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The Imminent Fall of America

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What Will You Do?



I have not written this book on my own power, or of my own volition. It is simply God's purpose and will for my life that I do this. I do it freely and of my own accord, knowing full well that I will receive much criticism from the public, and more than likely lose many of my friends. But I do not care in the least, because I know the words of this book to be true. If I did not tell you what is going to happen, if I did not give you God's warning, then your blood would be on my hands; I do not want this.

I do not want the world to end. I do not want America defeated, conquered, and enslaved. I am 27 years old [1996] and desperately want to live my life, but the Lord has shown me that if the nation does not turn fully back to Him, then the nation is going to die, and many of its citizens along with it. I can do nothing but give you God's words. You are free to accept or reject them. The problem is that if you reject them, then without a doubt, this country will lose absolutely everything; and there is no way anyone will escape. Our only hope is in God, in returning to Him, in establishing His law as the law of the land; and establishing it in EVERYTHING, not just here and there as we feel like it.

Out of the two terms liberal and conservative, I have always considered myself a liberal. But when God entered my life many of those views changed, and now society would view me as conservative. But actually I am neither. The terms "conservative" and "liberal" are only there to divide and keep us from coming together and uniting in peace. There are only two ways: God's way and Satan's way. God's way is the way to life, peace, happiness, love, and joy. Satan's way leads to darkness, misery, confusion, frustration, and death. And if you think you have your own way, distinct and separate from both God's or Satan's, you are wrong. By choosing your way you automatically pick Satan's way.


What is it that you prefer? This is not about politics, but it is about the foundation of your life; what it is that you base all of your actions and thoughts and words and deeds on. For from your foundation, so you live your life. And the life that you live affects others, and their lives affect other lives, and so forth and so on. You are not an island unto yourself, no matter how much you might want to be. We are all in this together.


God came to me out of nowhere and slapped me on the back of the head and wouldn't let me go. I am so glad that He had the patience and love to hang onto me until I let Him in. It is not always an easy process, but it is the most worthwhile thing a human can ever do. It is not something you do simply so that you will feel good, although that comes along with it. There is a purpose and plan for each individual on this earth; God has it for you. Let Him in to transform your life. This is not some wimpy, cheesy call to a life of boredom and restriction, but it is revolution in its purest sense. It is a call to freedom from all that is negative about life, and it is a call to fight all that is negative in this world and in this life. It is a battle against Satan and his demons; it is a battle against the sin that so easily besets us; but it is a joyous life because God makes it so; and remember, it is Jesus Christ who has already won the victory. All you need to do is step through the open door and claim that victory for your own. He is there for us always, and able to give us all that we need, especially when we are walking in His way and purposes for our lives.


I know it seems outlandish and outrageous that America would be conquered by another nation. Yet all empires fall when they push God outside; it is the way the universe is set up. Alexis De Toqueville's quote fits perfectly: America is great because America is good. If America ever ceases to be good, she will cease to be great. Alexis might have added that America will simply cease to be.


We cannot understand the concept of war in our own nation, for we are a country of armchair warriors, watching it all happen on CNN while we pop another beer. It is so absurd as to be comical, but unfortunately it is all too real to be anything but deadly serious.

I know that you have your own thoughts and your own opinions and your own ideas, and that you will not agree with what I have written here. But remember, the words of this book are not mine, they are God's, given to you in warning out of love. He is the only one that can save us from the things that are prophesied to happen. When you discount the words of this book, then you throw away everything God has told you, and doom yourself to a tragic end.

This is our chance to take back all that we have lost. It is a chance to save our country and ourselves from war and death. It is not too hard; all one has to do is look to God and believe in Him and establish His law as the law of your heart. And if you scoff and reject this, choosing your own way and your own wisdom, then you will lose everything. And before you die you will remember the words of this book, the warning that you received and rejected; and you will hate yourself on that day, loathing your heart of stone, crying out to God as the enemy comes upon you with no mercy.

I see the gun to your head, and it brings tears to my eyes that you cannot believe God. I do not want you to be hurt. I cannot give you any other alternative because there aren't any others. I realize that, of all things, God is about the last thing you want to accept, but you must, otherwise the tragedy comes very soon. Will you not listen to God in these final hours? He is giving you this warning, this last chance before the doom falls.


I understand if the choice seems difficult, but you must step through the door God has opened for you, and you will find that it is not so difficult after all. Give yourself to Him, and He will carry you through anything and everything.


I give you God's words of warning and advice with much love and hope and prayer. Now it is up to you to decide what way you will go. Will you be a fool and choose destruction and death? You cannot rationalize this thing away, for it will happen. Or will you choose God and the way that leads to life everlasting? The choice is before you, and I hope for all humanity that you will choose wisely, choosing life over death.

What will you do? M



The foregoing were prophetic words received

 by one particular prophet about his country,

the United States of America.

The following chapters contain similarly notable revelations

given to other individuals about America’s downfall and why it will occur.


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