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The Imminent Fall of America

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The War Drums Beat Against America


China is My weapon against you. If you do not repent and turn to Me, it is China that comes to you, with all her might and fury. For you, America, are fat and lazy, complacent and foolish. You have lost all reason, and are drunk on your iniquity. You are a blemish on the earth.

But you say, "How shall China come to us? We are the strongest on the earth and none can do us harm. We prevail against everyone." America, you only ever prevailed against anyone because I was with you and went before you to win the battle. Now you are without Me. What will you do?


For know that China moves even now to take the Far East, all that is north of Beijing and Mongolia; China moves to take Siberia, Yakutsk, Chita, Khabarovsk, Magadan, the Kamchatka Peninsula, Anadyr. All of this and more shall China take from Russia, for Russia has been destroyed by your evil free market reforms; they will not stand against China. Moscow and Western Russia, the Ukraine and Belarus will align with Germany out of fear of China. They shall make an alliance, for mutual protection, and will pull the rest of Europe into war.


As for you, America, China shall cross the Bering Strait and take Alaska. Who can stand against the hordes of the east? From there they shall subjugate all of Canada in a matter of days, and then they shall be in your country, and you will not stand against them. Where is your power, America? You have sold it for little copper coins. You are pathetic. But even now I hold out My hands to you, that you might return to Me; for I will turn back the invader and the plunderer from your land if you return the law of your land to My law. If you will return to Me I will save you. For China masses her armies for conquest. She is an ancient nation, what will you do against her? Will you pretend that it is all virtual reality and that you can make it go away? I will make you believe in reality. I will make you believe in Me. If you will not turn to Me with gentle correction – that you might receive the blessings I have for you – then you will turn to Me with much, much harsher correction, for you are a stubborn and stiff necked people.


Do you think that China will not come? She will, and she will come in anger and fury. China shall take half the Russian Federation with a swipe of her hand, and she will take you in the blink of an eye, America. [Confirmed by a prophecy given to Dumitru Duduman. See page 129.]


Then all the world shall be brought under a system of government that Satan has devised for you. WILL YOU NOT TURN BACK TO ME?


For the time to save yourselves is NOW, for you haven't much time. I present you with the solution to all your problems. There is not one problem that you and your nation have that I cannot fix. Come to Me, My children, why do you wait? For you will be driven totally mad by war in your own land. Do you like the pictures from Bosnia? Do not allow this – and much worse – to happen in your own land. Because it is the nation that looks to God that I exalt above all others. You need Me desperately at this crisis time. You must shake off the effects of wine and come to your senses; you must shake off everything and realize that you are helpless without Me.


For the war drums beat in the heart of China, and in Mongolia they train to kill you, and they desire to take all that you have. Europe crumbles under the same problem that you have, America – they have forgotten Me as their God – and Europe will be of no help to you against China, for they will be engaged by Western Russia and Germany. All of your allies shall leave you, America, they shall leave you bereft and alone. And they shall all pick at your carcass. Your nation will be a heap of rubble, and you will be slaves, and you will go mad listening to a language you cannot comprehend.


I have told you; I have given you warning, a chance to turn back to Me and avoid the disaster. There is no hope anywhere else; you have no allies in the world, but all shall stab you in the back, and then they shall kick you in the face while you are down. And even your dead body they will rape, because there are no rules in their fury and lust to acquire all that you have. You have not dealt justly or wisely with the rest of the world, and the reason for that is because you have forgotten My laws and ways. Now you will pay for that; but there is still this final chance for you to turn back to Me, establishing My law as the highest in the land, and proclaiming Me as your one and only God. You have but little time to decide, so choose quickly and choose wisely, and if you choose anything but Me, then you are a fool, a dead fool. I will not wait forever. This is your last chance.


If you will return to Me I shall make the world situation turn out in your favor, and all the world shall see that it is a nation that looks to Me that receives the protection and blessings. I shall lift you on high, and your blessings shall be even more than in the past. Many of you do not even know of those blessings, for your fathers and mothers turned from Me before you were born, and did not teach you a love of Me. Now is the chance to repent of that, and for good to come to your nation.


If you will return to Me I will cause fear to come upon any who would attack you, and you would destroy and scatter them. I will cause the gentle rains to come in their season, so that your food might be abundant and inexpensive. I will cause all to increase, your offspring, the wealth of your land, your joy and happiness, for all who worship Me can receive of My blessings.


But know that if you do not return, the hordes of the east will conquer you and enslave you. And you will pine away from fear, and your food shall not be enough, and all day long you shall suffer and cry and have no relief, and in the morning you will wish it was night, and in the night you will wish it was morning, and nothing you do or say shall give you any comfort.


Now is the time to come back to Me that I might save you from this. NOW is the only time, the last chance you have, for I have been gently pleading with you for a long time now, but to no avail. I give you this opportunity, putting it in your face, so you will have no way of saying that you weren't warned, that you weren't given the chance to make the right decision, and thus be saved out of the distress. The choice is yours; choose Me and My ways and My laws, repenting of your ways and your laws and your traditions, and giving yourselves over to Me utterly and entirely, loving Me with all your strength, for only then will you find all that you have been seeking. Do not delay and do not wait, for the war drums beat even now. M

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