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The Imminent Fall of America

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War and Death Camps


All day long I hold out My arms to this people, this nation of America, yet they refuse Me in all ways. They will not accept Me or My words. Their hearts have become stone. What can I do with a people who will not listen? I have sent you gentle correction, that you might turn to Me easily, but you would not. So I have sent ever increasing amounts of correction and discipline, going from gentle to harsh, but still you mock Me and My ways and the people called by My name. What can I do with a people when their hearts have been turned to stone?

I gave America the land just as I gave it to ancient Israel, whatever opposition was easily crushed. And you turn from Me wholly now, hating My name. Will I not do to you as I did to ancient Israel? You have wandered blindly down the pathway of destruction, and I have let you eat the fruit of your ways. Why do you prefer bitterness and sadness? For there is not a one of you that does not know terror in his heart, fear all the day long over things that are not even there.


And soon your land shall be overrun, by a people you do not know, a ruthless people bent on raping your land, taking everything from you. You do not know war in your own land, but soon you will, if you do not turn back to Me. I have grown weary of your idolatry, your murdering – which you sanction in your own courts – your greed and lust which knows no end; I have grown weary of your hard heart, which is not flesh, which is not human, but is a stone, cold and heavy and alone. It is a thing frozen solid inside of you; it is a thing filled with hatred and malice, envy and jealousy. There were days when blood flowed through your heart, but those days are gone, and now you are bent on every evil thing, and you curse My name wherever you go. I warn you now, America, that your days are very soon over, because I cannot stand you in My sight any longer. Your filth has reached up to the heavens; your murdering has surpassed that of Hitler; indeed, it is the very spirit of Hitler that you venerate, for as he did so do you.


You talk of fiscal responsibility, yet you have no mercy in you. I compare you to Hitler; I compare you to Pol Pot, to Mao, to Stalin, to all the butchers throughout the ages. My America, you have surpassed them and become the worst that has yet existed.


You have taken My blessings and made yourselves an opium den where you lie and lick one another, not knowing or caring that every single one of you has disease that shall eat your internal organs and cause you to go mad. You have squandered all that I gave you and made yourself the lewdest of whores; and you will touch and worship anything; and all of you – male and female – spread yourselves for anything that passes by and will do anything for a few copper coins.


You will sell your children into slavery, just so you do not have to provide for their needs. You will get on your knees in front of anything, and you roll in your own excrement, because you do not desire love and mercy and faith and justice; your desire is all lust and greed and all that is base, and you will not let anything stand in your way, and the murdered in your nation are everywhere – from the oldest all the way to the unborn – for you worship at the shrine of murder; you rejoice in murder; you say murder is your very own right.


My people of America, know that this day I have left you to your rite of murder. Your rite of murder includes the right to be murdered, and when the armies invade your land and commit genocide on you, putting their guns to your heads with a grin, you will experience murder for yourself. They shall murder you until none is left, for it is the fruit of your ways. Just as you have glee in murder, so shall they have glee in all of your dead bodies. As you worship at the shrine of murder, so shall you be murdered. And as you worship the act of fornication, so shall you be raped before you are murdered, so that you shall know all that you have done to others in your lust and greed and vanity. And those of you who escape shall be put to work in the slave camps, making products for the use of others, and you shall not receive pay, nor shall you receive enough food, and you shall be diseased and sick and work until you die, because your hearts are made of stone, and you do not regard Me in any way whatsoever.


I am loathe to bring this on you, but if you do not turn to Me there is nothing else that can be done, for you will eat the fruit of your own ways. You will reap just as you have sown. These are irrevocable laws, and you are subject to them just as the rest of the world. You are not isolated; you are not wealthy; you are not protected; you have been sold to the highest bidder. And they are coming to receive all that they have bought, and what they have bought is you and all that you have. For your country stands in the way of their plans for world domination, and you must be gotten rid of.


So the choice is before you, America, to repent and turn your hearts to Me, that I might take the heart of stone and turn it into a heart of flesh, and protect you in the coming times; or you can continue on your way. If you do continue on your way, all the words I have spoken shall come to pass, not a word shall be left out, and in that hour you will know that I am God, the Creator and Maker of the universe, and that you have turned from Me, and that you are wicked and base and despised; and none shall help you in that hour, none shall hear your cry, none shall rescue you; for you have disregarded the cries of your own people and you have supported their slavery and murder. In that hour you will know that all you have done is wrong, and you shall die in your own blood.


Therefore, repent, and turn to Me now, and be healed of your wounds and sicknesses and hurts. Waste not a precious second, for your time grows short. The other choice you have is to abort your life. Someone else will do it to you, just as you have done it to those children who did not even have a voice to cry out. But I have heard their cries and their pleas, and I shall answer them very soon.

The choice is yours, America, do not be a fool, but choose Me, God and King of the universe; or die in your own blood. M

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