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The Imminent Fall of America

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Turn to Me Now


You desire the smooth and soothing words to comfort your heart. You want to hear that everything will be okay and that you've done nothing wrong. I cannot give you nor will I tell you that which is not true. I give you the truth so that you shall know your situation, your place in reality, to give you the chance and the choice to change that reality. Do you like the idea of being invaded by a foreign army? Do you like the idea of being murdered? Do you like the idea of being raped? Do you like the idea of being enslaved? No, I know for a fact that you do not like any of these things. So then why do you do them? Why do you support them in your own land? Surely you have gone mad through your hardness of heart.

I will not give you comforting and soothing words; I will give you the truth. As you have done to others so shall it be done to you. I come to you before the disaster so that you might have the choice to choose Me and My ways – which is the only way out of the situation your country has gotten into. You have been sold – by your leaders – to the highest bidder, to be occupied and enslaved. You have grown fat and soft and complacent, and you have riches far beyond the rest of the world. Do you not think that your riches are desired? They will be taken from you, along with your life.


I will not give you lies. I come to you now that you might make the right choice. I am the only one that can lead you out of the mire you are in. You cannot look to human leaders, for they have sold you. You cannot look to yourselves, for you are nothing. The world is against you, for your country has raped the world in its lust and greed, and they are coming for you, to take back what you have taken. Yet I would save you out of this, for America is a country that was once called by My name, and I would have you return to that. Because if you do return to Me, I shall save you out of the destruction. I will thwart the armies of the world and scatter your enemies far and wide, and shall make a mocking of them. I am the only one capable of doing this, for your might and strength have vanished; your might and strength have been sold for the pleasures of sin. Your country is nothing but a sick and diseased giant, filled with AIDS, filled with terminal cancer, and at the least storm you shall be utterly and finally knocked to the ground; and you shall not rise up again. My words are sure and true and none can turn them back. For as you believe in false, dead gods, your prayers shall go unanswered.


Do you seek false, soothing words? You have only to listen to your leaders and to yourselves; you have only to watch your televisions to find the comforting words you seek. But I tell you the truth, I tell you reality – not virtual reality, which is what you like to live in – I tell you all that shall befall you if you do not turn back to Me.


Do I give you these warnings because I hate you? Because I despise you? No, I give you these warnings out of love, that the disaster might be avoided and for you to be lifted on high. For I have loved America, and would exalt it on high, but America has turned from Me; America has chosen to be as the rest of the world. And yet you do not even know what the rest of the world is like. You are in total ignorance, complete blindness. I tell you to turn to Me because I love you, because I do not want to hear your screams; I do not want to see you raped; I do not want to see your dead bodies in the streets, for I find no pleasure in the death of anyone.


I beseech you; I hold out My arms to you, that you might return to Me, that you might come back to Me, your God and King, so that I can show you the way out, so that I can save you from death. For you cannot save yourselves. You are utterly lost without Me, bankrupt in every possible way. I come to you now before the storm. What will you choose? Will you be wise? Or will you be a fool? Thinking that nothing will happen? Thinking that you are safe? You are on the edge of a cliff, about to be pushed off, and I am the only one that can save you. Will you not turn to Me now? M

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