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The Imminent Fall of America

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The Coming Storm


The founding fathers of America were not perfect in their ways, but they feared and revered Me, trusting in Me to see them through all things. So I blessed them and gave them the land and all the wealth of it, causing the cattle and the crops to prosper, and causing their number to increase throughout the land. And as they prospered and grew, the further their hearts went from Me, because they began to trust in themselves and in their own ways. So they went through droughts and wars and numerous calamities until they remembered to turn to Me for help. They would repent and give their hearts over to Me, and the blessings and the peace would return. But each time they would go back to their own ways and forget Me, having an outward form of righteousness but inwardly being filled with death.


And now you have reached a point where you do not even believe in Me. Do you not know that your troubles stem from your own ways and your own wisdom? Have you not the faintest memory of Me? For I have not turned from you, but you from Me. I ask you, "Why would you leave Me?" And yet if you will return I will forgive you and cause peace and prosperity to return to your land. For there is no peace in your land. People walk in fear; they jump at shadows; they are lost in the confusion of their minds. Would you have peace? Would you have order and understanding instead of confusion? Then you must return to Me. I am merciful and forgiving, showing lovingkindness to all those who call on My name.


A storm comes to your land to wipe it away, and you with it. There is very little time before it hits. Would you scoff and laugh, saying that surely this will never happen? Will you laugh when they put the gun to your head? Or when they kill the ones you love? Or when they put you into slavery? Will you laugh then? For I come to you before the storm, giving these words of warning, that you might be saved out of the storm. For I will save you out of this storm, all those who call on My name will I save. M

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