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The Imminent Fall of America

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The Church Denies Me Again & Again


To the Church:


Do you not know My Spirit when it comes? There are those of you who deny Me again and again, and persecute the people who do accept Me when I come. You go so far as to say that these people are being led by a demon spirit and by Satan. Yet it is you who are in error. It is you who are in your spiritual immaturity; and it matters not the amount of time that you've been a believer; it matters whether you can discern My Spirit or not.


I choose to come and reveal Myself in many different ways. Why do you want to put Me in a box? Do you think that you are able to do this? I am God, not you. I am bigger than you and will manifest Myself how I please. I manifest Myself in various ways. I manifest Myself to one person in one way, and to another in a different way. If you want to know if it is Me or another spirit, then you must be able to accurately test and discern the spirits.[12]


Testing The Spirits


My Spirit directs a person to further obedience, a further seeking of God and the things of God, a further delving into the Bible. My Spirit directs a person to salvation, and salvation is Jesus Christ. It matters not how My Spirit comes or in what way, as long as the person is directed to Me. But if a miracle or occurrence happens that simply causes a sense of wonder, but does not point directly to Me and cause further obedience to My commandments, then that spirit is not of Me and should be discarded. But do not discard Me and My Spirit out of fear, for if you discard My Spirit, then what future do we have together? This is why I have said in Revelation 21 that the fearful shall have no part of Me, because their fear is so great that it keeps them from Me; their fear becomes a god to them because their fear would have them deny Me.

Come, My children, it is right and proper to use caution and to test the spirits. It is what I would have you do, for there are many false spirits, but you must know of My coming and not reject Me. Know that the more you submit yourselves to Me, the easier it shall be for you to discern and test the spirits. For the more that you are led by Me, the more open you are to My Spirit; but the more that you are led by your own desires and your own spirit, the more open you are to receiving from a false and lying spirit.


Children, today I ask you to submit to Me wholly, for then shall you be able to know all things, for you will be open to My Spirit, and My Spirit shall teach you all things. Come, ask Me questions, ask Me all you want to know, for I wait for you; I wait for you to submit wholly to Me that you might gain understanding and grow up to the perfection of Christ. M





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