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The Imminent Fall of America

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Band-Aid for a Severed Limb


Are you concerned about injustice? Are you concerned about your many social ills and problems? I know that you are, for I see you fighting and quarrelling about how to solve these problems and who is to blame for them. But you must be aware that the blame is on you, that the blame is in you. You cannot blame your problems so much on your leaders as you should blame yourselves, for you are the ones that allowed it to take place.

I have the answers to your problems, not you. You will never be able to come up with a lasting solution. Your solutions are equivalent to putting a bandaid onto a severed limb, and then you wonder why the bleeding does not stop. You are a foolish people, ignorant in all your ways. You must go to the foundation of all your problems to find the solution. You have left Me and My law and taken to yourselves doctrines and philosophies, ideas and concepts that are nothing but lies and that are made out of your own excrement. Do you think these ideas and concepts will help you? Look around you. Things in your country go from bad to worse, to impossibly worse, and yet you still think that your excrement is the solution.


You think that your vain philosophy will save you? How ripe you are for the picking, and even now the war drums beat against your country and they assemble against you; and you continue with your vain philosophy and to roll in your excrement.


Your only solution is in Me, and in My law and in My ways. For there you will find what has been lacking in your society. There you will find answers to the problems that plague you. Are you too sophisticated for that? Yet you are so sophisticated that you prefer rolling in your own excrement and eating it as your daily bread, for your ways are as abominable as swine, and you are reaping all the poison that you have sown. Consider the misery that is in your heart – the hurt, the loneliness, the coldness – it never goes away. You wake up with it in the morning, and you go to bed with it at night. You seek solutions and comfort from all the wrong places, and only when you come to Me will you find what you have been lacking, not only in your own life, but for your nation. Yet you haven't much time, for I have grown weary with pleading with you; and I have become tired of watching you eat your own excrement. Your judgment and doom fall soon, for you have turned from Me and lost knowledge and understanding and gone raving mad; yet if you turn to Me with all your heart and seek My ways and establish My law as the law of your land, then your society and nation shall be turned around, and you will find the solutions to all that plagues you. But choose quickly, for your time is at an end.[15] M



15.   America has had ample chance to turn around. These words were sent to President Clinton and to several high ranking senators in 1996 and 1997. Besides, there have been numerous other prophets sounding an alarm within the nation for decades! But, true to the stubbornness of the wicked human heart, the majority has not heeded the warnings. The leaders lead the people astray (Isaiah 3:12-14), and the people blindly follow.


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