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What God Said About

Midnight Ministries

By Malcolm B Heap, Midnight Ministries

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What God Said To Others About Midnight Ministries


Many people find fault with this ministry or what we promote.


Because they take exception to something, or cannot understand it, they criticise or condemn us. It is a natural response. Relatively few are supportive.


But God has verified – through revelations given to others – His support and backing of Midnight Ministries. In fact, HE raised it up. This is not a work of man.


Here is the evidence:

Revelations Given To Several Evangelists


God speaks through dreams to those who are open to hearing from Him (Num 12:6; Acts 2:17).


1. Kassahun Ayele, an independent evangelist in Ethiopia, was given dreams about me (MBH) and about what God is doing through this ministry. They are verification to you from God, of this Work for Him. Example:


a) 5th June 2001. Malcolm Clothed in White.


I saw Malcolm in the house. He was clothed with gabbi. (Traditional garment of Ethiopia. It is very white. People dress in it in winter to be warm.)


He was writing something very powerful which revolutionised the whole world. I was glad by his commitment.

                Kassahun Ayele, Ethiopia.

b) 23rd May 2001. Kassahun Ayele. Dream of Many People Responding to the Literature.


It seems that I was praying in my office. It was Sabbath. It was also night. Suddenly someone knocked on my door. After I had finished my prayer, I went to open the door. I couldn’t see anyone outside. I went to search but I couldn’t see anything. Puzzled, I went again to my office. To my surprise the office was filled with people. I saw all the truth-loaded sample copies [of Midnight Ministries’ publications] hanging on the wall and exhibited them.


Most of the people gathered there were elderly. I began to tell them about our publications and to share with others whatever they want from all our publications. They agreed with joy.


Comment: It was the Sabbath. [This is an emphasis in the teaching / evangelistic commission which God has given Kassahun.] It was also night [we live in spiritually dark times]. Suddenly there was a knock at the door, but he couldn’t see anyone outside. [Jesus causes people to respond to the message he preaches.] When he went back into his office, it was full of people, [perhaps this signifies that the people will be reached through sending mail] and all the literature was displayed on the walls of the office [the publications reach many people and have a ‘high profile’ because they can be passed around in personal evangelism]. Most of these people were elderly [perhaps depicts the fact that mature believers will appreciate what we have written, more than the newly converted]. Joy came into their lives as a result of the truth we could pass on to them. Kassahun Ayele.


Validating This Prophetic Ministry


2. Joe Mukiwa is an independent evangelist in Malawi, taking the truths of the hour to people in Malawi and Mozambique. Here is what God revealed in a dream to his wife on 21st March 2002:


Joe recounts: My wife had a dream. In her dream she saw a very big crusade meeting. But there was great darkness so that one person could not see another. Then from the far dark distance appeared a little light that was coming towards the ground. The light grew bigger. It was seen that he was a tall man wearing a white robe who carried a lamp in his hand [Jesus].


He came and made his way into the ground and stood at the pulpit and put the lamp on top of a large box. The light from the lamp then made the whole place to have great light, as if it was day. He opened a box and took out different books of Midnight Ministries and started to give to each of the people who were there. And there was good light so that everyone was able to open a book and read.         Joe E Mukiwa, Malawi.


3. Isaya Owak is an independent evangelist in Kenya. Here are some revelations which God gave him, endorsing our ministry.


Because God’s calling upon me is primarily to lay down a foundation of doctrine for the Church in written publications, readers can benefit greatly in reading ‘our’ writings. The ‘anointing’ is contained in what God has had me put on paper.


Prophecy [inspired utterance and inspired writing] never came by the will of man, but men spoke from God [NU text] as they were moved [carried along] by the Holy Spirit (2 Peter 2:21).


The way I have written with God’s guidance is no different from how God moved the biblical writers or vocal prophets.

To validate or confirm God’s inspiration on us, God has given others a witness by the Spirit that this is so.


God spoke to Isaya Owak in Kenya, as he read our publications, confirming this fact.


The ‘Anointing’ Is On Our Writings!


9/8/01. I was reading the book Introduction to the Spiritual Gifts, pages 17-18, where it was written Matt 10:40-41. I heard a word in my mind: "Isaya, you have received a prophet, do you see? You are benefiting from a prophet."

"Yes", I said, "and I want more spiritual benefit."


When I reached page 21 topic Prophecy, I was seeing a vision that somebody with white garment (robe) [Jesus] was holding Malcolm's hand and he was taking him towards somebody. He held Malcolm's hand and the other man's hand.


I asked: "Who is that fellow?"

The man replied "Michael Howard."

And I ask, "Why do you hold their hands?"

He said, "I want them to work together in My Vineyard."


Michael Howard was not having brown hair like Malcolm’s, his hair was a bit blacker in colour.


I continued reading this book and reaching page 24 where a prophet from America prophesied about Malcolm. Then I remember what God put in my mind when I was in England on 9/4/01 in Luke 21:15-16. Reaching page 25 where it mentions Isaiah 6, I remembered the audible voice I heard when I was walking down the road. It said, "Tell Mr Heap to stand firm and open the eyes of the Kenyans." [The entire message is in Newsletter 8, page 3.]


[In John 14:26 Jesus promises that when the Spirit comes He will remind you of the very words Jesus has spoken previously.]


10/8/01. Coming into my house, I took the new pamphlet Zechariah's Amazing Prophecy. I started reading it. I reached page 4 paragraph 4, and the holy Spirit whispered to me: "I do not want division in the Church."


I was given 1st Corinthians 1:10-18 and the Holy Spirit also says: "I want you to write your last letter to Joel Meeker to prove if he is My servant or not. His response will tell you which side he is on. Tell him that you want to work with him to direct people to God. Time is short. There is no time to be wasted."


(Meeker didn’t respond. Churches of God and their ministers don’t want to co-operate with us. False ministers want pre-eminence for themselves, which is a satanic trait.)


Tongues and Interpretation received 10/8/01.


I was praying before I went to bed and the Holy Spirit moved me to pray in tongues. When I was praying, I saw Malcolm sitting somewhere. After pray- ing in tongues I was given the meaning:


"This is My son. I have chosen him. Do not worry about all that is coming, be it financially or anything that might come. You must be tested, you must pass through the Refiner’s fire."


After this I was praying in my language, and before I finished, my mouth switched and I started praying in tongues again. That time I was asking God to intervene between Joseph Xxxx, Xxxxxx and me. [These people opposed Isaya. One threatened to kill him.]


I received the interpretation and it was: "Victory. You will excel. Victory is assured. You will win the war."

                  Isaya Owak, Kenya


It is no coincidence that while Isaya was reading the publications which God moved us to write, God spoke to him and gave him confirming revelations. God confirms His Word by signs following it (Mk 16:20).


One sign from God of a true prophet is in the dreams which God gives him (see Dreams and Visions From God [£5.00]) that you may believe the message which comes from God. The proper response to a sign from God is to believe. When you do, you can receive the prophet’s reward (Matt 10:41) – which is to understand his message from God and reorientate your life accordingly. Then the blessing of God can come to you.


Although the following dream is not about Midnight Ministries, I include it here because of its intrinsic value:


Dream of New Jerusalem. 3rd June 2001.


I had a dream that my firstborn and I were watching the rising moon, the moon was full and lovely to watch. As we were watching the moon, it split into two and started to bounce like a ball. I told my daughter to look at the bouncing moon.


Secondly, it turned to be a very high storey building and the voice came and said, "The New Jerusalem." After that it turned again like the tent which the Israelites had when they were in the wilderness, then the voice said, "The Tent of Meeting."


Lastly, the moon turned again to be a big city and the voice said, "New Jerusalem." I was very happy when I was seeing it. Isaya Owak.


Comment: This is an overview of the Church until the Millennium. The moon reflects the light of the sun, as the Church reflects the light (truth and goodness) of God in this dark world.


The moon dividing into two occurred when the Church embraced false doctrine after the ‘Apostolic era’. We still have a split Church today; it is divided over the Sabbath / Sunday issue. This has caused the Church to ‘bounce’ like a ball. Satan has kicked it around through false doctrine.


As truth is restored to the Church and as false doctrine is thrown out, the Church becomes more stable. It is meant to stand as a high, many-storied building, a prominent landmark for the world to see. This it will soon become through the work of restoring the truth of the Sabbath to its rightful place in church practice. Although many Christians will still dismiss this aspect and stay with false Sunday traditions, the restoration of the Sabbath and God’s festivals will bring it into prominence for a short time, before it is reduced to being a lesser edifice.


During a period of trial and testing in Israel, they did not become established. They lived an uncertain existence in the wilderness, helped only by God’s Hand. So it will be shortly for all Christians. The ‘Tent of Meeting’ or the ‘Tabernacle’ depicts the passage of the true Church through the Tribulation that is coming after the imminent restoration of Sabbaths and festivals. Then, when Jesus returns and establishes His Millennium, these truths will receive universal acceptance, depicted by New Jerusalem being not merely one tall building again, but an entire city!


These additional comments also explain further (Parts of dream in bold type.):


The moon was full and lovely to watch. This portrays God’s spiritual love and desire for His people (the Church). When she accepts and desires His righteousness, she is attractive and lovely to Him.


As you were watching the moon, it split into two and started to bounce like a ball. When God presents new truth to His people, some accept it, some don’t. Those who don’t accept God’s revelation cause a split to develop. They don’t move ahead in the flow of the Spirit. Satan is able to buffet them and push them around, hence the imagery of the moon bouncing like a ball.


Then it turned into a very high building, and a voice said "the New Jerusalem". The future of the Church is to be the dwelling place of God – the New (heavenly) Jerusalem, as depicted at the end of the book of Revelation. But before she can reach that stage, she must go through hard times in the wilderness, so to speak (compared to the tent of meeting which the Israelites had in the desert). This was a time of testing for Israel, to ‘prove’ her – to see whether she would walk in God’s ways or not.


Read the passages about Israel’s failure to trust and obey God in the wilderness. There are several accounts in the OT, some in Moses’ writings. One summary is in Psalm 106. This depicts human nature, and God is drawing your [Isaya’s and the Church’s] attention to that through the dream. There are also parallel passages in Neh 9; Is 63 and Ez 20.


Finally, the moon turned into a big city and you were overjoyed when you saw it. This is the outcome of those who endure to the end, who trust and obey God now in this ‘wilderness’ experience of our physical lives. If we remain faithful to the end, God will reward us with this heavenly reward and we can dwell with Him. It will be the most ecstatic and joyful experience! (See Rev 21 and 22.)


Have You Accepted Spiritual Gifts?


Dream of Missing Something (10th July 2001).

I had a dream that I was in England in Malcolm’s house. With me were Tonya and Malcolm working in a computer room as usual. I wanted to put on my white shirt but one button was missing on my shirt. I asked myself, "How will I put on my shirt with this button missing?" Tonya then volunteered to remove one button from her white blouse and sew it on my shirt.

Meaning: I lacked something which Tonya has, that I have to take from her [learn from her example] so that we may move on in unity. This is the gift of praying in tongues that Tonya has but I did not have. Isaya Owak.

Comment: This was a gentle ‘nudge’ from God to be more diligent in accepting and nurturing spiritual gifts. Isaya accepted and received the gift of tongues which God offered him. It is a very useful gift, to be able to pray in tongues, so that you allow the Holy Spirit to directly inspire you in what you pray. Tongues is explained in the book An Introduction to the Spiritual Gifts (£2.00) and Holy Fire! (£2.00).

Sharing In The Anointing

Some people may be surprised by the meaningful dreams given to these people. Dreams and visions are spiritual ‘gifts’ which God gives according to His will, to provide guidance and encouragement. (Explained in An Introduction to the Spiritual Gifts.)


People wonder, "Why would God give such significant dreams to some of those who are in touch with you?" Well, God loves to share all His spiritual gifts with all who can accept them (1 Cor 12:6-26). And dreams are among those gifts and revelations that He shares (Acts 2:17).


Moreover, Elijah taught others in a ‘school of prophets’. The first mention of the school (or company) of prophets is in 1 Kings 20:35. This school may have been started by Samuel. Elijah taught many men to rely upon God in faith (2 Kings 2:3), and Elisha continued the tradition (2 Kings 4). Where others receive the correct teaching and have a right heart with God, faith enters, and they can receive the benefit of the ‘anointing’ which goes with the calling of the prophet.


Those who recognise the ‘anointing’ which God has placed upon our ministry, and who acknowledge to God that He has appointed me as a prophet, are able to comprehend and benefit from the revelations God gives us. This is the "prophet’s reward" (Matt 10:40-41). When pride prevents people acknowledging – not us, but God’s moving through us – they forfeit the prophet’s reward. They stay in ignorance and spiritual mediocrity.


Those whose hearts are right with God – who share in our commitment to the Almighty – share that prophetic ‘anointing’. They may receive dreams and visions according to God’s will and purpose. And most important of all, through Jesus’ truths which we have presented, you can be set free from error that holds you in bondage. You can enjoy spiritual blessings beyond words, in closer union with God.    -- Malcolm B Heap


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