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The Imminent Fall of America

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America Must Remember and Keep the Law of Moses


[N.B. The prophet is not suggesting that America or believers in Jesus Christ should keep every aspect of the law of Moses. But there are people who believe that the law of Moses is done away with, and totally irrelevant to Christians. However, it contains principles of great relevance to our society! One of them, God points out here, is that of the Sabbath, which is an immutable commandment of God, unchangeable throughout human existence. But the apostate Christian Church ‘explains’ it away, substituting it with a humanistic alternative, Sunday. It should be noted that the law of Moses was not Moses’ law. If you read the Bible carefully, it says that it was God’s law which HE gave Moses. Also, it is worthy to note that the only aspects of that law which were superseded at Christ’s death were the sacrificial laws and regulations concerning offerings under the Levitical priesthood, as the NT letter to the Hebrews explains. All other aspects of the law of Moses still have relevance for the benefit of humanity.]


You have trampled on My sabbath for a long time, and I have overlooked it, as you were in ignorance. But now is a time of restoration. If you are to keep My law, then you must keep My sabbath. It is the fourth commandment, just as important as the others. For it is sacred time; it is My time, not yours. I have given you six days in which to labor, to do with as you will, but the seventh day is Mine, and in it I command you to do no work. For it is a day of worship, of coming before the Lord, a day of refreshing and renewal.

I have not commanded you to keep Sunday, but I have commanded the seventh day, the sabbath, which in your way of calculating time starts Friday evening at sunset and lasts until Saturday evening at sunset. Jesus Christ did not change the sabbath to Sunday; he came to fulfil and magnify the law, not to do away with it. You have been in ignorance on the sabbath, and I do not hold it against you, but now I come to you and reveal to you the truth. The sabbath is an everlasting and perpetual covenant. It is a sign that says you belong to Me. If you do not remember and keep the sabbath, then you will not understand it, nor will you come into as full an understanding of My ways and laws; because the more that you are submitted to Me and My ways, then the more understanding and knowledge and wisdom will I give you.


The sabbath is not a "Jewish" sabbath, but it is a time of rest and worship that is commanded for all people. The sabbath was given to Israel and to all who want to worship God in spirit and truth. If you call yourself a Christian, then you must follow after Christ. As Christ kept the sabbath and My feast days and festivals, so do I ask you to do the same. You must follow after your Saviour. Now I come to you to reveal to you the truth of the sabbath. If you will worship Me in truth, then you must keep the sabbath. It is not a choice you have. If you are a Christian, you do not believe in murder, for it is one of the ten commandments. Then why do you ignore the fourth commandment? For when you ignore the fourth commandment, you ignore Me, and you do not honor Me. Would you show your love for Me? Then you would keep My commandments, for they are commandments of love. I am your Lord and God, and I am love. Will you not honor Me and love Me? Will you not remember My sabbath, for it is holy and precious to Me, and it is for your own good.


Sunday is a day that I do not honor, for it has its roots in paganism, in the worship of other gods. You cannot substitute days as you feel like, but you must keep My commandments in truth. You do not do something that is Jewish by keeping My sabbath, but you do that which honors Me, by remembering Me and My sacred time.

Nor do I honor the holidays that you have put My name on. Have I asked you to keep Christmas or Easter, Halloween or New Year's? No, I have not. These are days that have their origin in the worship of other gods. But I have asked you to keep the festivals of Leviticus 23 for an everlasting covenant, that you might come to learn of My plan for redemption and salvation for all of humankind. For there is deep significance and meaning in all of My festival days.

Do I start My new year in the dead of winter as you do, when everything is cold and dormant? No, I do not; I start My new year in the spring, when life comes forth and everything is new. Do you see that you are far from Me and have lost touch with the roots of who you are, for you have been cut off from knowledge and understanding, but now is a time of restoration, and I am restoring truth and understanding by My Spirit.


You must remember the law of Moses – which is My law – and you must keep it, that your days be long on the earth and you be satisfied and full with all good things, and that you be lacking for nothing. But it all begins and ends with Me, with Me and My law. For I am your God and there is none before Me; none shall stand before My might and power, and all who resist My love shall perish, for they are wholly of the darkness.


Come, My children, My America, it is not too late for you to come to Me and give your heart to Me. I hold out My hands to you; I hold out My arms that you might step into them and receive all that I have for you. If it is hard to step into My arms, then you must be brave and courageous and strong. And when you do so, you shall find that it is not so hard after all. If you must give things up for Me, will I not give back to you more than you have ever had? You will forget all about what you gave up for Me because what I will give in return is so much better. I will give you all that you need, all that you require, so that you might be happy and successful in life. And more important than that, I will give you an eternal life with Me, a life unspeakable and beyond your comprehension, filled with beauty and love and peace, joy overflowing, so much so that you will not know how to contain yourself, but will shout in ecstasy at all the love I have to give you. Will you not let Me into your heart?




For know that I am a God of love, but I am also a God of righteousness, and I cannot put up with your continued evil and wickedness, for it has gone beyond just a little transgression here and there, but it is now your way wholly. That is why this book is written and given to you, that you might know My thoughts and feelings, and that you might ponder them in your heart, and turn your heart completely over to Me, for I have all the answers and solutions to the problems that plague both your personal life, and the problems that plague you collectively as a nation. I am the only one that has these answers. You would do well to turn to Me now, even if your neighbor does not, or your family does not, still you would do well to turn to Me. For I will give you My understanding in these last days, and you shall know what is going on around you when all others are blind. What will you do? Will you not give your heart to Me now? You must, for it is your only answer.


I have not come to condemn you, but to warn you out of love. I find no pleasure in the death of anyone, for you are all My children, and no parent wants to see their children die. If you will but come to Me in repentance I can forgive you of all your sins, and heal you of all that hurts you. We can start anew, and I will pour My blessings on you as in the past, and you will be a mighty nation – not the staggering, drunken giant headed for total collapse that you are – I shall lead you out of the distress and guide you in the way that brings peace. What do you choose?

For I have not spoken My words in vain, nor just as an idle threat. Because the words of this book are true, for they are My words, not a human's, and all My words come to pass and no one can prevent them from happening. I have spoken to you of war and famine, death and enslavement, because these things will surely come to pass unless you turn to Me, and make My law the law of your land.


Repentance begins at the top, with your President and your elected officials, for they are the ones that make the law of the land. But repentance also begins with you, the people, because if your elected officials do not repent and make My law the law of the land, then it is in your hands to be sure that you elect others who will make My law supreme.

My law begins in your heart, when you decide to go My way instead of your own. For that is what repentance is – giving up your way and going Mine. It is a decision in your heart and in your mind, and you are the only one that can make that decision. I am not a God that forces you to choose one path or another, but I am here to remind you of the consequences when you do not go My way, for you shall reap all that you have sown; and you shall eat the fruit of all your ways. That is how I set the universe up, and it is an irrevocable law for all of eternity. No one can change what I have ordained.


I plead with you to make the right decision, to choose My law and make it your law; and to choose Me as your God and have no other. For if not, then you commit spiritual adultery, and I will give you over to your lovers, and your lovers shall destroy you and you will not know why. I come to you today with warning and exhortation and love, that you might avoid war and death and enslavement. Why would you choose these things? But know that your time runs short, for the day is approaching rapidly, and none shall be able to save you out of it. But also know that it only takes a moment to decide to go My way; in the blink of an eye you can let Me in. In the blink of an eye you can choose rightly; and the only right choice is the Lord your God, for I have created the universe, the earth, and all therein. You are but nothing, a speck in the endless universe, and if you are so stupid and ignorant as to deny the facts, then you will perish and none shall remember your name.


Come, My children, let us walk down the road together into eternal life. Just as I resurrected My Son, Jesus Christ, so will I raise you up to eternal life also. For Christ was the first of many.


Seek Me out in your heart, and I will be there; listen for My voice and you shall hear it. I shall tell you how to walk, where to go, what to do in all situations that you be not ignorant of My will. I am not a God far away, but one close at hand, so that you need not go to the heavens, or search the deeps to find Me; but I am here for you, and I will live in you if you will let Me.


NOW is the time to choose Me, not tomorrow or next week, but NOW. For who knows what tomorrow or next week brings, for the time runs short. But there is a little time now, and you have the choice. What will it be? Will you choose wisely? Or will you be a fool?


Choose Me, and make My law the law of your land, otherwise the curses shall come down, China and Mongolia shall invade with their hordes, and all that has been said in this book will come true.


What do you choose? The only smart, intelligent, reasonable decision is to choose Me and My ways. Choose Me, and choose quickly, for your time runs short, very short.


Repent of your sins with all your heart and turn back to Me. M

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