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The Imminent Fall of America

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The Lost


There are those who say that I do not exist. They wander lost in false visions, and when they see themselves in a mirror they cannot recall who they are or how they got there. Life is all a blur for them. Life is one moment into the next and into the next, and there is no understanding for them, no rest for their souls, and the universe weighs down on their shoulders crushing them with the nothingness that plagues them.


They prefer their ravings than to come to Me. They look upon Me and My Word as foolish, yet who will last? In a moment their lives are over; they are young and then in a blink of an eye they are old; and their lives were filled with all foolishness; and they go to their graves with not one question answered.


But if someone comes speaking My words they will reject My words; they hate My words, and they prefer death over life. They prefer vain philosophy over truth, so that they might continue in their sin; so that they might continue in their ways which are harmful and hurtful to others, choosing to be murderers and to support murderers rather than to live in righteousness.


What can I do for those who hate Me? I let them go their own way, and let them eat the fruit of their doings. Their end is bitter and sad, and it is not the way they were created to end. For humans were meant to live full, joyous lives and to die in peace, with an eternal spiritual life stretching out in front of them. But these are the type that do not want full lives, and think that being joyous and happy is wrong. So I leave them to it, and they wallow in their misery and tears, singing songs about it, how good it is to hurt, and they are fools without wisdom, utterly lost, drowning in the vomit of their own lives. If that is what a person chooses, then that is what a person gets. If they reject Me and My words and My ways, then they are doomed to wander lost, seeking and never finding, asking and never receiving. All day long I hold out My arms to these people, waiting for them to come to Me that I might heal them of their hurts and give them the love that they need.


If you are lost and without Me, open your heart and let Me in and we shall be together in joy for all of eternity. M


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