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The Imminent Fall of America

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The Church Must Grow Up


Blessed is he who follows after the Lord all his days. The Lord shall provide all his needs according to His riches in glory. He shall not wander lost but have purpose, have reason, have fulfilment, for I shall go before him to open up doors that no man can shut. My favor shall rest over his life, and I shall set him on the high places and none shall be able to bring him down.

Blessed is he whose sin is covered by the blood of Jesus Christ, the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. For I have removed his sin as far as east is from west. Who can make a charge or accusation against My elect? All the day long I watch over My children, guiding their steps, intervening in all areas of their life. I am there even when they do not know it. Blessed is he who follows Me as God, who looks to Me in all things, for he is the man who has made his foundation on the only lasting thing; the only thing that can withstand the test of time. The only thing that endures forever is Me. From eternity to eternity I am. And I give this to you, all of those who love Me and are a part of Me and who worship Me and never leave Me; I give you eternal life and glory and majesty beyond your wildest hopes or expectations; I give to you all that I have as you come to Me and worship.


For in the world there is nothing but lies. You will seek high and low and everything will be a bitter lie, everything will lead to death. But in Me is the truth, all of the truth; I can answer all of the questions that you have ever had about anything. I can touch that place inside of you that's ice, and when nothing and no one else could ever melt it, I can melt it for you. I can take all the things that hurt you and heal them. I can take the chains that are around your heart and make it as if they had never been. Blessed is he who comes to Me and allows Me to do these things, for he shall find joy overflowing when once there was only sadness.


And for those who would reject Me and My words, the only thing they have in store is bitter tears, and I long for them to give up their foolish pride and accept Me for who I am. For surely the world changes, the world passes away, and there is no one that can do anything to change this fact. Everything that there is will melt in front of your eyes, for the evil one comes to have his day, and the people must learn that their ways are his ways. The people must learn that their choice is wrong, and that the only choice they have is Me, for I am the only thing that leads to peace; I am the only thing that is true; outside of Me everything is a lie; outside of Me there is only death.


If you refuse these words there is only but a short time before you find out exactly how true they are; and I pity you, for your end will be tragic because the world will pass in the most painful of ways. Only then will people be ready for Me, only then will they accept Me and My ways, only when they have seen firsthand how all their ways lead to rape and murder and genocide, only when they have learned the hard way will they ever come to accept Me. I offer them the easy way now, yet few accept, for the rest are blinded by the lust of the world.


Blessed is he who hears My words and does them. Blessed is he who comes to Me now before the storm, that he might make sure of his foundation so that the storm does not blow him over, but that he can stand, and that he might join Me and all the saints as a king and priest in My Kingdom, which is soon to be set up on the earth. Blessed is he who worships Me for I am the only true God. Come to Me now before the storm, come to Me while there is still time, come to Me, My children, for you do not realize the terror that is coming, because if you did you would be clinging to Me with all your might. Come to Me, children, waste not a precious second, for this is the end of the age that I spoke of to My disciples on Mt. Olivet. This is the time of the end, and I am coming very soon. Blessed is he who looks to Me. M


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