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The Imminent Fall of America

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Dedicate Yourselves To ME


To the Church, God says:

My people, you must take up your cross and deny yourselves just as I did. Do you not know that if your righteousness does not exceed the Pharisees, then you shall have no place in the kingdom of heaven? You shall have no place with Me. There is forgiveness of all sin in My blood, My sacrifice, but if you replace Me with your traditions, if you replace Me with yourselves and your own ways – honoring Me with your lips but being far from Me in your hearts – then you replace Me with something that cannot forgive your sins; and it is sin that brings death. And if your sin is not forgiven, then how shall you escape death? Come, My children, I do not say these things to condemn you, but to spur you on, to exhort you to further obedience to Me.

I do not want to lose any of My children, therefore I must discipline and correct you when the need arises, not out of cruelty but out of love. For the Pharisees had Me in their midst, and they heard My teachings and My words, but still they refused Me; and they even put Me to death out of fear that they would lose their position and power to Me. It was the Father's good pleasure to bruise Me, and it was His will for Me to be sacrificed for the forgiveness of all sins, and I freely chose all that happened to Me. Yet would you crucify Me again by turning from Me, even as you honor Me with your lips? Do not make the mistake of the Pharisees, thinking that they had eternal life simply because they memorized the scriptures. Memorization is not the key to eternal life, but I AM the way, the only way to eternal life.


I understand that you make mistakes and that you sin, that is what My blood is there to cover. Have I not also been tempted in every way as you? Yes, I have, and My blood covers all your weaknesses. Do not feel condemned!


But as the Pharisees rejected My coming and My words – I now ask you not to make the same mistake. Do not reject My words; do not reject My coming, for I do come in the flesh. I come in your flesh, in you, for I live in all believers; and I work through you and I speak through you. I do miracles and healings through you. And you must not reject Me when I come, for if you do that is the spirit of antichrist.


For the Pharisees rejected Me and had Me crucified. Please do not make the same mistake as they did, for you are My children and I love you more than you can ever understand.


And for you to experience real spiritual growth you must become doers of the word and not just hearers. I want you to set an example for the world, to be light to the world. For when you honor Me with your lips but do not follow after Me in your actions, then the world calls you a hypocrite, and they reject Me outright. They reject Me, because you are not willing to follow My law. Your actions do not match up to your words, so how are unbelievers to begin believing? How can they accept My words when you do not?


My people, I ask you to recommit yourselves to Me this day, to show your love and devotion by following after Me. For others will be turned by your righteous example. Throw off the world and come to Me; I am here to bear your burdens and your worries and your cares. Do not be concerned as to what others will think, for now is the time for you to shine. NOW is the time, My people, for the darkness comes and the people of the world need your light, your example. NOW is the time to devote yourselves to Me full time, because the fields are ripe for harvest.


Yes, My people, rededicate yourselves to Me this very day and follow after Me, denying yourselves the quickly fading pleasures of this world, and taking up your cross as I did. There is much work to be done, and you have been called and chosen to do it. NOW is the time, My people, now is the time.


Do it because you love Me, for I have saved you out of death and given you eternal life; and would have you share that with others that they also might be given the chance to choose eternal life over death. Now is the time. M

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