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The Imminent Fall of America

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America - Modern House of Israel


The House of Israel split into two nations after the death of King Solomon. Ten tribes going to the north to form a new nation. They did very wickedly in My sight. And as the curses of Deuteronomy 28 clearly state – a nation of fierce countenance came against them from the ends of the earth, plundered their land, took them captive, and made them slaves. And after many years they were scattered across the face of the earth. The ten tribes migrated to the north-west across Europe, to the British Isles, and to America. Was not America acquired just as Israel was in Joshua's time? Yes, it was acquired in the same way. I gave you the land. Your enemies were scattered before you, and as you looked to Me I prospered you, giving you increase in every good thing.

Can you not look at the prophecies of the Old Testament and see a little clearer now? When it says Israel, Jacob, Ephraim; it also means America, Britain. It is now the time of the latter days. Can you see a little clearer now? You are kin to the physical nation of Israel, for you all are of the House of Israel. Has not the United States government primarily paid to keep the physical nation of Israel going ever since 1947? It is brother keeping brother alive, though you have not known it. Do you despise your heritage, America? I am your God, the very same God that brought you up out of the land of Egypt; the very same God that brought you across the Atlantic, and gave to you the richest of all possible lands for your own, provided that you walk in My ways and keep My commandments.


You may read of all that happened to your ancestors in the pages of the Old Testament. You may read of how they left Me, and how I came to them with curses. Then they would return to Me, and the blessings would return also. But just as they turned away from Me, so do you. And just as their wickedness increased to the point where they were taken into captivity, so now has your wickedness increased. And yet I give you one last chance, a final warning that you might turn around and give your heart back to Me, for I love you, and do not want you to be hurt. But I cannot tolerate you as you roll in your filth and excrement, for you are a scab on the face of the earth, and I shall tear you from it and give your land to another people whose language you do not know.


Do not hesitate to return to Me, for only then will peace be restored to your hearts, only then will the disaster be avoided. For you have hard hearts, hearts of stone, just like Pharaoh in his dealings with Moses. You walk in the counsel and desire of your own ways, and there is no fear of God in you. Do you not fear Me? I shall come and make you fear Me. You are but human, a vapor. I am from everlasting to everlasting; I have made all that there is. I know your thoughts from afar, your rising in the morning and your lying down at night, there is nowhere that you can go to hide from Me, for My Spirit is everywhere. You cannot escape Me.


I long for you to return to Me now, that the disaster might be avoided, and that you might come to know Me. For I am your heavenly Father. But as Israel did, so do you. As you cursed and tortured and rejected and murdered My Son, so now do you still reject Me, preferring darkness over the light, and wickedness and evil over all that is good.


You seem, America, as if you want to commit suicide. For I freely offer you the remedy to all that ails you, and yet you scoff at Me. If it is harsher medicine that you prefer, then that is the medicine I shall let you have. Because you must surely know that every knee shall bow, every mouth shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. I have said it to Islam and I say it to you, America; you will know that I am the Lord your God, Maker of heaven and earth. All the earth is Mine, and it is only by My love and kindness and grace that I permit you to exist on it. For you, My children, have gone astray and run after whores, anything that you can pollute yourself with. But I will not allow you to remain so, you shall experience punishment and correction, My children, but you shall return to Me in the end, and I will heal you of your pain.


For the world cries out for a Saviour, a Messiah, and there are many false ones, but soon My Son shall return to rule the earth. The government shall be on His shoulders and peace shall finally be a reality. It will not be your human form of peace, which is false; but it will be a true and lasting peace, with justice and mercy and truth.


But I offer this to you now, America, if you will only return to Me and go My way, then you might enter into peace. What do you choose?


If you do not choose Me, your cities shall lie desolate, and you shall die through famine, war, and disease. Those of you who do not die shall be enslaved. All of your wealth, your food, your prosperity shall go to the invaders. Will you not choose Me and My ways? You have not long to choose; choose wisely. M

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