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The Imminent Fall of America

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The Church Must Grow Up


For the Church:

I have assigned some as apostles, and some as prophets, and some as evangelists, and some as pastors, and some as teachers, for the perfecting of the saints, the work of the ministry, and the edifying of the body of Christ. And yet many of you want to remain as students; you want to be ministered to, but you do not want to minister to others. Why do you refuse to grow up? Why do you always look to yourself and your needs and never to anyone else’s?

There is certainly a time to be ministered to, but there is also a time to help others. This is why I have made so many different positions for you, just as there are many different parts of the body, so are there different callings.


And just as there are different callings, so are there different gifts of the Spirit. The word of knowledge and the word of wisdom, faith and healing, miracles, prophecy, the discernment of spirits, tongues and interpretations. These gifts edify you and help you in your callings. Desire these gifts, for they will help you in your spiritual growth. What? Do you want to remain a babe forever? I am asking you to grow up. I am asking you to seek after Me and My knowledge and wisdom and understanding, that you might be a light to others, both to believers and non believers alike.


No gift or calling is greater than another, for all are a part of My work. None should despise themselves for their gifts and calling, nor should one vaunt one's self above another, for you are all equal. Pursue your callings and gifts out of a pure love for Me and for others, not being concerned with yourself, for your self will get in the way and obstruct the things that I want to do with your life. And know that as you step into your gifts and callings you shall find fulfilment and satisfaction that you will not find anywhere else. It is when you lose yourself and give up yourself that you shall find the most out of life.


You have been concerned with being ministered to, but now is the time to step out and minister to others. Now is the time to grow up, for it is what I have called you to do. My children, I want you to have a burning desire for your gifts and callings, to fulfil My purposes and plans in your life. I can raise up the stones to fulfil these purposes and plans if you do not, but I would rather that you do them, for it is what you were created for.


And as you move into these gifts and callings you shall have much better communication and fellowship with Me. You shall ask the questions of your heart and I shall answer. You shall know things hidden from others as you come to Me. It is through the gifts that greater communication is available to you. Step through the door that I have opened for you, step through the door into all that I have for you.

The Midnight Hour


Now is the time, My children, and the hour is late. It draws very close to the midnight hour[13], and I am wanting the virgins to be prepared. I want there to be oil in your lamps. The oil is My Holy Spirit, and you are the lamp. Will you be full of My Spirit that you might shine brightly? Or will you be lacking, with an insufficient amount of the Spirit to produce light? I am urging you to be ready, for you to be filled with My Spirit, for the time comes and I do not want you to be left outside. The midnight hour is much closer than you think, and this world passes ever so quickly. Will you be ready? You must step into your gifts and callings, for it is what you have been lacking, and now is the time for you to come to Me and look to Me in all that you do, for the midnight hour nears, and you have need of Me now more than ever. M




The Midnight Hour is now here. When this prophecy was received and first written in 1996, God spoke of the Midnight Hour being very close. In 2000, I received a letter from an evangelist in Nigeria who told me of a visit of an angel who told him that the Midnight Hour is now upon the Church! This time is the final time of preparation for the Church prior to the outbreak of worldwide tribulation and anguish. More information about the tribulation is given in Understanding the Book of Revelation (Rev) from Midnight Ministries


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