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The Imminent Fall of America

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Rely on Jesus for All Things


To God’s people:

Did I not stand up for Stephen at his trial? Yes, I stood up for him, giving him what he needed to endure his trial. Did I not comfort him with visions of glory that he not suffer the pain of his death? For he trusted in Me completely, and I have accepted his spirit. Should not you trust in Me just as completely? Will you not look to Me to see you through all the trouble and trial? Stephen defended Me in the courts, giving them My words. So shall you also be asked to defend Me in various ways. For they will not leave you in peace, but come to take you, calling you enemies of the state. Just as Stephen was an ‘enemy’, so shall they call you.

Oh My children, fear not! But accept more of My presence, more of My Holy Spirit into your lives. This very day accept more of Me. Desire not this world, for all that glimmers and sparkles shall fade and go black. Everything shall go black, but you I have called to be light, light in a world of blackness. Look to Me, My children, as Stephen did, for when you do so you shall find all the things that have been lacking in your life, the emptiness shall turn into fullness. Look to Me, look to Me, look to Me, for your world passes away. But you need not pass away, for you have eternal life, as long as you cling to Me and do not turn away.


They have worked and plotted for years for these times of world domination, and if it were not for America's turning away from Me, this time of tyranny would never have been realized. But just as ancient Israel turned from Me, so does America. Make sure that you do not turn from Me though! Even if all others turn away, you must not. You must cling to Me for your very life. Let the foolish perish, but My children, come into lasting, eternal life, for the end of the age is at hand, and the world moves into the beast system of government and religion. You must be wise and wary, sly as foxes, relying on Me for everything.

You Are My Witnesses


You are My witnesses. You are My people, called by My name, to do My work here at the end of the age. You are to be light in darkness, turning many to Me by your example of love and faith and endurance. Do not despise your inheritance, but reach for it with all your might, sharing it with as many as possible that they too might claim the inheritance as their own. Now is a time of revival and My Spirit is doing it. Will you not let go of the world and catch a hold of My Spirit, for My Spirit shall take you many places, filling you with joy and happiness and satisfaction that cannot be found anywhere else. My children, this is the time before the end, the time of the preaching of the gospel to all nations. Go forth and do your part, come to Me for the lead and guide; I shall direct all your steps; I shall not leave you as lost wanderers, but show you what to do every step of the way. Each of you have different tasks, different callings, none greater, none lesser, for all are equal in My body.

I have a specific calling, a specific job for each one of you to do. As you step into your calling you shall find fulfilment that you have never known before, for it is what you were created for. As you perform your calling, I shall back you up and give you all the support you need. I shall not leave you alone, but shall work through you, and you shall have joy overflowing. You shall see many turned to Me. Commit yourselves to Me and your calling, doing it with all your diligence, for the end is coming and I would have My Word go out to all the world, for they must hear the gospel, they must be warned; they must have their witness. M

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