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The Imminent Fall of America

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The Chinese Invasion


You must believe My servant's words, for if you do not believe the words of this book, then you not only reject My servant, the author of this book, but you reject Me and all that I have to say to you. For he is like Isaiah, and his life has been like in the first chapter of Jeremiah. And if you reject him, then you reject Me.

I have used prophets throughout history, to convey My message to the people. For the prophets listen to My voice, they hear and understand, and they speak forth My words. If you are too dull of hearing to hear Me speaking to you personally – just as the prophets hear – then you must listen to the prophet's words, since you are able to hear those, and you must realize and recognize My voice and My words coming from the prophet.


And what is it that you expect from Me? You do not listen to My voice, or follow after Me, or keep My commandments and laws; you curse My name everywhere you go. And since you do not listen to My voice, then I must send the prophets to confront you with your evil ways. And they give you My correction and My advice and My warnings. They put My words in your face and tell you to choose. And what will you choose? The wise choose Me and My ways, and the foolish perish.


For I am bringing a nation against you, even the nation of China, that they might consume you and rule over you, for you have turned away from Me in everything. They shall invade you from the north – just as the House of Israel was taken captive and enslaved by the Assyrians – so shall China come through the extreme north of Canada, down through the Lake of the Woods, and into Minnesota. You will flee before their mass onslaught; their numbers are as the sand of the sea and the stars in the heavens. You will not stand before China, but fall; and they will have no pity on you – the young and the old alike – for I have set it in their hearts to take a spoil from you. To take the richness of your land and your possessions, because you have forgotten Me and My law, and have forgotten who gives you your blessings. In that day you shall know that I am the Lord and that there is nothing before Me. When your blood runs in the street and your back is to the wall, then will you remember Me, then will you believe.


I do not send My prophets to you to waste My breath, but I send them to you as a warning before the calamity strikes that you might turn back to Me and save yourselves. Yes, I bring China and her hordes against you; Mongolia, a people you do not know. The hordes and gangs of the east will decimate you and annihilate you, taking everything that you have. Haven't you heard of their slave labor camps? Do you think that your free market reforms have done anything to save the world? It is slave labor; they have not ever ceased this in China, and they bring it to you, people of America. What will you do?


I have sent My prophets to you throughout history, but you do not like correction, for you are a stubborn and stiff-necked people. America, YOU ARE My people, Israel. The House of Israel was taken captive thousands of years ago; ten tribes scattered throughout the world. And I have blessed them and increased them, just as I promised their father, Abraham.


AMERICA, YOU ARE A PART OF THE MODERN HOUSE OF ISRAEL; and the blessings and curses of Deuteronomy 28 are still in effect. You cannot escape an irrevocable law. Shall I let you profane My name throughout all the world? No, I will not let you do this any longer.


The prophets hear My voice and speak the words that I give them to speak. They only know what I tell them, and they only know through My Holy Spirit, and not through any other way. The prophets are powerless without Me; they would not be anything without Me. I have chosen them to speak My words not because they are anything special, but because it was My choice, and they have been tried and tested that they might prove useful for My work. For it is My work, not theirs.


And will you listen to the prophets or the prophecies of this book? For know that these prophecies shall surely come to pass if you do not turn your hearts back to Me. But if you repent of your evil ways and return to Me, then I shall repent of the evil that I purpose to do to you and your country. It is not sacrifice that I seek, but a humble and contrite heart I will not despise. America, you are of the House of Israel, and I love you, for you are My people. Will you not turn back to Me even now? I give you My words, and they are not a man's words, but they are the words of God. Would you doubt Me? For if you say, "Let us use caution and wait to see if the prophet's words come to pass", then know that it will already be too late for you. Would you wait to have an operation to remove malignant cancer? Would you wait until it was too late? No, only a fool would wait. You would be in the operating room the very same day, removing the evil, the wickedness from your body. Will you not remove the evil, the wickedness from your soul, your spirit, your life? For it is the spirit that gives life. I would have you to know that you cannot wait, but that you must remove the evil from inside you now, this very hour. Repent and turn to Me and loathe your sins, mourn for your iniquity. Because if you wait, China shall come against you with her hordes, and she shall not come to pity you, but to kill you and rape you and take everything that you own and hold dear; and if they do not kill you they will make you slaves, and you will wish that you were dead.


And a new world order shall follow in the demise of your country, because all obstacles will finally be removed. I will not take your mocking and your cursing of Me much longer. All day long I hold out My arms to you, that you might return and live in safety, but My longsuffering is coming to an end. What do you choose? Life or death? M

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