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The Imminent Fall of America

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The Solution is God


I have ordained the sun and the moon and the stars; I have placed each according to My will. The earth I made and all therein; it is mine. There is no human life that I am not active and involved in – whether you know it or acknowledge it – I am there speaking My words into your spirit. There are those who do hear My voice, such as the prophet that writes this book, and they have submitted themselves to doing My will and purpose for their life. I speak into the hearts of all humans, and all you need do is listen for My voice; incline your ear to Me and I shall be there. Listen, and you shall be able to hear. It is no great gift given to only the few, but all people were meant to be able to hear My voice, and to be able to speak with Me.

If you can stop all your meaningless activity but for fifteen minutes, and go into your room by yourself and seek Me out, listening for My voice, I shall be there for you. If you can put aside all your worldly desires for fifteen minutes and come to Me, your life can be changed for the better. I am here for you if you will only allow Me to be.


You have pushed Me out of your life, and it was the worst thing you could possibly do. For I am not here to dominate your life, but to enrich it in every possible way. Come, My children, I give you this chance – now, before the end of all things – to come to Me and get to know Me. I am your Father. If you will come to Me now with an open heart, yearning for Me, all of your past can be forgiven and forgotten; not a thing will ever be held against you, for all can be covered by the blood of Christ. The only thing that cannot be forgiven is blasphemy against My Holy Spirit: this is when you believe that I am Satan, that My works are Satan's works, and that My ways are Satan's ways. The only other thing that cannot be forgiven is when you yourself are unwilling to forgive another; because how can I forgive you when you will not forgive? But come, My children, come to Me, listen to Me and My voice.


I will freely give you My Holy Spirit if you so desire. The Holy Spirit is your link to Me; once you have it, always be desirous for more of it. For My Spirit is like water pouring over you and through you. Let it flow through you to others, that they too might know of Me and My love.


I come to you to let you know that Satan cannot hold you if you do not want him to. Resist Satan and he will flee from you; draw near to Me, and I will draw near to you. Do not worry about the past or the future, but just come to Me, seeking Me, for I will be there and I will speak with you. Even as it is, I speak to you through this book, for My servant, the prophet, gives you My words. Be assured, that the words of this book are Mine; they are not words of human origin, but I place the words in the prophet's heart, and he lets them out so that you might know My words.


Do you desire rest from your problems, solutions for your life and for the world? Do you desire healing and deliverance, prosperity and joy? All are available if you will just come to Me. Do not be proud – for pride will only take you lower – do not be unbelieving or doubting – if you do not believe in Me and My Word, if you do not have faith, then you cannot please Me or come into any of the things I have for you – but open your heart to Me as a little child and come to know Me and My ways; and you shall be happy, with joy overflowing, for all eternity. Nothing is impossible for Me, and if you believe in Me and My power, then nothing will be impossible for you either.


Now is the time, for I have called you all your life, called you to walk with Me down the path of righteousness towards a new life and a new world – where all evil deeds, where all misery and unhappiness, sickness and death – where all these things finally and forever cease. For it is My purpose and plan to put to death ALL the works of the devil, ALL sin, ALL unrighteousness, and none shall turn back My purpose and plan, none shall hinder, none shall get in the way. My will will be done, and I am calling you to join in with Me and be on the side that is victorious for all of eternity. Will you not come to Me even now? I ask you to come to Me and learn of all that I have for you, but you must be willing to repent of your sins.


You must be willing to give up all the ways that you have that are not My ways. You must be willing to learn what it says in the Bible and to do it. For Christ is your example, and as He denied Himself, so now do I ask you to do the same. But I do not ask you to do this without all of My support, for no human is capable of doing this on their own. It is a lifelong process that ends in your perfection – but it is not you that does the perfecting – but Me. I will start the work of perfection, and I will complete it. Just remember, that if you slip up and make a mistake, the blood of Christ is always on the altar to cover your sins, and it will always cover your sins when you repent of them.


I am not a harsh God, but a loving one. My anger and wrath are only revealed after much longsuffering on My part; and only after there has been sufficient warning does My anger and wrath manifest itself. This is that time of warning, and this book that you are reading is part of the warning. I give you My words now that you might turn back to Me and avoid the trial and tribulation that is sure to come to you and your country. For I have suffered long with you and your iniquity, hoping that you would come to repentance on a national scale. Will you do it, America? Will you turn back to Me before it is too late? I am loathe to see America destroyed, yet it is not I that does it, but it is you by your own actions. The threshold was passed a long time ago that you could get yourselves out of the mess you are in; it is only by putting all your trust and confidence in Me – by turning back to Me wholeheartedly – that the doom will not fall on you. For I will divert the sword that surely comes to your land. I shall send back the invader, and he shall die before your eyes, and you shall plunder him instead of him plundering you. But if you do not turn back, then the sword comes to your land, and the sword and famine and disease shall consume you wholly. What do you choose?

About Works, Overcoming and

Church Government


I have not asked you to be saved by your own works; you are not saved by the things that you do, by the actions that you take. You are saved by grace through faith, not by works, lest anyone boast. None can save themselves, but all must come to the foot of the cross and know that it is by Jesus that they are saved out of death and given eternal life. It is Jesus, not you. Get your eyes off yourself and onto Jesus, your Saviour. All who believe in Jesus shall not perish, but have everlasting life. My Son came to put to death the works of the devil. He gained victory at the cross, and His victory can be your victory; all you need do is reach out and grasp it. There is nothing to fear, for My perfect love casts out all fear.

You need not do penance given to you by a man. For there is only one mediator, one intercessor between man and God, and that is Jesus Christ. You cannot obtain forgiveness from a man, from a priest, for they are but men. What? Do you think that My Son's sacrifice, that My Son's blood was not enough? You think that you need to say some repetitious chant, that you need to twiddle with little beads? Do these things forgive you of sin? Do they blot out iniquity? No, they do no such thing; in fact, they only increase your sin and iniquity.


Quit going to a man for forgiveness of your sins, but go to Jesus Christ, confessing your sins to Him that you might be forgiven. Quit practising your idolatrous, pagan concepts that originate in ancient Babylon. Go to Jesus Christ for forgiveness. For all of My children are equal in My sight – none are lesser, none are greater; you are all brothers and sisters. When you place another person above you then you create a hierarchy, a pyramid, which is Satan's design, and from there I am obscured from your sight. In this, many of the churches are guilty, for the preachers and pastors place themselves above the congregation, making gods of themselves, and the people are guilty in this also for allowing it. They begin worshiping a man, making him into a god and putting him before Me, thus going into idolatry.


Preachers, pastors, and ministers I warn you, to be very careful, for I have placed you in a position to direct and lead people to Me, not yourselves, for in you is no good thing. It is only through Christ that anyone can be righteous; it is only through Christ that anyone can be saved.


And for My people I warn you, that you must NEVER look to a man, but only to God. Bring your problems to Me, not to a man. For men love to dominate you and lord it over you, for they love control; and a controlling spirit is from Satan. I do not attempt to control or coerce. If you are in a situation where men lord it over your spiritual life, then you must leave that place and come to Me. I will lead you and guide you and show you where you should be; I will place you on a path no man ever could, a path you could never find on your own even if you tried. The only thing you can do is come to Me.


If you try to save yourself through your own works, then you are lost, because you will never be able to do it; you will never be able to be good enough to blot out your own sin; only Jesus can do that for you. And if you think you have been successful in this, and that you are good enough, then I tell you that you are clothed with filthy rags, not with the white garments of righteousness, for you are filled with self-righteousness. And as I have told you, your self will never give you righteousness or forgiveness, only Jesus can.


You will burn out trying to be good, or you will sink into complacency, self assured and smug, and you will be of no use to anyone or anything. Your self-righteousness only makes you kindling for the fire. But if you will humble yourself and seek Me and My will, then I will restore you and lift your head.


I will perfect you, not yourself. All I require is for you to be a yielded vessel that I can use. All you need do is look to Me, for I can tell you what you need to do. I can make your life wonderful and interesting beyond your wildest hopes and dreams. I can give you a purpose that is built and suited exactly for you, only cling to Me, look to Me, listen to Me, not to men, not to your family, not to anyone, only to Me; and I shall make your way clear through the desert and the darkness and bring you through to the light. Even when the road seems most difficult, I shall be there for you to see you through, bringing you through the difficulty with victory. And I shall forge your character and make you strong in Me, and you shall go forth and do My will, being light in a world filled with darkness.


Will you heed My words? Or will you go on blindly following other men and seeking their ways instead of Mine. I tell you that their ways, the ways of men, shall lead you to the Pit, to death; they shall lead you to sorrow and destruction; they shall lead to the end of America, to slavery and captivity.


This is not a time for complacency, for if you think that all things shall remain the same and that life will just go on as it has, then you are sorely mistaken; you are blind and a fool. The end of your country approaches as surely as the sun rises every morning in the east and sets every evening in the west.


Now is not the time for your careers or your college degrees or for your love relationships or for anything else at all; now is the time to seek Me out, to repent and humble yourselves. Now is the time to give up your evil ways and to take up My ways; now is the time to make My law the law of your land, for your laws are based on greed and lust and desire, and they do not protect you or the innocent.


Now is the time to turn to Me with all your heart, for the end is upon you. If you say that it is not, know that it shall overtake you when you least expect it. For if the master of the house knew at what time the thief came, he would be awake for the thief and ready; but as he slept the thief broke in and stole all he had. Yes, he stole everything, even the master's life. For the enemy comes not only to take your possessions and your land, but to kill you and all who you love. Because that's what war is, and I have protected you and your land from war on your own soil for a long time, but the time of that protection is over, unless you return to Me.


For I would have you to know that I have likened your country, America, unto Ezekiel 38 and 39. This is for you, oh My America, My people. Gog and Magog are China and Mongolia and all the hordes of the east, and I am stirring their spirits to come against you, for you transgress against Me in everything.


Now will you turn to Me? What will you do in that day, for they are as the sand of the sea, and no matter how many of them you kill, there will be more and more to replace them. And I shall put fear into your hearts that you tremble and quake, and your heart will melt with fear.




For this is surely to happen. And the scoffers and the mockers shall be the first to perish; their dead bodies shall lie in the streets with none to bury them.




Now is the time.


Parents, I beseech you, to turn to Me and raise your children in My ways. Would you have your children to die without mercy and brutally? Would you have them put to work in slave labor? Do you not love your children? Will you not turn to Me to save them out of this? Do not pray to any other god, for they are but dead gods.




Parents, do what is right for your children; even if you have not ever done anything else right, do this one thing, turn to Me, and all shall begin anew. Your lives shall be made whole, and you shall be healed of disease, both spiritual and physical; your nation shall be healed and there shall be love and concern in your streets instead of guns and violence.

Parents, if you love your children you will do what is right for them. You will turn to Me and begin teaching your children My ways and My laws, so that they shall be able to grow up and have children of their own, and they shall teach their children My ways also, that your nation and the world might come to peace.


There is no other way; you have no other alternative or choice, for all other alternatives and choices will bring the enemy to your nation and they will kill you in your homes.



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