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The Imminent Fall of America

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A Caveat to the Church


To the Church:

Are you not just like Laodicea? How your complacency and comfort disgusts Me! How you have forgotten Me and replaced Me with the things of this world, even making the things of this world, even making other men and women your gods instead of Me. Repent of this quickly, or I will spew you out of My mouth; I will vomit you out, and you will have no future with Me.

Do you remember how you loved Me? How you would do anything for Me? I am asking you to rekindle that fire for Me. Are the passing things of this world of such importance that you would replace Me with them and lose out on your eternal life? Nor do I ask you to replace Me with head knowledge of My Bible. Knowledge is good and right and is a starting point, but the knowledge needs to get from your head to your heart. You can be filled with knowledge and have no love, and your knowledge will not do you any good. I have given you knowledge that you might put it to use, by leading and guiding others to Me so that they also might be saved and have eternal life.


Know this, My people, that love – true Godly love – is exemplified by you directing another person towards Me and My righteousness. You can give all the gifts you want, you can be as nice and sweet as you want, but if you do not take the opportunities that I give you to bring and direct others to Me, then what good is your sweetness and kindness and gift giving? True Godly love leads people to Me, it leads people to My righteousness, to following My commandments. But I do not ask you to do this without giving you the opportunity, for I go before you to open doors that no man can shut, and all you have to do is walk through that open door. Just step through, My people, and see how I will back you up and support you.


How long have you been passing up My open doors? So content and comfortable in your churches and organizations, your careers and families? Do you not know that there are people who desperately need My words? Do you not know that there are people who will perish without Me and My words? And how are the people to learn of Me if no one will tell them about Me? This is what I ask you to do. You must tell people about Me; you must follow My ways and laws and not be a hypocrite.


Would you know why there are atheists? It is because you who say you love Me go out and do your own will and desires rather than doing My will. You do not follow My law. If you who say you are of Me do not do as I say, then how do you expect anyone else to? Do not just lament over the state of the world, but lament over your own condition.


Do not boast over your own works, or your own supposed righteousness, for you are nothing without Me. Do you not know after all this time that your righteousness comes through Me? You are saved by your faith in Me and your belief in Me; you are saved by My blood, and yet you would boast of your own works. Come, My people, I have been patient and waited for you, but the time is running short. The world is about to go into chaos. You need to rededicate yourselves to Me, and begin to love others as I have loved you. You need to begin showing Godly love. I do not expect you to stand on a street corner shouting, but I expect you to take the opportunities, the doors that I open for you, the people that I bring across your path; I expect you to give them My words, to at least give them the chance to hear My words and to decide for themselves whether they will accept or reject them.


Do not replace Me with the things of this world, or with other people, for these are all dead gods. My people, humble yourselves and come to Me, and I will save you from the fire, from the destruction that surely comes to the world, to America, from the fire that takes eternal life. Humble yourselves and seek Me out and My will and purpose for your life, for then you shall have what you were created for, and I shall be able to give you all the good things. M

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