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The Imminent Fall of America

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You Are Driven Mad By Demons


Do you say that I am dead, or that I do not exist? Or that the choice is up to you and that you may worship anything you please? Truly, you have been driven mad by demons! I have given you the freedom of choice that you might choose Me without coercion. I would not force you, otherwise I would have made robots. You say that I am dead? But I am risen and alive, alive forever, while you come to the end of your days in confusion and misery.

I am a living God; the only living God; there are no other gods before Me; and when you worship other gods, you worship that which is dead; you worship that which cannot save you. I have made everything that there is – including you – and your gods and your purposes and plans cannot and will not stand against Me.


Would you be on the side of victory? Then come to Me and worship, and I shall lift you up on high. The game is over, and I have already won; and I return to you soon to take up My world-ruling Kingdom. The choice I present to you today is this: victory or defeat. Remember that the game has already been won by Me. For you to become a victor all you need do is join Me, for I am happy to give the victory to you as well. There is no other victory available but My victory, for all else is defeat.


I will not be mocked by you, for you are less than a speck. When you curse My name, when you hate Me, will I not notice? But I have not dealt with you as you deal with others. I have suffered long with you in the hopes that you might come to repentance. And do you not know what repentance is? Repentance is turning around and going the other way. Repentance is giving up the evil and doing that which is good. Repentance is turning to Me and following My law of love I have put down for you in the Bible. There are no other ways; you cannot decide for yourself. You are wholly incapable of deciding for yourself without Me. You say, "Live and let live." But what you mean and what happens is, "Live and let die." You have no love for anything except yourself.


I give you My words, but you refuse and reject them, saying that you are capable of ruling yourself. You are a fool and a simpleton. And the fool and the simpleton shall perish in their own blood.


I have pleaded with you gently over the last thirty years, and even longer than that. But you turn from Me in everything you do. The times of My gentle pleading are over. Do you find these words harsh? Do they grate against your sense of individuality, your sense of self destiny? Do you abhor them? I say again, the times of My gentle pleading are over, and soon you shall experience the fierceness of My anger poured on you. Do you prefer tears and cruelty over gentleness and love; I see by all your actions that you do, for there is no mercy in you at all. For the third and final time I tell you: My gentle pleading is over, and you have but little time to return to Me before My anger overtakes you, and your blood fills the streets.


Return to Me now, or experience war and death and enslavement in your own land. M

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