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The Imminent Fall of America

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I Am Your Hope And Life


I have not come to put a burden on your shoulders, or to put a yoke of bondage around your neck, but I have come to free you of those things. I have made healing available to you, salvation, forgiveness, eternal life. I have come to put to death all of the works of Satan. Satan shall not stand, nor anything – not one hair or speck – of his deeds shall even be remembered in the time to come. All enemies shall be put under My feet[14] and destroyed. There will be no more sickness or disease; there will be no more hunger; there will be no more death, for I will take all these things away, for all these things are the work of Satan. They are not what you were created for. But when sin entered in, then all of these things entered in also. For it is sin that brings death; it is sin that brings pain. And you must realize how I hate sin, for it is the cause of your problems. Were you to follow My law and keep My ways, your problems would be so much less, and in place of them you would be happy and joyful, and the bitterness of this life you would not experience.

I came to put the works of Satan to death, and I have done it; for I have defeated Satan and his followers once and for all. The victory has been attained, so be strong, My children, for even though the victory has been attained, the fighting goes on in you a little longer. For I have conquered eternally, but I wait patiently that all men might have a chance to reach repentance, and to come to Me with broken and contrite hearts that I might lift them up.


Even so the time of the end is upon you, and you shall see Me coming in the clouds in power and glory, and none shall be able to stand against My might, for I am the King of the universe, but I am coming to take up My rule on the earth, for the times of My patience are coming to an end, and I shall not let My people suffer in a world of wickedness and evil.


I would have My people to take up their positions with Me as priests and rulers – yes, My people, you shall rule with Me – and no longer be ridiculed and persecuted and thwarted by the world, but you shall be lifted above all the earth, for you have endured many sufferings for Me and the time of your glory is coming. So be strong and have hope, My people, enduring these final few years of evil and suffering, and you shall be crowned with glory forever and ever.


And those that mock you shall be made ashamed, and they shall eat the bitter fruit of their ways, for they have not revered what is good, but what is evil, and as they have mocked and ridiculed you so shall it be dumped on their heads one hundred fold, for I am coming to requite evil for evil and good for good. Be strong, My people, and cling to Me, for I am your hope and your life, and I come very soon. M



14.   Many prophecies in the Bible refer to this time of peace coming. Among them are Isaiah 9:6-7; Isaiah 2:2-4; Isaiah 11; Zechariah 14; Micah 4 and Jeremiah 31.


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