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The Imminent Fall of America

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Destruction is Sure To Come


All that I speak is true. I am not a human; I do not lie. When I tell you that destruction shall surely come upon you if you do not return to Me, know that it shall surely happen. I speak through My people, My servants and prophets, and the words I give them are true. Do you deny the words in this book? They are not human, but Divine. No man knows the things of God, or the future, if they have not been told to him by God. Prophets are just as real now as they were in Biblical times. Humans are just the same now as they were then. They could not escape My words in the past, in Biblical times, nor can you escape My words now, for you are no different.

I shall stir up the spirits of your enemies to come against you, for your enemies are all around you. America is not a nation that will last without Me; America is a nation that is sick and diseased and dying, and it is the people that have turned from Me, thus allowing the disease in. You cannot escape from reality no matter how hard you try.


You will know that I am God when you are conquered; you will know that I am God when you are raped by foreign armies. You will know that I am God because I have told you all that will befall you beforehand. You seek comforting words, but comforting words I cannot give you while your heart is turned from Me, while you are still seeking your own ways. How can I tell the murderer that he shall not be murdered? You shall reap all that you have sown.


And yet all you need do is repent and turn to Me. Do you not know the blessings that wait to be poured on you if you will allow Me to turn your heart of stone into a heart of flesh? If you will but turn your heart to Me all the good things can be yours. Your country shall be lifted up on high.


I tell you the truth and I do not lie. There is no way you shall escape the invading armies unless you turn your hearts to Me. Did Israel, did Judah, did Jerusalem escape the invading armies? No, they did not. They were killed by the sword and by famine and by disease, and those that did not die were carried away into slavery. For their hearts were hard as stone, and their face was set against Me. Come now, My people of America, can you not learn from the lessons of the past? It is not good for you to be far from Me; indeed, it shall prove your very death. Can you not learn from the past and turn your heart to Me now before it is too late? You are no different in My eyes than ancient Israel, and I will deal with you the same. Check the history of your nation and you will find that in times of trouble they turned to Me for guidance, and I saved them out of the calamity. But you are now at a crisis point, the most severe of your nation's history, and yet you do not even know it, for you are blind and foolish. If you have an ounce of sanity left you will give yourself to Me, you will give your heart and soul and mind and body to Me, that you might be saved out from this destruction. Will you not turn to Me and be restored to health, or will you wallow in your excrement and die in your own blood?


The choice is black and white and there is no grey. It is one or the other; you have no in-between alternative. You do not have the choice or the time to say, "I will do this because I choose to; or I will do that because I choose to." Your own ways and your own choices and your own ideas lead you to death, because they are all founded on foolishness, on lies, on greed, on lust. These shall not stand. Only My ways shall stand; only My ways shall last. It is not the time for you to say, "I will do what seems good for me; I will do what seems right in my own eyes." Because that time is over, that frame of mind has brought you to the point where your country is about to fall.


When you are occupied by a foreign army do you think that they will respect your opinion and let you do as you please? How stupid and foolish are you? Do you think they will even give you food to eat? Food is for armies, not for slaves. And in the time that comes you will be reckoned as slaves for all that your country has done in the world, for all that you have allowed your country to do in the world.


For God says, "You have allowed your country to rape and loot and pillage; you have been in agreement with these policies by allowing them to continue. You have not dealt justly or with any mercy whatsoever. So shall they deal with you; and the time comes quickly. Turn to Me now and be saved, or refuse Me and be enslaved. As you have not given others the choice of life, so they shall not give you the choice of life. But return to Me in full repentance and mourning and I will thwart their plans." M

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