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The Imminent Fall of America

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History Repeats Itself


China comes from the north, like a black cloud covering the land; they shall come to your land for war and conquest. They speak a language you do not know; they come for conquest, for the wealth of the world is in your nation. They come to America from the extreme north, down through Canada, through the Lake of the Woods, into Minnesota, into North Dakota. Your cities shall be destroyed by a rain of bombs. They come from the north through Canada speaking a language you do not know.

America, what will you do now that My protection has been taken away?


If you prefer the world's ways, then you shall have the world's ways. For the world's ways are the ways of war. You have had wars in the past, but the sword has not come through your land; I have protected you from that. But as you have ceased from My ways – you even support the murder of the unborn and call it a human right, and your men lie with other men, and you sell your daughters into prostitution – I have taken My protection away. Are you blind? You must be, for the father of all lies and murder is Satan; and I see you following after his ways in all that you do. So I am leaving you to your ways.


Did you like the Oklahoma City bombing? No, you did not. You find it a horror, little children massacred. But you do it everyday in your abortion clinics; you support it and call it your right. You are blind and fools. You are a stench in My nostrils. You are hypocrites, and your hearts are filled with pollution and filth. Oklahoma City was only a small, small taste of what you will receive if you do not turn back to Me and establish My law as the law of the land. My law is in the first five books of the Bible; it is called the Torah. No, My law has not been done away with by Christ. The only thing that Christ abolished of the law was the ritual sacrifices, for Christ was the ultimate, perfect sacrifice. Christ came to magnify the law, not to do away with it.


You consider it your right to murder, and you consider it your right to do whatever it is that satisfies your lusts; and yet these things only bring misery to you and your country. You are not one nation under God, but a nation under many gods, just as the other nations of the world. Therefore, you shall receive the treatment of the other nations. For you reap as you sow. Murder is the law of your land, so you shall be murdered by a people who invade your land. Do not lament or cry over this, for it is your own choice. You revel in your choice, and so shall you receive firsthand all the evil of your ways, the evil of your choice.


I have suffered long with you, patiently waiting for you to return to Me, but you will not. You do not know Me at all. My patience is at its end; My protection has been taken completely away. You have but one last chance before the end is upon you. I send My messenger to you, bearing all My words, that you might consider them and let them touch your heart. One last chance I give you to pursue peace and justice, mercy and righteousness, for you are wholly taken up by the filth of your flesh, your greed and envy and hatred is eating you alive, and your country is falling apart.


China shall come from the north, just as the Assyrians did to ancient Israel, so now will they do to modern Israel, for America, you are of the House of Israel. They shall come for you from the north, through a military corridor in Canada, and My hand of protection shall not be upon you, for you have denied Me and spurned My love. You will learn firsthand what it is like to be without the Lord your God, for I will turn My eyes from you, just as you have turned your eyes from Me. The hordes of the east shall descend upon you in swarms without number, overrunning you and your collapsing nation, for you have not even bothered to strengthen your cities, but your money has been siphoned off by greed, and you are left bereft and hopeless.


And yet even now I hold out My hands to you, that you might take them and be My children again, coming away from darkness into light. For as you take My hand and establish My law, so shall I restore My protection and blessings upon your nation. You must hold to My law strictly, and no other, for it is the only one that can save you from the enemy. You must hold your elected officials to the standard of My law, and if they do not keep My law to the fullest, then you must throw them out of office; and you need not wait for the election, but kick them out when their sins are revealed. For the breaking of My law begins with your elected officials who make the laws; and your elected officials have thrown out My law and put in their own, and you – the citizens – have not held them accountable. And so slowly but surely My law has been eroded until there is nothing of it left.


The hordes shall invade from the north, and will have no pity on the young or the old, slaughtering them with a great slaughter, and those who are left alive shall be forced into slave labor, and worked until they can work no more, then they shall be sent to the death camps, just as the Nazis did to the Jews.


This is not a time for your careers or your college degrees or your love relationships, this is the time to turn to Me and so save yourselves. You have no other hope, for the war drums beat against you even now. What will you do when they come for you? Is it only then that you will call on My name? You will understand that rejecting My law does you no good, for My law is a law of love; it is for your own good that I gave it to you. I have told you that you must worship Me and no other, keeping My laws, because all other gods are dead and leave you in lies and darkness. But in Me is truth and life.


WILL YOU TURN TO ME NOW? For now is the time.


Remember that I have told you all this beforehand, says the Lord: They will come from the north to take all that you have, including your life, unless you repent and turn to Me in mourning and weeping for all your evil and wickedness. Turn to Me now and save yourself. M

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