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The Imminent Fall of America

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America... Once Great and Shining


I have chosen you, House of Israel, My America, to be a peculiar ‘oddity’ among the nations, for you to be My nation that all the world might see the great wonders and blessings of following after the Lord God. And as you walked and followed My ways the best that you knew how, clinging to Me and revering Me, so I protected you and prospered you, making you the richest of all the nations on the earth. But your wealth and riches, your comfort and ease, has blinded you. You have left off fearing Me, and thrown out My law in every possible way; you call white black and black white. There is no mercy in you, no justice; no one seeks after God or God's ways, no, not one;[17] there is no one who seeks a humble heart, but all are lifted up and boasting with hearts black as coal and filled with lies and curses. Your mouths are open graves and inside you is every possible kind of pollution and filth and cruelty, for you are wholly gone after other gods, the gods of death and blackness and misery. You are wholly lost and headed for the Pit, for that is where your gods take you.

America, I have made you and given you all that you have, but you say that you have got it on your own. But you would not know the way to get what you have, you would not even know that the path existed without Me. You have left off mercy and taken up greed. You have countless causes – all of which you think are good – but which do not solve your problems because you refuse to see the root of all your problems. Your causes do not solve problems, but only create more, because you do not have love in you, but lust.


You speak of love, but you know not what it is. You support the murder and genocide of an entire segment of your population. You choose those that cannot speak for themselves, who cannot defend themselves; you choose the unborn to kill so that you do not have to hear their screams. Only I hear their screams, and I have heard their cries and will avenge them. I have reached the end of My patience with you, for you have chosen to go down the path of iniquity into utter darkness. I will not allow it to go on much longer.


From the north the hordes will come, burning and annihilating and decimating everything in their path. Your screams shall be as the screams of the unborn, for you are consenting to their murders. The hordes of the east will not regard you, for they will come to conquer and subdue you in every way. You have not strengthened your nation in any way at all; you have not strengthened yourselves. America has fallen into dotage, and has grey hairs. Your money has been stolen from you, for your officials are corrupt; they have not seen to the infrastructure of your nation, but everything collapses and rots, and disaster follows disaster because of your greed and lust. You want and do not have, so you kill to acquire. And know that when you are consenting and in agreement with murder and death, then you have become guilty of it yourself. For if it is in your heart, it can come out in your actions.


Have I much more time to waste on a foolish people who will not listen to My voice? For surely the only thing that will bring you back to Me is the loss of everything that you have. For in the time that comes, all of your gods will be taken away; your idols, your money, your homes and careers, all the things that you place before Me shall be stripped from you; all the things that you place before Me shall not save you; they shall prove worthless to you, and you shall throw them in the street as dung. You will be brought to the point where the only thing you have left is Me. What will you do in that hour? I give you a word of instruction for that time: Repent and give your heart to Me wholly.


The answer lies in front of you. Do not think that any other answer shall save you. For how can you save your life, how can you buy your life from an invading army? Will they not simply kill you and take all that you have? Why would they keep you alive? You are regarded as an evil country by many nations, for you have ceased to show mercy. When the hordes come to you, will you buy your life with money? No, they shall kill you and take your money and your homes. They shall rape your women just as in Bosnia, for they are a fierce and cruel people that come against you.




I tell you all that will happen in advance that you might make the wise choice and give your heart to Me now. This is not the time to contemplate your many choices, for you have only two choices: Return to Me in repentance and be healed of all that plagues you, or continue on your way and very shortly your nation will fall and you will be enslaved. Is your heart that hard? Are you nothing but stone? Come to Me that I might turn your heart into flesh.


I know that you have sought the answer for a long time, searching high and low. Yet the answer has been in front of you all the time; it is Me and My law of love. You cannot find the answer in any other thing, and as you look to other things you become blinded and deluded. There is only one God, and even the demons admit this; and they tremble. You have an unspeakable future with Me; do not be blinded by the world and lust.


I send My messenger to you with My words; all the words of this book are Mine, not his. He is but My vessel, My servant, and he is giving you My words of warning before the disaster comes. I will give you but a little more time to repent of your ways and to come to Me and to begin dealing justly. I am the God that searches the minds and hearts of all people. There is nothing you can hide from Me. You cannot come to Me with a heart that is divided, thinking that you might return to Me only slightly. I know your thoughts; I know your heart; you cannot hide your purposes and intentions from Me. You must return to Me in humbleness and worship, from there I will be able to lift you up, for you will learn of the joy in My Spirit.


My Spirit is filled with peace and love and joy. Will you not repent of your wickedness, trading it in for all that I have for you? All you need do is come to Me with a broken heart, desiring Me and My ways in your life. I can bring peace to you and your troubled land if you will but allow Me. If you will but take up My law and make it the law of your land once again, not straying after other gods, but revering and fearing Me, the only one who is capable of helping you. For you are long past the point of no return, and you are into the final days before war.


For know that your government will be brought low and all of its officials ousted in shame and defeat, for your government officials are corrupt, and you have allowed them to be that way. They shall be brought low and ousted from office in a scandal far, far greater than Watergate, for it shall involve many people, not just one. And as your government is in disarray, your financial markets collapsing under the uncertainty, the enemy will be able to make his move against you. For they have been plotting and planning to do away with your nation for some time. It is only My direct intervention that has prevented it so far. But My hand of protection is now gone from you, and in a short time you will see the evil of your ways, and you will eat the fruit of your doings.


NOW is your chance to repent of the evil in your heart; NOW is your chance to turn to Me in everything you do, that you might be saved from the invader and the utter destruction of your nation. NOW is your chance to step away from the evil and into all the good I have for you. What will you do? Will you stay where you are, rooted in fear and uncertainty? For your nation is losing everything it ever had. There is only uncertainty. What will you do? I am the one that can bring back prosperity and give to you peace in your heart, certainty for your life, but you must return to Me in repentance and make My law the law of your land, as it once was. What will you do? For your time is short and everyday the conditions worsen. Come to Me in repentance, in humbleness, in mourning, for there you will find Me, and I shall be able to lead you out of the mess you have gotten yourselves into. But choose quickly, for your time runs out. M





This is an overstatement, an exaggeration for effect. The same literary ploy is used by God in scripture: e.g. Psalm 14:1-3 and Romans 3:10-18.


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