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The Imminent Fall of America

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Jesus Returns Soon


My people, if there is hurt in your heart, let Me in to heal it. If there is pain in your life, give it over to Me. Give it all over to Me that I might turn it into joy. Now is not the time to be broken-hearted, but now is the time to lift up your faces, to lift up your hearts, for the time of your salvation, the time of My appearing, is soon. Yes, it is very soon.

There is nothing in this universe that can stop Me from coming and taking over rule of the earth. Do you not know that that is what it is all about? Everything is to be put into subjection under My feet, and the time of Satan running loose in this world is rapidly coming to an end.[16]


I am coming to take up the government on My shoulders, and the increase of My government shall have no end. I am the King of the universe, and nothing shall stop Me. No army can withstand My might or power. All of the demons tremble at My name for they know that the Lord God is One, and that their time runs extremely short.


So be heartened, My people, for the time comes when you shall be as Me. You shall exchange your lowly body for one such as I have, a glorious spiritual body.


Be not disturbed by the events in the world, for you know that these things must come to pass; and they have been in the Bible for hundreds and hundreds of years.


Be of good cheer, My children, for I am coming to save this planet from total annihilation. There is no human power or human saviour or human messiah who can do that. It is human power and human understanding and human ways that are bringing about the destruction of your world.


But I am coming to reign forevermore, and I am bringing peace with Me. I am bringing peace, and yet the armies of the world will fight Me because they do not want peace; they want power. Yet I am more powerful than any army, more powerful than anything, and I am coming to put down all opposition.


Are you with Me or do you oppose Me? To be with Me is to have all life and peace and joy, but to oppose Me is to die with the wicked.


Will you not give all of your heart to Me now? Will you not give everything to Me now that you might be with Me as we rule the earth in peace and love? For My time of return is coming, and none can turn that aside.

I Do Not Want To Condemn

The World, But I Am The Only Way.

It’s Up To You Which Way You Will Choose

I did not come to condemn the world, but to give it life, and to give it life more abundantly. Do not deny Me in this late hour; do not deny Me ever, for I am the only way to the abundant life, to eternal life. You create religions and philosophies that suit yourselves, and you say that you have life in them – and yet they are vacant and void and filled with darkness. There are no other gods with self-existent life in them; all other gods are dead and filled with darkness and will lead you into the same death, the same darkness. Do you not know that in the ages past Satan made his counterfeit religions that you might be led astray? That he might take you from the truth and the light and fill you with lies and darkness. You worship Buddha, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Mohammed; you worship the queen of heaven; you worship Tammuz and Moloch. You even go so far as to sacrifice your children to Moloch; a thing which never even entered My mind.

You worship every god that you might find, and yet each one is only a mask for Satan. For Satan does not parade evil in front of your eyes; he comes to you as an angel of light, and yet he is filled with lies and darkness – a murderer from the beginning. He comes to you with false religions that lead you away from the truth and away from Me, but I am the only one that can save you. You will not find Nirvana; you will not be reincarnated; without Me there is only eternal death and eternal darkness. Without Me you are separated from God eternally, and I have told you in 1 John that God is love. Why would you be separated from love eternally?


You must repent of your false gods and your idol worship and come to Me. I am not here to condemn you, but to give you the love you so badly need. If you have made mistakes or been misled, all shall be forgotten, covered, and washed away by the blood of Christ. All you need do is seek Me, and I shall be there. I shall never leave you nor forsake you. All other religions and gods and ways shall perish, but My Word is forever, and none can turn aside what I have spoken.

I tell you again, come away from your false gods and idols, for Satan is pulling you into the fire with him. Satan knows he has but a very short time left before he is taken away, and he is trying his hardest to take as many people with him. It is his pleasure to see you die; it is his pleasure to murder you, for he hates you because he knows that you are to become as I am. He is bitter and jealous and hateful of all humans because they shall become all that he is not, all that he can never become because of his evil nature – which is solely centered on self. Do not be deceived by the countless religions he has set up, for there is only one right spirit, and that is My Spirit. There is only one right way, and that is My way; for My way and My law are based on love and caring and concern for others, rather than Satan's way of self which leads to murder, rape, the cruelest kinds of abuse, war, the annihilation of the earth and the genocide of the human race.


Which do you prefer?


For be certain that times of trouble, that have never been known, are coming to the world. These troubles come by the working of Satan. Your false religions and false gods and idols will not save you out of the catastrophe. The only way out is by Me. I am the only way to peace; for My laws and ways bring in lasting peace. But when My laws are turned from, then all manner of troubles begin. Satan has you in his clutches, and he gloats over you with fangs bared. Would you save yourself from his cruel designs? Then you must turn to Me, for all other gods are Satan's creations.


You can serve Me, or you can serve Satan. There is no other choice, and you do not have the alternative of serving neither, because when you choose that, then you are automatically choosing Satan. You must make the conscious decision to choose Me, and when you do I shall be there for you; anything else, and you are bowing with your face to the ground in front of your lord and master, Satan.


But no one forces you; you are free to pick whom you will serve. Because if you do not want Me and My ways of love and concern, then what future do we have together? You shall go into the fire with your lord and master, Satan, and there you shall die and be consumed and know no more. The last thing you will hear before you are consumed will be the sound of your own agonized screams. I tell you this not to condemn you or scare you, but that you might know the truth. Satan will not tell you the hard truth; he will lie to you in everything. But I am truth, and I am life and light; and I long for you also to have the same light and life and to be with Me forever. For I am your heavenly Father. I have created all things and you are My children. A father desires not to see his children die. Nor do I want you to die. This is why I warn you and tell you to come away from false gods. False gods lead to your death. There is no way around it.


I am creating new beings inside of you that are to be just like Me. You are to be filled with the same power and capabilities as I. This is why you must first come in physical form, that you might be tested and tried, to prove your loyalty to Me and My ways. I will not bring you into My Kingdom if you are a hateful person, for a hateful person is a murderer. I will not bring you unless you love Me and My law; I will not give you all this power until I know that you are more concerned about others and their welfare, than for your own petty lusts and desires. For I would not have you rampaging through the universe, but I would have you renewing and restoring the planets, creating life where now there is only waste and emptiness.


You must come away from Satan and his ways. You must come and worship Me, and from there I will be able to give you all things. I will give you joy and peace and love, prosperity and blessings overflowing, if you will just come to Me, laying aside all your other gods and worshiping Me in truth and spirit.


I have the universe to give. Will you not come to Me and accept all that I have to give? For the only other choice you have is final death in the lake of fire with your god, Satan. Come to Me now, that this does not happen to you, and that you enter into My love and blessings and joy, that you enter into eternal life. Stay away from the liar and the murderer and cling to Me, for I have much to show you and My love is never ending. Amen. M




How Soon Will Jesus Come? (How) explains just how close His coming is. In this booklet we give a number of factors which indicate that it could be as close as 2006! (But we are not setting dates, just warning that it is very near – even at the very door!)


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