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From God For

Seventh Day Adventists

By Malcolm B Heap, Midnight Ministries

Copyright © Midnight Ministries

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permission, if full credit is given to the source (with the address) and if the contents are not altered.

Likewise, publications of Midnight Ministries may be translated into any other language

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God has spoken to prophets through dreams, revealing the heart of many people in the Seventh Day Adventist church. What He says is not flattering. This church is filled with pride. It worships at the altar of its human organisation. And, like so many others who have come to accept the need to keep the 7th day Sabbath, they think they have nothing much left to learn.

They know the words of Jesus to the seven churches in Revelation, but they don't think these below could apply to them:


I know your works, that you have a name that you are alive, but you are dead. Be watch- ful and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die, for I have not found your works perfect before God (Rev 3:1,2 NKJV).


I know your works that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot. So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth. Because you say I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing – and do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked – I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined in the fire, that you may be rich; and white garments, that you may be clothed, that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed; and anoint your eyes with eye salve that you may see (Rev 3:15-18, NKJV).


SDA folks are blind in so many respects. The pride in their organisation, in their heritage, in the dogmas handed on down from their past, have all blinded them to spiritual reality. They can't see that they are seriously lacking in spirituality!


They no longer read one Bible; they read two. They lift up the writings of Ellen G White to the level of the Bible, as if what she said was faultless, or near enough so. They don't see that what she wrote was not the last restoration at the End; it was a mix of truth and error. Maybe it contained a lot of truth. But the error disqualifies it in God's estimation.


Ellen White should not be 'deified', and – because there is not independent verification from God of inspiration on her writings – they should not be regarded as a faultless foundation of truth.


In contrast, God has spoken to a number of independent witnesses abroad (who have never met me in person), confirming to them that He has inspired MM literature, and that it has His divine approval.[1]


It doesn't take much leaven in the dough to leaven the whole lump. And where such pride exists, it contaminates the whole. This is why the SDA church is now a cult, and has become blinded, and apostate.


God has spoken through many dreams about this serious state of affairs, to lovingly warn SDA folks that they are in serious apostasy and need to WAKE UP! Jesus says:


As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Therefore be zealous and repent (Rev 3:19).


Through what follows, He is coming to you now and He says to you:


Remember therefore how you have received and heard; hold fast and repent. Therefore if you will not watch, I will come upon you as a thief, and you will not know what hour I will come upon you (Rev 3:3, NKJV).


Will you recognise His coming here? Many won't! It's up to you, whether you have the humility, meekness and fear of God, to listen and obey.


When A Prophet Is Among You


Most of the dreams which follow were given to Kassahun Ayele, a prophet in Ethiopia. The reason God gave him these night visions are several. True prophets don't seek acclaim for them- selves. They seek God and His holiness.


Kassahun was raised in the SDA church. You could say he is a 2nd generation SDA 'member'. But God called him out of that mindset, to move on and appreciate further truth.


This old nugget reveals an important way God works:


Hear now My words: If there is a prophet among you, I the Lord make Myself known to him in a vision; I speak to him in a dream (Num 12:6, NKJV).


My wife and I have received many hundreds of dreams in the course of our prophetic ministry since the early 1990s. These speak in allegory and symbol to the Church. They exhort and call for repentance and change. There is much wrong with the Church. Here are some samples:


Sorting Things Out


2nd Nov 1997. Helena. Dream of Sorting Things Out.

Unusual. Many things she didn't understand. There was a real mess which had to be sorted out, but it was so involved. It was hard to believe that things could have got so bad.


Meaning. The state of things in the Church. People's lives reflect a vast range of different problems that are the result of Satan's interference. Straightening everything out is not straightforward and takes a long time and considerable effort!


Religious Women


29th Nov 1997. Malcolm. Dream of Church, and Women with Head Coverings.

We went to a meeting hall where a church meeting was taking place and sat at the back. No one openly welcomed us or offered us a seat. We had to find one for ourselves. To get mine I had to remove a plate with some food left on it so I could sit down.


Meaning: To make room for us in the Church, we are clearing up the mess left by others. Illustrative of the chaotic spiritual state within.


In the audience was a row of ladies all wearing head scarves. They were all sitting together, as if part of a clone. They stood out from everyone else. You could tell they were 'religious' because of the strange way they wore their hair in buns on top, rather than letting it hang down. They also covered it with a head scarf. Even the teenage girls did this.


Meaning: Ritualism of all sorts grips the minds of many religious folk. They think that what they do by their own efforts, illustrated by the ritual in the dream, is what makes them accepted by God. Far from it! He is looking on the heart.


The Ever-Present Lion


16th December 1997. Helena. Dream of Lion.

In this dream a lion was bothering us. It was constantly present, causing a lot of trouble, continually looking for something to devour. Helena was in a big household (representing the Church). There was a lot of mess which needed clearing up. There were nasty creepy things getting in the way and a mound which was a nest of wasps. The lion was continually looking at us ready to pounce, so she gave him the nest of wasps to keep him happy.


Meaning. In whatever we do, the devil is there to cause trouble and cause aggravation. We are continually battling with unseen powers, but many children of God are oblivious to the depth of it all. They give place to the devil far too often without even thinking about it. Christians are not alert enough to see just how much confusion he causes. Each one is involved in a battle of resistance to the devil, of not complying with his evils.


Church Needs Radical Restoration


18th Nov 2000. M. The Empty Shell of a Building.

I was standing on a road, looking right into the empty shell of a building. It was tall (about 20 feet above ground) and went into the ground quite deep too (about ten feet below ground), but there was nothing in it. It was a mess, with old paint and paper peeling off the walls. It looked like a bombed out building in London during the Blitz. No one seemed to care about the state of this building. When I looked at it I thought "This has got such great potential. Why doesn't someone do something?! It could have floors put in and made so much more productive and useful."


Meaning: An allegory of the empty state of the Church. It has deep traditions and great potential, but it needs radical transformation. It needs the disciplined work of incorporating the missing aspects of the faith once delivered into its structure to make it what it should be. But who cares to do that? No one, it would seem!


Tolerating Demons


22nd Nov 2000. M. 'Wormy things' in Bedding.

In this dream I was looking at someone's bed. The duvet on top and the mattress underneath had lots of wriggling 'wormy things' in them. They were red in colour. It was a repulsive sight. I wondered how a person could put up with this situation, but it seemed that it didn't bother them.


Meaning: At this time we had a man staying with us who had a number of demonic strongholds in his life. His selfishness and self motivation and direction in his spiritual life are compared to the physical bedding.


Neglect, compromise and selfish pursuit allow demons to live in a person. God was illustrating his spiritual neglect through a pictorial physical analogy. This is a problem with many SDAs.


Many Don't Listen!


5th Dec 2000. H. Some people are just not listening to what God is trying to tell them!

An older man was listening to a tape about the Ark of the Covenant. I was in another room. I got annoyed at the man because he wasn't listening, but I could hear the message from my bed next door!


Meaning: One man is not listening to the truth. It applies to him, but it also applies to many others who are just like him. They are more involved in doing their own thing than in caring about God's truth and what He has to say.


Did you know the late Ron Wyatt, to whom God revealed the whereabouts of the Ark of the Covenant? It is sequestered away in an under- ground vault at Jerusalem.


My reason for asking you the question is because Ron was an SDA member. But he had a burning love for archaeology. He was an amateur archaeologist, earning his living as an anaesthetist in a US hospital, and spending much of his earnings in his time off, to uncover artefacts that proved the veracity of the Bible's accounts.


God led him to find Noah's ark, the lost cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, the place where Israel crossed the Red Sea, the true Mt Sinai (in Arabia), and the amazing location of the Ark of the Covenant.


God led him to these discoveries (see back page for details) because he was a humble, God- fearing man. And, unlike many SDAs, he was not prejudiced against other Christians. He preached in other churches, telling them of the amazing finds he had unearthed. He didn't dismiss them as unbelievers simply because they didn't keep the Sabbath, or understand its application to them.


The older man in the dream above represents church leaders. The man was listening to the account about the Ark. (SDA folks would be proud that Ron was an SDA fellow.) But he was not getting the message hidden in the symbolism of the Ark. Nor would he listen to important messages coming directly from God to His prophets!


You, as an SDA member or church leader, don't accept some vital aspects of truth. These can include the gifts of the Spirit – supernatural, divinely implanted gifts.


When Ron walked along the dusty road with the Israeli Department of Antiquities official outside Jerusalem, suddenly, without any provocation, he uttered these words: "That's Jeremiah's grotto and the Ark of the Covenant is in there."


His wife wrote about this strange happening:


Even though these words had come from his own mouth and his own hand had pointed, he had not consciously done or said these things. In fact, it was the first time he had ever thought about excavating for the Ark. The man with him, quite out of character, also reacted strangely. He said, "That's wonderful! We want you to excavate, and we'll furnish your permits, put you up in a place to stay and even furnish your meals!"


SDA Rejection Of The Gifts


Ron's words were a prophetic utterance. It was divinely given, like the prophesying which has taken place in Pentecostal circles for generations. And yet most SDA folks don't accept Pentecostals, nor prophesying, nor speaking in tongues (which is merely prophesying in other languages, some of them totally unknown and therefore regarded as gibberish), or interpreting tongues. These gifts of the Spirit are repudiated by SDAs, because their hierarchy reject them.


It's no wonder God has some strong words to say against the SDA church, which denigrates the holy things of God! They might 'keep the Sabbath', but that's worthless if it's merely a work of the flesh, when you shut the Spirit of God out in other ways.


Sabbath-keeping will not save anyone! It's the Spirit you need, for the Spirit gives life.


There are gifts of healings listed in 1 Cor 12:9 among the divinely given blessings of God to the Church. But, if you reject the Spirit and means by which such gifts come (because Jesus does not acknowledge church hierarchy and structure, nor work through it), you reject these wonderful gifts.


An SDA man once visited us to fellowship. He thought we would become SDA members. He invited us along to his church, and we went once. We had no intention of joining. We were just showing him that we were not prejudiced against his church like he was prejudiced against others.


After that meeting Helena was given a vision of dead flowers in a vase. They were pretty flowers but they were dead and lifeless, losing their beauty. That was an image of what is wrong with the SDA church in the spirit.


Some time later that man developed cancer. I wrote to him and included some books to help him raise his level of faith – if he was willing. I sent him Kathryn Kuhlman's I Believe In Miracles and a couple of other titles. They were paperbacks, but not cheap because the Kuhlman book is now out of print. He didn't reply.


I explained to him that these people, although they were not Sabbatarians like him and us, had been used by God in their time to preach a vital aspect of the End-Time Message. That's probably why he didn't reply.


SDAs have been filled with exclusivist dogma – a pride that says only their church has 'the truth'. Consequently they reject all others whom God uses (and by that they reject God, but they don't realise that) and reject the truth they bring. If they would only humble themselves, admit that they don't have all truth, and that they have things to learn from other Christians, they could benefit and be blessed by God. Our friend could have been healed. God will heal those who fear Him and obey Him, allowing their spirit to fashioned into God's pure spiritual image. But where there is stubborn pride locked in the heart, He is repelled and cannot help that person.


Such is the sad state of the SDA church for the most part. Ron Wyatt was an exception. There are probably few SDA members like him.


SDA Pride and Prejudice


I fully understand the blinkered dogma that blinds SDA folks, not because I was an SDA once. I wasn't. I never have been. But God did call me into a similar cult, which believed similarly that true Christians could not exist in other churches. This prejudice was ugly and hostile. It was bound up with pride and fear. It is a subtle form of hatred.


Of course, after God delivered us from the cult that He first drew us into, we could see the ugliness of this dogma. Tragically, it grips many in the SDA movement. If you are not part of 'their church', they cannot accept you like 'their own'.


Because I understand the depth of this evil prejudice against non-Sabbatarians, God had me write these publications to help deliver others with a similar mindset:


Understanding The Mind Of God: A Message To Worldwiders

Understanding The Mind Of God: A Message To Law-Keepers

Understanding The Mind Of God: A Message To Sabbatarians


To obtain these MM publications, please visit our order page.


God Raises Up An SDA Prophet


In a moment I will come to the dreams which God has given Kassahun. First, I should give you some background so you are under no illusions about prophets. They are very ordinary people, just like the biblical prophets were (Amos 7:14,15).


Prophets are not elevated, impressive men, who come with an air of authority dripping off them.


No, they are ordinary, humble people, but who have a burning zeal for truth and righteousness. That's what separates them from the majority.


But you can't see that easily. It's inside them (1 Sam 16:7). That's where God resides.


When Kassahun first got our written materials in Ethiopia, it was by a miracle. A series of God- ordained 'fortuitous' circumstances enabled our Awake! Awake! journals to find their way into a Christian library in Addis Ababa. Kassahun was moved by God to go there and was led to see them.


He wrote and requested his own copies, and was spiritually enriched by reading. In some of his early letters he explains how God was working in his life. Here is an excerpt from Newsletter 10 of August 2000 which contained them:


From Ethiopia


26th April 2000


        Greetings in the precious name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I thank my God for giving me this privilege to write to you. I got your address when I was reading your magazine in one of the Christian libraries. I got many valuable lessons from your magazine. I agree with your thought fully.

        I am a Sabbatarian. I have attended the SDA (Seventh Day Adventist) Church for the past 10 years. But I am not touched by their conservative attitude. I was asking for several years why the church did not accept the biblical teaching of healing and so on. Now I am alone with the truths of the Sabbath and healing teachings. When I got your magazine I really rejoiced and thanked God.

        As I told you, now I am alone. I left the SDA church because they didn't accept the full version of truth. I am teaching what God has given me. So if you please, send what you have so that I may profit with them. ... the truths, the whole counsel of God.

        ...May god bless all your efforts as you go ahead in the will of God. Thank you.   K.


16th May 2000


        I thank my Lord for your ministry. I can't express my joy. I am really blessed! You know something, because of my joy, I read the booklets from the time I get from my mailing bag. I read and read until midnight.  I am blessed, and profited from the word, the Holy Spirit is with me and confirms the message.

        I am a Sabbatarian for almost 15 years, the church which I worshipped (the Adventists church)  was so cold and I prayed much to experience the power of the Holy Spirit. How I long to be baptised with the Holy Spirit! But God is good! He began to answer my prayers – and He gave you to me and me to you – I really believe that your ministry is powerful.

        As to the question about the drought and famine you have seen and heard, it is terrible. Yes, the situation has affected me and my family. My mother has died recently. She was a diabetic patient. She couldn't get a proper diet. She was indeed a woman of God. She had a gift of dreams. She was a Sabbatarian before I was born. When I asked her why she chose to be a Sabbatarian she said that God told her to be so. She was fervent in spirit, but now she is with her Lord.

        The situation in my country is very terrible. War exploded recently. Please pray for us.

        Finally my brother, my prayer is with you...       K.


'Addicted' to truth


23rd June 2000


        I don't have language how to thank you for all the sacrifices you have paid from the day we first met by letter. Believe it or not I am addicted to your truth-loaded literature from the day I got it. Indeed, the words of the prophet are very powerful and can change the whole lifestyle of the person who humbly commits himself to the truths.

        I began to see this in my life. My soul rejoices in all the truths which I have read and assimilated in my life. Your literatures are all one..... They have warnings, they have rebukes, they have prophetic insights, they have counsels, they have witnesses, sermons and so on. This is the role of the Bible also (2 Tim 3:16).

        I have impressed [am convicted] by the truths of God's festivals. I have also impressed [am convicted] by the vision of Dumitru Duduman. I am also surprised by the miraculous manifestations in your midst. My faith is strengthened when I read....

        We are here now blessed. Let me tell you the recent doings of God. We are studying God's Word diligently. Some of us have been driven out from the 7th Day Adventist Church because of the truths about the gifts of the Spirit. They don't want to give a place for Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

We are also denouncing the pagan festivals which the Church has been keeping for several centuries. They are not interested in this case. But we will cry out in denouncing the satanic practices until the true people of God awaken from their sleep.

        By now, we began a small group for studying the truths of God. I have also been invited to teach the same truths in a mission ... here in Addis Ababa. They are interested to know more about God's Word. They have the gifts of the Spirit. They speak in tongues. I am teaching them every Thursday night for an hour.... Please pray for us.

I will go to... [two other towns mentioned] soon.... They are also eager to know this present truth. May God help me... I love all of you. I pray for you and your ministries...     K.


        I have received your AA magazines and booklets. How sweet they are! I don't know what to say! I really thank you. A thousand thank-yous. May God bless you and your ministries abundantly. I don't have gold or silver to give you, but I give you what I have. I pray always for you and your ministries. I promise you with God's help I will spread these powerful truths in my country in whatever ways and means. I love you.

        God is good. I began to teach the truths contained in the booklets which you have sent recently (Introduction to the Spiritual Gifts, Who is the End-Time Elijah?). God opened doors of ministry. We are some 20 people studying these powerful truths every Sabbath. I have also been given an invitation to teach the same truths in... cities in Ethiopia... but at this time I don't have money. I am trying to save some money to visit and teach the truths in those places.

        Moreover, God's Spirit has moved me to prepare a small pamphlet containing these truths in the native language Amharic. I am doing these under the title of "Midnight Caller". I take the title from your literature. I also began to translate the booklets to my native language. I am delighted. Please pray for us that we can get open doors of ministry to spread these powerful truths.

        You asked me how I manage to earn my living. Thank you for asking. I am working in a factory owned by state government. My monthly salary is £15 (175 Eth. brr.) I work 10 hours a day. The factory at which I am working now is doing its job 6 days a week including Saturday. It closes Sunday.

        Since I am a Sabbatarian, to observe the Sabbath I work 10 hours a day. The normal working hours are 8 hours, but I work overtime (2 hours added) without any payment, and enjoy God's Sabbath. So I work from Monday to Friday for 10 hours. I worship my Lord on the Sabbath with brothers and sisters.

        My salary is not much. I pay for house rent, electricity and water £6.00. The rest is for food. To reach from one month to another month, most of the time I eat only once a day. I wear new clothes once in 7 months, and now because of the famine and war, there is much lack of the basic necessities of life. Our economy is crushed severely by famine and war. Now it is very hard to live in Ethiopia. I am living by faith. I don't have any choice. My only hope and delight is my Saviour, Jesus Christ. My eyes are upon Him. I appreciate your willingness to share my problems. Thank you.

        ...Only God and me knows how much I am profited by your ministries. God has begun to set me free step by step using your ministries. I don't have words to express my deep love for the truths God has sent through His prophet, even you...

        ...My life is changing for the better. Indeed I have seen through you that "LOVE IS OUTGOING" (Understanding the Mind of God, Part 2, p 18).

        I love all the literature you have sent me. I have just read "The Mind of God, Part 2), and I have to say that I was very much touched by the powerful messages you wrote therein. I am so attached to this booklet and what it is saying to me that I can't put it down. I take it to work and read at lunch time. I am blessed with it. All the literatures are always interesting and informative. On top of that, it has been difficult to stop reading them because they are making the Bible understandable.

        Deep down in my heart, there is a burning desire to translate all the messages to my native language and spread them throughout my country. I have translated AA 3-4, and The Ark of the Covenant Discovered! because they are relevant here in my country....

        I have decided to print these messages as soon as possible. That is my work of this week and next week. Moreover I have begun to receive letters from the various places in the country, requesting literatures. So I believe this is the work of the Holy Spirit. Besides, various churches have decided to hold a conference in August. I and the brethren are praying to spread the truths. Most peoples in the churches are ignorant about the Sabbaths of God and imprisoned by the pagan systems of the world. Please pray for us. My desire is to do the will of God and walk with the revealed truths of God. That is my safety.

        Finally, Malcolm, go for Word by the power of God's encouragement. God is with you. He is beside you. I assure you that I pray always for you faithfully. Keep doing the work of God. Your reward is very great. I love you very much... Comfort by these words: "Fear not, [Malcolm], I am thy shield and thy exceeding great reward" (Gen 15:1)....   K.


Imprisoned and Tortured


25th July 2000


        God has done great things in my life through your blessed ministry. I am coming into a whole new Christian experience. I thank my Lord daily for His guidance.

        I always thank my Lord for you. I have accepted you as my spiritual father because I got your books, righteous instruction, edifications, knowledge, some rebukings, all of them are life to me. So you are more than an instructor as Paul said in his letter (1 Cor 4:15).

        The other day I was reading Understanding the Mind of God, Part 4. I was impressed and got valuable lessons from your experience. When I began to read about Yun's and Zizhong's story I really wept. I wept all the night. I am touched by their commitment to their Lord.

        I understand their trial because I was also imprisoned 4 years ago while I was at the meeting (crusade) held by Bro Bonnke here in Addis Ababa. At that time I was in prison for 15 days. I was tortured for my faith, so I can understand the pain of my brothers.

        The truths about the Kingdom of God; the Ten Virgins; the Holy Spirit; the Timing of Jesus' Death and Resurrection are all new to me. They cease not to amaze me. Indeed God has kept the good wine until now. Praise God. There is a burning desire in my heart to tell these biblical truths to those who are chained by tradition and ignorance about the saving knowledge of our God.

        Those who are studying with me are also amazed by the truths. They praise God with tears for revealing these mysteries to them.

        Two weeks ago I was invited to teach at a meeting held by some Sabbath-keeping brothers in their place. We have a good time together studying God's Word and investigating truths. I teach them about the pagan festivals such as Christmas and Easter. These pagan festivals are satanic and God is not pleased with those who respect these festivals. They are amazed and accept the truths and decided to keep only God's true festivals. So I was glad.... Please pray for me and for them....

        Keep sending me your books. They are my life second to the Bible. I always expect eagerly. I am also continuing to translate them into my native language. I am translating the booklet The Ten Virgins. Soon I will finish it and publish it. The Ark of the Covenant Discovered is printed now... Thank God who helps us in this regard. Pray for us.... I pray for you and your family.   K


From the above, you can see why God could then use Kassahun as a channel of His revelation through dreams to correct the SDA church and reveal what is wrong therein.


The Tribulation Will Be Soon!


Kassahun wrote a short while later about a dream which God had given him. It urges believers to realise the imminence of the Great Tribulation:


        I want to relate a dream which I have seen recently. Before I slept, I was reading the little booklet which you wrote about The Ark of the Covenant. I was impressed and struck with awe. While meditating about the matter, I slept. Suddenly I dreamt a dream.

        In my dream it seems to me that I was sitting on the top of a huge rock. I see people rush here and there, who are very confused, at the bottom of the rock. I realise that they are without Christ and without hope in this world. In my dream the day was sunny and bright. I began to think about the judgement of God.

        While I am sitting there and meditating about the judgement, suddenly the sky became dark. A terrifying storm followed and I was afraid. When I looked at the sky I saw elephant-like sharp teeth hang over all the sky. Those people at the bottom of the rock began to shout, and run to and fro, saying, "The judgement of God! The judgement of God!"

        Suddenly tongues of fire began to rain from the sky. Most of the people at the bottom of the rock burned. As the intensity of the pouring fire increased, a voice inside me told me that I must run to save my life to the nearest home of Christians.

        As soon as I heard the voice I jumped from the rock and ran to the nearest Christian home. The fire was falling to my right and to my left. When I arrived there I was surprised that the home was one of my teaching places. I was safe there. My brothers and sisters in Christ were also there. Then the fire ceased to be poured. I can't express the damage! All of the place was full of dead people. I was terrified and began to cry.

        I thought that there would also be a second round of fire pouring. The sky was dark, and the teeth were still hanging there. I began to shake and I couldn't stand very well. I shouted, and woke up promptly from my sleep.

        After I woke I was worried. I don't understand what God is saying to me. So I write to you. As God's prophet, God can reveal the mystery to you. Pray to God and tell me what the Lord has told you. Bless you! May God speak to you! Amen.


Yours to know the mystery,

Kassahun Ayele


        Reply: About your dream: God has not spoken to me specifically about it, as far as I am aware, but this is what I think it means. It is about the coming tribulation upon earth. It will last for 3½ years and lead up to Jesus' coming. (This is explained in various of our publications, especially the one on Revelation.) It is a time of great spiritual darkness upon earth, and severe physical conditions, with much suffering and anguish. God will allow it as part of His judgement upon people who refuse to obey Him and also upon the Church. Many believers refuse to accept the truth, and need purging with 'fire'. God has to allow that to happen.

        There will be great persecution against true believers, and many will die. There will be great confusion upon earth, with people not knowing which way to turn. But some who are actively involved in His service will be protected to enable them to fulfil whatever God has in His will for them. I believe that this is the meaning of the part of the dream where you went to the home of other Christians. In the dream God spoke to you to flee there. I believe He is telling you in advance that He will speak to you when the time comes, to flee to the place of protection that He has arranged for you in advance... people will seek your life because of the gospel.

        God will reveal other things to you in symbol in dreams as you need them. As you seek Him and meditate on the symbolism and what it could mean, He will reveal to you the meaning as He has done to us with the dreams He has given us.

        God bless your continued efforts!


And so God did. A short while later, God began to give Kassahun more and more dreams about the church of the SDAs. However, first, he was persecuted by them for his stand for truth!


Hostility From SDAs


He wrote:


        Thank you for your encouraging letter of 19th July ... you have sent to me with the wonderful truth-loaded literature.

        ... my joy has no limit because the truths are always the spiritual food for my soul. When I understand one spiritual truth, changes occurred in my entire life. My attitude, my thoughts and my mind completely changed for the better. Maybe it is hard to believe what I say, but what I told you again and again is a fact. I know where I was before I met with you and I know where I am today.

        Praise the Lord for this practicality in my life.

        I accept your advice regarding calling you or addressing you in my letters as 'prophet'! I have done that simply because I am convinced by the messages you have brought in your literature. Besides, I am convinced from the Words of Christ that whoever receives a prophet will receive a prophet's reward (Matt 10:40-42). That was my reason for calling you a prophet. Anyway, thank you for your advice. [I asked him not to call me a prophet even though he may regard my function as such.] ...

        ...I am translating the booklets The Festivals of God and Our Sabbath Rest. People are asking for the literature here in my country... it is necessary to translate them into the native language and distribute to those who are hungry and thirsty for truth. That is what I and those with me are doing when we have leisure time from our job!

        We continue our study of God's truths on Saturday, Monday night and Thursday night with various brothers and sisters. We pray for your wonderful ministry every Thursday night... May the good God be with you and your family.


God bless you all.

Sincerely, Kassahun.


Opposed by SDA Church


        Thank you for the booklets you have sent me. I have received them very gladly. I always praise my God for your unwearying ministry. I know very well that what you are doing for me costs your time, energy and money. Besides, the literature which I have received from time to time is very informative to me. When I begin to read them, I can't stop. Most of the time God speaks to me through the wonderful literature. They are indeed the words of the season. In the past I have read many kinds of literature but I didn't get any satisfaction. I didn't get joy. I felt emptiness all the time. But, since when I first got your literature in the library and read it, something has been going on in my life. I don't forget that day. From that time on, I have changed day by day for the better. Praise the Lord. I have realised that only heavenly truth can fill the void in our lives. May God prosper your ministry. My prayer is always with you!

        The book Dreams and Visions from God has arrived on time. For the past two days I was reading from it. I have had hard times for the past two weeks from the former brethren of the SDA Church. I have been cast out of the church recently with other brethren who learn and accept the truths. At that time God gave me Isaiah 66:5,

        Hear the word of the Lord, ye that tremble at His word; your brethren that hate you, that cast you out for My name's sake, said "Let the Lord be glorified": but He shall appear to your joy, and they shall be ashamed (KJV).

        How I was comforted with those words! Indeed God knows how to comfort those who are broken in the spirit. Isaiah 66:5 is my weapon and my shield from that time until now. It gives me strength day by day to proclaim the truths of God.

        The administration of my former SDA Church has given me warnings not to tell the truths to their members. They have threatened me to frighten me. They also transferred my name to some key government officials and I got serious warnings from them. But I didn't say anything to them. I went to my home and began to pray to God for guidance, comfort, courage and faithfulness to His truths. While I was pouring out my soul with prayer I got your books. I began to read them very slowly. God began to talk through the books. I read about your trial and what you have been through in your former church. I know it was very hard to accept false charges from your brothers in Christ. Even though I am really saddened by what you have received from the WCG, I am also comforted by what God has done and is still doing for you. God can make honey from the carcass (Judges 14:8).

        Malcolm, the book Dreams and Visions is indeed the answer to my prayer. Even though I don't know what will happen to me in the next week or the next month, I have got strength for the next few days. I don't fear anything while God is beside me. I know that Satan has moved out with vengeance to immobilise me, but I trust in God. I go forward with God's encouragement and God will help me...

        Please continue to pray for us. The translating and printing work also continues...


God Speaks To Me Through MM Literature


        Thank you very, very much for your letter, your truth-loaded booklets... I have received them with much gladness in my heart. God bless you abundantly. I am always encouraged and lifted up by your unselfish ministry. Malcolm, I assure you confidently that God is with you! God is with your wonderful prophetic ministry. I always see a change in my life. I always grow spiritually.

        God speaks to me by your messages as He speaks to me through the Bible. Your effort is not in vain. Your seed has grown in Ethiopia. Soon you will gather the precious harvest of your unselfish work. The Holy Spirit witnessed to me that you are "a faithful and wise servant, whom his Lord hath made ruler over his household, to give them meat in due season" (Matt 24:45). Go forward with God's Spirit.

        Malcolm, Listening to God is a very special booklet to me. I love it. It becomes a ladder to me to reach to God's will. Most 'Law-keepers' are dry as the "hills of Gilboa" (2 Samuel 1:21) because they close their heart to the plain voice of God. I recommend to those 'Law-keepers' this special book. The messages contained therein are as dew and rain to the dry life of many Sabbatarians. Thank you for that book.

        I am praying to God to help me to put one copy each to various Christian libraries that people may read them and be profited from the messages. Please pray to God in this regard! Besides, I am beginning to spread the messages, translated in Amharic and printed a few weeks ago, with postage to various SDA and Pentecostal Churches. I believe God will work by these humble beginnings. Even if I am still spied on and threatened by SDA Church administration, I don't fear anything. I am bold because the One who is with me is greater than the one who is with them! Praise God.


Isn't it tragic that people who claim to be Christians are so wayward and unchristian? The SDAs who think they are 'God's Church' to deliver the End-Time Witness to the world are so deceived!


Instead of supporting the prophets and promoting the truths of God, they are persecuting and opposing them! They will have their reward, which will be anguish and death in the Tribulation!


Dreams From God For SDAs


The following are some of Kassahun's dreams from God about various vital matters. [Editor's comments with interpretation in square brackets.]


SDA Church Driven By Demons!


2nd April 2001. Kassahun. Demonic Controls Within

I was in the SDA church, sitting at the back. The church seems very big to me. [The SDA church is a large church. It comprises several million members worldwide.]


It was full of people. I saw choirs on the platform. They didn't wear their blue gowns which I knew they wore before. [Blue is a heavenly colour, but they have turned away from God, hence they no longer have this lovely covering.] Instead they wore a head covering like that of the Muslims. [God is illustrating their ritualistic bias and apostasy.]


The pulpit [platform] was full of gibberish talking. [What the SDA church now teaches contains error. It does not make proper spiritual sense. It's mixed with rubbish. An example of this is the teaching of a leading SDA scholar, Samuele Bacchiocchi, of Andrews University. In one thesis, he claims that the wine mentioned in the Bible was not alcoholic! Yet Jesus was accused of being a drunkard – Matt 11:19.]


Under the pulpit I saw a horse pulling a chariot. [Illustrates the demonic influences that underlie the church's operations. Church members don't realise how much the devil is in control behind the scenes.] I saw a woman on the top of the chariot. [This is reminiscent of the woman in Revelation 17 who rides the beast. All churches with hierarchic rule are guilty of the same fornication as the Mother Harlot of Rome. If you are not familiar with this truth, read God's Church – Whose Authority? from Midnight Ministries.]


That strong horse was riding round about the pillar standing in the centre of the church. I felt that the woman [the church leaders] on the top of the chariot is demon possessed [or so strongly influenced by demons that their behaviour is akin to possession if they are not actually demon-possessed].


Immediately I run to the pulpit. [Kassahun has been actively and vigorously countering this demonic influence among these people, but they don't want to hear what he has to say.] The people, instead of rebuking the demon, run with the horse as if they are attracted by the horse. [Church members blindly follow the demonic direction of their SDA mentors.]


I got a beautiful handkerchief, having different colours. [Depicts God's truths, which have miraculous powers of deliverance as did Paul's handkerchiefs which he anointed. See Acts 19:12.] I threw it on the horse. Immediately the horse changed into a dog. There was a knife in my hand and I stabbed the dog. [The Word of God is like a sword or dagger or knife. It stabs demons in the heart and immobilises them, as believers put it into action. Kassahun is teaching the Word of God, using our publications as a guide for more understanding of the Word, and this effort is destroying the power of the enemy.]


God's Outpouring On The Teachable


11th April 2001. K. Water Pouring Slowly

I can't remember the place. Many were gathered in that place and I was preaching the word of God to them. They all accepted the messages with tears and I couldn't control my tears also. [Depicts the wonderful anointing of God falling on the people who welcome what Kassahun is preaching from God's Word. It brings refreshing and release. God often drenches those who are open to Him, with His Spirit. At such times there can be an emotional response. Some analysts call these things "revival phenomena".]


I was in my office and I was taking a shower. The water was pouring slowly. [The inspiration of the Holy Spirit. God is releasing His truth through MM literature, which has been a slow but steady process of compilation. While the water may be pouring slowly, it is pouring steadily, unlike in the SDA church, where it is not pouring at all! The Spirit is not there.]


Occultic Influences in the SDAs


12th April 2001. K. SDAs Ditch The Sabbath

I was in the SDA Church and it seemed to me that the day was Sunday. [While the SDAs 'keep' the seventh day Sabbath, it would not be hard for the SDA church as a whole to throw that truth out and keep Sunday instead, if they felt their physical lives depended on it.]


[Dale Razlaff, a former SDA, has written a book reject- ing Sabbath observance in favour of Sunday. His book has received plaudits from many evangelicals. If SDA leadership made such a radical switch (as could also easily occur now in the Worldwide Church of God, because they have now thrown out the basis for Sabbath observance in their church), most SDA members would go along with their leaders, and be absorbed by the Sunday keeping sector.]


[There is coming a time when the lives of those who keep God's Sabbaths may well be threatened. It is not far away now. The next pope may well be the man to make bold moves in this regard, and outlaw Sabbath observance in favour of the Sunday alternative. When that happens, don't be surprised if the Spirit-dead SDAs switch to Sunday observance!]


In they went to the church. I went inside. The Church was full of people but the pulpit was covered by a long black curtain from one end to the other. Immediately I went out of the church and ran to the back to see what was happening.

When I reached the pulpit I saw in the back of the pulpit a number of Adventist ministers exercising magic arts. They all wore black suits. What I saw made me cry, and I went out of the place crying. [This depicts in symbol, the extremely strong influences of Satan in the SDA church. No wonder Kassahun cried! These people are not sons of God, but sons of the Devil, like the religious people Jesus sternly addressed in John 8:44.]


May God be our shield in the coming terrible times, is my prayer. [Amen!]


The Coming Terrible Times


6th April 2001. K. Widespread Destruction Coming

The earth was covered by gross darkness. [The time to which Jesus referred as the Great Tribulation – Matt 24:21.]


I saw people very confused, running to and fro like madmen. [Terror, spiritual blindness and lack of true spiritual direction, because they have rejected the Holy Spirit.]


I thought that it was the second coming of Christ. [It's the time immediately leading up to it. The birth pangs of the new age. Isaiah 13:8; Joel 2:6.]


Soon I saw an angel coming from the east, holding in His hand a red paper. [Red symbolises war and bloodshed.] I was gazing upon him as if I was expecting something. But he didn't tell me anything except to throw down the red paper to the earth.


After that I saw fire in several places. [War is going to break out in Ethiopia.] Buildings, great and small, were falling to the ground. Many lives were blotted out of existence, and the air was filled with the shrieks of the injured and the terrified. I said in my terror, "It is the judgement of God!"


[Destruction will strike the whole world!]


[Remember that God judges sin and rebellion, but grants grace and mercy to those who give Him their lives completely. Psalm 91:7-8 contains a promise of God's care, even in the most desperate and terrible of circumstances. Remember Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego (Dan 3). How God delivered them is how He will deliver those who truly love Him today.]


God's Outpouring Upon MM


9th April 2001. K. Revival Coming To MM

It seemed to me that I was in your cellar meeting hall on the Sabbath day. What I saw was very beautiful. I saw you preaching and prophesying with power.


When you did this I saw the roof of the hall open up and there came a rain that washed all of us. I saw in the ground all the filth washed away from our bodies. After that we all began to praise our God with one voice.



The reason God conveys things like this is for His glory. I am nothing. No man is anything compared with God. He is the One who causes people to prophesy and preach with power (this is not physical power, or loud preaching, necessarily, but spiritual power which can seem 'quiet' and unassuming in its expression).


When we meet in our small home fellowship each Sabbath, God gives tongues messages with some interpret- ations, and prophecy. I speak out the words I receive, and we may record them for readers, and they can be edified by what God has said. Hence the symbolism in this dream of the roof being open (to heaven) and heavenly rain washing everyone. As God comes into our lives, our sinfulness is washed away.


SDA Lions Are Waiting To Attack


21st May 2001

        Many greetings in the precious Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, hoping that you are still covered by the wings of the Almighty. Ever since I got your recent letter I am praying much for you, rebuking the devil constantly. I believe with my whole heart that the time of God's blessing is around the corner for Midnight Ministries. Behind every obstacle which the devil casts there is a rich miracle of God. God's delay is not God's denial. He makes things very beautiful in His time. Glory be to Him.

        I want to thank you very much for the wonderful booklets received today. Every truth is a fortress against the father of lies – the devil. He can't deceive those humble seekers of God's truth as far as they are shut in God's truths. Thank God for the instruments he has used in this dark time. Praise God for Midnight Ministries to be a light in this time of gross darkness. Apostasy is everywhere.


The dream about lions


Recently God has given me a dream about the SDA church. In the dream I was walking to the church. When I arrived, I opened the church door and went in. I was shocked by what I saw. The two church choirs were in the pulpit seated in their chairs. Under the pulpit there were two lions, one on the left and one on the right, staring at both choirs.


I was surprised by what I saw and went directly to the choirs, warning them to escape for their lives immediately. When I did this the lion at the left began to roar and run to me. When I saw it I began to run. The lion was following me. Immediately I opened wide the door of the church and went out. At this time I awoke.


The next day I went to pray for a sister who had a demon. While I prayed, the evil spirit began to terrify me, threatening to kill me. Finally, with much prayer he came out of her and she praised the Almighty God.


Two days later I was returning home from a Bible study program with a friend when we shared the truths of God together. It was night. I didn't expect any bad thing and I didn't see what happened. The next thing I knew was that I was in a large dirty pit 3 metres down. When I came to I felt a little pain in my chest and a large bump on my forehead. People began to shout because they thought that I was dead in the pit. But thank Jesus I was not dead.


When they heard my voice they got me out of the pit. All were surprised when they saw me standing in front of them. This was a miracle of God. While I am writing this letter I am in a good condition. The chest pain is now almost gone and I am breathing and teaching without any pain. The lump on my forehead has also begun to decrease.


God has told me that this attack was aimed at my life but He overturned the plan of the devil by intervening on behalf of me. Much glory to Him.


...Finally, my precious brother, be of good courage. God is with you. I am with you. My prayer is ascending for you and for Midnight Ministries. I love you. Keep up the good work. In a little while we will meet together at the throne of God. What a time that will be! Give my love to all your wonderful family. Bless you. Kassahun.



I suffered a similar attack from the devil against my life last year. I broke a rib (or possibly two), when I lost my footing on concrete stairs. The attack was instigated by Satan to try and kill me. Although God spared my life, I was in bed with a lot of pain for some days before God healed the broken ribs.


Then another attack left me with a badly bruised backbone. It was only God's mercy which prevented my back being broken!


In an earlier attack of Satan against our family in 1998, as God was preparing the way to use us to witness to our former church, a madman on the roads tried to do us harm. And then another car pulled across our path and stopped dead in front of us as we were doing 60 mph. This was a satanic attack designed to kill us. But God is greater than all the demons. He sends His angels to help us through whatever difficulties we find ourselves in.


However, it is a salient reminder that those who preach the truths of the hour will be opposed most.


The SDA Church Tramples On Truth


30th May 2001

I saw different writings in the sky. I tried to read them but I couldn't. While I was impressed by the scene, two birds began to descend from the sky. I wished that they would rest on my shoulder because I think they were the symbol of the Holy Spirit. I see a child trampled by one of the birds after they descended to the earth. I was sad.


Then the scene changed. I found myself in the SDA church. I was in the church's compound. I went to enter the sanctuary but was prevented by an armed man.


Comment: The meaning of this dream has to do with the article explaining Zechariah's Amazing Prophecy.


You saw two messages written in the sky but you were unable to read them. [We can't understand all that God does and all that He is saying.] Then two birds began to descend from the sky. You are right that they depict the Holy Spirit. They represent two movements of the work of God's Spirit:

  1. the leading of the Spirit which has brought spiritual gifts to believers, and

  2. the enlightenment of the Spirit which has revealed the truths about Sabbaths and holy days.

You wanted them both to rest on your shoulder. [Like we do, you accept both of these aspects of God's work.] A child was trampled by one of the birds after they came down to earth. [The charismatic church, although it accepts the gifts of the Spirit, does not keep the Sabbath and does not want to know that truth. It tramples it to the ground. They think they are mature because they have prophetic giftings, but they are childish and immature in many ways.] You were sad. [Yes, so are we when we see people reject God's truths. Every truth is for our benefit, but self-will, stubbornness and rebellion cause many to reject what God wants to give. But those who immaturely trample God's truths to the ground will be trampled on in His judgement.]


[On the other side of the fence, those who keep the Sabbaths reject the spiritual gifts (on the whole). I think the dream represents this more than the charismatic rejection of the Sabbaths, because some of your outreach is to the Seventh Day Adventists. God depicts the people there as immature, and they are being trampled upon by the way SDA ministers rule them. Truth is meant to set people free, not hold them in bondage and trample upon people.]


You found yourself in an SDA church. You were in the church's compound [your outreach to these believers], but you couldn't enter their sanctuary [the leadership reject you and don't listen to what you have to say]; an armed man barred your entry. [Shows the degree of hostility they have against you because of the truth from God which you bring. They are really in the grip of demons.]


Most SDAs Won't Heed The Warning


15th Nov 2001. Preaching to SDAs

I was preaching in the street to Adventists that were standing on the left and right side of the street. I tell them about the truths with tears, but I didn't see any change in them. Their pastor makes them stubborn.


Comment, editor: SDAs (Seventh Day Adventists) are a cult, because they follow their human church leadership rather than Christ. Controlled by Satan, they are hard to reach.


4th Dec 2001. Immaturity of Most SDA 'Believers'

I was in the SDA Church. There was a baptizing pool behind the pulpit. I saw it full of little children with their noisy cries. I went straight to them and began to drive from the pool.


Destruction Of America Imminent


16th Nov 2001. America Humbled.

It seems that I was in a great war. Bombs were dropped from planes. Suddenly I was in America and all over the place there was much destruction. Buildings were destroyed. A man came to me and said read Is. 26:5. It says, "He humbles those who dwell on high. He lays the lofty city low; He levels it to the ground and casts it down to the dust."


Vision Of Angels Protecting Kassahun


6th Dec 2001. Angels Watch Over Kassahun

While I was standing in one place I saw a very bright light in the sky. The scene was wonderful. While I gazed up to the sky, I saw angels coming out of it. I can't express my joy. They formed a perfect circle, and began to move to and fro with singing. Oh! How lovely was the song!


God Confirms This Work of MM


9th Dec 2001. God's outpouring upon MM

It seems that I was in your cellar meetings. The room was filled with many people. We were all singing with praise. Helena was leading us with the song. You were also praising our Lord standing there beside Helena. The room was filled with the Holy Spirit and all are bathed with powerful light. Our clothes are changed to white.


At this point there was much prophesying, revelation and tongues. Some praised God with loud voices. Some were praying with tears. The scene was unforgettable.


I heard a voice that said this is the coming revival through MM. After this I awoke.


20th Dec 2001. God Gives Out MM Literature

I was in a large hall. The hall was full of people. All were singing and dancing. I was seated at the back. After the singing Someone began to call several people to come forward to the pulpit. I was one of them. Booklets began to be distributed. When I saw the booklets, I was surprised. The booklets were published by MM. I also saw in someone's hand the little card that explains the feast days published by MM.


8th April 2002

        I am really thankful for the booklets you have sent. The truths contained in those booklets are priceless. Those who received the booklets are blessed by the truths. As the Spirit of God leads us, we have begun to send the booklets Prophets and Prophesying and Apostasy in God's Church mainly to Adventist Pastors and Evangelists.

        God has given me one dream again and again, about the work we have to do for these leaders of the SDA church. As you have said in the last page of the December Newsletter indeed the publications are anointed with the oil of God, to shine the light of God's truth into the lives of all those who open their eyes to see.    Kassahun


SDA Oppression


6th July 2002.  Church oppression under hierarchy

A man was beating a little child very hard. When I saw this I was upset and grabbed the child and took it to a safe place.


Meaning: The child represents immature Christians living under the controlling government of church hierarchy. We have to help them to come out from human control.


SDA Pride


14th July 2002. SDA Pride

I found myself in a church. The members were speaking with themselves about their church's greatness. When they finished, they began to kneel and bow before their pastor.


Meaning: This is the mindset of most SDA church members. They are bowing before their hierarchy. They know not that it is an abomination in God's sight.


The Truth Nurtures & Protects

9th July 2002.

There's protection in righteous living.


Someone gave me a white blanket. I covered myself with it. Meaning: The Someone is God, who alone can provide the covering for sin, the comfort we need, and the protection from evil forces. We have to accept it.


July 11/02.  The Work of Midnight Ministries

Malcolm was planting willow trees here and there in a beautiful garden. 


Meaning: The work of MM is compared with planting. Our work is to plant people in the truth of God.


We Face Opposition and Persecution


12th July 2002.  Opposition and Persecution

A giant man came out of the water. He held an iron instrument in his hand. He was trying to hit me with the iron. He tried again and again but failed.


Meaning: Depicts continual attacks against the truth we bring. Part of the dream has begun to be fulfilled when we met opposition from a pastor of the SDA church.


21st May 2003. Major attack against MM.

All the family of MM fled to the top of a mountain. A large division of an evil army down in the valley started up the mountain rapidly to where we were. We watched transfixed as it advanced almost a third of the way up the mountain. Then it was attacked from the rear by another division. It seemed to me that the attackers were spirit beings in the form of men. The advance was stopped at that point. However a large part of the evil group remained and started building a fortress. [This is to do with an attack against MM in the UK.]


22nd May 2003. Facing fierce opposition.

Gunmen tried to kill me and another woman who was with me. They fired heavily on us and the woman was wounded in her leg. I had to carry her and flee from them and hide in some place. We survived in this way. (Meaning: Our work is to save the Church, symbolized by the woman in this dream, even by sacrificing ourselves.)


God Will Raise The Dead


10th April 2003.

God will raise the dead for a public witness!

I met my best Christian friend who died four years ago. He was a good singer. When I saw him I was surprised because I thought that we would never meet again in the physical. We hugged each other. My joy I couldn't control.


Meaning: The time will soon be here when we will meet dead friends as God has promised.


24th May 2003.

People to be raised from the dead soon!

I met with a friend who was a spiritual singer and died some years ago. I told him that I thought he was died. He smiled to me and began to sing with his guitar.


Meaning: God will raise a number of people from the dead as part of the End-Time Witness. [This is already happening in Nigeria. Four people have been resurrected from the dead through an outreach of MM's ministry[2].]


Few SDAs Listen and Learn


11th April 2003. An SDA man is hungry for truth.

An Adventist guy wants to meet. He came to me secretly to learn about the truths of the hour.


Meaning: Some few individual SDAs will listen to us.


God Shows Kassahun Heaven


12th April 2003.

God gives Kassahun a glimpse of heaven.

An Aged Man [the 'Ancient of Days'] held my hand and took me to his home. When we arrived there, he gave an order and the great golden door opened widely and we entered there. I was full of wonder at the spectacular scene! It was very beautiful! When we came out of the house, I saw a very beautiful garden with various kinds of fragrant flowers. I was refreshed by the beautiful sight and longed to live there.


Some Accept Truth, Some Reject It


14th April 2003.  People's varying responses.

I was in bro. Malcolm's house. Outside the house were various kinds of fruit plants in the field. Some of them were very beautiful and ripe to be harvested. Some are still to grow. A few are beginning to be ruined and completely useless. [People's various responses to the truths of God we promote.]


Walking On Water


19th May 2003. Going by the power of God.

I walked on the sea as if it were a paved road. There was a fire on the sea and it was hot, but it didn't burn me. Instead it seemed to be transferring energy to me.


Meaning: God's guidance upon the work we do in spreading the truths in MM literature to the world.


Dead Churches Stink!


15th May 2003. Dead churches stink to God!

I was in a church. There was a fresh corpse laid naked in that church. The corpse was really stinking! but those who were there didn't care about it. I told them to leave the church or get rid of the corpse. They didn't want to listen to me so I left the place, but I was very disturbed in my spirit.


Meaning: This is an allegory of the SDA church and others like it who have shut out the life of God which only comes through accepting and living by the Spirit. In place of the Holy Spirit, they have put loyalty to church traditions, etc.


The End Is Very Soon!


30th May 2003. Sky rolls up.

I saw the sky roll up like a scroll from the north to the south. I thought that the end has come.  [See Rev 6:14. These events are VERY CLOSE! Only a few years away!]


God Affirms That His Truth Is With MM


2nd June 2003. MM holds the torch of God's truth!

Malcolm was holding a huge torch. From that torch there came meteorites like fireworks (it seemed like that in the dream) which spread to various places. When the scene changed, I saw a multitude of people coming to Malcolm with their torch. The torch they held didn't have light and so they kindled their torch from Malcolm's burning torch. The more they kindled their torch; the more the huge torch on Malcolm's hand was brightening also. The light was very beautiful.


Meaning: As we give the truths of God to others, we are blessed and God blesses us more. They can then take the torch of truth to others also. Thus the fire of God spreads.


...God has a great purpose for us as shown in the above dream. The torch you hold is the truth of God... your work is not finished and God has a special work for you, which will reach to the whole world. Prepare for the next move of God in your life. Be glad my brother!     Kassahun


Deceitful SDA Pastors


25th April 2003. SDA pastors deceitful.

Someone was stealing booklets from my shelf. When I caught him and asked why he did this, he said that an SDA pastor had sent him to my home to do so. I gave him the booklet A Message to Sabbatarians to give to his pastor.


Meaning: This depicts that the SDA pastors are still trying to rob the truths of God from us and present them to their people, telling them that they have got new truths. [Their motives are self-elevation and control.]


MM Helps Those Who Can Receive Truth


17th April 2003. Helped and healed!

Many people were queuing in front of Malcolm's home. They want some counsel. Malcolm was calling them one by one to a cosy room and gave them counsel. Some rejoiced and some were healed from their sickness. [Depicts in the spiritual how people who can accept it are helped by the literature of MM, which contains the healing love of God.]


30th April 2003. Many will learn of God's truths.

Malcolm and I were presiding in a religious meeting. The meeting began with beautiful song about the Sabbath. People were flowing to the meeting with great eagerness to see and learn from us. Our hearts were filled with gladness when we saw the place full of truth seekers. 


666 And The Mark


1st May 2003.

"Three identical prophetic figures," 666.

It seems that I was in a large office. I discovered that this office belonged to very important men who were in collaboration with the government to decide the decrees to be passed. I turned around and saw three fingers on the wall of the office. The Spirit of God tells me, "This code is of three identical prophetic figures. This code is of three identical prophetic figures." [666 and the Mark of the Beast.]


For further information, read Understanding The Book Of Revelation (£7.00) from Midnight Ministries.


The Horrors Of Oppressive Rule


19th Aug 2003. I saw wooden coffins and there were corpses in them. I went to look to know if there was someone I know in those coffins. When I opened the first coffin I saw a female corpse. Her hands were cut. The sight was horrible. I opened the second one and there was also a female in that coffin. Both her legs were cut. I do not want to see the others. It was awful. [Coming Islamic horrors to his region.]


Most SDAs Don't Care


20th Aug 2003. I went to the Adventist church with a bag full of books. I gave the bag to a young man and told him to return the bag after he has taken the books. But he didn't return the bag.


Meaning: The truths of the hour must reach the church. Others should come to us, but instead we have to go to them. Adventists generally don't want more truth.


Destruction Coming To The USA


18th Sept 2003. I saw on TV that San Francisco was hit by an earthquake and New York was destroyed by a tidal wave. The pictures were terrifying.


4th Sept 2003. I saw a British commercial aeroplane was shot by Russian missiles. [Britain will be affected too.]


Many Won't Make It Into The Kingdom


11th July 2003. Multitudes were climbing a very large mountain. Most were falling off the mountain and all of these were being injured, and some killed. At the bottom of the mountain there was a large group who still had all of their gear on for climbing, but they were either too wounded, or too fearful, to begin climbing again. The ones who were making it to the top were those who took the time to drive each stake in as deep as it could go. [See also Fight The Good Fight! p 6, Newsletter 24.] Many are called, but few chosen (Matt 22:14).


Enemies' Attacks Are Satanic


23rd Oct 2003.  Attacked by snakes

Two huge snakes surrounded me. I couldn't see any gap to escape from them. The only alternative was to fight with them barehanded. While I was thinking what I do, one of the snakes threw itself at me to bite my throat but I defended my- self with my hand. However, I couldn't resist its power and fell backwards and called on the name of Jesus. At that point the snakes began to burn until they became ashes.


Meaning: The snakes depict false ministers who are like Pharisees of old, moved by Satan. They attack us, but finally they will be destroyed by Jesus.


24th Oct 2003.  Swarm of bees

While we were meeting together for home fellowship, a swarm of bees filled the home. We tried to protect ourselves from their sting. One brother stood and rebuked them in Jesus' name and they left the home.


Meaning: Bees symbolise demons. So, the dream depicts false ministers and their followers who are guided by demons. They always want to destroy the faithful ones. We have to resist them in the name of Jesus.


18th November 2003

        ...I thank God in a special way for the opportunity He has given me this day. I and a handful of present truth believers have been detained since Friday by police and accused of gathering secretly without legal permission from the government. But the chief reason was not that, and the ones who instigated this are SDA ministers.

        They have been threatening us for the past two weeks. I don't want to explain the brutality and torture we have passed through in those three days from Friday to Sunday. We were released on bail on Monday with a warning to stop any meetings until we get permission from the government.

        Satan tried to discourage us but we are still strong in God. While I was in prison, I have been thinking about the dreams God gave me on Oct. 23 and 24, 2003 ...those dreams were fulfilled last week when we were detained. But God is good... Praise be to the name of Almighty God.   K


27th November 2003

        "We have escaped like a bird out of the fowler's snare: the snare has been broken, and we have escaped. Our help is in the name of the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth." (Psalm 124:7,8.)

        The above scripture is being fulfilled day by day in my life. The enemy is still trying to finish us off, through SDA ministers. They are desperately doing evil works by bribing some police to interfere in our private lives and search our homes by force.

        Two days ago, I was called for further questioning but God has overthrown their plan. They couldn't agree with each other and so they had to release me.

14th Nov 2003.

Satan uses traitors of the truth to attack us

While I was outside, I saw a large snake coming out from my home. [Shows that the attack was instigated by those who should be part of God's Church.] I began to hit the snake with a large stick but I couldn't get his head. Countless other little snakes were all over the ground. The large snake then penetrated the wall and hid there.


A man whom I didn't recognise came to my aid and entered the home. When he came out of the home he held two large snakes. He burnt the snakes. [God helps us in unexpected ways through unexpected people or angels.]


Evil SDA Church


16th Nov 2003. Evil SDA church

A woman spread mud on my clothes while I was walking on the street.


Meaning: The woman is the SDA church. The mud is hatred and their false accusations against us. The present persecution on us has been instigated by them.


28th Nov 2003.

Seventh Day Adventists, a dead church!

I was in an SDA church. An evangelist came and asked me about the meaning of the beast of Rev. 13 and the 42 months written on the blackboard before us. I told him that the interpretation written on the blackboard is very primitive and incorrect. There were many people in the room, but they didn't want to listen.


Meaning: SDA members are not willing to learn new truth. They don't want to hear God's messages for today. They think they have all truth, but they don't.


29th Nov 2003.

Others, however, accept and love God's truth

Many people were gathered in my home. I gave them our translated materials and they accepted them gladly.


Climactic End-Time Events


17th Nov 2003.

Volcano to destroy a whole state of America

It seemed that I was in America. I don't know the state which I was in. A lot of fire, like a volcano, came out of the ground. Buildings were burnt. The state seems totally desolate and without inhabitant.


End Of The Age Soon


23rd Dec 2003.  End of the world coming SOON!

I saw 12 white and bright stars in the sky. I heard a voice saying, "The end of the world has come." It seemed like the voices were coming from those stars.


Meaning: Compare with Rev 12:1 – The woman, which partly symbolised Israel, who was the first recipient of God's truth, and meant to preserve it. She had a garland of 12 stars on her head. Victors of races, sporting events, or conquests, were presented with a garland to wear on their heads. The symbolism infers that those who overcome will inherit the honour of ruling with Christ on earth. 12 is the number denoting God's government or rule. And the stars are symbols of angelic beings who will decorate such a government.


Notice also in Rev 12:10 the loud voice, as Kassahun heard in his dream, and the same time which is the end of the age. This is confirmation to a modern prophet of what John saw in his vision in Revelation, and that the end of the age is very close!


The Church Is Very Unfinished!


28th Dec 2003. Kassahun's work and MM's work to mature the Church

I dreamed that I saw a partially completed building [the Church]. The workmen were gathering up their tools preparing to leave it unfinished but I entreated them to consider the Master. "The building is not finished," I said. "Come back and keep working until it is roofed."


Then they came back and continued the work.


Meaning: Most pastors have no idea how unfinished the Church is. She is not ready to be the Bride of Christ. She is missing a lot of correct doctrine which we can provide, to fill in the gaps. And she has to LIVE this truth with the Spirit.


God Is Measuring His Church


14th Jan 2004. God is measuring His Church

In my dream a sentinel stood at the door of an important building and asked everyone who came in, ""Have you received the Holy Spirit?" A measuring line was in his hand and only very, very few were allowed into the building.


Meaning: As in Revelation 11, He is measuring His temple. Only those who fully accept His Spirit will enter His Kingdom.


SDA Church In Total Darkness


God's Church – Whose Authority? Pivotal

We are making some progress here. Yesterday, two SDA young members contacted me. They heard what I had been put through three months ago by SDA leadership. When they were told what sufferings I've been through they were totally ashamed of their leaders. We sat and discussed about church authority.


I gave them the translated version of God's Church – Whose Authority? and they promised to meet me again. The glory is God's in all this! The praise is to His name.


2nd Feb 2004.  SDA church in total darkness!

I was in an SDA church on the Sabbath. Pastors were standing to teach, but the place was totally dark and nothing could be seen. The darkness was moving gradually to the people sitting on the chairs. I told the people to move out of the church immediately, but they refused to listen. A few of us left.


Meaning: The SDA church is in total spiritual darkness now. That spiritual darkness has enveloped the members so they can't see. But most refuse to listen to the truth or accept the light that would help them to come out of that body of darkness.

We are now entering the battlefield. We have to unite in striking our enemy. We have to fast and pray as never before to accomplish the work God has given us.


I have begun translating those little (A5) leaflets now. The messages contained therein are very important and timely. I have distributed some of them after I copied them.


I have sent some 20 copies of Church Leaders Shut The Door On Jesus and Dismantling Churches to SDA ministers and members yesterday.


I did this after God gave me a dream Sunday night.


In that dream I went to an SDA Church with some tapes and books to give to anyone whom I could contact. When I got there, I saw that they were studying their Sabbath School Lesson. (This is done every Sabbath before the main worship meeting begins.) I waited until they were finished. After they were finished, I stood and begged them to give me one or two minutes because I have an important announce- ment to make. I told them that I have new spiritual booklets in my bag and anyone interested can take some of them freely.


Two ministers whom I knew came and took some of the booklets. I was surprised by their boldness. After them some 6 or 7 members came and I gave them 2 booklets each. When I finished my work there I left. The dream was very clear to me. God was telling me to contact them and I have done it.




20th April 2004. SDA church is spiritually dead!

I was in the compound of the SDA church. It was filled with people who were very sad. All were clothed in sackcloth. I asked myself 'who has died?' because it is custom in our culture to wear sackcloth when someone dies.


Meaning: In Revelation 3:1 you read of Jesus' lament for those who claim to be spiritually alive (because they have some knowledge of spiritual things in their heads) but who are not. Their hearts are no longer humble, so the Spirit cannot find a home there within. There is no active moving of the Spirit, and Jesus labels them 'Dead!'


The Truth MM Holds Is Beautiful To God


27th February 2004. K.

God depicts MM as a beautiful place.

It seemed to me that I was in a beautiful place with green grass and was surrounded by tall and beautiful trees. While I was looking at the scene with much joy two young men came to me (they were foreigners). I asked them, "Whose property is this?"


One of them told me that the place is the property of MM. While we were discussing the place, a shower of rain came down on us. I told them that I like this kind of shower. [God's refreshing outpouring.]


They pointed to a cosy home a little far from where we stood. They told me that this is their home and Malcolm is their father. All the place was wet by the showers of rain.


[Comment: The only reason I was represented as their father in the dream is because they learned spiritual truth from the Heavenly Father through me.]


SDA Church Totally Hostile And Evil!


6th May 2004.  SDA Church Totally Hostile And Evil!

God told me to go to the SDA Church. I went there as I was told. I sat on a seat at the back while the Pastor delivered his sermon. Suddenly, he began to pour out 'fire and brimstone' at me from his mouth and ordered the people to cast me out of the church. They all rushed at me in a frenzy.


I couldn't escape because the door was shut. I prayed to God silently to protect me from these angry men. At this point some powerful blast tore the roof off and a dense cloud came down between them and me. The cloud formed a barrier wall and I was protected.


23rd May 2004.

SDA Leaders Are Wicked And Spiritually Abusive

When I went out of the compound of the SDA church some children followed and begged me to save them from their church leaders who abused them. (This dream has been fulfilled when a few young men came to me to know the truths. I gave them our translated material, God's Church – Whose Authority?)


Need To Counter Wrong Spiritual Attitudes


26th May 2004.

Demons Infect People With Wrong Attitudes

Several people, including me, were labouring on a grove of evergreens. Malcolm told me to closely inspect the trees and see if they are in flourishing condition. I observed that some were bent and deformed by the wind [cf Eph 4:14] and needed to be supported by stakes.


I was carefully removing the dirt from the feeble and dying trees to ascertain the cause of their condition.


I discovered worms at the roots of some. The roots of others had been crowded together to their injury. My work was to explain to Malcolm the different reasons why these trees didn't prosper.


[Meaning: People need freedom to grow properly spiritually. They don't get that in churches where they are spiritually hemmed in. The worms that destroy the roots represent demons that infect people with wrong spiritual traits such as pride, jealousy, resentment, bitterness, hatred, lust and greed, etc.]


Pride, Envy And Selfish Ambition


4th June 2004.

Disharmony And Evil In The SDA Church

I was in an SDA church compound. I saw that there was some kind of contention inside the hall. Some are coming out of the hall with anger and others were going into the hall.


I couldn't see what is going on in the hall because it was very dark inside.


[Meaning: Darkness is a symbol of evil and lack of truth. There is no harmony where there is envy, pride, and self- seeking. The SDA church is full of such evils.]


James hit the nail on the head in his analysis. This is at the root of what is wrong with the SDA church:

For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice (Jas 3:16, NIV).


SDA Leaders To Blame


12th July 2004.  SDA Leaders Don't Want Truth

An SDA minister invited me to lead their Christmas programme. I told him that I won't participate in pagan celebrations and shared with him about the truth of the festivals of God. He ignored what I was telling him.


[Meaning: SDAs don't want the truth of God any more.]


8th Aug 2004.

SDA Church is spiritually decadent & dead.

I was in an SDA Church meeting on the Sabbath. I sat at the back of the hall and saw people were not listening to the message. They were simply chewing gum – all of them! I was shocked by their disrespect and wanted to tell them that they are doing a disgusting thing. While I was thinking how I could tell them, I saw that the one who preached was also chewing gum right there on the podium. Discouraged, I left the church.


Meaning: The SDAs are a dead church. There is no Holy Spirit there and the people do not care about the things of the Spirit of God, nor for holiness. They follow their leaders who are depicted in the dream as carnal. God points the finger of blame at them. Isaiah prophesied of it:


The Lord enters into judgment against the elders and leaders of His people: 'It is you who have ruined My vineyard; the plunder from the poor is in your houses. What do you mean by crushing My people and grinding the faces of the poor?' declares the Lord, the Lord Almighty (Is 3:14,15, NIV).


2nd Sep 2004. Evil SDA Leaders

Unknown men surrounded the SDA Church. They began to fire their guns inside the compound. I saw their leader was one of the members of the church. I was shocked and very surprised.


Meaning: Like in Waco, Texas, where some Sabbath- keeping Christians were led astray by David Koresh, a false 'prophet', so it is that other SDA leaders cannot be trusted. They will even turn on 'their own' to save their necks when fierce persecution comes.


SDA Leaders Use Intimidation To Control


16th Nov 2004.

Church Leaders' Autocratic Control.

Five elderly men [church leaders] were threatening a young man. They were telling him that they would cast him out of their church if he continued to visit other religious groups. Anger filled me and I told them that they are denying the right of the individual which God has given him freely. I took the person with me and went out.


Comment: Sadly, a typical approach of many churches which are merely cults. They are intolerant of others.


MM Literature Should Be SDA's Ark,

If Only They Would Accept It! They Can't.


10th August 2004.

MM Literature Likened To The Ark of God.

All the families of MM were gathered together in a large auditorium. We were seated at a rectangular form. In the centre there was a large golden box heated by a flame of fire inside it. We were warming ourselves from it.


While we were watching and warming, Helena stood and said that the heat is coming from The Ark of God. Someone asked her, "Are you telling us that the iron box is The Ark of God?" Helena answered "Certainly!"


Comment: The Ark of The Covenant symbolised the Presence of God. MM literature is written so that people can yield to God and know His Presence by faith.


True Prophets Rejected & Falsely Accused


17th Nov 2004. Prophets Rejected.

I was in the midst of several men and women. I heard one of them quoting from the book of Jeremiah and they said that Jeremiah was a false prophet.


I told him that he is not right about Jeremiah and began to explain the book. Those who were convinced by my explanation began to oppose the others. The atmosphere was becoming tense. I sensed that soon there will be conflict among themselves. I told those who were convinced to come with me. We left the place at once.


Comment: Some Christians are so deluded by modern teachings of grace that they think stern prophetic messages of judgement are false. True prophets are rejected, except by the few. Those who refuse to change and accept the full truth will cause splits by not tolerating others when whey accept a greater fulness of truth.


End Of Churches Coming


18th Nov 2004. Destruction Coming.

I was in a field of many olive trees. Suddenly a powerful wind came and uprooted all of them. The place where I stood became a mess. Meaning: The Great Tribulation will uproot many churches and Christians' lives.


Famine Of The Word


19th Nov 2004. Drought and Dearth Coming.


I was digging the ground to get some water.




20th Nov 2004. Christians Soon To Be Killed.

I saw a young man whom I knew, was killed and his corpse lay in the street. Armed men were protecting the corpse so I couldn't get close to it.


Truth-Seeker Threatened By SDA Leaders


28th Nov 2004

I am eager to tell you about a brother who has been studying with me. He was sharing the truths for the past two months in the SDA church as the Spirit led him. But this last Sabbath something happened. After they finished their Sabbath school lesson, some of the authorities of the church threatened to call the police if he came again and spoke the truths. This is not surprising really because church leaders are mostly controlled by demons. [This fulfils the earlier dreams given to Kassahun about the hostility of SDA leaders to the truth.]


Thrown Out!


5th December 2004

Remember the brother which I told you about last week? Well. He has been cast out of the SDA church this Sabbath by their guards. They warned him not to come again. If he does, they vowed to get him arrested.


He is not surprised by their evil actions because I have shown him all the dreams God has given me about SDA leadership. To stand for the truth is a great blessing. He is now working with me in distributing the truths of the hour.


SDAs Can't Stop The Prophets Of God


28th November 2004.

SDAs Obstruct and Oppose Truth.

I and a few brothers with me went to an SDA church. When we arrived there, one of the leaders tried to prevent me coming into the hall. I told him that he can't do that because God has sent me to the place.


Furious, he slaps my face. I went forward to the hall anyway. Again he slaps my face. I continued walking to the hall. Finally he knows that he can't stop me.


Comment: The cults do not allow outsiders to bring further truth to them, especially if they are prophets! The WCG used that physical force to bar my entry into their meetings in 1995, and they haven't changed their close-minded approach. However, they can't stop their members hearing the truth. It will be 'shouted from the housetops' (Luke 12:1-3).


Death Of SDAs Coming


30th November 2004. Death of SDAs Coming.

The members of SDA church were mourning for some important man of theirs. I saw 4 men who held a coffin, go into the hall. The man in the coffin was their top leader. He was dead.


Comment: While it may depict the death of a man, it also portrays the death of their worldwide movement (symbolised by the number 4), which is not far away.


Not Long To Go!


1st December 2004. Not Long To Go!

I saw the sky in the night. It was bright with stars of different colours. I heard a voice which came from those stars. It says, "Almost home! Almost home!" The voice was beautiful like a melody.


Comment: Home for the true believer in Jesus is with God in the Spirit realm. The voice conveyed how wonderful it is.


But First, Tribulation


4th December 2004. Darkness Suddenly Descends.

In this dream all of a sudden the day had become dark with a very thick and heavy darkness. It happened at about 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Everybody was taken by surprise at the event. Big clouds were gathering and they were threatening. I felt that something was about to happen.


Comment: Darkness symbolises evil. The world is not expecting what is coming – the Great Tribulation (1 Thes 5:3).


20th March 2005. Many candles and the dark night.

I was lighting hundreds of candles on a very dark night.


Meaning: The Great Tribulation coming. The light of God's truth being shared with others to bring Him into their lives.

24th April 2005. Demonic hordes released.


In a dream I saw a huge pit. It was covered by an iron lid. When that iron lid opened, many naked people came out. Their skin was greasy and they began to kill whoever stood in their way. I ran to hide from their attack.


Meaning: It is similar imagery to that of the bottomless pit or abyss in Rev 9, symbolising the demonic hordes who use people to attack, oppress and enslave others.


The naked people are those who have no spiritual 'clothes' or righteousness. They are totally evil people. The slime that covers them is an indication of the complete demonic control over their lives. These evil people are the wicked who won't be saved. They will be used by the devil to attack and kill God's chosen during the Tribulation.


Preceding Tribulation, Short-Lived Revival


5th December 2004.

The Outpouring Of The Spirit Coming!

In this dream, all the families of MM were standing on a vast field. In front of us were hundreds of large jars filled with water. We were called to stand before a Man of stature and He poured the water on the heads of each of us.


When the water touched our heads, we all began to prophesy and our faces shone like the sun.


21st March 2005. Lighting others' lamps.

Several people were queuing in front of my home with their lanterns. I went out and asked what they want. One of them told me that they came to light their lanterns. I took a match and lit all their lanterns. They were glad.


Meaning: God's Word is a lamp to our feet (Ps 119:105). It lights up our lives. Truth gives us direction in life.


Sin Abounds In SDA Churches


22nd March 2005. The shame of the SDA church.

I was in an SDA church seated in the front pew. On the stage there were many women. I realized that the program was theirs. Later they went back stage behind the curtain.


I heard some kind of contention. I sensed that they were doing shameful things behind the curtain.


Meaning: The SDA church is humanly run without the Spirit of God. Sin abounds within it.


23rd April 2005. SDA church is spiritually drunk.

I was staying with some people I knew in SDA. They all were drunk and staggering, falling over on the ground.


I poured a bucket of water on their heads, hoping to wake them up but they didn't come round.


Meaning: The metaphor of drunkenness is used in Rev 14:8 and 18:3 to depict spiritual deception. The water is the truth that the Spirit brings which MM tries to give them, but they reject it and us.


666 & The Mark Of The Beast, Soon


31st March 2005.

666 and the Mark of the Beast coming soon.

I got an email with a heading "To all my brothers" from Malcolm. The next paragraph said "The next code of evil will be soon announced to this world. This code will begin to be used in some UK businesses as trademarks."


One Delivered


2nd May 2005

Last week God sent a person who made a decision to know the truths of the hour. He is an active member of the SDAs. When I showed him the truths and the dreams God has given me about the SDA church he was amazed. On Sabbath afternoon, we spent much time studying God's word with him. The Holy Spirit has convinced him and he accepted the truths which I was able to show him. Praise God.                  K


You can see from the foregoing revelations much about:

  1. God's view of things in the SDA movement.

  2. The urgency of the hour.

  3. Where God's heart is, and

  4. The reformation which He is urging.

We are at a crucial moment in history. Jesus said at a pivotal moment in history previously:


The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified. I tell you the truth, unless an ear of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies it produces many seeds. The man who loves his life will lose it, while the man who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life. Whoever serves Me must follow Me; and where I am My servant will also be. My Father will honour the one who serves Me (Jn 12:23-26).


5. The above revelations confer God's honour upon the recipient. Kassahun is one of at least three witnesses to whom God has spoken about the SDA church; my voice is a second witness; and Helena's the third. Every matter is established by the testimony of two or three witnesses (2 Cor 13:1). Anyone who rejects this witness rejects God.


Do You Want The Light & Power Of God?


16th April 2002

I want to thank you very much for the booklets I have received today. We are continuing to send those booklets to SDA Church Pastors and Evangelists.


In the past we have done the same thing to some Pentecostal Church Pastors and Evangelists and we have got some positive responses from a few of them. The "Gospel Light Church" Pastor received our booklets "Why Christmas?" and automatically accepted the truths and stopped celebrating this pagan festival in his church. God always works mysteriously. It is an honor to deliver one soul from the prison of error, being an instrument of the Holy Spirit.


The following dream was given me last week:


We were gathered together in Malcolm's house. We were hearing a song from a tape-recorder. We were completely enraptured by the song. After the song, Malcolm tells us that the time has come for prayer. We all kneel down and pray fervently. The house filled with great light and the power of God began to rest on us. I sensed that the presence of God is among us. I praised Him again and again. That was the dream.


God is good to all of us and leading us safely. Praise be His name.     Kassahun


Then, You've Got To Die To Yourself


As Jesus said above, if you hold onto your ego, you will forfeit eternal life. But if you die to self, and Jesus takes your place as centre of your life, you will live forever.


There is such deep-seated pride in the SDA church that most members will not relinquish it and will have to go through the rigours of the Tribulation to be purified.


I mentioned on page 3 about an SDA man whom we knew. We couldn't reach him; his mind was made up. The SDA church took Jesus' place in his life, and he couldn't see that his devotion to his church was idolatry. It caused him to be spiritually blind and to reject input from outside his church. The books I gave him on healing were trashed and he died of cancer. His name was Joseph.


He had had a dream early on in his life. It was very special to him. I recounted it in the article The Third Time in Articles of Faith, Volume 3. The dream portrayed him trying to climb a mountain. He slipped down twice and failed to make it, but the third time he made it to the top. Only now does the full meaning become clear. Climbing the mountain depicts his attempt to reach the Kingdom of God. But in this mortal life, in two church environments (first Sunday-keeping, secondly Sabbath-keeping) he hadn't "made the grade" by dying to self.


Three depicts finality. There is nothing more final to a mortal than death. In death, he will see his life in overview and why he failed. He accepted Jesus and He loved God, but he loved himself and his church more and couldn't see his compromised devotion. Now, on the other side of 'the veil', he will be humbled, and that will enable him to receive eternal life from Jesus, which he was unable to attain by his effort in the SDA church. &  Malcolm B Heap




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