, all so well and good! But if they dismiss his warnings, the prophesied calamity later falls.


On 28th December 1992, I was given prompts by the Spirit to send the following letter anonymously to several hundred WCG members and all WCG offices, notifying them of matters which the WCG hierarchy needed to immediately address.


Due to irreconcilable differences between Joseph Tkach Jnr and Roderick C Meredith, Dr Meredith has officially severed his connections with the administration of the Worldwide Church of God, Pasadena, California.

From January 1993, he will be forming the Global Church of God, address.... [Since this was written, further political upheavals within his organisation led to him being ousted and beginning yet another splinter group.]

Unless the present corrupt administration of the Worldwide Church of God will admit their guilt in permitting the following illicit practices to continue, further demise and attrition will occur:

1. True authority in the Church has been substituted by satanic abuse under the guise of “Church Authority”. The present system of authority in the Worldwide Church of God is not a biblical form of church government.

2. The Worldwide Church of God now denies the power of God. It does not teach the truth about healing, as outlined in the Bible. It does not teach its members how to have and exercise REAL FAITH. It DENIES THE LORD THAT BOUGHT THEM!! (II Peter 2:1).

3. The Worldwide now teaches some ethereal, namby-pamby rubbish about the Holy Spirit being part of a Trinitarian concept. It does not teach the biblical truth about the Holy Spirit as the ACTIVE POWER of God.

4. No longer does the Worldwide administration seek after Truth. It wants to preserve its standing in the eyes of its members and in the eyes of outsiders, but not in the eyes of God. It will absorb any new doctrine to please men, irrespective of whether it is pleasing to God.

5. Abused and neglected former members have been persecuted for standing up for truth and justice. Equity has not been sought, nor the pursuit of re-dressing former injustices. A Church that does not seek the causes of justice and equity is a Church wandering aimlessly without the leadership of Jesus Christ.

6. The LOVE OF GOD may be talked about by those who lead the Church, but it is not evident that it is being practiced! If love were being properly practiced, there would be far fewer disfellowshipped from the church. Most who are dismissed from fellowship should never have been so cruelly treated. Many loyal Christians have been victimized and excommunicated by ministers who had no biblical right for such action.

7. The Worldwide Church of God faces inevitable collapse. It is no longer an effective tool in the hands of Jesus Christ because it does not discipline the ministers within who are tools of Satan. They should have been excommunicated, not left in office or posted into positions in the ‘field’ where they can further corrupt and infect the Church elsewhere. [Which is what happened to the men who persecuted us.]


In short, the inevitable demise of the Worldwide Church of God which will take place in due course, will be directly attributable to the failure of Worldwide leaders to heed the warnings of the prophets God has already raised up to speak out against such evils tolerated within the present structure.

If the warnings of the prophets are heeded now, further attrition can be prevented, but it is too late to reverse that which has already taken place.     

Signed:    Messenger




7.   Explained in the booklet Prophets and Prophesying from Midnight Ministries.



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