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The Imminent Fall of America

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God is a Perfect Loving Father


You are the works of My hands. I have created each person individually and separately. Without Me you would never have existed; without Me nothing would ever exist. You have strayed far from Me, going after other gods, choosing the lust in your heart. Yet these things did not make you or put breath into you. I did. When you say, "There is no God," you are blind, base, and stupid. Your ignorance shall consume you, and your dead body shall be for the carrion fowl. You have gone stark raving mad in your complete denial of reality, a fool walking straight into destruction.

I have made you and it is a fact that you will have to face up to, for believe Me, you shall be confronted with Me and My Word and My law. You will have nowhere to run and hide, and there will be no one that you can turn to for help. What will you do then? You will not even remember your vain philosophies, your false gods, for all will be swept away by My glory and majesty; for none can stand before Me and not fall to their faces, proclaiming Me to be God of the universe. What will you do in that day?


I have made you, and you are the works of My hands. You are My children, and I will not let My children stray from Me without correction, without calling them back to Me, for as any parent, I love My children. I love My children, even more so than human parents, for human parents are imperfect and love imperfectly. But I am perfect in all ways and love you with a perfect love. I think of your eternal future, not just your physical one. And as all children do, you resent My correction, yet you would be wise to take it. For your physical life is but a vapor, and I have seen many generations go by. I am concerned for your physical life, very much so, and want to give you the good things of this life; but it is of no value compared to your eternal life, your spiritual life. I will not give you anything that would draw you away from Me.


This is why many Christian lives are difficult, because the people are not as concerned with the things of God – with Me and My purposes for their lives – as they are with the things of this world. Yet I have told all people in My Bible that if first they seek the kingdom of heaven, then all the worldly things will be added to them afterwards. For I have created you with a purpose and a plan, unique to each individual. As you go My way and keep My commandments, I reveal My purpose and plan for your life; I lay it out in front of you. Then it is up to you to step into that purpose, and if you do I am there to back you up 100% in every situation, never leaving or forsaking you. You will find ultimate, true satisfaction in your life when you walk in the purposes I have for you, and I am able to give you all the good things of the world, the physical blessings. But if you do not go My way, and are not walking in My purposes, then how are you able to receive all that I have for you? For you are not open to receiving what I have, being too consumed by yourself and your problems than by Me.


I have created and made you with My own hands, children. And all your life I continue to shape and mold you, creating another being inside you. For you are like caterpillars in this physical life, just waiting to blossom into the butterflies you will be in your eternal life with Me. Now you can only crawl, but then you shall be able to fly.


But know this, My children, that just as a grain of wheat must fall to the ground and die before it can produce fruit, so must you also die to your self before you can come into eternal life. For anyone who seeks to save his life, will lose it, and any who are willing to give up their lives shall save them into eternal life. Yes, My children, I ask you to die to yourselves in this life; I ask you to die to everything inside you that screams, "ME!!" And I ask you to put on humbleness and concern, love and caring in the place of your selfish ego. But as you do this and walk in My ways, then I am able to give these things back to you, but in a more pure form and in a righteous way. For I would never give anything to you that would take you away from Me. Would a human parent that loved its child give it heroin? No, the parent would not. Just as I do not give you spiritual heroin. And whatever takes you from Me is evil, for all that is good and righteous and true comes from Me and leads to Me.


And I would also have you to know that My Bible is completely true. I have exalted My Word above all that there is. I have sworn by Myself that it is true; and I do not lie. If there was something false in My Word, then I would no longer be God; and the universe would implode. For those who doubt and scoff at My Word, or for those of you who like to pick and choose and misinterpret and interpret for your own desires, know that it is all true and that you cannot hide from that fact. My Word is true and sure; if it wasn't, then you would not exist.


Come to Me, children, for NOW is the time. The world is about to be thrown into utter chaos, utter confusion, and the false prophets and the false messiahs and the lies are going forth, just as My Word is. For those of you who have ears to hear, come and worship Me, the one and only true God. For when you listen to the lies, you are taken into the darkness; Satan has you in his snare, gloating over you with fangs bared. If you do not believe My words now, you will believe them when the destruction comes; when the storm comes down on your head you shall know that all of My words are true. Will you not be wise and come to Me now? Or will you be a fool and reject Me and My love, preferring the darkness and the lies, preferring the ways of sin and death, going to your own death and drowning in your own blood? Come to Me now, children, for this world passes away very quickly. M


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